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Today's  News  ~  December 4, 2016

     Note from Berit:  Most of the news items below illustrate the challenges Christians will face in a world that's growing increasingly hostile to Biblical values. We hope the information will encourage you to stand firm in God's Truth - no matter how great the pressure to compromise.

Please pray for

  Persecuted Christians

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"...let those who take refuge in You be glad, let them ever sing for joy. Spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your Name may rejoice in You. Surely, Lord, You bless the righteous, you surround them  with your favor as with a shield.

Psalm 5:11-12

"Please pray for persecuted Christians in these difficult and dangerous times. Pray for peace and kindness in the midst of today's lies and corruption.
          Thanks be to God who brings the victory!            


Faith.  "... one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:13-14)


Spiritual Warfare.  Deliver Us From Evil: major part of Jesus’ ministry is often downplayed... Everywhere he went, Jesus cast out demons – evil spirits – and so did his disciples and followers.... What about today’s chaotic, troubled and increasingly godless world? See Victory


Lawlessness.  We are escaping by the skin of our teeth: This interview is chock full of enlightenment about the use of leftist to destabilize a nation. 1984 interview with a former KGB agent and Soviet diplomat, Yuri Bezmenov. Feminists and other leftists are "useful idiots" who serve only to destabilize the society.” See Hope, Hate & Human Nature


Islam.  Why Islamic Compounds Across the US Are Stockpiling Arms: ...the people living within the Islamic compounds believe that, with the election of Donald Trump, the “end-times” prophecies they believe in are now being fulfilled. They think that Donald Trump is part of a “Satanic Jewish conspiracy” [they are wrong] and they are preparing for their camps to be raided. See The fall and rise of human violence


Praise.  Arabs donate wood to rebuild Haifa synagogue: Israeli-Arab businessmen who were asked to give an estimate to help repair damage caused to a synagogue in Haifa due to the massive fires there have said they will carry out the project pro-bono, and refuse any compensation for the restoration work." See His light in the darkness


Crisis.  More Foreign Troops Pouring Into America: Civil War Edges Closer: Obama is the single biggest traitor to ever hold elected office in the history of American politics. ...these foreign troops... are increasing in number. With what is going on in California and now this, this country is a powder keg ready to blow. See From Freedom to Servitude


Paris at War - Media Silence.


History.  Freedom Falling Worldwide: “Harvard historian Yascha Mounk notes that after rising steadily from the mid-1970s through the early 2000s, the number of countries globally that are considered “free” have been on a steady decline....” See  Spiritual Warfare


Signs of the Times. Stunning [the] World, UN Passes 6 Resolutions Confirming Everything Is Israel’s Fault: The Assembly reiterated its determination that any actions taken by Israel, “the occupying Power,” to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem “were illegal and therefore null and void...”  See Jerusalem


Signs of the Times.  6 UN Resolutions on Israel; Texts Ignore Jewish Ties to Temple Mount, Urge Transfer of Golan to Syria: “The UN’s assault on Israel today with a torrent of one-sided resolutions is surreal,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.... “it is obscene for the UN to adopt a resolution mentioning.... the ‘protection of civilians’ — yet only to condemn Israel.  See Critical Security Needs of Israel


History.  The Barbarians Who Sacked Rome Came Into the Empire as Refugees: Over the past century many commentators have remarked on the parallels between the modern West and ancient Rome in its period of decadence and decline. ...the Gothic army that carried out the atrocity had entered the Empire thirty years earlier as refugees. See Plots to Rule an Islamic World 


Global.  Obama keeps expanding global programs with U.S. dollars: President Obama, during his final overseas trip as president, exhorted 'all nations' to share 'the benefits of the global economy with more people.... See Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules


Lawlessness.  CIA Created ISIS — Assange Drops Bombshell on WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables: ...WikiLeaks released a statement Monday upon the release of over 500,000 diplomatic cables dating back to 1979, which succinctly reveals how the CIA was essentially responsible for creating the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. ...Julian Assange mapped out how the events of 1979 began a series of events that have ultimately culminated in the rise of ISIS. See Loving evil


War.  Turkey Has Declared War On Syria – Does This Mean That World War 3 Is About To Erupt In The Middle East? Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just announced that the only reason Turkish military forces have entered northern Syria is to “end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad”. ...Erdogan has essentially declared war on the Syrian government. See  Spiritual Warfare

Faith. Great News! If elections were held today, Geert Wilders would become the next prime minister of The Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamization Party for Freedom (PVV) is now the biggest party in Dutch polls. See Victory

Conspiracy.  More Foreign Troops Pouring Into America: Civil War Edges Closer: Obama is the single biggest traitor to ever hold elected office in the history of American politics. See  Ban truth - Reap Tyranny

Praise!  Look What Happened the Minute that Trump and Pence walked into Church on Sunday!


The Occult.  Retired Head of the FBI Tells All about Rings in the Government - YouTube: Ted Gunderson died after spending much of his retirement working to expose the Satanic pedophile network within the American government. Worth hearing - and warning others!


Corruption. Breaking: Trump Quietly Announces Hillary's Prosecution is Moving Forward: Earlier this week, rumors surfaced out of Trump Tower that Donald Trump did not plan to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her years of illegal activities, most notably her use of a private email server and deleting 33,000 emails.


Faith.  Ready to make time in your day to show your thankfulness to the One who makes your day possible? Thank God for Your Salvation through Jesus Christ." See In joy or pain, our course is onward still

Creation.  "The Nature of God"

Corruption. Clinton's Life Full Documentary: MURDER, Scandals, Corruption And Lies Exposed! The purpose of this video is to illustrate how/why Hillary is not fit to be president.

