The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 8


Genesis 30:25-35


John 10:4  




God, in His love, continually redeems and restores.  When He sees our hearts turned to Him, He forgives and even uses our weaknesses and failures for His purposes.  

Thank You, Father, for the covenant relationship You made with Jacob! Thank You for including me in an even greater Covenant through the cross. Now I, too, can count on Your continual wisdom, guidance, and love!  

I.    Read Genesis 30-31.  See how God brought love and harmony where there was discord.


A.     What command did God give to Jacob in v. 31:31?


B.     How did He affirm His covenant relationship with Jacob? (See also Gen. 17: 7-8)



C.     Why did Jacob leave secretly and in such a hurry?


D.     Which circumstances show you God's care and special intervention on Jacob’s behalf?



E.     God desires that we live together in His peace and love.  How was this accomplished between Jacob and Laban?


F.     1. What does v. 31:49 tell you about Laban's faith and knowledge of God?


2. (Personal) Ask God to give you His insight into the meaning of this verse and apply it to your own relationships.  What does He show you?


2.    Read Gen. 32:1-23


A.     1. List the reasons for Jacob's fear of Esau.



2. Think back over God's continued loving involvement in Jacob's life, and state the reasons why Jacob need not have been afraid.


B.     1. What four basic elements of prayer do you see in vs. 9-12.


2. (Personal) Include these same elements in a prayer to your Father from your own heart.  How do you see yourself, and how do you see God, as you pray this prayer.



3.    Read Genesis 32:24-32


A.      With Whom did Jacob strive?  How do you know?


B.      Explain the significance of Jacob's new name?


C.     Again we see Jacob seeking for God's blessing.  What does this tell you about his faith in God and His power and faithfulness?


4.    Read John 10:4


A.     What does your Shepherd promise to do?


B.     If you are His lamb, what does He want you to do?


5.    Read Genesis 33


A.     Recall Jacob's earlier attitude toward his brother, then describe the change seen in verse 3. (Thank You, Lord, for your ongoing work in my heart, making me more like yourself.)



B.     Explain the change in Esau’s heart? (Remember what God promises to do in John 10:4 for those who have a covenant relationship with Him.)


6.    Read Genesis 35


A.    1. Describe Jacob's response to God's command.


               2. What does Jacob know about his relationship with God, according to verse 3?


               3. (Personal) What do you know with confidence about your relationship with God?  


B.    How do you see God's promise in John 10:4 fulfilled again in verse 5?


C.     (Challenge) Why is it necessary for God to repeatedly affirm His covenant? (Consider our human weaknesses and 2 Pet. 1:10-13)



7.    Read Psalm 47

A.     What does this psalm tell you about God's sovereignty?



B.     How does God see Jacob?                   

        How then, does He see you?



C.     Write your response to Him.



SUGGESTED HYMN:   Blessed Assurance

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