Government religion in the United States

 by Erica Carle - June 21, 2003

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The separation of church and state argument for removing all traces of Biblical teaching from public life and public land is a gigantic fraud. Why? Because there is no separation of church and state. Government religion is a fact in the United States. What is wanted by the government religion adherents is not separation of church and state, but exclusive rights for their religion.

       What is the government religion? Auguste Comte (1798-1857), its French founder, called it the Religion of Humanity. The object of worship is humanity as a collective female entity. It is also called, Positive Religion. Certain well known Nineteenth Century writers, philosophers and clerics, who were impressed by Comte's philosophy and his intellect, promoted the adoption of his system in the United States.

The doctrines of the Positive Religion are now taught in the schools as a science which Comte called sociology. Sociology was to be the ruler science over all the other sciences and also the science of managing the world. Imagine! In a country that is supposed to be free,

  • its citizens are being subjected to sociological management,

  • its scientists and elected officials to sociological control, and

  • its youth to sociological education.

Most Christians have lacked understanding of the goals of the Religion of Humanity and have passively accepted sociology in public and private schools, in universities, and even in church-supported schools. Positive Religion and sociology are subsidized by foundations and federal grants. Lawmakers are intimidated by its doctrines, lawbreakers are encouraged, coddled, or ignored, and the United States Constitution is mocked and debased. Citizens are harassed and forced to abide by its compulsions and prohibitions. This is as Comte desired and expected. Comte and his followers stated clearly the goals of their religion and 'science' as can be seen by a review of some of their statements over the past century and one half.

CLAIM GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE WORLD - "In the name of the past and of the future, the servants of humanity -- both its philosophical and its practical servants come forward to claim as their due the general direction of this world. Their object is to constitute at length a real providence in all departments,--moral, intellectual, and material. Consequently they exclude once for all from political supremacy all the different servants of God -- Catholic, Protestant, or Deist -- as being at once behind and a cause of disturbance." Encyclopedia Britannica, Fourteenth Edition, Volume 6, P. 191.

NEW SPIRITUAL LIFE, NEW MATERIAL LIFE -- "We are now, in the vanguard of Humanity, the beginning of the end of this long education of Man; for we can clearly trace its general features, now that we have founded the new Science of Sociology, and as a deduction from Sociology, the Universal Religion. Five centuries of anarchy have passed even in the West, since the last phase of the preparatory eras closed with the Middle Age. We must see in this how urgent is the need of a new reorganisation; a new spiritual life first, and then a new material life." SPP, Vol. II., P. 344.

(NOTE: SPP will be used throughout as an abbreviation for August Comte's System of Positive Polity which was published in 4 volumes between 1851 and 1854)

SOCIAL EVOLUTION -- "It is indeed an ambitious conception, this idea of blueprinting the outlines of a truly worthful society for the future and then politicking social evolution deliberately and intelligently toward that goal. There are those who regard such an ambition as ludicrously impossible. Yet this is the supreme aspiration of social science." A Sociological Philosophy of Education, Ross L. Finney, PH.D., MacMillan, 1928, P. 118.

HEART MUST DOMINATE INTELLECT -- "Consequently it is the primary condition of social reorganization to put an end to the state of utter revolt which the Intellect maintains against the Heart. . . Positivism has at last overcome the immense difficulties of this task. . . every part of our nature is brought under the regenerating influence of the worship of Humanity. Thus a new spiritual power will arise. . . better calculated than Catholicism to engage the support of women which is so necessary to its efficient action on society." SPP, Vol. I, P. 285-287

ORGANIZATION OF FEELING -- "The practical work which sociology demands is, when reduced to its lowest terms, the organization of feeling." Dynamic Sociology or Applied Social Science, Lester F. Ward, (1883) Republished by Greenwood Press, New York, 1968. P. 68

INDIVIDUAL LIFE HAS NO EXISTENCE -- "The only real life is the collective life of the race; individual life has no existence except as an abstraction." SPP, Vol. 1, P. 292.

