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Question: My son said that he doesn't have any friends to play with because they all like to play DigiMon and he doesn't like to play that game. I have done some searching and found some sites devoted to the game. From what I can see, it looks very similar to Pokemon. Do you have any insight into this? Can you point me to where I can find information that can help us.


Answer from  Nick Moorman:  STAY AWAY FROM IT!

On Feb. 25 I was relaxing on my bed while my son was watching Digimon and I heard one of the characters say that the beast would come at a time that nobody would know, but when his time comes we would recognize him by his number. You'll never guess what his number was: 666. When I heard this I jumped out of the bed and confronted my son about what he just heard.  I went on to explain what the character was talking about and showed him in the scriptures who the beast was and the meaning of his number and what will happen to those who receive his number. Needless to say, my son no longer watches Digimon or Pokemon. He has had no desire for it after the revelation of the message children are being taught.


Question: Do you by any chance know anything about DigiMon? I'm thinking we'll not go there, but my son asked if I would help him investigate it. Any suggestions? [This is both a cartoon and a toy]

Answer from Berit: Though I haven't had time to research it yet, I have visited some revealing websites. According to the DigiMon Virtual Pet Page, " DigiMon was originally called by several other names including: Digital Demon, Digi Demon, Digital Monster, and Tama-Hawk. Among the first interactive pets, Digimon is a linkable fighting pet by Bandai. Like many pets, Digimon was initially made for sale in Japan and was later revised and packaged for sale in the U.S."

"The pet is similar to other keychain virtual pets, except these are raised to fight and kill. It is obviously much more 'boy' oriented than the earlier pets. You can hook your pet to a friend's pet and fight to the death or be seriously wounded. The toy has hit Japan in August 1997 and began to show up the U.S. in early 1998."


This observation, copied from the "Comments" page, gives additional insight:

From Derek Wilson: This is a comment about a comment, there was a comment posted by a guy named Mark Seely in which he recalls watching a previous episode of pokemon, but he was obviously a little confused. That was an episode of Digimon, a blasphemous show that displays many anti-Christian beliefs. I don't regularly watch digimon but I did watch that portion once & it WAS Digimon, NOT pokemon. Also, on a side-note, I saw a Digimon wrap-up (where they say all that happened in that episode) and it was talking about how a digimon named Angle-Mon defeated another digimon named Deva-Mon, I personally thought it was pretty strange, maybe even offending.

 You may want to do an Internet search for other websites that show DigiMon's character from a marketing perspective.

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