Who Controls the Forces of Nature?

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        In Old Testament days, God's people faced war, famine, deadly diseases, swarming pests, and (or) wild beasts when they turned from Him, ignored His Word and pursued "other gods."  His Word tells us that these and other signs will multiply at "the end of the age."

“...who shut in the sea with doors, when it burst forth and issued from the womb;
When I made the clouds its garment, and thick darkness its swaddling band;
When I fixed My limit for it...  When I said,  ‘This far you may come,
but no farther, and here your proud waves must stop!’
Job 38:8-11

January 2018

13 scientific studies suggest 'Little Ice Age' looming: Global-warming diehards who converted their cause to “climate change” when the warming ceased a few years back are being dealt another blow as scientific forecasts of global cooling are about to take over. ...  (But) “It has been increasingly established that low solar activity (few sunspots) and increased cloud cover... are highly associated with a cooling climate. “This will lead to climate cooling, even Little Ice Age conditions.”


A bitter winter storm is causing havoc on the east coast of the United States, bringing freezing temperatures, snowfall, and flooding to areas from Florida to Maine: ...the winter storm has resulted in fatalities is several states so far, with four “killed in North and South Carolina after their vehicles ran off snow-covered roads....”


Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco And Mount St. Helens And Experts Warn They May Be Foreshocks For ‘Something Larger’: Just when it seemed like things may be settling down, two very unusual earthquakes have hit the west coast within the past couple of days. A 4.4 magnitude quake struck Berkeley, California just prior to 3 AM on Thursday morning, and a 3.9 magnitude earthquake hit Mount St. Helens in Washington state on Wednesday.

December 2017

When The Fire Comes And There's No Home To Evacuate And Nowhere To Go: Ash is everywhere, the air is smoky and there’s a persistent pink haze to the light that is like a constant dusk. The Thomas fire erupted Dec. 4 and has been scorching Santa Barbara and Ventura counties since. The fierce blaze... has torn through 250,000 acres of land, destroyed 700 homes and killed at least two people... (Please pray with me for these poor homeless people.)

December 2015

Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast: "Former Japan Official: 'Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast' — 'Fukushima now undeniably a global security issue… can’t be brought under control by single state.'
    "Experts: Wave of radiation will be 10 times more than entire world’s nuclear tests combined. 'The lack of the sense of crisis over Fukushima is in stark contrast to the gravity of the crisis.... The unstoppable contamination of the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere with ionizing radiation from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear reactors is seriously menacing the West Coast of the United States."
See The Creator of all - but He lets us face the consequences of our foolishness. 

July 2014

Deadly mosquito virus reported in eastern Massachussets: "For the first time this year mosquitoes in Massachusetts have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis.... a dangerous virus that can cause inflammation of the brain and in one third of cases, death."

2/3 of U.S. could be devastated: "The Yellowstone Caldera, or cauldron, sits on top of North America’s largest volcanic field. Four hundred miles under the Earth’s surface is a magma ‘hotspot’ that reaches up to just 30 miles below ground level before spreading out over an area of 300 miles across three states. Over all this sits the volcano."

February 2014

Bye-bye butterfly: monarchs' are about to disappear: "Every year, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies, each so light that 50 together weigh barely an ounce, find their way on what may be the world's longest insect migration, traveling the length of North America to pass the winter in central Mexico. Yet... Scientists say Mexico's monarch butterfly colonies, as many as several million butterflies in one acre, are on the cusp of disappearing."


Fukushima Meltdowns: A Global Conspiracy of Denial: "If there is any government or non-government authority in the world that is addressing the disaster at Fukushima openly, directly, honestly, and effectively, it’s not apparent.... There is instead an apparent global conspiracy of authorities of all sorts to deny to the public reliably accurate, comprehensible, independently verifiable (where possible), and comprehensive information about not only the condition of the Fukushima power plant itself and its surrounding communities, but about the unceasing, uncontrolled release of radioactive debris into the air and water, creating a constantly increasing risk of growing harm to the global community. ...

    "There is no moral excuse for this international collusion. The excuses are political or economic or social, but none of them excuses any authority for withholding or lying about information that has potentially universal and destructive impact on everyone alive today and everyone to be born for some unknown generations." See Hope, Hate and Human Nature


Storms: Families braced for a week of mayhem with hundreds more homes expected to flood while rivers remain dangerously high throughout next week: "Weather warnings cover large swathes of Britain with heavy rain, high winds and snow hitting South and West 17,000 homes left without power with more properties set to be flooded in the next 36 hours."    


Booms Cover-Up! New Madrid Is Waking Up! Video Shares What The USGS Doesn’t Want You To Know: "Are all of the mysterious loud booms being heard throughout the New Madrid area and elsewhere in the vicinity the New Madrid fault line awakening?" See The Creator of all


California hits worst drought in 500 years: "Cities are running out of water. Communities are fighting over what little water there is. Local governments are imposing rationing coupled with steep fines. Fires are ravaging the state. Entire species and industries are threatened.