MAKE US ALL ALIKE -- "The purpose of this chapter is to emphasize the responsibility of education for making us all alike." A Sociological Philosophy of Education, Ross L. Finney, Ph.D.; MacMillan Company, 1929; P.416

MAN IS NOT FREE -- "The hypothesis that man is not free is essential to the application of scientific method to the study of human behavior." Science and Human Behavior, B. F. Skinner The Free Press, (Div. MacMillan Co) 1953, P. 447

BEHAVIOR CONTROL TECHNIQUES -- "If the behavior to be controlled lies in the field of institutional morality, the objective must be to remove it to the field of unthinking habit, or to the doubtful field. As long as the person to be controlled knows that what he is doing is right, there is little chance that he will change."
[P. 58] "Social control is usually such that its effectiveness is in direct ratio to the lack of awareness on the part of the controlled that they are being controlled." [P. 184] "Inherent in every form of social control is the inculcation of a concept in the mind of the individual." [P. 204] "Once the validity of a belief is accepted by the individual, he assumes an obligation for its enforcement in his own behavior. It is for this reason that the individual is in most instances quite unaware of the fact that he is being controlled by the group." [P. 212] Social Control, Joseph S. Roucek, Ph.D., F. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1947

CREATING PUBLIC OPINION -- "It is clearly in evidence that the science of creating and transmitting public opinion under the influence of collective emotion is about to become the principal science of civilization to the mastery of which all governments and all powerful interests will in the future address themselves with every resource at their command." The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 131.

USE COMBATIVENESS TO MOVE THE GENERAL MIND -- "Every capable editor understands that in all the leading questions of the day the most effective appeal to the multitude is the emotional appeal through the spirit of combativeness. An appeal to the pure instinct of the fight or to that class consciousness upon which combativeness is based, and which man shares with the animal world, is known to be the most direct and effective means of moving the general mind on public questions." The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1919. P. 180.

OVERCOMING RESISTANCE TO CHANGE -- "Without going into all the researchers' decisions based on these experiments, it can be fairly stated that they concluded that resistance to methods changes could be overcome by getting the people involved in the change to participate in making it." Harvard Business Review; "How To Deal With Resistance To Change" May/June; 1954.

FORCE AS BASIS OF GOVERNMENT -- "Social science would remain for ever in the cloud-land of metaphysics, if we hesitated to adopt the principle of Force as the basis of Government." SPP V2, 247.

POLITICAL RECONSTRUCTION -- "It is true that Positivism has just supplied us with a philosophical basis for political reconstruction. But its principles are still so new and underdeveloped, and besides are understood by so few, that they cannot exercise much influence at present on political life. Ultimately, and by slow degrees, they will mould the institutions of the future, but meanwhile they must work their way freely into men's minds and hearts, and for this at least one generation will be necessary. Spiritual organisation is the only point where an immediate beginning can be made; difficult as it is, its possibility is at last as certain as its urgency." SPP, Vol. I., P. 89

LEGISLATION ORIGINATES IN THE SOCIOLOGICAL LABORATORY -- "It must not be supposed that such legislation can be conducted to any considerable extent in the open sessions of legislative bodies. These will doubtless need to be maintained, and every new law should be finally adopted by a vote of such bodies, but more and more this will become merely a formal way of putting the final sanction of society on decisions that have been carefully worked out in what may be called the sociological laboratory." Applied Sociology, Lester F. Ward, Ginn & Co. 1906. P. 338.

A NEW DEAL -- "A new world is emerging in which the social structures will be of a different shape, the social resources of a different scope and calibre, than any thing that history records. It is a new deal--in fact a different game with different cards; and we who are now alive are privileged to witness its beginning, however blind most of us may be to its implications for ourselves and our posterity. And for a new age, a new school." -- A Sociological Philosophy of Education, Ross L. Finney, Ph.D., Asst. Prof. of Educational Sociology, U of Minnesota;, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1928, P. 110.

HIGH PRIEST OF HUMANITY -- "The whole spiritual hierarchy is immediately and unintermittingly under the influence of the High Priest of Humanity; he names, transfers, suspends, and even discards, on his sole responsibility, any of its members. Normally the residence of the pontiff must be Paris, as the metropolis of the West, but never with any share in the government of the holy city." -- SPP, Vol. IV., P. 224-225.

The Catechism of Positive Religion (CPR) was published in 1852 in France. Comte expected that by 1900 most of the Western world would be well on the way to establishing it as the one world religion. He expected the final result to be total domination and total control.

