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Question: I have encountered a very dangerous book that is making its' way through some of the Charismatic Christian circles. It is titled "Heaven is so real" by Choo Thomas.... The book is about the author's 17 or so trips to Heaven and Hell with Jesus Himself. I believe the author (Thomas) does actually experience the things she writes about. However, what she says is clearly not from God because it is so radically against Scripture. As we know, God will never violate His written Word in any way at all.

I could tell immediately from the little that I read that this woman's experiences are with the accompaniment of an evil entity and certainly not the Lord. Also, in the little reading that I did, this woman's account of the "shaking" as she left her body and went with the "lord" to 'heaven" and "hell" is the same exact description that my father told me would happen to him when he did astral projection and left his body. ...

I did an Internet search on the book hoping to find a good review that would pit the book against the Bible and thus refute the gross heresy that the book is. What I found, to my sad dismay, was various "Christian" pastors and other "leaders" in various churches actually recommending the book as a must read for all Christians. I find that to be very scary!  Do you know anything about this book?

Answer: After reading some of the reviews at Amazon, we certainly share your concern. It’s interesting that "Heaven is for Real" was published by Charisma House (April 2006), which also published the U.S. version of Shadowmancer, a supposedly “Christian” alternative to Harry Potter.

The most credible reviewer (M. Wells from New Zealand) wrote, “As another reviewer has quite rightly quoted, page 162 which reads as follows shows without a doubt that this unfortunate woman is under the wrong influence:

"As he poured the anointing oil on my body, I would shake, jerk, perspire and become intently hot.....Some nights, while the Lord would be working with my body and hand movements, my entire physical being would become black and cold. There were other occasions when my entire body would become invisible as the Lord was doing his preparatory work with me... During some sessions the Lord would both lift my body and lower it. Many times he would raise and lower my body forty-nine times a night." These strange phenomena caused her exhaustion and pain and she even implies in her book that she wondered whether it was all from God.”

Another reviewer (TJC, Redmond, Washington) wrote, “…We are supposed to test the spirits with the Bible. I thought that, ‘okay, if even one thing in this book is wrong I can throw it out as being not from God". If it was ‘Jesus book’ as her Jesus said and that she need not stress over it because it is him writing it through her then, of course, he wouldn't let anything in it be unbiblical. Right? … The Jesus of her book says repeatedly that Christians who do not tithe will go to hell…”

Yet -- reflecting the majority opinion -- the first reviewer (Tommy C. Ellis, Federal Way, WA ) called the book an “Anointed, God-directed Prophetic Last Day Vision!” He wrote:

"As a pastor, prison chaplain, and Pentecostal, I approached this work with a mixture of skepticism and anticipation. I looked for signs of true inspiration, and yet was alert for manipulation and opinion-masked-as-revelation. I read in this 'double-minded' manner for fifty pages or so, and then tumbled upon a section that came through to me with such Holy Ghost anointing that I cast aside my doubts.... The passage contained a vision of the pit of hell. Many have claimed such visions, but never have I read such a frank, heart-wrending description. Thomas tells of seeing her own beloved mother in that pit! I was dumbfounded, and humbled…. This book claims to be an account of visions from God. I believe it is....”

Here are some Scriptural warnings God's people need to remember in these postmodern times: Don't Be Deceived! and Shepherds & Prophets who mislead their flock

Question: What do you know about a new book called The Unknown Prophet?  It is being heavily aired on our TV here in England on the "God Channel" by Wendy Alec. The book contains prophesy from Christ and promises to become as popular as The Purpose Drive Life. The website is where you can read extracts from the book. It speaks about a large revival taking place on the east coast of America etc.  My friends who follow the Purpose Driven teachings are all getting this book.

Answer: I read the online excerpts and information from the various websites associated with the link you provided, and certainly share your concern. The communication technique  reminds me of the horrible deception propagated by Neale Donald Walsch in his series on “Conversations with God.”  I pray that God will show me a more complete answer after I read the book. Meanwhile, here are some warnings from God's Word: Shepherds & Prophets who mislead their flock

QuestionCan you help us understand the Deltora books from a Christian perspective?

