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Who wrote

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"?

- a forged and fraudulent document used by totalitarian leaders to stir hatred toward Soviet Jews.

Don't miss the relevance of these documents to our times!

Psalm 2

"Why do the nations rage, and the people plot [conspire] a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together,

Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,

"Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us."

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh....

Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure....

Now therefore, be wise, O kings; be instructed, you judges of the earth.

Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling....

Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him."

Background information and exposure of the fraud

Will Eisner: The PLOT at http://www.deniskitchen.com/docs/bios/bio_will_eisner.html

"The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion unravels one of the most pernicious hoaxes of the twentieth century. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious piece of anti-Semitic propoganda created and disseminated by Russia's secret police 100 years ago, purported to be a blueprint written by Jewish leaders for taking over the world. Although the Times of London revealed in 1921 that The Protocols was a hoax, millions continue to believe its fictitious plot is true. Now, a new generation, fueled by anti-Semitism and the many Internet sites that spread hateful messages, has adapted the text to suit its purposes. ...

"THE PLOT exposes the twisted history of the Protocols document, from 19th- century Russians to modern-day Klan members to Islamic fundamentalists. By setting the record straight, Eisner hoped he could raise public consciousness of anti-Semitism throughout the world and draw attention to the nefarious ways in which governments use propaganda to influence public opinion. Arrangements have already been made for THE PLOT to be published in eight countries, and Eisner himself was making arrangements for an Arabic translation.

WILL EISNER'S THE PLOT at http://www.newsarama.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9580

"'I was surfing the Web one day when I came across this site promoting The Protocols to readers in the Mideast,' said Mr. Eisner, 86. 'I was amazed that there were people who still believed The Protocols were real, and I was disturbed to learn later that this site was just one of many that promoted these lies in the Muslim world. I decided something had to be done."

The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion A work more disturbing than fiction from "the father of graphic novels"

"The Plot examines the outrageous fabrication of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which purports to be the actual blueprint by Jewish leaders to take over the world. Hatched as an anti-Semitic plot by the tsar's secret police to deflect widespread criticism of the government, the Protocols, first published in 1905, succeeded beyond the propagandistic ambitions of its originators; the lie became an internationally accepted truth. ...

Presenting a pageant of historical figures including Tsar Nicholas II, Henry Ford, and Adolf Hitler, Eisner exposes the twisted history of the Protocols from nineteenth-century Russia to modern-day Klan members to Islamic fundamentalists. The Plot unravels one of the most devastating hoaxes of the twentieth century."

Eisner's 'The Plot' speaks to history by Carlo Wolff, (May 1, 2005)

p>"The spawning of the libel never stops, so Eisner can only try to beat it back. The Protocols, as Eisner underlines in separate chapters, is impossible to kill. It was born as propaganda created and spread by the Okhrana, Russia's secret police, to blunt criticism of the czarist government in the early 1900s. It is a conflation of sources, beginning with the 16th century Italian political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli and including imaginary dialogues between Machiavelli and the 18th century French political thinker Montesquieu written by Maurice Joly, a 19th century French provocateur eager to take down the government of Napoleon III. "Mathieu Golovinski a corrupt White Russian aristocrat and master fabricator considered The Protocols' "author," and Sergius Nilus, a power-mad mystic who had the ear of Czar Nicholas II, gave shape to the forgery. It was goaded by Zionism and socialism, threats to monarchies in Europe and elsewhere.

"The Protocols have been debunked regularly, starting in 1921 when the Times of London revealed this "blueprint" of a plot for Jewish world domination as a hoax; in 1999, the Washington Times and the French weekly L'Express revealed Golovinski's part in The Protocols. Still, the forgery continues to wield a power Eisner spent decades probing and defying. .... Eisner connects propaganda of old and news distortion of today: a librarian he queries calls the Protocols 'a weapon of mass deception."

Excerpts from the Protocols


"What has restrained the beasts of prey who are called men? ... In ancient societies they were kept in line by brutal and blind force; after that, it was law. Law is the very same force, only disguised. "...There was a time when faith ruled, but in our day, the power which has replaced the liberal rulers is the power of money. ...

"The citizens of nations are stupefied with alcohol and drugs; their youth have grown stupid on classic literature and novels, and from immorality learned at early ages. That immorality was taught to them by our special agents - teachers, mindless servants, governesses in the houses of the wealthy, by ecclesiastics and others; also by our women in the places of dissipation commonly used by the citizenry....

"The signature of our power is - force and make-believe. Only force conquers in political affairs, especially if it is concealed under the cloak of statesmanship. When governments do not want to lay down their crowns at the feet of the new power, we must respond with violence, cunning and make-believe. These evils are the only means by which to attain the end, the good. Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they will help towards attaining our goals. In politics it is necessary to know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if that will win for us submission and sovereignty. ...

"Far back in ancient times we were the first to proclaim to the masses of the people the words 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity'. Those words have been repeated many times since by stupid human parrots everywhere, who greedily take the bait. When they did that, they also eliminated the well-being of the world - that is, the true freedom of the individual which had, until then, been protected from the mindless mob. The would-be wise men of the nations, the so-called intellectuals, could not make anything out of those words in their abstractness. They did not note the contradiction of their meaning and how they related to each other. They did not see that in nature, there is no equality, and there cannot be freedom."...

"In all corners of the earth the words 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,' brought into our ranks whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm - all thanks to our blind agents. ... "...That abstract illusion called freedom that we have used to infect the minds of the mob in all countries, we have used to convince them that they are the ones that choose their government. It has also enabled us to make the mindless mob think that they are the true owners of their country, and that their government is only their elected servant and can be replaced like a worn-out glove whenever they desire.

"It is precisely the idea that they think they can replace their representatives when they don't like what they are doing that has put them under our control. This has given into our hands the power to set up and replace so-called elected representatives, by our appointment. ...

"We shall choose those to run the governments from among the public. The main qualification for these positions will be their willingness for unquestioning, servile obedience. They will not be persons trained in the art of government and will, therefore, easily become pawns in the hands of the men of learning and genius who will be their advisers. Those advisers will be specialists, bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world. As you well know, these specialists of ours, in order to make them fit to rule, have been receiving all the information they need from our political plans. In addition, they learn from history and from closely observing current events.

PROTOCOL NO. 13: "In order to distract people who may be too troublesome from discussions of questions of the political we are now putting forward what we allege to be new questions of the political, namely, questions of industry. In this sphere let them discuss themselves silly! ....

"In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions.... Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we, because we alone shall be offering them new directions for thought."

Compare these strategies for control with Rockefeller and the Global Media Censors and Brave New World

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