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Global service & Service Learning

See Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and UN Goals - Whom do we serve?

American Youth Policy & Service Learning -- Creating a new kind of Citizen

Serving a Greater Whole Faith-Based Compromise

Service Learning as defined in our GLOSSARY of Education Terms: "Combining community service with politically correct instruction through small group dialogues led by trained facilitators toward a pre-planned consensus. [See Dialectic, DIAPRAX and the End of the Ages] These encourage students to see social problems from a collective new-paradigm perspective -- and to see spiritual differences through the filter of a pluralistic, unbiblical worldview.  (This is explained in detail in chapter 6 of Brave New Schools)

The linked websites below present Service Learning from a globalist point of view.

National Youth Leadership Council -- What is Service-Learning?

Service-learning is a philosophy, a community development model, and a teaching and learning method.

A Community Development Model: It takes on real issues such as pollution control, hunger and homelessness, and diversity. Communities change for the better when service and learning are joined.

A Teaching and Learning Method: It is a form of active learning that values critical thinking and problem solving...."

Service Nation - Public Allies - La Raza....


Campaigning for Service: Service Nation Summit Hosts Obama, McCain Today: "Today and tomorrow, 500 leaders from public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors will come together in New York City to call on the next President of the United States to 'enact a new era of voluntary service and civic engagement in America, an era in which all Americans will work together to solve our greatest and most persistent societal challenges' at the Service Nation Summit. Senators Barack Obama and John McCain (presidential nominees of the two major parties) will speak back-to-back Thursday night at Columbia University."


The ServiceNation Organizing Committee: "The ServiceNation Organizing Committee is comprised of large state and national organizations and associations committed to expanding service opportunities in their communities. The Organizing Committee helps drive the ServiceNation agenda. To date, the organizing committee consists of 118 members: ...America's Promise, American Association of State Service Commissions, American Red Cross, Americans for Informed Democracy, Americans for a National Service Act, Be the Change, Inc. Building Bridges Coalition... Common Cause, National Student Partnerships..."


Buiding Bridges Coalition: "The Buiding Bridges Coalition is proud to be an organizing member of ServiceNation, which is a movement to inspire a new era of citizen service in America. The movement is largely domestically focused but our coalition has, together with the Brookings Institution, worked to ensure that ServiceNation's agenda for citizen service includes international volunteering...."


Circle: "The work of CIRCLE is guided by an Advisory Board, comprised of some of the nationís leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of youth civic engagement. Advisory Board: Marco Davis, Director of Leadership Development, National Council of La Raza.... Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylania.... Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching..."


National Council of La Raza: "Advocacy and Electoral Empowerment NCLR believes that advocacy, civic engagement, and community-based support are essential parts of any community-empowerment strategy. Advocacy and voting are two of the critical tools..."


Public Allies: "Through our signature AmeriCorps program, we identify talented young adults from diverse and under-represented backgrounds who have a passion to make a difference, and we help them turn that passion into a viable career path."


United Nations Foundation.org: "Connecting people, ideas and resources with the United Nations...."


Service Nation Sponsors: "Carnegie Corproation of New York, Time magazine, Target, UN Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers fund."


Americans for National Service Act.

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Global Service

A concerned visitor to our website sent this comment and question:

"I just read an article in one of our local newspapers which describes something called "Global Service projects" being implemented in our community.  Here is a quote from the article that sums it up: 'Union Gas employees and their families rolled up their sleeves and gave up their Saturday morning to help clean up the community.  Groups were scattered all over Chatham doing landscaping or painting as part of their Global Service projects, that has the entire company picking community projects to undertake during the month of June.'
     "I know that this is all part of the way things are being done in order to help bring about the Global peace, utopia, etc., but don't you think it is interesting that terms and ideas like this were never heard of in the past?  And I might add that this sounds so much like what Rick Warren is doing and his Global PEACE Plan will fit right in with it."

CIEE - Mission statement: "Since 1947, the Council on International Educational Exchange... has been in pursuit of its mission, 'to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.' ...  [T]he experience abroad is important in shaping a world view, establishing a career, and constructing an individual relationship with society."

About CIEE: "CIEE is the leading U.S. non-governmental international education organization."

Global Service and Language Programs: "Global Service and Language Programs offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to study new lands and cultures in a rare up-close and comprehensive manner. By spending 3-4 weeks of their summer abroad, students will make an impact on the communities they serve. Our programs allow students to broaden their understanding of our planet and its needs. No background in a program's topic is expected and foreign language skills are not required. Students will leave the program with a greater appreciation for the diversity and wonders of the world in which we live. Global Service and Language Programs are offered in Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and France.

Principles of Good Practice for International Education: "Living and studying in another country provides individuals with the opportunity for personal development: It promotes the acquisition of new skills and knowledge of other cultures as well as insight into the individual's own society and his or her role in it. This process fosters international understanding and contributes to peaceful cooperation between nations. The purpose of international education is to promote these goals."

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