The European Union Ends National Sovereignty

Sad observation by Mona McNee, a wise British researcher



From Mona McNee, Liverpool


 "Come to visit Britain and you will see the state of affairs much further advanced than it is so far with America. We could not vaccinate our sheep during foot-and-mouth without permission from Brussels. Millions of sheep were killed - horrific. The disposal of old fridges is now "controlled" and poses enormous problems (we used to re-cycle them for Third World use). The Brussels dictators are into every nook and cranny of our lives, and we are paying more than 1 million an hour for this bondage. Yes, it is frightening and I am frightened.
        "Britain is being abolished, and Wm Hague wants to help Yugoslavians set up small businesses, Tony Blair globe-trots to escape home problems, Iain Duncan-Smith wants to help the ethnics - but nobody wants to help us the host British. The word "Opposition" in parliament is now a joke. Our nation is being diluted to death by immigration; power taken over steadily since 1972 Treaty of Rome, by Brussels, and people unable to fight because literacy is so poor, they depend on the TV for their news and info, and TV is a major lever in the brainwashing. We are at our last gasp.
         "If you are old enough you may remember a wartime song, "There'll always be an England? Well, perhaps that was double-speak, even then."  Mona McNee, Liverpool.


          God tells us to expect a cruel and totalitarian world government at the end of this age. It will control and monitor all economic exchanges as well as religion. The stage is being set. Rev 13