     "For California, 2013 was the driest year since the state started measuring rainfall in 1849. Paleoclimatologist B. Lynn Ingram says that, according to the width of old tree rings, California hasn't been this dry for about 500 years. Gov. Jerry Brown has declared an emergency, President Barack Obama has pledged his support.... Californians of various faiths have taken to holding prayer sessions, looking to the heavens for rain. Here are some of the drought's effects so far." See The Creator of all

Venice underwater and French vineyards washed out: How the World has also been hit by flooding as huge downpours batter the continents: "Much of Europe has been plunged underwater as huge downpours hit the continent. Hundreds have been evacuated from homes in Pisa, Italy, as the city’s Arno river looks set to break its banks, and in Venice, tourists could only look on in flooded St Mark's Square as it was enveloped in a yearly phenomenon known as 'acqua alta' (high water). A third of Venice is already under water as an unrelenting wave of rain sweeps across Italy." See False or Politicized Science

December 2013

“Many young people in Fukushima who are in high school have died suddenly”; Officials “ignore all the problems”: "Former Mayor: People are always told 'any disease they have is not caused by radiation' (VIDEO)....

      "[Govt officials] ignore all the problems we’re having. There are many young people between 15 and 19 in Fukushima who are in high school who have died suddenly. ...a 17-year-old died from Leukemia. In the morning when his mother came to wake him up, he was found dead in bed. ...there are 59 children with thyroid cancer..."

Putin orders Arctic military build-up in 2014: "He ordered the ministry to complete the formation of new military units and infrastructure in the Arctic next year.... Russia is reinstating its military base in the Novosibirsk Archipelago.... The islands 'have key meaning for the control of the situation in the entire Arctic region,' Putin told the top military brass. ...

      "According to a US Geological Survey, about 90 billion barrels of oil and 1,670 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are there, making up about 10 percent of the world's petroleum resources. The dominant portion of these resources is hidden beneath ice that is shared between five nations bordering the Arctic: Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Russia and the US – who have been in a bitter dispute over how to divide up the ‘pie’."

September 2013  [Note from Berit: I can't vouch for the accuracy of these news items:]

The hornets of your nightmares: Swarms of massive insects kill more than 40 and injure 1,600 in China: "At least 37 patients are in a critical or serious condition in hospitals Many survivors are now nursing bullet-sized wounds 'The more you run, the more they chase you' victims say. Species are four times the size of British honeybees." See God's warnings for our times?


Endless Fukushima catastrophe: 2020 Olympics under contamination threat:

     "Scientific estimates predict that the radioactive plume travelling east across the Pacific will likely hit the shores of Oregon, Washington State and Canada early next year. California will probably be impacted later that year.

     "Because the ongoing flow of water from the reactor site will be virtually impossible to stop, a radioactive plume will continue to migrate across the Pacific affecting Hawaii, North America, South America and eventually Australia for many decades. ...

     "As I contemplate the future at Fukushima, it seems that the escape of radiation is virtually unstoppable. The levels of radiation in buildings 1, 2 and 3 are now so high that no human can enter or get close to the molten cores. It will therefore be impossible to remove these cores..."


The Death Of The Pacific Ocean: Fukushima Debris Soon To Hit American Shores

    "An estimated 20 million tons of smashed timber, capsized boats and industrial wreckage is more than halfway across the ocean.... Safe disposal of the solid waste will be monumental task, but the greater threat lies in the invisible chemical stew mixed with sea water.

     "This new triple disaster floating from northeast Japan is an unprecedented nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) contamination event. Radioactive isotopes cesium and strontium are by now in the marine food chain, moving up the bio-ladder from plankton to invertebrates like squid and then into fish like salmon and halibut....

    "Many chemical compounds are volatile and can evaporate with water to form clouds, which will eventually precipitate as rainfall across Canada and the northern United States....

    "Soon after the Fukushima disaster, a spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at its annual meeting in Vienna said that most of the radioactive water released from the devastated Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant was expected to disperse harmlessly in the Pacific Ocean....

   "Soon thereafter, the IAEA backtracked, revising its earlier implausible scenario. In a newsletter, the atomic agency projected that cesium-137 might reach the shores of other countries in 'several years or months.' To be accurate, the text should have been written 'in several months rather than years.”

The REAL Fukushima Danger: "As are the facts that:

• Tepco doesn’t know how to stop the leaks

• Scientists have no idea where the cores of the nuclear reactors are

• Radiation could hit Korea, China and the West Coast of North America fairly hard...

