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December 12, 2002

Report from Kaduna (Nigeria)

Violence in Nigeria has been a major news story in recent weeks, with the riots centering on the Miss World competition resulting in over 200 deaths. This week, The Voice of the Martyrs received a report from a representative in Nigeria, detailing some of the results. He had been advised until now to remain silent until the situation had calmed. Along with the many deaths and injuries, he reported how 102 churches in Kaduna were burned and two pastors killed, as the rioters centered their attacks on anyone suspected of being a Christian.

All of the churches in Lemu Road, Kaduna were either burnt or vandalized by the Moslem rioters.


This is not the first time that violence has erupted in Kaduna with tragic results. In February 2000, riots in Kaduna led to the deaths of over 2000 people.


Earlier this year, The Voice of the Martyrs opened a new office in Kaduna, after the previous office was burned down in the riots of 2000. A representative from VOM Canada was there for the opening and returned with testimonies of believers experiencing the cost of discipleship in Nigeria. We encourage you to read his newsletter article at

The Church in Nigeria needs the prayers of Christians around the world. Pray for safety and for strength in the midst of opposition. Pray that Christians will respond to violence in a Christ-like fashion.


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