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As indicated before, the one-world government will be Socialist, having been brought about by a Hegelian synthesis of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism, linking regional economic arrangements such as NAFTA, the European Union and others.


We are supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. However, we are not actually in control of our lives, but rather a power elite constitutes an invisible government which really controls us and will plan the direction of our society. If you doubt this, on April 19, 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt revealed: "Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people."

Because we are to be a "planned society," a major part of the power elite's plan involves what to do about the sharp increase in the proportion of elderly in the U.S. This is one possible reason "death education" has been promoted over the past few decades in our schools. In 1975 author Erica Carle wrote of her concern that "the influence of the Education Commission of the States will force the teaching of DEATH EDUCATION in our schools. DEATH EDUCATION (Thanatology) was one of the main subjects covered at a convention of the newly-formed Wisconsin Secondary School Psychology Teachers which was held on October 30, 1975....The Euthanasia Education Council... Planned Parenthood, and many, many more are cooperating.


Your sons and daughters do not have to be happy, carefree, well balanced and mentally sound any longer. Their minds can be controlled, corrupted and emotionalized by being forced to dwell on suicide, euthanasia, abortion, mercy killing, cancer, leukemia, murder, grief, bereavement, old age, fear, funerals, and capital punishment. The attitudes of students on any related subject can be thoroughly probed and recorded in the computer records....

  • The following are questions from the questionnaire we received at the convention: ...

  • To what extent do you believe in life after death?

  • To what extent do you believe in reincarnation?

  • How often do you think about your own death?

  • If you could choose, when would you die? (Note: Will this choice be recorded and used as permission to cause death at a later date?)

  • For whom or what might you be willing to kill another person?

  • How often have you seriously contemplated committing suicide?"

About a week later, the MILWAUKEE COUNTY NEWS (November 6, 1975) reported that one student slipped into a coma and died after death education in her junior high class. Doctors were unable to help her condition ! They were baffled by her complete lack of will to live or even to attempt to live.

One reason for all of this focus being placed upon death has been to condition the populace to accept euthanasia. In Robert Hugh Benson's LORD OF THE WORLD, which was written in 1907, he said that by the late 1990s there would be Ministers of Euthanasia (like Dr. Jack Kevorkian). Benson also said the Communist movement would come to the fore in 1917 (the exact year of the Russian Revolution), and that the final scheme of Western Free Trade would occur in 1989.

Benson's father, Edward White Benson, founded the Cambridge Ghost Society in 1851 (with members such as B. F. Westcott and Fenton John Antony Hort) before becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Ghost Society was the forerunner of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), co-founded in 1882 by Henry Sidgwick, who tutored Bertrand Russell and whose sister Mary married Edward White Benson. And Henry Sidgwick married Eleanor Balfour, sister of Arthur Balfour who became president of the SPR, as did William James, the father of American psychology (Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung would become Corresponding Members of the SPR --- see letter here from Jung to H.G. Wells about the latter's book THE OPEN CONSPIRACY).


Arthur Balfour's brother Gerald (also a president of the SPR) was Emily Lytton Lutyens' brother-in-law, and she was the granddaughter of occultist and alchemist Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton and a disciple of theosophist Annie Besant (who wore a swastika pendant and co-edited LUCIFER magazine with Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society). Lutyens was also foster-mother of Jiddu Krishnamurti, who was promoted by Annie Besant as Lord Maitreya (supposedly "the Christ" of the New Age).

According to Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown University, Prof. Carroll Quigley in THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT, the SPR was "one of the enduring creations of the Cecil Bloc," which was headed by British Prime Minister Sir Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Lord Salisbury) and which included many of the power elite from which Cecil Rhodes formed his secret "Society of the Elect" to "take the government of the whole world," in Rhodes' own words.