ALL MUST SERVE HUMANITY -- "Everything we have belongs then to Humanity; for everything comes to us from her -- life, fortune, talents, information, tenderness, energy, etc. . . The whole of the Positive education, intellectual as well as affective, will familiarise us thoroughly with our complete dependence on humanity, so as to make us duly feel that we are all necessarily meant for her unintermitting service." -- CPR, P. 213

UNIVERSAL CHURCH -- "Positivism now returns to the undertaking with a suitable doctrine and favourable conditions, so as to be in a position at last to found the true universal Church. Its social work must at first be confined to the populations of the West and their offshoots; but its creed is so complete and so real, that it is equally fit to be extended to all parts of the planet." -- SPP Vol. II., P. 251

U.S. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR RELIGIOUS UNITY -- "When it pleased God to give me the idea of the World's Congresses of 1893, there came with that idea a profound conviction that their crowning glory should be a fraternal conference of the world's religions. Accordingly the original announcement of the World's Congress scheme, which was sent by the government of the United States to all other nations, contained among other great things to be considered, 'The Grounds for Fraternal Union in the Religions of Different Peoples.'" --The World Parliament of Religions, Welcoming Address by Charles Carroll Bonney, P. 68.

BROTHERHOOD OF NATIONS -- "The old rule of international law, that a citizen of one country has no rights in any other save such, if any, as have been expressly conferred, must give way to the higher and better doctrine that in every land the people of other countries should have all the rights and privileges of citizens, except such, if any, as have been expressly withheld....We would make of many peoples one truly human race; we would form of many states one mighty and harmonious brotherhood of nations, over whose bounteous fields, tilled by enlightened industry, guarded by establish justice, and reaped by willing hands for happy homes, shall bend forever the bounteous skies of peace." -- The World Parliament of Religions Address by Charles Carroll Bonney, World Congress Auxiliary president at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION -- "Liaison has been established with the major foundations, private organizations, and Government agencies with an interest in international education, including the United States Commission for UNESCO, the United States Committee for UNICEF, the Peace Corps, Education and World Affairs, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Asia Society, which has developed valuable guidelines and materials for the use of Asian studies in the education of teachers." -- The World As Teacher, by Harold Taylor; Anchor Books, Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1970, p. 332.

FOUNDATION AND GOVERNMENT FINANCING FOR SOCIAL 'SCIENCES' -- "In the 1920's and 1930's, fertile years in the development of American social sciences, most -- perhaps all -- of the direct funding for social science research came from private foundations.... It was the foundations that gave the grants for individual scholars and sponsored and funded such critical research centers as the Brookings Institution, the Institute for Governmental Research, the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Social Science Research Council, and the Stanford Food Research Institute. During these decades, the Rockefeller Foundation and its partner, the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, invested about $100 million in the social sciences...There were in this prewar era other foundations helping the social sciences: the General Education Board, the Rosenwald Fund, and -- most notably -- the Carnegie Corporation.... After World War II, foundation spending on social research grew steadily until the late 1960's; but in the same period the government's spending on research grew much faster, from $30 million in 1956 to $100 million by the mid-1960's to $524 million in 1980." -- "Social Science Research: Shifting Infatuation with A Critical Resource" by Marshall Robinson, FOUNDATION NEWS, Sept./Oct., 1983. P. 58.

CARNEGIE SOCIAL ENGINEERING - "Today the $1.1 billion Carnegie Corp. spends most of its money on social engineering--including granting $700,000 in fiscal 1994 to the Children's Defense Fund, a Hillary Clinton favorite that advocates more spending on government services." -- "Donor beware", by Brigid McMenamin in -- FORBES, February 13, 1995, P. 172.

As the Religion of Humanity has been moving toward supremacy in all departments it becomes important to recognize its doctrines and understand the changes which have been, and will be brought about if the goals are fully realized.

GET RID OF PERSONALITY -- "We must get rid of personality in every shape, even of the personality of an imaginary being, if we would found a powerful and enduring discipline in the name of humanity." SPP, Vol.IV.249.

RENOUNCE FREE INQUIRY -- "The requisite convergence of the best minds cannot be obtained without voluntary renunciation on the part of most of them, of their sovereign right to free inquiry." Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte, Translated by Harriet Martineau, George Bell, London, 1896, Vol. II., P. 170.

SOCIOLOGY DISCIPLINES ALL SCIENCES -- "Thus the very dignity of Science itself, when rightly understood, calls for the discipline which Sociology imposes." SPP, Vol. I. P. 386

SOCIOLOGIANS TO REPLACE THEOLOGIANS - "When the religion of science is will confide in the 'sociologians' just as during the palmiest days of the Catholic Church he confided in theologians; with this great difference, that the disciples of the religion of science will be their own judges with respect to results, which are produced in this matter-of-fact world. Positivism in the United States." (1853-1861), Richmond Laurin Hawkins, Ph.D., Harvard University Press, 1938, P. 95.

