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Today's  News  ~  February 8, 2015

     Note from Berit:  Most of the news items below illustrate the challenges Christians will face in a world that's growing increasingly hostile to Biblical values. We hope the information will encourage you to stand firm in God's Truth -- no matter how great the pressure to compromise.

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Oswald Chambers:  "My relationship to God embraces every faculty. I am to love Him with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength - every detail is instinct with devotion to Him. . . .   Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands . . . began to wash the disciples feet."

So, "...let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus... who for the joy set before Him endured the cross..." Hebrews 12:1-2


Faith wins!  Bible verse too hot for school, killing fundraiser: "Donors to a new Clear Creek Athletics Complex were allowed to dictate an inscription for a personalized nameplate that would be placed in the new football locker room. Michael Lucas, who played defensive nose tackle for the school and graduated in 2003, made a $2,500 donation and requested 'Colossians 3:23 and Micah 5:9.' But the message was rejected by the school, the ADF lawsuit explained, because one of the Bible verses includes the word 'Lord.'

     "CSM officials objected because they said, after the fact, nameplate quotes could not include the words ‘Lord,’ ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ or make reference to Bible verses that contain those words. They claimed that to allow them would be a violation of the First Amendment,' ADF said. However, the lawyers argued that the First Amendment actually protects such speech." See Victory


Deception.  Why Did Obama Tell Brazen Lies at the Baltimore Mosque?  "Obama chose as the venue for his praise of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance the same Baltimore mosque that in 2012 was under FBI scrutiny....  He also misquoted the Koran. ...saying incorrectly that the word comes from the same root as the Muslim word for peacesalam, as in, 'peace be with you.' In fact, in Arabic, the word 'Islam' means 'submission,' not peace, meaning submission to Allah and the teachings of his prophet, Mohammad....

     "Obama also misquoted Islamic scripture... even going so far as to suggest that Islamic teaching on killing is the same as the Christian, which is patently untrue." See Muslim Plots to Rule an Islamic World 


Forces of Nature.  Two MASSIVE sinkholes swallow both sides of Highway 101 in Harbor, Oregon: "The state closed down part of 101 in Harbor, Oregon, on Thursday night due to the sinkhole, which is the second sinkhole in as many months in the area. ... The two sinkholes 'probably have now met,' Castle said, creating one gaping hole in the highway." See The Creator of all


Persecution.  Christians 'Should be Eradicated': Researchers Document Anti-Christian Agenda Among Powerful Elite: "A student is punished for refusing to 'stomp on Jesus,' a Christian baker faces a year in jail for refusing to cater faux marriages, two men are arrested for reading the Bible aloud near a government building, a school 'purges' Christian works from its library.

    "Critics asserting the existence of an institutional anti-Christian bias, and a resultant war on the faith, have often been labeled paranoid. ... [But] just such an agenda exists — among America’s most powerful people. One respondent even remarked that Christians 'should be eradicated without hesitation or remorse.'” See Hating Truth and Primed for Deception!


Persecution.  European Parliament President Says 'Christians Are Not Safe' in Europe: "Schulz said that the persecution of Christians is 'undervalued'....'It should shake us up that on our continent, Christians are not safe.'... 'Each month 200 churches and places of worship in the world are attacked and destroyed. Every day and in every region of the world, there are new cases of persecution against Christians. No religious community is as subject to hatred, violence and systematic aggression as the Christians." See Preparing for Persecution


Spiritual Warfare.  Nancy Pelosi invokes ‘the prophet Muhammad’ at National Prayer Breakfast: "Congressmen, President Barack Obama and faith leaders from around the country met for the annual prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C. Thursday. ...Pelosi talked about the similarity of Islam, Judaism and Christianity....

     "Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, creators of the movie 'Son of God' and the television show 'The Bible,' both shared the podium... Obama also spoke, a day after his visit to a Baltimore Islamic Center to speak on religious tolerance, where he told Muslims 'We are one American family.'” See Heresy in high places


Persecution.  Worldwide Anti-Semitism Metastasizing 70 Years after Holocaust: "Anti-Semitism is the on rise.... Seventy-five percent of Jewish students in U.S. universities have experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism, Bennett said, either from anti-Zionist campus organizations or from anti-Israel professors. ...anti-Semitic crime in London rose more than 60 percent last year, Israeli press reports.

     "Regarding France, 57 percent of French Jews want to leave the country. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said anti-Semitism is becoming 'more and more vicious.' He also called on the international community to oppose rising anti-Semitism and 'harshly condemn' anti-Semitic acts." See Preparing for Persecution


Homeschooling.  U.K. Targets Christians and Homeschoolers in 'Extremism' Scheme: "Under the guise of battling 'extremism' and 'radicalization,' authorities in the United Kingdom announced plans to crack down on homeschooling families and even on church-run Sunday-school programs for children. ... But with Christian Sunday schools being lumped in with Islamic madrasas, in practice, Christians and home educators are admittedly in the government's crosshairs as well..... The news about a coming government crackdown on homeschooling first emerged late last year." See License to Remove our Children


Signs of the Times.  'Israel Should Be in Every Christian's Top Ten Prayer List': "'It's important to pray for Israel... because it's 'God's proclamation to the world that the Word of God, the Bible, is true...' Praying for Israel, he said, is at the center of the Bible.... 'More than 200 intercessors from some 40 nations gathered in Jerusalem recently for the annual IFI conference to pray for Israel, the Jewish people, the nations and the fulfillment of God's Word." See Spreading Islam through Public Schools


