Encouraging Testimonies


     Kidnapped in Pakistan


       Fifteen year old Nadia lives in Pakistan where the  cost of following Jesus may include  imprisonment,  torture and death.

       But that didn't stop Nadia. Until last February, she loved to get up at five AM to pray and read her Bible before her work began. She would sing God's songs, even among her Muslim friends.

       Many months ago, she, like many other committed Christian girls, was kidnapped from her home -  forced into a car by three armed Muslim brothers. 

      Now, her heart-broken parents wonders where they have hidden her - and if she still sings her favorite songs. They have only been told that one of the abductor, Maqsood Ahmed, has legally married her and converted her to Islam.  

     Apparently, his family bribed the police. And it is no secret that the court system is just as corrupt. 

     Please pray that God...

From The Voice of the Martyrs

(September 2001)

True Stories for Children

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