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Question: When I was reading your article on the teletubbies, something came to mind, and I was wondering if you have ever heard about it. Some time ago I was going to buy my daughter a teletubby stuffed toy. I didn't think to much about it until this other child in the store was pushing on the red (I believe that was the one) one's belly. After a few sayings you could hear it say as plain as day, "fa_et fa_et" ( _ =g).

This really bothered me. I did go to the service center and complained and they told me that all of those were supposed to be removed off the shelf (I did not buy one needless to say and she no longer watches the show either). Well, the little girl actually bought this, so I asked the service center person why she was allowing this item to be purchased. She gave me no answer.

Have you heard anything about the teletubbies saying anything about this? This was around the time that the sign on the purple one was revealed. If you have any input on this I sure would appreciate it.

ANSWER from Dave Mosher, Founder, CTTC (Christ to the Cults Ministry)


This incident with the Teletubbie Po supposedly speaking an offensive word was well publicized back in October 1998. Following is an informative, secular article from the Texas/Mexico News, 10/23/1998. To see the full text of the newspaper article, click here.

"A toy store chain is pulling one of the Teletubbies dolls from its shelves because of complaints from customers that it says "fatty, fatty" and "faggot."

"The itsy bitsy Entertainment Co., which licenses the toys, said the Po doll is actually saying "fidit, fidit," inspired by the Cantonese for "faster, faster."

"Po regularly sings the words on the popular children's television series. The Asian actress who plays Po turned to her cultural background when she created the character's "teletalk," said Eileen Potruck, a spokesman for itsy bitsy."

Note - the toymaker now has apparently corrected this problem to the public's satisfaction.

Before we render our verdict as to what the Po doll was REALLY saying, let's look at another Teletubby incident.


Interestly, more recently (in February 1999), one of Jerry Falwell's staff wrote a newsletter article listing homosexual traits of the Teletubby Tinky Winky. This article has convinced us here at CTTC that Tinky Winky is indeed being portrayed as a homosexual character. Click here to read the article in Jerry Falwell's newsletter.

In addition, at about the time the Falwell newsletter article came out, a staff member of CTTC stopped by a local secular bookstore to examine their Teletubby items. He stumbled across a small picture book showing the two female Teletubbies (Laa-Laa and Po) trying on a ballet dress and dancing. The story went on to show Dipsy (the other male Teletubby besides Tinky Winky) refusing to try on the dress. Tinky Winky, on the other hand, eagerly put on the dress and happily danced around to the delight of the two female Teletubbies Laa-Laa and Po.


In spite of Twinky Winky's apparent homosexuality, we here at CTTC would tend to accept the toymaker's explanation that the Po doll was merely saying the Chinese phrase "fidit, fidit." Why? Well, homosexuals would say that the use of "homophobic" words like "faggot" lead to an increase in so-called "hate crimes" toward homosexuals. So if the Teletubby producers are indeed trying to push the homosexual agenda on infants and toddlers as we believe is the case with Tinky Winky, they would most likely not want to contradict their ungodly agenda by having another one of their dolls (Po) programmed with the "homophobic" word "faggot."

To summarize, in view of various Teletubby incidents (including the apparently homosexual Tinky Winky as detailed above) we cannot recommend the Teletubbies TV show.

We suggest you also read our article about the Teletubbies

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