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3. If God hates sin, why does he allow us to do it so freely and easily with no immediate consequences?

Anonymous: God has given us free will to sin or not sin. If God gave immediately punishment for sin then we all would be struck down instantly. However, that is not Godís nature because he still wants to give everyone a chance to trust Him, change their ways and gain eternal life before it is too late. This life on Earth is merely a decision and training period for all of us whether we want to live with God forever or seek instant gratification by breaking his rules in this world. The main theme of the Bible is Gods redemption of his people through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, if you turn to Jesus and receive His gift of life, the punishment that was reserved for the wrong that you have done is transferred to Jesus and you are exempted from the eternal consequences. Also, since He is alive now, He can give you the ability to find contentment in this unjust world. Through His life, you can choose to not break Godís rules for us and, instead, go the extra mile to please him. This only comes from trusting in the supreme power of Jesus Christ instead of our own ability to do good works.

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