Rhodes' mentor, John Ruskin, was a member of the SPR and has a swastika on his gravestone. Members of the American SPR included author Mark Twain, attorney Clarence Darrow, the "father of progressive education" John Dewey, and environmentalist Gifford Pinchot (Skull & Bones member) who was a vice-president of the First International Congress of Eugenics in 1912 along with Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, and Harvard University president (1869-1909) Charles Eliot.


Former British Prime Minister William Gladstone was a member of the SPR, and Arthur Balfour in 1902 became British Prime Minister after Lord Salisbury, who was the brother of Arthur and Gerald Balfour's mother. Could it be that Robert Hugh Benson's amazingly accurate forecasts in LORD OF THE WORLD in 1907 were actually a result of his hearing the plans of these powerful people when he was a boy?

How will the planned global society come about in the future? It might happen something like this. In the past, U.S. policy has been to support Third World dictators with whom we made deals. If there was a democratically elected government that did not obey the will of certain American transnational corporations, it was toppled (e.g., Iran in the early 1950s when they nationalized their oil and the CIA had them overthrown).


Now, however, the policy is to put in place democratically elected rulers beholden to the U.S. (e.g., Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan) and who will make deals (Karzai was a UNOCAL consultant and pipeline deals have been made). A number of American transnational corporations (e.g., Bechtel, Halliburton, etc.) are happy with this arrangement, but there is a realization that democratically elected governments eventually tend to become nationalistic. The power elite intends to control that by economically entangling the foreign governments in the World Trade Organization and by getting them in debt, so that it will be economic suicide for them not to submit "voluntarily" to the power elite's will.

The people of America and the world will be told that what is occurring is a positive movement toward global integration. Regarding the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York City on September 22-24, 2005, former President Clinton wrote a letter concerning "the challenges of global interdependence" and said: "I am excited about this opportunity to work with you in an effort to move the world from an unstable interdependence toward an integrated global economy of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities and shared values in the years to come."


The power elite will use networks of like-minded globalists to further its aims. These include Bill Clinton and his network of Rhodes Scholars, as well as the Bush family and its Skull & Bones network along with members of other Yale University secret societies.


Do you really think President Bush's recent appointments of Yale's Psi Upsilon (founded as a secret society in the 1830s) members John Negroponte to head the Department of Homeland Security and Porter Goss to head the CIA were coincidences? Another Psi Upsilon member (and in the same year's membership photo as Negroponte and Goss) is President Bush's uncle William H. T. Bush, who has made a lot of money from the Iraq war.

The press/media will also be used by the power elite in selecting what information the public receives and doesn't receive. Remember that in the late 1940s, the CIA under Operation Mockingbird began infiltrating the press.

Food will even be a weapon used by the power elite to control the population of the world. In fact, it has already been used as a weapon. On December 10, 1974 the National Security Council's NSSM 200, "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests," is marked "classified" and "confidential." It was proposed by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and was given final approval by National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft.


The document stated that "if future numbers are to be kept within reasonable bounds, it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective in the 1970s and 1980s....(Financial) assistance will be given to other countries, considering such factors as population growth....Food and agricultural assistance is vital for any population sensitive development strategy....Allocation of scarce resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control....There is an alternative view that mandatory programs may be needed...."

Although the power elite will resort to mandatory measures if necessary, they prefer creating situations in which the public believes it is voluntarily accepting something. For example, concerning mental health screening, insurance companies may say your insurance premiums will increase if you are not screened. Therefore, people "voluntarily" will submit to mental health screenings to prevent an increase in payments. In addition, there are current discussions about future means-testing for Social Security, and whether one has had a mental health screening could also be added as a criteria for level of Social Security payments to individuals.

The only thing that might threaten the power elite's plan will be religious (e.g., Christian, Islamic, Jewish, etc.) fundamentalists, who are already being branded as "extremists" who are "intolerant" of others. This is designed to discredit and marginalize them. And if necessary, they will be branded as "mentally ill."