Persecution.  Mexico: Baptists families expelled: "Ten Baptist families were unceremoniously expelled from the community of Tuxpan de Bolanos in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, last week for refusing to recant their faith. ...the eviction was executed on Jan. 26 by local citizens who loaded 18 adults and 10 children unto pickup trucks and then drove them into the nearby mountains where they were abandoned. The eviction was the latest incident in the systematic persecution of evangelical Christians in rural Mexico. ...there are 70 open cases of religious persecution against minority Christian communities in six Mexican states." See Persecution Scriptures

Lawlessness. Sweden: Death by Immigration: "Mass immigration is continuing to claim victims in Sweden. Murder, assaults and rape have become everyday occurrences in this small country, with a population just short of ten million, which last year opened its doors to almost 163,000 immigrants. ...22-year-old Alexandra Mezher... was stabbed to death last week by a so-called unaccompanied refugee child at the asylum house where she worked. The police are fighting a losing battle against street crime, as well as daily incidents at asylum houses – general disturbances that include fights, rapes and threats." See The fall and rise of human violence

Spiritual Warfare.  A Few Things I Need to Say and You Need to Hear!  "Every day we read reports about how the 'Palestinians' in Gaza are digging more tunnels under the borders into Jewish Communities. Today I watched two Jewish mothers talk about how it is like living in a nightmare knowing that at any minute terrorists will emerge in their yard, come into the house and kill them all as they have done so many times in the past years. Millions of dollars worth of concrete is allowed to cross into the Gaza Strip every day... but instead it is being used to build terrorist tunnels to wage war and death on the Jews of Israel."  Please pray for God's  people.

Islam.  Obama Slams GOP in First Visit to a US Mosque: "President Obama’s visit to a Baltimore-area mosque on Wednesday is intended as a deliberate rebuke to Republican presidential candidates who, White House aides say, have stoked Islamophobia and bigotry.... Muslim leaders say that the trip, Obama’s first to a mosque on U.S. soil, represents an important symbolic gesture of solidarity at a time when incidents of anti-Muslim prejudice are on the rise.... Cruz and other Republicans have criticized Obama for 'political correctness' in refusing to describe groups such as Islamic State as 'radical Islamic terrorists.'” See The Muslim Brotherhood & the Plots to Rule an Islamic World 

Signs of the Times.  American Jewish Leader Urges Jews to Get Out of America: "Lori Palatnik, a leader in the American Jewish community, has just released a video in which she calls for American Jews to move to Israel, in fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy about the ingathering of the exiles. ... Anti-Semitism is worse than before the Holocaust."

Global Change.  Building a North American Community (US, Canada & Mexico): "Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales. North America... faces terrorist and criminal security threats, increased economic competition from abroad, and uneven economic development at home."

Managing Change.  Phyllis Schlafly on 2016: America Won’t Get Another Chance: “'Our immigration policy has been anti-American, decade after decade, and the voters need to know that 2016 might be our last chance to elect a president who can reduce this tide of illegals crossing our borders,' Schlafly writes.... 'Our nation’s sovereignty depends on control of both immigration and trade, and that’s why Senator Sessions urges voters to choose a candidate who promises to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with nearly a dozen Asian nations.” See From Freedom to Servitude: Deceit, Delusion & Destruction of America

Lessons in Islam.  Parents Sue School District after Daughter Receives Failing Grades for Refusing to Profess Islam: "The parents of an 11th grade student in Maryland are suing the Charles County school district after their daughter received failing grades for refusing to profess Islam in a world history assignment....
    "John Kevin and Melissa Wood say that their daughter was required to profess the five pillars of Islam for an assignment. 'She was also required to state the Muslim Shahada ('There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah'). When the student refused, she was given zeroes for multiple assignments." See Spreading Islam through Public Schools

Important information:

The Occult. Bush, Beliefs & Elusive Bonesmen  (John Kerry - also a member of Skull & Bones): "I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God. That's what I believe.' President George W. Bush.... 'There is a power in these prayers [to various gods].... Skull & Bones has trained three generations of the Bush family: Prescott Bush [See How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power], his son George W. H. Bush, and his grandson George W. Bush....

     "The story begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history -- espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies -- intertwined into one..." ("..the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." 1 John 5:19)

Obama's Mentor.  Zbigniew Brzezinski: The man behind Obama’s foreign policy (founder of the Trilateral Comission - an organization which seeks to welcan and European mega-corporate interests together for purposes of global corporate domination"):

     "Obama admitted several times before his nomination by the DNC that he had no foreign policy experience whatsoever - except being a Muslim. But not to worry (see the 2006 news story below), foreign policy guru Zbigniew Brzezinsky became Barack Obama's 'new brain.' In other words, Brzezinsky could do all Obama's thinking for him." See Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Conspiracy.  How Isis was born, and the role the US Government had in creating it and empowering it: "ISIS - a geographically and ideologically expanding Muslim terrorist army - has been wrecking havoc for years, and yet the mightiest military power in the world, the USA, has been hesitant to wipe it out. Why?"  See Trusting God as Freedom Fades  

Please Pray. Beleaguered Christian army pleads for U.S. military aid to defend land against ISIS: "'Assyrian Military Forces commander Emanuel Khoshaba said the Assyrian Christians who live in the area face genocide from ISIS militants if they don't get military supplies soon. 'We can face IS without any fear. We can fight them if we have the support."

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