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Catchword For Bush Ideology: 'Communitarianism' Finds Favor

by Dana Milbank, The Washington Post,

See also Part 1: A Third Way to a Good Society by Professor Amitai Etzioni:

The good society is a partnership of three sectors: government, private sector, and community. Each one reflects and serves a distinct facet of our community. ... While these partners may differ in terms of their respective roles, and these may change with social condition, in a good society the three sectors seek to cooperate with one another." [page 24]

"This is the ultimate Third Way," said Don Eberly, an adviser in the Bush White House, using a favorite phrase of President Bill Clinton...  'This is a new way to rethink social policy: a major reigniting of interest in the social sector."

"We need to connect with one another. We've got to move a little more in the direction of community in the balance between community and the individual," said Robert D. Putnam of Harvard University, a leading communitarian thinker....

"Bush's inaugural address, said...  Amitai Etzioni, a communitarian thinker, 'was a communitarian text,' full of words like 'civility,' 'responsibility' and 'community.' That's no accident: Bush's advisers consulted on the speech with Putnam. ...  Bush has recruited some of the leading thinkers of the 'civil society,' or 'communitarian,' movements to his White House: ...University of Pennsylvania professor John DiIulio, fatherhood advocate Eberly, speechwriters Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner....

"...Bush adviser Marvin Olasky... said. 'He is a civil society guy.'"

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