 In THE CASE AGAINST RELIGION: A PSYCHOTHERAPIST'S VIEW (1968), sexologist Albert Ellis (1971 Humanist of the Year) proclaimed that

"Religion is...directly opposed to the goals of mental health....It encourages a fanatic, obsessive-compulsive kind of commitment that is, in its own right, a form of mental illness....This close connection between mental illness and religion is inevitable and invariant....In the final analysis, then, religion is neurosis."

 There has been support in the media for this attitude as well. Recently, Bill Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher," said on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country" that "Religion stops people from thinking. I think it justifies crazies....I think religion is a neurological disorder." You may say this was just the ranting of one man, but the point is that he wasn't fired for saying this! Don Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association, explained: "Had Maher said such things about homosexuals, he would have been immediately fired. But because he was speaking of Christians, his bigotry was acceptable to HBO, owned by Time-Warner, Inc." (www.afa.net/hbobillmaher.asp)

Social control also will be exercised via education. In the late 1960s, the Wisconsin Social Studies Curriculum Committee produced KNOWLEDGE PROCESSES AND VALUES IN THE NEW SOCIAL STUDIES (Bulletin No. 185, 1968-70), in which one could read:

"A child generally comes to school with what R.J. Havighurst calls an authoritarian conscience acquired from his parents through a progression of punishments and rewards. He soon learns that he is not equipped to deal with all the new situations which confront him. Peers and teachers join and sometimes supplant parents in helping him to find solutions which are often in conflict with those offered by his parents. His task, then, is to change from this early authoritarian conscience to a rational one."

A couple of years later, Solveig Eggerz wrote "Psychiatry in the Classroom," which was published in the May 1972 edition of PRIVATE PRACTICE, THE JOURNAL OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC MEDICINE (published by the Congress of County Medical Societies). In this article, she related that Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Elliot Richardson told a National Education Association (NEA) convention:

 "It may very well be that the teachers are potentially our largest cadre of mental health personnel." She then informed the reader that Robert F. Peck and James V. Mitchell stated in an NEA booklet that "the school has a major stake in repairing damaged mental health and in enhancing good mental health."

And she explained that Peck and Mitchell advocated that the teacher practice extensive mental health measurement in the classroom. This all fit neatly with the NEA's forecast, as its publication TODAY'S EDUCATION in its January 1969 edition published Harold and June Shane's "Forecast for the '70s," a digest of many articles, in which one finds the following comments:

"Ten years hence it should be more accurate to term him (the teacher) a 'learning clinician.' This title is intended to convey the idea that schools are becoming 'clinics' whose purpose is to provide individualized psychosocial 'treatment' for the student, thus increasing his value both to himself and to society....(Children would) become the objects of (biochemical) experimentation."

In the late 1960s, the NEA also had promoted "sensitivity training," which was characterized in its 1962 publication ISSUES IN (HUMAN RELATIONS) TRAINING as fitting into "a context of institutional influence procedures which includes coercive persuasion in the form of thought reform or brainwashing."


According to Solveig Eggerz in her article mentioned above, Paul Hummel, an associate professor at the University of Hawaii, said that the deeper forms of sensitivity training

"can have such traumatic effects as to cause complete mental breakdown in individuals. In many cases the loyalties of persons have changed completely. School children lose all respect for their parents, church and country. They gain a group dependency and are willing to follow the group direction whether it involves rioting, the use of drugs or any other type of extreme behavior."

Does this sound like what has been happening in American society over the past several decades? (Or

The NEA publication ISSUES IN (HUMAN RELATIONS) TRAINING mentioned above also includes information about "change-agent skills" and "unfreezing, changing and refreezing" attitudes. As I related in Part 4 of this series on mental health, education and social control, NEA president Catherine Barrett in the February 10, 1973 edition of SATURDAY REVIEW OF EDUCATION declared:

"Dramatic changes in the way we raise our children in the year 2000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling....We will need to recognize that the so-called 'basic skills,' which currently represent nearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one-quarter of the present school day....When this happens---and it's near---the teacher can rise to his true calling. More than a dispenser of information, the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher....We will be agents of change."

