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Pope John Paul II



"Globalization presents the demand for solidarity, particularly the construction of a more human world for all."

            John Paul ll May 14 2002, Global Forum in Rome.

"It is the duty of all believers, to whichever religion they belong, to proclaim that we can never be happy pitted one against the other, the future of humanity will never be able to be secured by terrorism and by the logic of war."

           John Paul ll Sunday remarks from studio window, Feb 23, 2003

"...make every effort of avoid new divisions in the world."

           John Paul ll to Prime Minister Tony Blair at meeting at Vatican Feb 21, 2003

"War must never be allowed to divide world religions...."

"...good inter-religious relations are important at this moment of heightened tension in the entire world community."

          John Paul ll to visiting Catholic bishops from Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, Mar 29 2003

"The Holy Father explained the Holy Spirit is mysteriously present in the heart of every person through the practice of what is good in their own religious traditions, and following the dictates of their consciences, members of other religions positively respond to God's invitation and receive salvation in Jesus Christ, even though they may not recognize Him as their Savior."

          Vatican Information Service reporting on what the Pope had to say on the 'Seeds of Truth in Non-Christian Religions', Sep, 1998 (ok it is not a quote but second hand reporting from the Vatican.)

"I also entrust myself once again to you (Mary) and with confident affection I repeat to you: Totus tuus ego sum!  I am all yours! "

         John Paul ll on occasion of World Youth Day 2003

An appeal "to all persons who profess a religion so that the spiritual and religious sense may be a source of unity and peace, which never confronts men among themselves."

         John Paul ll Vatican City, when receiving letters of credence of the new ambassadors to the Vatican of 12 countries, May 15, 2003

"International law has been for some time a law of war and peace. I believe it is called ever more to become exclusively a law of peace conceived as a function of justice and solidarity." (The basic principles behind this conviction, states the communique,) "are the same that inspire the Church's commitment in favor of peace"... "equality in dignity for every human person and every human community, the unity of the human family..."

     "...international law is called to be an instrument of justice .. .the law therefore has the duty of harmoniously regulating international realities... so that conflicts can be prevented without recourse to arms, but rather through mechanisms and structures able to assure justice, removing the causes of potential conflicts."

         John Paul ll in annual address to diplomatic corps accredited to Holy See Jan 13, 1997, quoted July 18, 2003 in theme announcement communique for World Day of Peace ("International Law, a Path for Peace") set for Jan 1, 2004.

"...all of the just on Earth, including those who ignore Christ and his Church are called upon to build the kingdom of God."

         John Paul ll at an audience Dec 8, 2000 Electronic Telegraph, story no longer online

" A serious threat to peace is posed by intolerance, which manifests itself in the denial of free conscience to others." John Paul ll

"May all of you--partners in interreligious dialog--be encouraged and sustained by the knowledge that your endeavors are supported by the Catholic Church and appreciated by her as significant for strengthening the bonds which unite all people..."

     "...in doing so (receiving monks of other religions) you offer a setting wherein a meeting of mind and heart can take place, a meeting characterized by a shared sense of brotherhood in the one human family that opens the way of even deeper spiritual dialog."

         John Paul ll in meeting between Zen monks and Benedictine monks..he said that they can learn from each other and about their respective meditative practices and spiritual experiences. Theosophical Digest, Dec 1989

(It is) "clear that the future lies in unity and solidarity..."

      (He called for ) "strengthening of the bond...between Christians and other great religions which flourish here."

      "May the resources of the church...set unity and love as their supreme goal."

         John Paul ll to Christians in Amman Jordan at a mass. This was part of his week long pilgrimage to the Holy Land to visit Christians, Muslims and Jews for meetings on peace and interfaith dialogue. July 29, 2003

"I come to you as a pilgrim of peace. My presence among you is a sign that the Catholic Church wants to enter a dialogue with the religions of the world."

      "...religion must not be a pretext for conflict...."

      "...the peoples of all faiths must shun the path of isolation and division."

         John Paul ll in New Dehli India at a mass in which he drew parallels between Djwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The mass was punctuated by English and Hindi hymns, traditional dances from across Asia and prayers (to who?) offered in several languages. the stadium service was adapted for Hindu culture, with priests ringing bells and showering petals in traditional temple rituals. He later met with Hindu, buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Jain, Parsee, Jewish and Baha'i leaders. Nov 7, 1999

" ...world...will, in fact, be transformed into a world in which the noblest aspirations of the human heart will triumph, a world in which true peace will prevail."

         John Paul ll quoted by sister Loretto Marie Colwell at Service of World Religions for Peace,at which representatives from 10 faith traditions took part, took placed at Christ the King Catholic Church in Topeka. Jan 27, 2002. The service was inspired by a similar gathering that took place Thursday in Assisi, Italy, in which Pope John Paul ll was joined by more than 200 religious leaders from around the world to pray for peace.

The Pope encouraged the bishops of Indonesia to "work together as brothers, committed to peace, with your own people and with those of other religious beliefs, all men and women of good will, in order to ensure understanding, cooperation and solidarity."

       "Authentic religion does not advocate terrorism or violence but seeks in every way the unity and peace of the whole human family."

          John Paul ll in address to bishops in Indonesia March 29, 2003.

"We wish to have Christians and Muslims come together to proclaim before the world that religion must never be a reason for conflict, hatred and violence."

      "...in this historic moment, humanity needs to see gestures of peace and to hear words of hope."

      "It is urgent that a common invocation be raised from earth to heaven, to implore the Almighty...the great gift of peace, the necessary condition for any serious endeavor at the service of humanity's real progress."

         (He entrusted the success of the initiative to the Blessed Virgin Mary.) John Paul ll , Nov 18, 2001, at meeting of world's religious leaders, announcing International prayer meeting to take place in Assisi on Jan 24. (a Day of Prayer for Peace)

"I have always believed that religious leaders have a vital role to play in nurturing that hope of justice and peace without which there will be no future worthy of humanity."

         Oct 28, 1999 conclusion of Interreligious Assembly: "On the Eve of the Third Millennium: Collaboration among the Diverse Religions"

"If it is imperative for the international community to foster good relations between people belonging to different ethnic and religious traditions, it is all the more urgent for believers (believers=all religions) themselves to foster relations...leading to the common concern for the well being of the whole human family."

      "...believers are obliged to build together a just and harmonious world."

      "Interreligious dialog will be especially important in establishing a sure basis for peace..."

      "...contact with the followers of other religions is often a source of great joy and encouragement. It leads us to discover how God is at work in the minds and hearts of people and indeed in their rites and customs."

      "May Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, intercede for you all ... and encourage others to follow the genuine path of dialogue."

          John Paul ll in address to Council for Interreligious Dialogue Nov 11, 2001

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