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Question: Is our president a true Christian who is simply doctrinally ignorant (as are many Christians of today), and is thus being seduced by various humanistic social groups, or is he a person that knows exactly what he is doing with regard to such things as control of the masses ("Big Brother"), and the development of "New World
Order?" As daily events unfold, it is apparent that things are not what they are made out to be. What really bothers me is that I know of no one in the church that I attend (membership about 500) that sees this. My pastor is truly a saved man of God, of that I have no doubt, but I can tell from things he says that he is completely convinced that our president is a real Bible believing Christian. I am sorry, but I simply do not share that level of

Answer: I can't answer that question, because God only sees his heart. But I can offer some clues that show the "fruit" of his life. For example, see this link:

President Bush and Mrs. Bush worship at Shinto Shrine: "U.S. President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, on Monday visited Meiji Shrine, a major venue for Shinto worshippers in Tokyo. President George W. Bush registers his name at Meiji Shrine's main hall of worship. Bush and the first lady paid their respects by bowing in front of the main shrine hall before signing a registry book, including a brief comment on their visit. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi did not accompany Bush to the shrine, apparently to avoid a stir over the constitutional separation of state and religion."

The fact that Prime Minister Koizumi avoided such compromise made it easier for Bush to avoid it as well. And this is far from the only time he has set aside his Christian views for the sake of practical diplomacy and political expediency. See the next item: 

Dr. Morey's briefing on Islam : American Christians were both grieved and shocked when President Bush, professing Christian, went to a Mosque and joined in prayer with the Muslims to the “Universal God.” President Bush evidently assumes that all religions worship the same “Universal God” under different names. Thus any name of any deity will do.