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From Regional Mergers to Global Control

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Joint security perimeter for North America by 2010: "The leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States will discuss a plan to beef up continental security and speed up movement across their borders when they meet next week. A report calls for the creation of a common economic and security community by the end of the decade."

Beware the Secret Heart of the EU [by Ashley Mote, an independent member of the European Parliament]: "Even the EU's public face - the unelected commission - is part of the charade. Power does not lie with them. It lies with the senior staff running their departments, entrenched by some 3000 working groups and committees on which no elected MEP sits.... We do not know what their budgets are, how they are financed, or who approves their costs. Indeed, we do not even know what powers they have been given, nor by whom. And we cannot get rid of them....

    "The EU would no longer be the servant of the member states. It would have become their master. Every previous treaty was a small step along that road.... The other 24 commissioners, each appointed by the other member states... are figure-heads. They take the flak in the public arena, and make announcements decided for them by their senior staff, with the guidance of the secret committees.

    "...officially above the commission sits a Council of Ministers.... But the council is just more of the same elaborate illusion of accountable government. ... The European Parliament sits below this vast superstructure... designed to create an illusion of accountable democracy. A condescending pat on the head for voters held in contempt.

     "...the EU’s parliament has a built-in majority in favour of the social market. It is the repository of an unspoken agreement between the left and the multinationals. ... In effect, the left has said to the multinationals: you can have your markets stitched up for you, if we can indulge ourselves in endless social engineering. Big business has agreed. The result is a largely supportive parliament both from the left and right of the political divide."

      The "Americas" is moving in the same direction!  See The Revolutionary Roots of the UN


President Meets with President Fox and Prime Minister Martin (March 2005): PRESIDENT BUSH: "...we had a good discussion about prosperity and security.... It's important for us to work to make sure our countries are safe and secure, in order that our people can live in peace, as well as our economies can grow. We've got a lot of trade with each other and we intend to keep it that way. We've got a lot of crossings of the border, I intend to make our borders more secure and facilitate legal traffic.... We'll be spending time talking about the neighborhood, the countries in our region, and how best we can work together to make sure that democracy is firmly a part of the future of this neighborhood of ours."

PRESIDENT FOX: "... In the last decade, trade between our countries, the flows of investment of the creation of jobs have held a good pace. And these efforts have been successful thanks to NAFTA, this bilateral cooperation, this trilateral cooperation has now become strengthened and it has expanded.... This Partnership for Security, this Partnership for Prosperity, for the quality of life can have no other objective, beyond improving the quality of life, itself, and the development of our peoples and of our societies.
     "...all of us feel proud to present this joint statement to you. It reflects a shared vision for North America that will be a framework for cooperation, for
partnership between our governments and nations."

PRIME MINISTER MARTIN: "It's a real pleasure to be here in Texas and to stand with President Bush and President Fox as representatives of a strong North America. We represent three sovereign nations that have formed one of the most successful partnerships in the world.... In a world in constant change, we need a renewed partnership, more strong, dynamic. And we must have a road map that will bring us there. The road map is the North American Partnership for Security and Prosperity, which we are starting today. ... The partnership that we are starting today acknowledges the fact that in a modern world the objective of prosperity, security and a better quality of life have never been as inter-dependent.... In terms of security, we understand that protecting our borders is a crucial checkpoint on the road to our collective prosperity."

PRESIDENT BUSH: "I am pleased that there are democracies in our hemisphere. As a matter of fact, every country is a democracy except one, Cuba. And that's incredible progress. And I look forward to working with whomever the people of Mexico choose. The choices as to who will lead Mexico, or any other country, is not the choice of the United States President, the United States government, or the United States people. It is the choice of the Mexican people....
      "...The future of our three countries will best be served by establishing trade relations with the rest of the hemisphere. It's kind of the most
logical extension of a vision that recognizes that common trading areas are going to be needed in order to maintain lifestyle, particularly as the Far East begins to emerge as strong competitors for capital and goods and services and markets. ....
     "...we have entered into an agreement with the Central American nations, called
CAFTA. I think -- I know it's an important part of the prosperity agenda throughout the hemisphere, and I asked Congress to make sure that they approve CAFTA this year."