CONTROL LEARNING -- "Human institutions, sociology shows, are in every case learned adjustments. As such, they can be modified provided we can obtain control of the learning process." Christianity and Social Science, Charles A. Ellwood, Professor of Sociology, U. of Missouri; MacMillan Company, 1923, P. 18.

CONTROL SOCIAL RELATIONS -- "The purpose of studying sociology is that mankind may learn the rational control of social relations." Our Changing Social Order, Gavian, Gray, & Groves, D. C. Heath & Company, Boston, 1941. p. 17.

USELESS ACADEMIC STUDIES -- "Education thus will from the beginning have its goal marked out for it, and will thus never be wasted in useless academic studies." SPP, Vol. II., P. 299.

ADOPT COMMUNIST PRINCIPLE -- "So far, therefore, the fundamental principle of Communism is one which the Positivist school must obviously adopt. Positivism not only confirms this principle, but widens its scope, by showing its application to other departments of human life; by insisting that, not wealth only, but that all our powers shall be devoted in the true republican spirit to the continuous service of the community. The long period of revolution which has elapsed since the Middle Ages has encouraged individualism in the moral world, as in the intellectual it has fostered the specialising tendency. But both are equally inconsistent with the final order of modern society." SPP V1. P124

SOCIOLOGICAL JUSTICE -- "The true definition of justice is that it is the enforcement by society of an artificial equality in social conditions which are naturally unequal." Applied Sociology, Lester Ward: Ginn & Co. 1906; P. 23.

COMTE'S PLAN -- "We know that Comte's picture of the future in which he fervently believed, included an elaborate reorganization especially of religion, education and social life. There was to be a new Spiritual Power, with priests completely trained in science and having control both of education and public health. The banks were to be the chief authority in the temporal sphere and the Western Republic, of France, England, Italy, Germany and Spain was to be the standard-bearer of civilization for the planet." Comte the Founder of Sociology by F.S. Marvin; Russel & Russel, New York 1965; First published 1936, Chapman & Hall Ltd. P. 138.

MORAL JUSTIFICATION -- "A great revolution, you must remember, which is to profoundly change a form of society, must accumulate a tremendous moral force, an overwhelming weight of justification, so to speak, behind it before it can start." Equality, by Edward Bellamy, 1897, P. 337.

EXISTING SYSTEMS MUST BE DESTROYED -- "Whatever is now systematized must be destroyed: and whatever is not systematized and therefore has vitality, must occasion collisions which we are not yet able accurately to foresee or adequately restrain. This will be the test of the positive philosophy, and at the same time the stimulus to its social ascendancy." Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte, Vol. 6 P. 411,412.

CENTRAL POWER -- "Positivists have little hesitation in siding in almost all cases with the central as against the local power." SPP., Vol. I. P. 98.

MORALITY AND EVOLUTION -- "But if morality be based on evolution we can at once define what is 'right' and what is 'wrong.' That is right which subserves evolution; that is wrong which antagonizes it." The Basis Of Morality, Annie Besant, Theosophical Publishing House; Adyar, Madras, India, 1915.

PERSONAL CHARACTER DIMINISHED -- "When the system is fully regulated, the effect of this will be to secure greater unity, by diminishing the influence of personal character." SPP, Vol. II., P. 327.

CONCENTRATION OF CAPITAL -- "The chief triumph of our species rests necessarily on the gradual substitution of the social for the personal character in the whole of our practical existence; the instrument by which it is effected being the steady concentration of Capital." SPP, Vol II, P. 143.

INDUSTRIAL CHIEFS -- "In this capital operation, the Positive religion will put out its power as a social system, by disciplining at once command and obedience, as both equally consecrated to the service of the 'Great Being, the highest functions of which have as their basis industrial action. The industrial chiefs are the representatives of Humanity, in the sense of being indispensable as the ministers of its material providence; the condensation they offer being the condition of its right exertion. Individually they may use amiss the wealth committed to their charge, but they do not therefore lose their sacred character, unless the abuse be in degree such as to endanger the conservation of the capital of the race." SPP, Vol. IV., P. 53.

Under Comte's world management system individuals and relationships between individuals have no importance. The emphasis is on groups and the relationships and conflicts between groups. Groups are used for sociological experiments. The law is used to bring about sociological change. Never has this been more apparent than in the forced busing for integration debacle.