Thus, NEA "change agents" were determined to be conveyors of a new set of values to students. And how would they accomplish their goals?


After students' values were unfrozen via a values clarification process destroying the concept of moral absolutes, the students' values were then changed via sensitivity training to accept "common values" (those values we all have in common), which were then refrozen via reinforcement mechanisms like Pavlov's dogs.

In the future, those disagreeing with the need for "common values" will be labeled as in need of mental health services, because they will be identified as having "oppositional deficit disorder." According to the DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS (found in social service agencies, schools, etc.) code 313.81 DSM IV, "oppositional deficit disorder" includes arguing with adults (e.g., teachers), acting angry, refusing to obey (e.g., teachers), annoying other people, or blaming others for misbehavior.

Thus, you can see how easy it is to identify someone as having a mental disorder and in need of mental health services. [What Christian's need today is freedom to avoid the mental manipulations of today's educational hierarchy]

And the changing of values is not just limited to students, as the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science (which was the NEA division that produced ISSUES IN HUMAN RELATIONS TRAINING) on September 19-22, 2004 co-sponsored the Second International Conference on Appreciative Inquiry (for "bold innovators who want to harness the power of positive change in their organizations"), including a Roundtable session on "Creating a Collaborative Community-Based Solution for Mental Health."


NTL describes itself as "the premier source for transformational change," and their program registration form requests participants to sign a statement that "I understand that my participation in this NTL program may involve considerable stress." In fact, they have stated: "Persons who are experiencing personal, emotional crises should forego attendance at NTL programs."


President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFCMH) had appointed subcommittees, one of which on February 5, 2003 issued a report titled, "Promoting, Preserving and Restoring Children's Mental Health." Concerning the broadening of the definition of "mental health," the report stated:

"Federal and state governments should promote a broader concept of 'mental health' services for children and adolescents with emotional disorders and their families."

To give a sense of urgency, the report said: "Mental health problems among children and adolescents constitute a public health crisis for our nation....The extent, severity, and far-reaching consequences of mental health problems in children and adolescents make it imperative that our nation adopt a comprehensive, systematic, public health approach to improving the mental health status of children."

The subcommittee report recommended screening of children from birth to five years old for social and emotional development. And to be sure lots of taxpayers' dollars are available, it recommended a plan for Medicaid to pay for services. This is especially important for the drug companies, as antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs can be very expensive. In a press release on July 22, 2003 the NFCMH recommended redesigning mental health systems in all states, and said:

 "Achieving this goal will require...a greater focus on mental health care in institutions such as schools, child welfare programs, and the criminal and juvenile justice systems. The goal is integrated care that can screen, identify, and respond to problems early."

The rate of increase in prescribed drugs for children has also been alarming. According to Erica Goode's "Sharp Rise Found in Psychiatric Drugs for the Very Young" (THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 23, 2000), a recent study found that

"the use of stimulants---most commonly methylphenidate, the generic form of Ritalin---increased twofold to threefold for children ages 2 through 4 from 1991 to 1995....

     "Dr. Joseph Coyle, chairman of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, commented, the normal behavior of many 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds looks a lot like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 'These interventions are occurring at a critical time in brain development,' said Dr. Coyle, 'and we don't know what the consequences are.'"

The number of children on antidepressants increased by over 500% from 1999 to 2003. There were over 7 million prescriptions written for Eli Lilly's Zyprexa in 2002, and THE NEW YORK TIMES reported that 70% of Zyprexa purchased in the U.S. in 2003 were paid for by Medicaid and other federal programs. You may recall that after George H.W. Bush left the CIA in 1977, he joined Eli Lilly's board of directors.

For ONLINE JOURNAL, Evelyn Pringle wrote "Drug makers to profit from Bush scheme to label kids mentally ill" (March 15, 2005), for which she interviewed Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), about "this latest profiteering scheme." Dr. Orient commented:

"Teams of experts are awaiting an infusion of cash. They'll be ensconced in your child's school before you even know it. A bonus is that your little darlings will probably give them quite a lot of information about you also, and then you can receive therapy you didn't know you needed."

