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The Drumbeat [of Cultural Marxism]

By William Staneski  - September 20, 2008

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"It comes over the TV, the radio, at work, at school, in music, in the newspapers, from the politicians, in conversation with others, even in church. It wears you down....


"It is political, philosophical, theological, and social. It pervades every activity….


"It insists that there are no rights and wrongs, no moral absolutes. It turns everything upside down... It denies the correctness of all that produced what our culture revered before the deconstruction of the world in accordance with the tenets of cultural Marxism....


"The cultural Marxists convince us that the truth is that there is no truth.... Fed a constant diet of sex, drugs, poisonous pop culture, materialistic trinkets, and unkeepable promises of security… the masses are diverted....


"As each school textbook is rewritten... our children are lost to the forces of the drumbeat as they learn to view America and traditional Western culture as oppressive and imperialistic. And it doesn't take long for there to be only a shell left, the substance of our culture sucked out and destroyed....


"…ignored in all this is human nature


"...these perversions are manifested in…more regulations, more taxes…government controlled redistribution of wealth…less individualism and less freedom."


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