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Excerpt from The Invisible War, Chapters 11-12

"This box has books and charts on astrology," shouted Peter. "Medicine wheel astrology, Babylonian astrology, Aztec calendars..."

"And these shelves are loaded with toys and games," said Colin. "I've seen these dolls before. This one with the stars on her head and a magic wand has special power. And these others change into all kinds of animals. We call them shape-shifters. This big beautiful one tells fortunes." Colin lifted up a big box. "It comes with crystal balls, Tarot cards, charts for astrology and numerology...."

"Numer what?"

"Numerology. It uses numbers to tell who you are and what is going to happen to you. Just like astrology."

"Hey, Colin. Take a look at this strange thing. It looks like a spider web with feathers. What is it?"

"Oh, that's dreamcatcher. It has magic power to stop bad dreams. It only lets good dreams and spirits speak to you."

"What's this word, Colin? The one that starts with Oui...?" Peter pointed to a big flat box.

"Wow, that's just what we need! A Ouija Board!"



"What's a Ouija Board?" asked Tom.

"A fun game," answered Colin. "We can ask it questions, and it will answer and tell us what to do. Look! It's easy." He set the box in the middle of the floor and opened it. Then he pulled out a shiny glass object the size of half a peach. The bottom was smooth and flat, the top rounded. "This is a great pointer."

"Pointer? How can a circle be a pointer?"

"You'll see. Some Ouija boards just have a triangle-shaped piece of wood with a hole in the center. I like this round one better." He handed it to Tom.

"It feels good," said Tom, letting the rounded side fill his hand. "But it sure is heavy."

Tom put the little glass piece on the wooden board. "It slides so easily," he said, moving the smooth flatness of the glass slowly across the shiny polish of the board. He admired the colorful numbers and letters that circled the center of the large surface.

"It's beautiful," he whispered.

"We have one just like this at home," said Colin proudly.
"I play it all the time."

"How does it work?" asked Peter.

"I'll show you. What question do you want to ask it?"

"If your board is so smart, ask it how we can get home," said Peter.

"It's better to start with a yes or no question," explained Colin. "Like 'Should we continue through this tunnel?'"

"Okay, that's a good one. Ask it," said Peter.

"Come on. Give me a break," said Tom. This beautiful game must be just another one of the Baron's tricks. "A game is going to tell us how to get home? It doesn't have a brain".

"I'll show you how it works. Here we go," said Colin, ignoring Tom's remark. "First we meditate together and ask the spirits to speak to us."

"The spirits?" Tom was sure the King wouldn't like this game--or those spirits. At the same time, he was curious. Maybe the board could help them find the way.

"Are you getting all wimpy again?" teased Colin. "This game is okay. I know it is. Remember, I've played it a lot. It has magical power! You'll see." He crossed his legs under him, lifted up his hands, pressed his palms together and closed his eyes.

Tom felt even more uncomfortable when Colin began to speak words that sounded like a prayer. Who was he praying to? Surely not just to the Ouija Board. It couldn't hear anything.

Colin stopped his spooky meditation. "When I ask the question, we'll all put our fingertips on the glass. Don't press on it or push it. It will move by its own power. Then it'll stop on top of the letters that spell the answer. Ready?"

"Oh, neat!" said Peter as he rested his fingertips on the pointer. Tom reluctantly touched the pointer with his fingers.

"Okay, here's the question. Should we continue through this tunnel?"

For a moment nothing happened. Then Tom felt a strange sensation. The crystal moved. Was it alive? Tom didn't think anyone was pushing it. In fact, he had tried to stop it--just to see what would happen, but he couldn't even slow it down. It obviously had a force of its own.

"See it stopped on Y. I know what the answer is," shouted Colin. "Keep your fingers on it. It'll move again."

Sure enough. the pointer kept moving. It stopped by the E, then went on to the S.

"See? It works!" Colin sounded triumphant. "What do you want to ask next?"

Tom felt a growing sense of danger. "Put it away," he started. "This force is not the power of the Kingdom. I'm getting out of here."

Peter frowned. "Aw, come on, Tom. Don't be a bad sport. There's nothing wrong with this game."

Colin agreed. "Yea, there's nothing dangerous here, Tom. Don't quit."

"Two against one, Tom," said Peter. "We're asking some more questions."

"Here's one," said Colin. "Where will this tunnel end?"

"But that's not a "yes" or "no" question."

"That's all right. It could be a short answer."

Tom didn't want to know the pointer's answer. He turned and walked back outside to the ladder and sat down on the lowest rung. It wasn't very comfortable, but it was better than being inside with that crazy game. Sasha seemed to like it better outside too. She licked his hand. At least he still had one friend left.

Tom looked up at the sky. It had stopped raining, and the sun was coming out. The patches of blue sky reminded him of the King. He wished he could talk with Him. Just to know what to do. He began to review the parts of the King's armor that he remembered-- the Belt of Truth and the Breastplate of Righteousness, then something about Peace... That was all he could remember. But he felt better already. Almost like when the King smiled to him. "Thank you, King," he whispered.


taught at United Methodist Church (October/November 1995)

I visited the fourth session

Teacher: "More people will experience transcendent states. In the workbook, liked the way they defined transcended state: the magnitude of the God of the universe, experience of peace, love and being at home. Anyone have experiences they want to share.

"If we are operating out of fear, my energy is going down and I'm going to zap someone else's energy.... Get back on track and get energy going by looking at dreams -- how is your dream like your life? ...

"Christianity is fear-based. Goddess is life-based. Celestine is intuition-based. Through confusion, clarity will come. Give yourself lots of room.

"We are all [are involved in] a spiritual evolution -- all religions are involved. Intuition is the solution... feelings... Like a Ouija board; feel! Send energy to each other."

From a Canadian textbooks: Prose of Relevance, vol. 1 and 2 by Kenneth Weber, published by Methuen-Publications (1971)

After reading a story titled "Two Seances", students had to answer these questions..."After carefully examining Mrs. Montgomery's description of both seances, make a list of all the factors that prove the truth of the incidents. Make another list of things that make you doubtful....Would you attend a seance?" p. 17 vol.1

After reading through 31 pages of occult stories, techniques, and interviews, the students had a series of questions and assignments..."For Research: Investigate the meanings of the following terms: astral projection, parapsychology, clairvoyance, veridical hallucination, psychometry, maleficia malum, automatism...Investigate and report to your group, the work of certain clairvoyants like Arthur Ford, Emmanuel Swedenborg, and others...What is 'divining' or 'dousing' for water? Have you ever seen it done? Have you ever done it? Have you ever tried a ouija board?" p. 32 vol. 1

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