The Shepherd’s Love

God’s Eternal Covenant

A 48 lesson Bible study in the Old Testament for those who seek deeper understanding of amazing God's love relationship with us.


      Why Study the Old Testament?

    1.  Creation - Genesis 1 and 2

    2.  The Fall of Man - Genesis 3 and 4

    3.  Noah - Genesis 6 - 9:17 

    4.  The Beginning of a Nation - Genesis 11 - 14 

    5.  God's Covenant with Abraham.. Genesis 15 - 20

    6.  Abraham and Isaac - Genesis 21 - 26

    7.  Isaac and Jacob - Genesis 25:19 - 30:24

    8.  Jacob... Genesis 30:25 - 35

    9.  Joseph... Genesis 37 - 41:52

  10.  God's Forgiving Love... Genesis 41:53 - 50:26

  11.  Moses - God's Workmanship... Exodus 1 - 3 

  12.  Preparing the Servant of God...  Exodus 4:6 - 6:13

  13.  God's Plan for Deliverance... Exodus 7 - 12:15

  14.  Out of Bondage... Exodus 12:22 - 17:16

  15.  The Law ... Exodus 19 - 34

  16.  The Tabernacle... Exodus 25, 27 and 30

  17.  The Wonder of Redemption... Leviticus 1-5

  18.  Complaints.... Numbers

  19.  Crossing Jordan... Joshua 1 - 4

  20.  The Key to Victory... Joshua 5 - 8

  21.  Possessing The Land... Joshua 10 - 24

  22.  Apathy, Compromise and Defeat... Judges

  23.  God’s Faithful Servant ... I Samuel I - 7

  24.  Give Us A King ... I Samuel 8 - 16


  25-31.  These include six lessons on the life of David which are available as a separate booklet


  34.  The Way to Victory... 2 Chronicles 15 - 20

  35.  The Fall of Israel

  36.  Hosea  (only a Commentary)

  37.  Rebellion and Repentance

  38.  Micah and Isaiah

  39.  Holy in God

  40.  Glimpses of Glory

  41.  Hezekiah and Manasseh - From corruption to restoration

  42.  Josiah and the Final Years of the Kingdom

  43.  Jeremiah - Sharing the Heart of God

  44.  Ezekiel - Called to be a "watchman"

  45.  Daniel - Reigning in Captivity

  46.  Ezra - Rebuilding the Temple

  47.  Nehemiah: Restoring the Wall

  48.  Malachi: He Shall Purify


Why Study the Old Testament?  

  1. To know God -- seeing His character and sharing His thoughts, desires and purpose.

  2. To observe living dynamic Old Testament illustrations of the New Testament teachings of Jesus.  For "these things happened to them as examples and they were written down for our instruction upon whom the ends of the earth has come." (1 Cor. 10:11)

  3. To see, in the Old Testament, the personal love of Jesus Christ, always "the visible manifestation of the invisible God." He is "the same yesterday, today and forever.”  His friendship with men and women of the Old Testament deepens our understanding of the rich intimate fellowship He offers us today.

  4. Through the progressive revelation of God's eternal plan of redemption, to gain fuller appreciation of the Lamb who was slain for each of us.

  5. To dispel common misconceptions concerning the Old Testament and to see, instead of wrath and rejection, God's wonderful holiness, mercy and love.  God's eternal grace extended to all believers before as well as after the cross.  Never was anyone saved except by God's marvelous grace together with man's response of faith in His loving provision; thus all of scripture is consistent and harmonious.

  6. To gain deeper awareness of our Father's love through seeing the agony of His heart over the suffering of His people who turned away from their God.  Here I see the greatness of His mercy, appreciate the blessing of His loving discipline and realize that He never forsakes His own whom He loves unconditionally and eternally.

  7. To discover that God's covenant promises are applicable to us today, for He says to us: "If you are in Christ, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to the promise." (Gal. 3:27)

  8. To learn the secret of victory in spiritual warfare through watching God's faithful soldiers entering into real battles and conquering every enemy in the strength of Jesus Christ.

  9. To catch the vision of the Old Testament believers who had set their sight on that eternal city "whose builder and maker is God." (Heb. 11:8-16)

  10. To know the truths of God so well that we cannot be deceived by the counterfeits so prevalent and popular today.

   "So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord..."  

God's eternal covenant unveils His desire and plan for an everlasting love-relationship with us.

Throughout the Bible He has written the contract promising to make available all that He is and has to those who make themselves available to Him.  When we give Him our failures and weaknesses, He provides His strength and holiness.  As we trust Him, He will, by His own life in us, even fulfill our part of the contract.  How great is His love!

Some of the sequels to this study may be available if there is a demand.  Volume II begins with the life of David, the “man after God's own heart" and concludes the Old Testament with Malachi.  Volume III looks at Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of God's eternal covenant.  Knowing Jesus in all the aspects of His death and resurrection life, we learn to know our own identity and purpose in Him.  

Personal request for your help and correction:  Please let me know if you see any errors or confusing questions so I can correct them quickly. I want these lessons to honor Him in every way. Thank you.

First lesson: Creation - Genesis 1 and 2

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