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Question: Was George Washington a freemason?

Answer: Yes, like many other founding fathers, he was. I wonder if he and other patriotic members of the "brotherhood" back in the 18th century really understood the occult forces and globalist agenda behind their trusted international organization. Perhaps, like today's changing churches, masonry emphasized different ideals from time to time. In any case, Washington's participation seems a strange contradiction to his faith in God.

Here are some excerpts from "Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects," published by Time-Life Books in 1989: 

"George Washington was only twenty in November 1752 when he joined the Freemasons. He rose quickly through eh ranks and eventually was elected grand master of the grand lodge of Virginia, although he declined to accept the office....  (page 82) [I can't verify this)

"The Marquis de Lafayette, who served under him, once observed that the commander in chief rarely awarded independent commands to officers who were not Masons..."  (page 82)

"Washington valued the loyalty Freemasonry inspired. He wrote that -

"...the virtues that ennoble mankind are taught, nourished, and fostered in the halls of the Freemasons; they encourage domestic life and serve as a standard for the highest duties of State." (page 82)

"Although the fraternity remained officially nonpolitical, its values naturally led members toward democratic beliefs; and in America, where many colonists chafed under repressive British rule, the Mason attracted dedicatee, politically active men. ... by the 1790's, the brotherhood included such leaders as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. These men envisioned a new society based on fraternity and equality." (page 73)

If these facts discourage or disillusion you, please remember that, since the fall, mankind has been subject to spiritual deception. Those who most faithfully long to serve God are often the main target of satan and his timeless assaults. Please see Col 2:8 and The Nature and Tactics of Satan.