Dr. Orient further explained that children will be asked if their parents "ever spank them? Have politically incorrect attitudes? Use forbidden words? Own a gun? Smoke cigarettes, especially indoors? Read extremist literature? Refuse to recycle? Prepare for a knock at the door."

Pringle added that "According to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Student Health Center, privacy rights are essentially being ignored. The center is telling patients that if government agencies want to see their medical records, they get to review them without a patient's knowledge or consent. 'By law we cannot reveal when we have disclosed such information to the government,' the center advised."

In a more recent article, "Bush Puppets Push For New Law To Protect Drug Companies" (INDEPENDENT MEDIA TV, April 18, 2005), Pringle described the dangers associated with the antidepressants so many students are taking. She noted that one of the Columbine killers, Eric Harris, had been taking Luvox, which lists adverse reactions as: "FREQUENT: amnesia, apathy, hyperkinesis, hypokinesis, manic reaction, myoclonus, psychotic reaction."


She also noted that Jeff Weise, who recently killed 9 persons and himself in Red Lake, MN, was taking Prozac. Moreover, Pringle wrote that "in addition to SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressants being dangerous, these expensive drugs are a rip-off because studies have shown they do not even work on children. The August 10, 2004 WASHINGTON POST reported,

"Two-thirds of the trials conducted by drug manufacturers found that the medications performed no better than sugar pills, but details of the negative trials were kept from doctors and parents.'"

The alternative to drugs, psychotherapy, is no better either. The best-known early research on this was by Hans J. Eysenck, who in "Psychotherapy, Behavior Therapy, and the Outcome Problem," British Medical Association (BMA) Audio Cassette/T-308 (New York: Guilford Publications, 1979), found that after examining 8000 cases, "roughly two-thirds of a group of neurotic patients will recover or improve to a marked extent within about 2 years of the onset of their illness, whether they are treated by means of psychotherapy or not."


Moreover, in PSYCHOTHERAPY RESEARCH: METHODOLOGICAL AND EFFICACY ISSUES (1982) by the American Psychiatric Association Commission on Psychotherapies, one reads that "unequivocal conclusions about causal connections between treatment and outcome may never be possible in psychotheraphy research."

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As Prof. Robert A. Pastor wrote in the January-February 2004 edition of the Council on Foreign Relations' FOREIGN AFFAIRS, "NAFTA was merely the first draft of an economic constitution for North America."


The one-world government will also be feudalistic in nature, as Arthur S. Miller in DEMOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP: THE EMERGENT CONSTITUTION OF CONTROL (1981) described a "new feudal order" controlled by elitists. Miller also assessed that "dictatorship will come---is coming---but with the acquiescence of the people, who subconsciously probably want it. The Grand Inquisitor likely was correct: People want material plenty and mysticism, not perfect freedom. Freedom is an intolerable burden....The ideologist for the development is B.F. Skinner. The goal is 'predictable' man---a person who conceives of freedom in Hegelian terms. Americans are moving into a Skinnerian world, one in which they 'will no longer know, or care, whether they are volunteers or conscripts. The distinctions will have vanished' (Peter Schrag, MIND CONTROL, 1978)."

Miller followed this work with SECRET CONSTITUTION AND THE NEED FOR CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE (1987), expressing thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation for their help. In this book, Miller declared that "a pervasive system of thought control exists in the United States....


The citizenry is indoctrinated by employment of the mass media and the system of public education,...people are told what to think about....The old order is crumbling....Nationalism should be seen as a dangerous social disease....A new vision is required to plan and manage the future, a global vision that will transcend national boundaries and eliminate the poison of nationalistic 'solutions.'


A new constitution is necessary....Americans really have no choice, for constitutional alteration will come whether or not it is liked or planned for....Ours is the age of the planned society....No other way is possible."


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