From the movie,

The Year of Living Dangerously

1982 (MGM)

Mel Gibson & Sigourney Weaver

If you want to understand Java, you have to understand the [sacred shadow play]. The puppet master is a priest… balancing the left with the right.  The shadows are souls, and the screen is heaven. You must watch their shadows, not the puppets.  The right in constant struggle with the left. The forces of light and darkness in endless balance.

In the West, we want answers for everything.  Everything is right or wrong, or good or bad. But in the [shadow play] no such final conclusion exists.

 Look at Prince Ajuna. He’s a hero. But he can also be fickle and selfish. Krishna says to him, “All is clouded by desire, Ajuna, as a fire by smoke, as a mirror by dust. Through these, it blinds the soul.