Lesson 9


Blessed are the peacemakers


Matthew 5:8



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There are many kinds of peace and peacemakers, but few have anything to do with God's wonderful peace. Only Jesus and His life in and through His followers can bring genuine peace to troubled hearts.

The crowds that gathered around Jesus two thousand years ago saw Him as the promised ruler who would release God’s people from the oppressive reign of Rome and usher in the prophesied kingdom of peace and freedom. Gently rebuking those who would make Him King, Jesus explained that He had not come to change earthly circumstance, for His kingdom was not of this world. Neither was His peace.

“Be of good cheer”, He told His disciples, “in the world you have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world.” (John 18:33)

God has given us citizenship and security in His Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy. (Rom. 14:17) He has also commissioned us as His ambassadors. As the King Himself was sent into the world by His Father to give life to all who would believe, so the Father now sends us. What great news we bring — the gift of love and “peace that surpasses understanding” to all who will listen and receive. ,  

My King, open my heart to understand and receive your peace. My human mind cannot comprehend that which is so foreign and so far above what the world knows and offers. I long to live every moment in your Kingdom, untouched by the world’s restlessness and ready to carry your peace to others. So share your thoughts and life with me as I wait and listen. Thank you.

FIRST DAY: Read Matt. 5:3-9.

1. Describe the heart of a “peacemaker.”  (Complete the lesson, before you finish this question)


2.  Remember the progression of the beatitudes: each promise builds upon the preceding ones. The first three are basic conditions for all the rest. Explain why each of these three (vs. 3—5) is essential to becoming a peacemaker.


3.  Why must a peacemaker also be one who "hungers and thirsts for righteousness"?


4.  Why must a peacemaker be merciful?


 5.  Why must a peacemaker be pure in heart?


SECOND DAY:  Read Eph. 2:13-17. Ask God for His wisdom and understanding as you study this important (but not easy) passage. We will focus on just a few key points.


1.  In v. 14, who does Paul say that Jesus is?


2.  Jesus, by His substitutionary death for us, brought peace and reconciliation both between God and man and between individuals of every background. Therefore, what great privilege is now yours? (see v. 18 and consider what this means to you)


3.  In vs. 19-22, what do you learn about God’s purpose for His beloved people - your family)?


THIRD DAY: Look at Jesus the perfect peacemaker, and learn from Him. What; does He show you by His example?  

John 13:13-17


John 15:10-17


Luke 23:33—34


1 Pet. 2:21-24


FOURTH DAY. The Sermon on the Mount is full of guidelines that help you to be a peacemaker. What is God’s message to you in the following verses? (Notice that some are preparation; others are ministry.)

 Matt. 5:14-16

 Matt. 5:19

 Matt. 5:23-24

 Matt. 5:44

 Matt. 6:9-15

 Matt. 7:3-5


FIFTH DAY:  Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-21.

1.  According to v. 17, who are you now?

2.  What did Jesus accomplish for you? (See vs. 15, 18-19, 21)

3. Jesus gives you a title and a ministry. What does He call you to be and do with Him? (vs. 15, 18-21) 


4.  Tell Him your response?


SIXTH DAY: Review Matt. 5:9.

1.  What does God promise His peacemakers?

2.  Describe some of your special privileges as a child of God. (Think and meditate on the amazing fact that the God of the universe is your Father. How would a perfect Father love and care for his child? How available is He to you? What has He shown you about His relationship to you?)

 3.  Read Phil. 4:4-7, and delight in one of your privileges as God’s child. What does He show you about Himself and His relationship to you? What does He promise you?


4.   Look again at all that you have in Christ and give Him thanks.


The Secret of Abundant Life:  Lesson 10

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