Question: (As translated.) "Mr. Presidents and Mr. Prime Minister, I wanted to ask you what concrete actions do your governments want to lay out in order to make this partnership a reality as far as energy markets, which is a very critical issue for all of our countries -- energy markets? I also want to ask you in this security and prosperity partnership, when will you include the migratory, or immigration policy in this partnership? And, President Bush, I wanted to ask you about your opinion about those people who are hunting migrant people along the border."

PRESIDENT BUSH: "I'm against vigilantes in the United States of America. I'm for enforcing law in a rational way. That's why you got a Border Patrol, and they ought to be in charge of enforcing the border."


House narrowly approves CAFTA: "The agreement... will eliminate trade barriers between the United States and five Central American countries -- Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica -- along with the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean."

      This regional plan (like the European Union) is actually a major step toward a global management system that would standardize human resource development and abolish national sovereignty. See Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce and the next link:

Preamble to CAFTA: Notice that it includes this statement: "...promote sustainable development..." See Global Standards, Agenda 21 and The Merging of the Americas in a New Global Order

Joint security perimeter for North America by 2010: "The leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States will discuss a plan to beef up continental security and speed up movement across their borders when they meet next week.

    "A report calls for the creation of a common economic and security community by the end of the decade. The document's proposals would try to create a secure perimeter around the continent, while making it easier for people and goods to move across the shared borders....

    "The report was jointly sponsored by the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations. Among its chief recommendations: Unified visa and refugee regulations. Joint inspection of container traffic at ports. An integrated terror watch list. Biometric border passes to allow freer movement at borders.... A strategy to stimulate Mexican economic development."


Immigration/US Borders: "Mexico will pursue legal action against plans by a U.S. citizens' group to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border in search of illegal immigrants, the country's foreign minister said on Monday. Luis Ernesto Derbez said he asked lawyers in Los Angeles to draw up a legal strategy to fight the Arizona-based initiative called 'the MinuteMan Project' that has signed up hundreds of volunteers for border patrols." See Re-zoning the World: The Merging of the Americas in a New Global Order


Mexico Demands U.S. Allow More Immigration: "Diplomats from Mexico and Central America on Monday demanded guest worker programs and the legalization of undocumented migrants in the United States, while criticizing a U.S. proposal for tougher border enforcement. Meeting in Mexico's capital, the regional officials... indirectly condemned a U.S. bill that would make illegal entry a felony and extend border walls.... Mexicans working in the United States are a huge source of revenue for Mexico, sending home more than $16 billion in remittances in 2004." See The Merging of the Americas in a New Global Order


Mega Cartels Headhunting US Sovereignty: "What is the FTAA? Answer: You’re not supposed to know..... The FTAA moniker for this legislation itself is a deception: Free Trade Area of the Americas....

     "Negotiations on this agreement were initiated... during the Clinton Administration. They are now being vigorously pursued towards completion under the Bush Administration....

     "...like its European prototype the FTAA has been carefully constructed as a framework not just as an economic union but also as a political union such as the European Union is in the final stage of becoming. Or, as the Wall Street Journal put it in a recent article: 'For the U.S., a collapse (in FTAA talks) would be a big defeat in Washington’s efforts... to weave together the hemisphere politically.'

      "Shall we weave then our political structure into harmony with the likes of Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela? These are socialist governments at best. In the end the FTAA is not about trade as much as it is about political disintegration of an old order and integration into some new, political body – a non-elected, supra-national political entity that in its first phase calls for our US Congress to turn over its authority (and our nation’s sovereignty) in matters of trade, labor and environmental law. ...

     "It does seem incredible that in this era of bashing the United Nations, particularly from GOP quarters, the Bush Administration is pushing headlong into a political arrangement that is rife with transfers of US Congressional power to UN bodies and initiatives. ... Talk to your friends in Britain and Germany, who are waking up too late to the fact that the European Union really is a political merger that ends hundreds of years of their national independence."

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