Answer: The Deltora books are occult. They teach children to use mystical occult forces and practices to fight a more obviously evil occult force. Anything published by the powerful Scholastic publisher is suspect. It’s agenda is totally contrary to Christianity. It has probably done more to revise history, distort truth and promote occultism to children than any other publisher. Here is one link to gives a glimpse of its thrilling occultism:

Please also read our articles, “Harry Potter and the Power of Suggestions” – and any of our other Harry Potter articles. (Scholastic is the US publisher of the Harry Potter books)

Inside the Red Zone by Igor V. Shafhid, June Summers

Question:  What do you know about this book?

Answer: Perhaps these excerpts and reviews will help answer your question. Apparently it has been approved by several Christian ministires and radio networks. But since neither Andy nor I have read it, we cannot provide a personal evaluation. We would appreciate help from any reader who has read the book

Biography of the author, Igor Shafhid:

"Igor Shafhid was born and raised in Soviet Russia where he became a doctor of internal medicine and a military officer. In 1986, following the Chernobyl accident, Igor studied overexposure of radiation to the soldiers who responded to the disaster. As a military doctor, he performed large-scale chemical and biological military field exercises....

" 1992... a small group of Americans made a short-term trip to St. Petersburg to share the gospel. ... Igor talked with one of the young women on that trip. Even though he spoke only 15 words of English and she spoke no Russian, they were able to discuss the gospel. With a Bible and a dictionary, the young woman painstaking translated key Scriptures word for word for the intrigued Russian doctor. Igor says the Holy Spirit was his interpreter and he “got it.” His life began to change dramatically....

Editorial Review from

F. Wolf, Hazardous Materials Manager: "As a former US Naval Officer, I appreciate the perspective you bring to the subject on WMD. Fascinating reading!"

From the Inside Flap
The World has become a scary place. Can America prepare itself against nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons of mass destruction? "Yes!" says Dr. Igor V. Shafhid, a counter-terrorist specialist, who takes the reader Inside the Red Zone on his personal journey within a godless Russia to the classified operations of the Soviet Strategic Rocket Force where he trained as a military doctor in WMD deployment. Using his own life experience, Dr. Shafhid sheds light on Russias' fascination with WMDs, the need for a solid civil defense program in the U.S., and the importance of maintaining the biblical foundation of America.
      "Discover ways for Americans to survive disaster:

Practical suggestions from websites endorsing this book:

From Southwest Radio Ministries: Why America Needs God's Hand of Protection: Eye-Opening Truths from "Inside the Red Zone" by Igor Shafhid, M.D.

Nuclear weapons come in all sizes, from suitcase weapons to warheads on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. The man effects of a thermonuclear detonation are as follows:

Defensive Measures to Counter Biological, Chemical, Nuclear/Radiological WMD: Essential Emergency and Evacuation Items for the Home:
There are essential items every household should stockpile. Don’t be without them. If an attack occurs, no one will have time to run to Wal-Mart. These items should be together, preferably in a suitcase for easy transport, and set aside in an easily accessible area. If you evacuate, take all these things with you. They are:
· Canned food and bottled water, enough for two days for your whole family
· A manual can opener
· Scissors
· Two rolls of duct tape
· Extra clothing for each family member, including underwear, light cotton gloves, a box of latex gloves, hats, and socks
· A box of HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter masks or surgical masks, enough for three per person
· Safety glasses for each family member
· Long raincoats (the inexpensive fold-up kind are good) and galoshes
· Battery-operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries
· Medical kits containing KI (Kalium Iodine) Potassium iodine
· Compass
· Ten plastic bags
· Baby shampoo
· Fragrance-free hand lotion and soap powder
· Shower caps for each family member
· Non-alcoholic baby wipes, regular cotton pads, washrags, sponges, and towels
· Talc or baby powder
· Small individual sized boxes of plain cornflakes
· Oversized umbrella
· Toilet paper
· This book
· Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
. Radiation Detector

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