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Question:  While I was homeschooling my three children, it was easy to shelter them from occultic & immoral cultural stuff. As they get older, parenting is getting more complex. They are in a Christian school now, but their peer culture puts them in touch with many of the popular games that are part of man's modern "utopia"

       My nine year old son is now into Neopets because everyone in his class is. I have let my son play it and I have not really looked into it. Is this basically D & D for kids? It looks like Lord of the Rings to me. Do you know what the links go to? Is it just a fantasy game or is it introduction to the occult?

Answer:  Here is a letter that should help answer your question:


Are you aware the NeoPet website is a recruiting ground into WitchCraft/the occult?  My ten year old daughter starting playing NeoPets on her computer after her cousin introduced her to the website. She created a virtual pet and the Lord warned me about the website. So praise the Lord she did not have a chance to get involved.

After the Lords warning, I researched the website and what I have found is very interesting indeed. Ones involvement in NeoPets starts off innocently enough. Until ones pet gets sick and one has to buy a healing potion to cure it, or send it to the Light Fairies healing pond. One is sent on quests by good and bad fairies where no doubt magic spells are used for protection and defense. Not real spells however, just fantasy magic at this stage to get one used to the idea and curious about witchcraft. Most of those who play NeoPets join a Guild. This is where things get real! Some of these guilds are harmless and are normal guilds and not of the WitchCraft kind. However many are full blown Wicca Websites/guilds. I accessed one Wicca guild and followed a link to it's Wicca website on Yahoo. I joined to investigate. I read the message conversations between the young girls on the website. Some of these girls also play NeoPets. No doubt that is how they came across the Whispers Of Magick website. Some of the girls belong to Christian families and are closet Wiccan's and actively practice witchcraft under their parents noses. One can down load files on Wicca from Yahoo Whispers Of Magick which is linked to Neopets guild and is found in the Witches Tower. This particular guild/website is only accessed by being a member of the guild.

I also accessed a very active Wicca website linked to NeoPets guilds and that is found in the NeoPets Haunted Forest. It is called Witches Spell Guild. It is a full blown Wicca website and carries information on real spells/directions for spell casting etc. It is the real thing. This site is interesting as it is active. If one is not a member of it, one can access the Wicca content without having to join it. There are many more such websites linked to NeoPets. I also came across a Christian guild found in the haunted forest on Neopets. What it is doing there I shall never know. Sadly I have found some Christian websites for children, carry the NeoPets web address.


Many christian adults and children play NeoPets. Where is the discernment!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Satan can't get the kids with Harry Potter he most certainly will try with NeoPets.


My daughter attends a public school and refuses to have anything to do with Harry Potter and Witchcraft. We have had many a battle with school teachers/other children over Harry Potter etc. Children have come to faith over my daughters witness at school and renounced their involvement in witchcraft. So it makes the persecution my daughter and I receive for standing for Jesus worth while. The dangers of NeoPets is less obvious than Harry Potter at first glance, though the name is a give away. NeoPet (Neo-Pagan). One must search the less innocent parts of the website to discover what is really going on. My daughter has now been shown the occult content of the website including the Wicca websites I accessed and will have nothing to do with it.


It is very interesting to note that the Lord warned a friend of mine not to allow her son to play NeoPets at the same time he warned me. My friend was on holiday at the time so we had no contact with one another. I left her a phone message and warned her of the danger, telling her to keep her son away from it. When she arrived home she told me the Lord had warned her while she was away as her son was trying to create a pet on NeoPets, while using her sisters computer. The Lord does not like NeoPets! It would be good if you could research and run a warning from your website, as you deal with entertainment and the occult. If you are interested in doing so I can send you links to the two Wicca guilds/websites that I have used for examples. There are many other examples too many to mention.

If you wish to access NeoPets for research you must join and create a pet to access the rest of the website. One can only join one guild, so one must access other guilds under new membership. I hope the info I have given you is of use. May the Lord use it to warn others.

Previous answer: I did an Internet search and found many reasons for concern. At the first glance, many of the games seem fairly neutral, but others could well be stepping stones toward Yu-Gi-Oh, D&d and other obviously occult games and role-playing experiences. For example, check these two links:

The Castle of Eliv Thade: "In the game you control Gilly, a poor Usul who was lost in the woods and accidentally stumbled into the Castle of Eliv Thade seeking shelter. As you enter, the heavy iron door slams shut, and locks behind you. Uh oh. To escape, you must visit all four rooms, and collect an item from each, and then head to the Crypt to put the spirit of Eliv Thade to rest. Beware, this terrible spirit has been driven insane over the years and will do anything he can to stop you escaping his domain. You can move 1, 2, or 3 spaces using the mouse, but beware - each time you move Thade will give you an anagram, and the further you try to move the harder the anagram will be! Watch out for the cracked floor also - you don't want to fall into the basement, oh no, that would be bad!"


