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Rabbi Messner & the new Torah

Q: I would really like your imput on Rabbi Ralph Messer from www.torah.tv . I went to his seminar last year, and something just didn't seem right. It wasn't what he was saying, so much as what he wasn't saying. Also, he alluded several times in the meetings that Jesus was not coming back, and we weren't going to heaven. Yet Thessalonians saying that we will be caught up in the air with Him and every eye shall see Him.


Also, he appeals to the uneducated and really focuses on the black race. He also alluded to an earthly Armageddon where gentile and Jew will meet and become one in Israel at the rebuilt temple. Apparently, this man is very influential.                    


A: I didn't know anything about Rabbi Ralph Messer, but now I have at least read about him on this page: http://www.torah.tv/about/about_us.asp

Here are some troubling statements. Each raised questions in my mind:

"With an Apostolic and Evangelistic anointing, Rabbi Messer actively teaches the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith, fulfilling the great commission to '…make disciples of all the nations' (Matthew 28:19). As the founder of Simchat Torah Beit Midrash, Rabbi Messer is pioneering a work to bring the 'Good News' of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in the Torah to the ends of the earth."

When he refers to the Torah above, is he referring just to the first five books of the Bible or does he include many oral traditions and human guidelines?

"Through the vision of Rabbi Messer, STBM launched the International Center for Torah Studies (ICTS) – teaching a truly unique Discipleship methodology called, the “Kol-Bo ‘Walking with Yeshua’ Discipleship Program”. This Discipleship Program is a multi-level, multi-media curriculum facilitating college-style courses in classrooms internationally, including online Biblical studies. The Kol-Bo Discipleship Program is currently comprised of over 150 hours of Rabbi Messer’s teachings available on VHS, CD, DVD, Audio, and video-streamed by internet..."

What is he seeking beyond what we already have in Christ and His Word?

"For more than twenty-five years, Rabbi Ralph Messer has facilitated inter-faith discussions between denominations, cultures, and various groups, throughout Colorado, across the country, and internationally as a popular keynote conference speaker and minister. Rabbi Messer’s television program '“Maximizing Life'  is expanding across broadcast and satellite networks...."

Does he understand how inter-faith dialogue builds religious synthesis? (See Evangelism )

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