Crisis.  Drought: 100 Million Trees Dead in CA“In 2016 alone, 62 million trees have died.” See From Freedom to Servitude

Victory!  America Is Winning Again!  The following video captures the biggest upset political victory in all of American History. See Standing Firm!


Faith.  Election Shocker! President Donald Trump and the Meltdown of the Liberal Left: ...A rebellion against liberal politics, internationally and at home. ...81% of the Evangelicals voted for Donald Trump vs. 13% for Hillary Clinton.


Rage. Obama's Final Farewell to Greece Causes Riots and Screams of "Obama Go Home" and Australia Gives Him a Snub: Protestors launched petrol bombs as Obama gave his farewell speech.... They screamed they did not want his help. See  Depravity

Praise!   Rabbis Urge Trump, Putin to Help Rebuild Temple in Jerusalem: The Sanhedrin sent letters to both Trump and Putin urging them to work together to fulfill a project that will benefit all mankind - the rebuilding of the Holy Temple... See Jerusalem    

Rage.  Hillary Clinton Screaming Obscenities and Throwing Objects in Election Night Meltdown: A Tuesday of catharsis for Donald Trump voters turned into an evening of rage for Hillary Clinton. (Hillary) ...began shouting profanities, banging tables, and turning objects not nailed down into projectiles. See The Nature and Tactics of Satan

Conspiracy. Obama - The Disciple of Saul Alinsky Leads America Towards Full Blown Socialism: In the previous article, we looked at 8 rules that Saul Alinsky laid out in his book Rules for Radicals."

The Occult.  Saul Alinsky - "I'd Organize Hell" TV Interview 1966: (Alinsky, Hillary and Obama were  close friends) A Social Psychopath and political activist Saul Alinsky (was) interviewed at his home in Carmel, California on a wide range issues such as poverty, injustice.  See Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

Lawlessness.  ISIS Terrorists Say “We’re With Her” – Hillary Just Got Politically Assassinated:  Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS. ...we have been given... evidence that Hillary Clinton is more connected to ISIS than we originally believed. See Loving evil

Corruption.  Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex Ring: ...a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operates in Washington. ...several leaders from federal agencies are implicated.  ..emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop detail trips made by Weiner, Bill and Hillary Clinton... to a place known as “Sex Slave Island.“ See Depravity

Education?  School orders teachers to remove "religious" items from classrooms: The school district fired off a directive to school administrators ordering them to eradicate anything remotely religious ... such as crosses, printed bibles, angels, bible verses...”

"....give thanks to the LORD for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for mankind, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”  Psalm 107:8-9

More important information:


Spiritual Warfare.  Bill Clinton Brags About His Voodoo Training: ...reveals Bill and Hillary Clinton's penchant for voodoo, which is hidden in plain sight. See Evil


The Occult. Clintons Caught Conducting Voodoo Marina and Spirit Cooking: Bizarre suicides? People beaten to death or murdered in a hail of bullets? ... Or barbells crushing a person’s throat? ... See Reviving Witchcraft

Taking a Stand. Trump's Final Warning for America.

Kippalive (- כיפה-לייב)  We Are Home (A wonderful song) Lyrics:

We've come home, And we'll never stand alone - After 2000 years, we are home!


Left it all to be with You - Distant dreams have now come true,

Walked the streets of legends told - We’ve come home! We've come home!

 And we’ll never stand alone - After 2000 years, we are home!


Inquisition 2.0: Has The Internet Has Been Taken Hostage By The NWO?

Praise. (Magnificent performance)

Dreams from my Real Father: "...Frank Marshall Davis joined the Communist Party and began writing for The Chicago Star. He was a colleague of journalist Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law of Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett. ... [On] August 4, 1961, Frank Marshall Davis became the father of the future 44th President of the United States [Obama] and indoctrinated him with a Marxist ideology. See "Rules for Radicals' by Saul Alinsky and Partering with Obama 

Occult.  Wikileaks Email Links Hillary Clinton To Bohemian Grove: A new Wikileaks hacked email directly links Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger to the Bohemian Grove, mentioning the notorious occult playground of the globalist elite by name.. See Reviving Witchcraft

Occult.  Hacked Email: Colin Powell Says Bohemian Grove Attendees Hate Trump: An email hacked from Colin Powell's Gmail account has him writing that he had just returned from the famed Bohemian Grove -- a place the Washington Post once described as "where the rich and powerful go to misbehave." See The Nature and Tactics of Satan

Victory.  Watch Ray Comfort stun atheists with 1 question.


Entire US Cyber Network Is Already Compromised, Clinton Emails Are The Least Of Our Worries: The fact that her server was receiving files that passed through or originated on the State Department servers is enough to know she exposed her private system to hackers.


Behind the anti-Trump Disruptors, the Fine Hands of Alinsky and Obama: "In Saul Alinsky’s 1971 book Rules for Radicals, the late author could have been describing Obama’s last seven years in office. ... Alinsky’s star pupil, Barack Obama, has successfully managed to whip up global chaos."

Bush, Beliefs & Elusive Bonesmen  (John Kerry - also a member of Skull & Bones): "...all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God.... President George W. Bush.... 'There is a power in these prayers [to various gods].... Skull & Bones has trained three generations of the Bush family: Prescott Bush [How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power], his son George W. H. Bush, and his grandson George W. Bush.... The story begins at Yale (with)... -- espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies..." ("..the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." 1 John 5:19)

Obama's Mentor.  Zbigniew Brzezinski: The man behind Obama’s foreign policy (founder of the Trilateral Comission) ...Obama admitted... that he had no foreign policy experience whatsoever - except being a Muslim. But ...foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinsky became Barack Obama's 'new brain.'"

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A sobering message:  Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical End Times  

Carly Fiorina: Islamic Civilization was Greatest in the World (What a cruel lie!)       

Video:  With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations


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