Charts: Index

Social & Global Transformation

The Church

Checklist for families: Lies we learn from Books, Movies, TV and RPGs

The Transformation of America

Biblical vs. Cultural Christianity

New Emphasis in Learning

Five Types of Religious Expressions 

 Three kinds of group relationships

Biblical versus Postmodern thinking 

P.E.A.C.E. Plan & the UN Goals

In the World but not of it!

3 Sets of Meanings for Education Buzzwords

Brainwashing & How to Resist It

From Personal Freedom to Collectivism and Control

A Biblical Outline of End Time Events

America's Spiritual Slide

From Truth to the "New Spirituality"

NEW AGE terms in the church & Transformation of the Church  

Two Paths, Two Christs, Two Kingdoms, Two Eternities  

How can Games, TV, Books and Movies hinder your walk with God?

From Personal Freedom to Collectivism and Control

From The Old Story to The New Story

Consensus vs. Biblical thinking

Comparing U.S. & UNESCO Education Plans

The Basis for our faith

Modern versus Postmodern Culture

The Nature and Tactics of Satan

Three Paradigms or Worldviews

Unequal Contenders in the Spiritual War

From Soviet Education to U.S. Education

Three kinds of Temptation

Statistics for the Changing Church

Made in the image of God

Gnosticism vs Christianity  Unfinished

Nehemiah's Victory

 Outside link: The American Religious Left and it funders

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