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 Third Way: "Christian" Socialism

See also A Third Way to a Good Society (Communitarianism)

Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a "Social Gospel"


Third Way - Voice of the radical centre: "Third Way represents a movement dedicated to creating a society based on Justice, Community and Individual freedom against one that is based on Greed, Globalisation and Tyranny. We act as a 'Think-Tank' for positive ideas and apart from this website also publish a quarterly magazine 'Third Way' .... We support cross-party organisations that are carrying out vital work e.g. Solidarity...."


Third way - Who's who: "David Sheppard... serve[s] as Bishop of Liverpool from 1975 to 1997. He chaired the church's Board for Social Responsibility from 1991 to 1996, and his most celebrated book is Bias to the Poor....

    "Corinne Brown (trustee ...) marketed Inter-Varsity Press from 1994 to 1998....

    "Roy McCloughry (trustee... and chair) is the director of Kingdom Trust and a consultant on applied social ethics. He... is the author of many books, including the bestselling Men and Masculinity..."


Third Way - What's what: "The evangelical community which conceived and gave birth to it [The Third Way] had begun in the Sixties to rediscover the imperative of 'social responsibility' which, with some notable exceptions, it had so long neglected.... The process of re-engagement with our culture and society though today it is still far from complete was well in hand. Third Way was to be an advocate for that re-engagement, and a forum for the robust and radical biblical thinking that it required.

      "Its title referred to a comment by Os Guinness in The Dust of Death: 'How often in the contemporary discussion a sensitive modern man knows that he cannot accept either of the polarised alternatives offered to him. In Christianity, however, there can be a Third Way, a true middle ground which has a basis, is never compromise and is far from silent.'...

     "In the flux of the New Age and its disillusion with scientific materialism, our society seems more willing to talk about spiritual and moral issues. ...sociologists are talking of the 're-enchantment' of society and the rediscovery of the transcendent. One of the most popular topics of debate on the Internet is religion.... In this climate, a magazine that is distinctively biblical, intellectually rigorous, socially responsible and culturally aware has a chance to win a hearing...."

Third Way - directory: [Notice these links:] Christian People's Alliance... Christian Socialist Movement.... Movement for Christian Democracy.... Sojourners...."

"...Emergent-U.S. National Coordinator Tony Jones [said]. "As emerging Christian leaders have been pushing through the polarities of left and right in an effort to find a new, third way, we've been desperate to find partners for that quest," he said. "It's with great joy and promise that we partner with the leaders of S3K to talk about the future and God's Kingdom." (Shawn Landres & Tony Jones, Jan 3, 2006) Emergent Christian, Jewish Leaders in First-Ever Meeting


"Synagogue 3000 (S3K) and Emergent will host a groundbreaking meeting to connect pioneering Jewish and Christian leaders from dynamic and innovative congregations on January 16-17, 2006. ...emerging leaders from across America will share experiences and exchange ideas about reinventing the meaning and practice of community in their respective faith traditions, especially for unaffiliated Christians and Jews....

     "Prominent Emergent Christian theologian Brian McLaren has met with S3K three times to discuss recent trends among younger Christians and Jews. 'We have so much common ground on so many levels,' he noted. 'We face similar problems in the present, we have common hopes for the future, and we draw from shared resources in our heritage. I'm thrilled with the possibility of developing friendship and collaboration in ways that help God's dreams come true for our synagogues, churches, and world.' ... Emergent Jewish & Christian Leaders to Meet


Christian Socialist Movement: "CSM traces its origins back to 1848, though the movement has grown and developed since then through the contribution of people with a clear commitment to social justice born of their Christian faith. F D Maurice, Ellen Wilkinson [Fabian socialist], George Lansbury [Angela Lansbury's grandfather], RH Tawney [Fabian]... may be among the better known Christian Socialists...."


See Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a "Social Gospel"  

Conspiracies -- Part 3: Transforming the World by Subverting the Church




Christian socialism: "Christian socialism generally refers to those on the Christian left whose politics are both Christian and socialist and who see these two things as being interconnected. Broadly speaking, this category can include Liberation theology and the doctrine of the social gospel. The term 'Christian Socialism' is used in this sense by organizations such as the Christian Socialist Movement (CSM), a specifically Christian grouping affiliated with the British Labour Party. The term also pertains to such earlier figures as the nineteenth century writer Frederick Denison Maurice (The Kingdom of Christ, 1838) and Francis Bellamy..."


See also Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a "Social Gospel

 Transforming the World by Subverting the Church

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