EVOLUTION APPLIED TO LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION -- "This philosophy ("positivism") was introduced in the 1870's when Harvard Law School Dean Christopher Columbus Langdell (1826-1906) applied Darwin's premise of evolution to jurisprudence. Langdell reasoned that since man evolved, then his laws must also evolve; and judges should guide both the evolutions of law and the Constitution. . . Roscoe Pound (1870-1964) strongly endorsed the positivistic philosophy introduced by Langdell. As a prominent twentieth-century legal educator, Pound helped institutionalize positivism. Having served as a professor at four different law schools and as Dean of the law schools at Harvard and at the University of Nebraska, his influence was considerable--and his vision for the law was clear: "We have. . . the same task in jurisprudence that has been achieved in philosophy, in the natural sciences, and in politics. We have to rid ourselves of this sort of legality and to attain a pragmatic, a sociological legal science." -- Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences; Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. Institute for Media Education, Arlington, VA; P. 198. QUOTED FROM: David Barton, Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution & Religion, Wallbuilder Press, Aledo, Texas, 1996, P. 228-229

Sociological control of sexual morality means no morality. There are no sins between individuals. Separation from the Great Being , Humanity, is the only sin. Students everywhere have been compelled to accept sociological training in sexuality. Results were predictable.

HUMAN REPRODUCTION TO DEPEND SOLELY ON WOMEN -- "Our progress will be sounder, if I first explain a religious institution, the special object of which is to condense our whole advance towards perfection, physical, intellectual, and moral, by concentrating it on one capital step. This is, the systematisation of human reproduction, by making it depend solely on the woman." SPP, Vol.IV, 239.

ALL TO BE OFFSPRING OF SPOUSELESS MOTHER -- "Place in direct juxtaposition the worship of the Virgin-Mother by the West, and the worship of Humanity by mankind, and we see the fundamental affinity of the two by virtue of which the one is the unconscious preliminary of the other. For the Great Being is a realization of the feminine utopia in that it needs no external agency for its fecundation. . .This is how Positivism realises the Utopia of the Middle Ages, by presenting all the members of the great family as the offspring of a spouseless mother." SPP Vol. IV., P. 359.

SOCIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF SEX RELATIONS -- "Eugenics demands that we control marriage in the interests of the race, but this in turn implies the control of all sex relations." The Reconstruction of Religion, Charles A. Ellwood, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, U. of Missouri, MacMillan Company, 1923, P.200.

WOMEN IN CONTROL OF CHILDREN -- "The change would complete the just emancipation of women, thus rendered independent of men, even physically. it would no longer be possible to contest the full ascendancy of the affective sex over children which were its offspring exclusively." SPP, Vol. IV, P. 244.

FEMALE FRIEND BETTER THAN THE FATHER -- "...a female friend, if well chosen, who could make herself a member of the family, would in most cases do better than the father himself." SPP, Vol. IV, P195.

TAME PEOPLE BY MASTURBATION -- "A government may prevent defection by making life more interesting--by providing bread and circuses and by encouraging sports, gambling, the use of alcohol and other drugs, and various kinds of sexual behavior, where the effect is to keep people within reach of aversive sanctions. The Goncourt brothers noted the rise of pornography in the France of their day: 'Pornographic literature,' they wrote, 'serves a Bas-Empire. . . one tames people as one tames lions, by masturbation.'" Beyond Freedom and Dignity, B. F. Skinner; Bantam Books, Inc., by arrangement with Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1971, P. 32

SOCIOLOGY STUDENTS LEAD RADICAL GROUPS -- "Washington, D. C. -- William Goode, a professor at Columbia University, was here for the 65th annual meeting of the ASA last week. . . .'The student thing is world-wide. Sociology students are leading members of whatever radical group there is.' Goode said. 'Almost all of the data that radicals use to attack the society comes from the sociologists, just as Marx's criticism of capitalism came from the social sciences--it was called sociology then.'" -- "Why Fear Women's Lib?" MILWAUKEE JOURNAL, Sept. 20, 1970.

ILLEGITIMACY RATES -- "In 1999 1.3 million babies were born to single mothers--a record...The problem is staggering: a 69% illegitimacy rate among black women...42.2% among Hispanics and 22.1% among whites." Investtors Business Daily, April, 19, 2001.

Government religion in the United States is a fact, not because I say it is, but because its creator and his followers claim it is so. Since sociology is a religion it should never be listed as a requirement for any vocation or profession, or for graduation from any public high school or university. Schools, especially Christian schools, should replace sociology with courses such as social history, Constitutional law, civics, etc. Social services could be renamed 'special services' and employ special services workers rather than social workers. All federal grants and subsidies for sociological education should be discontinued.

NOTE: Readers may feel free to use the quotes in the above article in conjunction with their own research or in the process of informing others about the Positive Religion. Erica Carle

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