Alien Invasion: "Alien Invasion, the game of math, intuition, speedy hands and a quick mouse.... Neopia is under attack and you can defend Neopia is by shooting laser beams at the aliens. However, like always, there is a catch. Shooting requires miniscule precise calculations to release the potent laser beam to blast them back home. At times, the aliens will swarm you, and you will need to co-ordinate quickly your hand movements and your typing to repel the invaders....

       "Carnival of Terror is quite a good game to score neopoints on but it does take some practice!...

I am especially concerned with NeoPets connection to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Scooby Doo.” Both are full of dark, occult messages that trivialize the demonic realm and beckon children toward its supposedly risk-free virtual experiences. Here are a few more links:

Nothing but NeoPets: "The Negg Faerie has raised the prices of her Neggs. Another new Game! Hel Scooby-Doo and the gang to solve mysteries in the Scooby Doo game."  Scooby Doo is full of occult suggestions, soul exchanges, demon possession, etc. It trivializes the darkest aspects of the demonic realm.


Scooby-Doo - Legend of the vanpire - (at "Scooby-Doo and the gang love to solve mysteries. In this game word clues are coded and you must help decode them."


The Vampire Slayer Dollz: "Get your Buffy [the Vampire Slayer], Angel, TV, Film, Charmed, Roswell, or Pop Dollz here. If you like The Vampire Slayer Guild Dollz please vote for them on the Top Ten Doll Site by clicking on me below!...

      "Guild castle logo and any other NeoPets graphics are owned by NeoPets." ...

Neopets colour/species guide: "Conversely, a number of morphing potions and rare magical potions have gone up in price, mostly to do with speculators and Jhudora's Quest, which gobbles up rarity 99 items. It's also becoming even more expensive, pretty much across the board, to turn your pet into a Lupe, Krawk, Cybunny or Shoyru."

Faerie Usul Morphing Potion: "Click on any species to see all the different colours that species comes in; click on any colour to see all the species in that colour. Entries are sorted from cheapest to most expensive, using average prices from the shop wizard, or, for unbuyables, the trading post."

Rainjostew's Neopets: "Adopt a virtual pet. Feed him, play with him and groom him. Read to him to increase his intelligence. Send him to school. Bless him with faeries and give him abilities to use in the Battledome. Open a shop and create an amusement park.... Neopets - the choices are endless!!

The descriptions of these adoptable Neopets give us some clues at the part they play in their mythical world. The first one listed is on this page: The next three point to the Egyptian mythology behind Yu-Gi-Oh's occult power and that of the dark Hermetic occultism of alchemy and various medieval secret societies.

Triffin ("can see things that no one else can by using his third eye")

Anubis [Egyptian god with the head of a dog] (will not try to judge you in any way)
Horus [Egyptian god with a falcon head] ("is very wise")
Sunutek [has a pyramid-like head with the all-seeing "eye of Horus"] (created one day under a full moon when a particularly nasty curse was being cast.... roaming the Lost Desert ever since.)
Khamette (wears an Egyptian headress like that worn by the mummy of ancient king Tutemkan - "likes to live in dusty tombs."  Another NeoPet page offers this clue: "
Beside her, on her bed, was her Khamette. It's name was Mini_Tut."


These Egyptian "pets" can be found on many gaming websites, including:


Psimouse ("can see into the future")

Pinklet ("Devious and swift.....will give advice on how to cheat at every card game")
Hornsby ("a cross between 2 other species")
Barbat ("evil corbats transformed into mindless Barbats under a wicked curse")
Magtile ("a cross between a Neo Maggot and a Reptillior")
snake. Beware, they love blood)
(vulture-like bird "perched on castle Meridell)
Harris (climbing the trees in the Faerie Queen's garden)

Miamouse ("hop along the clouds in Faerieland")
Cobrall (Cobra - "a great companion... Can spit Negg juice up to 30 feet")
("brings good luck")
Babaa ("scared... will hide under bed") Interesting, since the lamb is also a Christian symbol.
Whoot ("has the uncanny ability to know when the Pant Devil is around")
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