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Question: What makes you so sure that the bible is true, and that you have picked the correct religion?  I stumbled across your website by searching for articles about role-playing games. I read yours, and though I realize it is an opinion, it seems a bit extreme. You claim it is brainwashing and black magic, I think that's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I'm sure there are some idiots in the world who play role-playing games and try to become wizards. In my opinion, they are no better or worse than the people who take some holy book as the only version of the truth just because it says so. Mythology is mythology, and a follower is a follower, all they need is each other. You like to quote the bible on your site, so here's a quote for you.

"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." -Stephen Roberts

I realize you will probably just ignore my e-mail, I'm sure you've received others like it, but as I took the time to comment on your website, I hope you can take a moment to comment on my e-mail. 

Answer: I doubted the Bible was true for many years, and I mocked those who were fundamental Christians and would quote the Bible. One such neighbor asked me several times to go to an evening service at her church. I kept saying “no”, it was "too fundamental" for me.

But during a time in my thirties when I faced some depressing situations, I cried out to God one day and asked Him to show Himself to me if He was real. Soon afterwards the same friend called again. She said the Holy Spirit had prompted her to call one more time. This time I said yes, and even before we entered the church, I sensed God’s presence. Never before had I sensed such joy and certainty that something was true as I did at that moment.

That night I stayed up and read my old Bible until morning. I couldn’t put it down. Earlier, it had made no sense to me. Now, God seemed to speak to me through every sentence. I wept and repented, and He changed my life.

At dawn, after reading about His love poured into our hearts, I asked him to fill my unloving heart with His love. He did – and I knew I was a different person. I asked Him where I could go and share that love. He immediately spoke to my heart -- not in audible words but by His Spirit -- and told me to go to the local VA (veterans') hospital. At 8 AM (without a wink of sleep, yet wide awake) I called and asked if I could be a volunteer with the chaplain service. They had not used any volunteers up to that point, but they accepted me since I was a registered nurse (I had "retired" in order to begin raising a family) familiar with hospitals.

Right away the bedridden veterans began to challenge my knowledge of the Scriptures. Day after day I was forced to study the Bible in order to answer their questions. When God led me to pray for sick patients, He would sometimes heal them (a woman with terminal brain tumor was miraculous healed one day) or He would let me see a patient with much pain and agitation quiet down as He touched her heart. Again and again, I saw His miraculous hand at work!

I was asked to write Bible studies and lead women’s fellowship at our church. That was so frightening to this shy, introverted person that I immediately said no. I cringed at the thought of speaking in front of a microphone. But God gave me no peace with a "no" answer. He kept giving me promises assuring me that He would give me the needed strength and wisdom – so finally I agreed to do it. I still can’t believe that they would even ask me!

Some years later, other churches were using the Bible studies God had given me. Some suggested they should be published and invited me to attend a national Writer’s Conference held in our area. Reluctantly, I went. The first night, I came in late and sat in the back row of a large auditorium listening to the keynote speaker, a well known Christian writer.  When he finished, I greeted the person who sat next to me. She asked me why I had come to the conference. I told her about the Bible studies. She happened to be the "acquisitions editor" for a large Christian publishing house. “We’re just starting a Women’s Bible study series,” she told me. “May I look at yours.”

Victor Books published my first three books. It was all by God’s wonderful  grace and mercy! I never could speak, write or walk into a large group without feelings of fear and inadequacy. But God replaced my fear with His wonderful confidence that no matter what He asks me to do, He would lead me in His triumph. That might mean enduring hard times or accomplishing what I thought would be impossible. Since then, He has continually shown me that what He has promised in His Word He will surely accomplish for those who trust and follow Him. I can’t imagine a more exciting life!  Can you?

There are many other, well researched reasons, for knowing that the Bible is true. But my Lord has proven it to my mind and heart -- and I have no doubts that His revealed Word tells me the truth about my Lord, the nature of the world, the wonders of His grace, and the path to victory in Christ!

With His love,


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