      " ...the greatest short-term threat to humanity is from the fuel pools at Fukushima. If one of the pools collapsed or caught fire, it could have severe adverse impacts not only on Japan… but the rest of the world, including the United States."  [Note: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these two articles on Fukushima]

Fukushima Secret Nuclear Weapons Research - Plutonium Weapons Research? "According to FOIA documents, plutonium (MOX) was blown out of #3, with a massive nuclear event, (not a hydrogen explosion) and it was found all around the Fukushima plant. By comparison, the official public reports issued by pro nuclear scientists all claim that NO PLUTONIUM was found on the Fukushima grounds at all.

     " ...what else are they covering up? .. Why has Japan accumulated 70 plus tons of plutonium via illegal deliveries from the US? Japan has as much plutonium as Russia or the US, and could build and deploy many nuclear weapons within 90 days.... Could Japan be secretly building nuclear bombs close to or under Fukushima...?" See Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America

Fukushima radiation levels '18 times higher' than thought: "Radiation levels around Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant are 18 times higher than previously thought, Japanese authorities have warned. Last week the plant's operator reported radioactive water had leaked from a storage tank into the ground. It now says readings taken near the leaking tank on Saturday showed radiation was high enough to prove lethal within four hours of exposure. The plant was crippled by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami."

July 2013

Waves recorded at Louisiana sinkhole which is now more than 500 feet (150 meters) deep: "Lots of new activity at mysterious Louisiana sinkhole in Bayou Corne."  [Click on green (not the red button) to see video.]

May 2013

Flooding worst in 500 years in parts of Europe: "In Germany, soldiers were deployed to beef up flood barriers. The people of Passau ... witnessed floodwaters not seen since the 16th century, the BBC said. Much of the city of 50,000 was inaccessible and a state of emergency was declared. ... Main roads throughout central Europe were closed and rail service was cut. Electricity in some areas was turned off as a precaution. ... In Germany, more than 7,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Eilenburg."

Vast Oklahoma Tornado Kills Dozens: "...destruction spread over a vast area, with blocks upon blocks of homes and businesses destroyed.... Several structures were on fire, and cars had been tossed around, flipped over and stacked on top of each other. Kelcy Trowbridge, her husband and their three young children piled into their neighbor’s cellar just outside of Moore and huddled together for about five minutes, wrapped under a blanket as the tornado screamed above them, debris smashing against the cellar door. They emerged to find their home flattened and the family car resting upside down a few houses away. Trowbridge...rushed toward what was left of their home and began sifting through the debris, then stopped, and told her to call the police. He had found the body of a little girl, about 2 or 3 years old."

January 2013

Video: The Ocean as you have never seen it

November 2012

Anarchy Along The Jersey Shore

Weather modification: "Weather modification is the act of intentionally manipulating or altering the weather. The most common form of weather modification is cloud seeding to increase rain or snow....Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations.... Weather modification, particularly hostile weather warfare, was addressed by the 'United Nations General Assembly Resolution ...on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques' was adopted. The Convention was: Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977."

August 2012

The Mississippi River Is Drying Up: "The worst drought in more than 50 years is having a devastating impact on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi has become very thin and very narrow, and if it keeps on dropping there is a very real possibility that all river traffic could get shut down. And considering the fact that approximately 60 percent of our grain, 22 percent of our oil and natural gas, and and one-fifth of our coal travel down the Mississippi River, that would be absolutely crippling for our economy." See this Video (but ignore the strange introductory statement)

July 2012

Soybeans Next Casualty of 2012 Drought: "...many primary soybean growing areas will continue to be slammed by extreme heat and drought. Soybeans are used for a variety of human food and animal feed. It is major source of protein for many countries throughout the world.... Recent and upcoming soybean production shortfalls due to drought and heat in portions of the Plains and Midwest will lead to another blow to consumers in the form of higher grocery prices." Scroll down and see the pictures, then pray to our sovereign Lord, for Whom nothing is impossible!

March 2012

Solar storm headed toward Earth may disrupt power: "The largest solar storm in five years is racing toward Earth, threatening to unleash a torrent of charged particles that could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights. The sun erupted Tuesday evening, and the effects should start smacking Earth between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST Thursday... according to forecasters at the U.S. government's Space Weather Prediction Center. They say the storm, which started with a massive solar flare, is growing as it speeds outward from the sun."

January 2012

Video worth seeing: Arigato [Thank You] from Japan Earthquake Victims!

        In Old Testament days, God's people faced war, famine, deadly diseases, swarming pests, and (or) wild beasts when they turned from Him, ignored His Word and pursued "other gods."  His Word tells us that these and other signs will multiply at "the end of the age."

“...who shut in the sea with doors, when it burst forth and issued from the womb;
When I made the clouds its garment, and thick darkness its swaddling band;
When I fixed My limit for it...  When I said,  ‘This far you may come,
but no farther, and here your proud waves must stop!’
Job 38:8-11

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