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Transforming the Church

© 2005 by Sarah Leslie.


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Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone

The Bible is the only inspired and authoritative Word of God and is accessible to all, perspicuous and self-interpreting.

Promulgating anything NEW: interpretations of the Word, understandings, revelations, a “new move of the Spirit,” etc.

Sloppy methods of biblical exegesis; bizarre eschatologies.

The Gnostic idea that God is now bringing in “secret” or “new” teachings to the Church because it is becoming properly “aligned” for the 3rd Millennium (see below)

New revelation supersedes the Word of God.

Vision-casting, goals, strategic plans, mission, vision, values, core goals and covenants supplant Scripture.

Either: 1) a complete re-working of traditional theology to incorporate the new doctrines and practices, or 2) more New Age Bible versions, or 3) additional writings added to the 66 books of the Bible canon.

Solus Christus: Christ alone

Jesus Christ is the exclusive mediator between God and man.

No man or structure comes in between the believer and God.

The priesthood of all believers.

Creating an interlocking network of cells, small groups, house churches.

“Emergent” doctrines about ecclesiology, including a broader definition of “church” in the context of the “spheres” of culture.

New ideas about “laity,” new structures for accountability, new mediators.


Extreme leadership focus, everyone trained to be a leader.

A new authority structure that is hierarchical based on cells, city-wide church, regional, national and global structures.

Believers must submit, in the context of a restructured church (cell model), to apostolic leadership.

Replicating churches by “cellular DNA,” using sophisticated psycho-social marketing techniques and coercion.

Based upon a blueprint from 1800s German evolutionary mysticism known as General Systems Theory.

Sola Gratia: Grace alone

Salvation comes by grace only, not through any merit on the part of the sinner; an unearned gift.

Salvation becomes a mere decision, a “just say yes” to Jesus.

Accelerated “conversion” rates happen as a result of group dynamics, psycho-social marketing techniques, peer pressure or indoctrination.

Salvation is measurable.

Salvation mandatory and externally judged by social ideals.

Enforced submission to “Christ” and the “Kingdom” rule on earth.

Every one who does not bow the knee to “King Jesus” is guilty of a capital crime.

Sola fide: Faith alone

Justification comes through faith only, not good works.

Setting up criteria and standards to achieve “measurable results” in all “spheres” of Christian living.

A holistic Christianity that incorporates good deeds (works) which are monitored and assessed for results.

Rewards for good works, penalties for noncompliance.

Faith and good works combined yield justification.

Sanctification is good works.

“Fruits” are measurable and assessed.

“Whatever It Takes” – i.e., the ends justify the means.

Soli Deo Gloria:

Glory to God alone

God accomplished everything on the cross for His glory.

God is sovereign.

Believers must assist God.

Believers must manifest God’s glory, hasten His coming, build His Kingdom, bring transformation, and take the “blessing” to all nations of the earth.

Believers are Christ “incarnate,” the manifest sons of God, “co-redeemers” and “co-creators.”

Critical mass, synergy and synchrony will usher in Christ.

A new world order of peace, prosperity and harmony called “Christ’s Kingdom.”

Jesus’ Kingdom spiritual and eternal: (Jn 18:36; Prov. 21:1; Psalm 45:6; 72:8-9; 45:6)

Church and State “collaborate.”

Fulfilling the Great Commission becomes a spiritual/political mandate.

A Church State.

“As in heaven, so on earth.”

Nations are corporate persons to be transformed through “discipling.”

© 2005 by Sarah Leslie.  

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