A Canadian student sent us this interesting list of observations:

Things I learned in the Canadian Public School System

Some folks are against public education, I don't see why.  Let's look at the many pearls of wisdom passed down to me from my teachers:

  1. If it's in a book, it's got to be true -- unless that book is the Bible, then it's a lie made up by primitive people to oppress women.

  2. Revisionist history is the ONLY history that must be learnt.

  3. Capitalism is ALWAYS bad.  Communism works if applied properly.

  4. Any explanation that does not rely on purely naturalistic factors is "superstition".

  5. Homeschoolers are indoctrinated, and private schools are "just in it for the money".  Yet the public school system, which forces the religion of secular humanism on students while sucking up taxpayers' dollars, does neither.

  6. Children are incredibly gullible and will believe anything the teacher says.

  7. When the medieval church collected a voluntary tithe (10%) to pay for education, science, food, armies, etc, that was just a way of controlling and oppressing the masses. 

  8. When the government mandates and forces people to pay takes (40% or more) to do the same, it's a good thing that we should all be thankful for.

  9. Though it has solved none of society's ills, education is "the great equalizer".

  10. Teachers like to talk about areas outside of their field as if they are experts.  Question them and you will be shouted down.

  11. The white man is the devil!  No, really.

  12. My teacher's going to one wedding in Lethbridge, Alberta makes him an expert in Baptist behaviour.  My coming from a Baptist background does not.

  13. The "evils of religion", no matter how revised or Biblically unsound they are, are proof that religion is evil.  Yet Communism, Nazism, bloody colonialism, etc. have absolutely NOTHING to do with the secular humanism inherit within those ideas.

  14. Christianity is illogical because "it appeals to peopleís emotions in order to sell itself". 

  15. While bullying students into secular humanism, and making Christianity look evil and restrictive so the secular humanist can appeal to peoples emotions is "rational".

  16. Most teachers have an irrational fear of Christianity, which they disguise as "rationalism".

  17. The few groups that you can always blame for the bad things in history are white people, males, Christians, conservatives, and white Christian male conservatives.  To blame anyone else is to be bigoted and intolerant.

  18. Even though racism exploded with the theory of evolution, people still like to blame the Bible.

  19. Teachers like to shift the blame from humanism to Christianity.

  20. Teachers are allowed to be condescending.

  21. Liberals prefer to be called "progressives" so they can trick people into thinking that their beliefs cause progress in society.

  22. The teacher is never to be corrected, EVER!

  23. The few people you can judge are white people, males, Christians, conservatives, and white male Christian conservatives.  To judge anyone else is to, well you know.

  24. Any logical, well defence of the Bible is ultimately met with "well, that's just your interpretation".

  25. No matter how much evidence is given for Christianity, teachers will insist that "beliefs cannot be proven", shout you down, and insist that "there are no absolutes".  Ask them how they know this, and you well be shouted down again.

  26. Big business is run by people and cannot be trusted.  The government is run by people and can be trusted.

  27. Liberals like to blame their problems on other people, like God, business, or society.

  28. When a Christian commits a crime, no matter how unbiblical their actions are, it is because of Christianity.  When a humanist commits a crime, it is never because of humanism.

  29. Being a Canadian means hating America, apparently.

  30. Secularism is "rational" because it relies on pure "logic" and "reason".  Christianity is "irrational" and "oppressive" because "of all the stuff they don't let you do!" (An appeal to emotion, in case you haven't noticed).

  31. Quoting dead, drug-addicted celebrities to support your arguments considered intelligent.  Quoting the Bible to do the same is considered narrow-minded and ignorant.

  32. Secular humanists claim to be rational, yet they tell us to base our beliefs on what we "feel".  Thus, they are able to scare people away from Christianity because it "feels restrictive and oppressive".

  33. Saying "homosexuality is bad" is considered bigoted.  Saying "Christianity is bad" is considered enlightened.
    Public schools encourage independence, that's why only secular and naturalistic opinions and conclusions are tolerated and encouraged.

  34. Humanism has killed millions and stalled progress.  Christianity has done just the opposite.  Yet schools are secular because itís more "tolerant", and "inclusive".

  35. Teachers prefer to hold "discussions" and share "opinions", instead of doing their job, and actually teaching.

  36. Secular humanists enjoy taking credit for the good things that Christianity has done for humanity.

  37. Secular humanists claim not to be superstitious, yet they revere the pagan "Mother Earth".

  38. Hippies are a protected minority.

  39. Teachers will always side with the class feminist.

  40. Profanity and pornography, though offensive, are part of art, and people who find them offensive should just learn to take it and stop being such "prudes". 

  41. Expressions of Christianity, however, are offensive to non-believers and need to be censored.

  42. The (overrated) book, To Kill a Mockingbird, has been officially deified by the public school system.

  43. Teachers enjoy teaching their ignorance of, and misunderstandings about the Bible and presenting as absolute facts and absolute conclusions.

  44. Most teachers have made up their minds, and don't need to be bothered by pesky things like "facts", so never correct their mistakes and/or misunderstandings.

  45. Anyone who does not subscribe to the secular humanist worldview is to be described as "ignorant".

  46. All conclusions must fit the secular humanist worldview, or else they are "superstitious".

  47. Christianity just wants to repress people from enjoying life (not true joy, but carnal desires).

  48. We should be more like the "enlightened" Europeans.

  49. Jesus was a radical, liberal, lawbreaker.  Not a righteous lawgiver.

  50. Human life is meaningless, animal-like, without purpose, and only occurred through random chance.

  51. The only authorities we should never question are governmental and educational authorities.

  52. Whenever a Christian commits a crime, it has everything to do with Christianity.  When a humanist commits a crime, it has nothing to do with humanism.

  53. Humanists will site singular events where Christians have committed a crime, and no matter how unbiblical it is, it is proof that biblical Christianity is evil.

  54. The overall positive effects of Christianity and negative effective effects of Humanism on society are ignored or distorted.

  55. Secular humanists are not equal opportunity naturalists.  While they are open to spirituality in superstitious and occult phenomena, they always say that biblical miracles are "superstitions" that can be "explained by other factors" (these other factors are never named).

  56. Classrooms are open to any religion BUT biblical Christianity.

  57. The earth is "overpopulated", and humanity needs to be controlled, like an animal, by the government.

  58. Human needs are secondary to environmental concerns.

  59. The family is outdated and was used to oppress women.

  60. Biblical Christianity is equated with man-made superstitions.

  61. Anyone who does not believe in the theory of evolution is "ignorant".

  62. Biblical Christianity, though the cause of modern science and the bitter rival of slavery and segregation, is often portrayed as the antagonist to science and progress.

  63. The Bible is full of myths and superstitions.

  64. The Bible is too ambiguous to be trusted.

  65. The Bible is no standard to be used in our lives.

Finally, the most important thing I ever learned in public school:
   66.  When I have children, I'm home schooling them.