God Knows My Size! Silvia Tarniceriu 

God Knows My Size

Review by Ivanna Hernandez

 August 24, 2012

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In 1961, Silvia had not yet learned the dangers of being a Christian in Communist Romania.

God Knows My Size is a very well written and attention-grabbing book. The story starts when Silvia was 13-years-old. Silvia wanted to know whether God was real, and she got an answer. She knew when He answered her prayer that God knew her size!

This book is full of suspense, trials, and triumphs. Silvia was persecuted for serving her God, but still she was unrelenting as she placed her confidence in Him who cares for His children.

She trusted in the Lord even when her future looked desolate and depressing. 

Silviaís deep faith in God sustained her through her anxiety while in prison for helping her friends smuggle Bibles into Romania and trying to escape past the Romania border into Yugoslavia where she would leave for America.

One of the most amazing things in the whole book to me is how God was with her all the way, never abandoning Silvia, but guiding her through all her confusion and trials.

Because of Godís Word, Godís truth, Godís strength, and Godís grace, Silvia was able to endure the many trials she went through.

God Knows My Size is a story of Silviaís profound dedication to serve God, through the good and the bad days, and through the many trials she endured.

Her story is very inspiring, and has encouraged me greatly.

I recommend ages ten and older to read this wonderful book.

You can purchase it at: http://www.lighthousetrails.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LTP&Product_Code=GKS&Category_Code=BG