"Participatory"Communitarianism (The Third Way)

[Capitalism + Communism = Communitarianism]

“While governments across the world search for a new political synthesis, the theoretical debate has offered little those interested in a new framework for progressive politics. This essay presents an account of what the Third Way really means, and roots it in a communitarian vision of the good society. It argues that such societies achieve a dynamic balance between state, market and community...." Amitai Etzioni, Communitarianism: A Third Way to a Good Society

Remember the Three-legged Stool: A mandatory partnership between the public sector (government), private sector  (business), and social sector (community, churches, etc.) -- managed through global standards and laws established by national and international rulers.

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June 2011

Is Obama's GOP prayer partner a Dem wolf in sheep's clothing: "[Joel Hunter] teaches that the Bible mandates Christians combat so-called global warming.... He resigned from the Christian Coalition after the group wouldn't broaden its agenda to include 'social justice' and fighting 'global warming.'...Hunter is a signatory to 'The Great Warming,' a 'call to action' claiming world scientists are in agreement that global warming is 'real, and we are largely responsible.' [No, there has been no such agreement, in spite of lies from the mainstream media]....He is part of a group of evangelicals and progressives who organize under the auspices of the left-leaning 'Third Way' organization. There, he helped draft a new position paper...that calls for common ground on abortion, same sex marriage....

      "This 'Third Way' calls for business and government to join hands as 'partners.' ...'Big Business would own the economy (as under capitalism), while Big Government would run it (as under socialism). Corporations would be persuaded to comply with government directives through subsidies, tax breaks, customized legislation, and other special privileges." Soros has been a major proponent of "Third Way" economic policy." See Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope

April 2010

The Green Shepherd: "If the Obama administration has its way, the gospel of climate change will be coming to a pulpit near you. That at least seems to be the dream of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.... But what does an office created to help better provide social services to the needy have to do with climate change? ... The 164-page document, entitled 'A New Era of Partnerships,' takes up the 'priority areas' identified by President Obama—Economic Recovery and Domestic Poverty, Fatherhood and Healthy Families, Environment and Climate Change, Global Poverty and Development, and Interreligious Cooperation."  Faith-Based Partnerships ban Truth and Freedom

April 2010

Communitarianism… the New Communism: "Found on the CAP’s website… is an article written by John Podesta entitled Progressivism’s Role in the Economy, Health Care, Education, and the Cimate he writes: 'What’s the difference between liberalism and progressivism? According to John Podesta, it is the 'fire of social justice' that is often born from faith or a belief in a communitarian approach to the common good — as opposed to an individualistic approach.

     "How do the communists define communitarian? The Socialist Alliance programme is the foundation....The programme links our continuous and what should be all-encompassing agitational work with our ultimate aim of a communitarian, or communist, system. Our programme thus establishes the basis for... the voluntary unity of the Socialist Alliance." See Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope

'This Week' Transcript: Former President Bill Clinton: "I worry about these threats against the president and the Congress. And I worry about more careless language.... We ought to remember after Oklahoma City. We learned something about the difference in disagreement and demonization [Who were demonized? Christians!]

     " I think the same thing is happening now.... But America is a different country now.... We are more diverse. We're more communitarian. That is, we understand we have to solve a lot of these problems together. So I think that the dissent is just as intense, if not more intense." See Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope

March 2010

Banks to lose billions in student loan revamp: "Banks and other private lenders are about to lose a $70 billion-a-year student loan business, part of a massive overhaul of college assistance programs that has received an unexpected boost from President Barack Obama's health care success. Industry lobbyists have watched helplessly as Democrats and the Obama administration appear on the verge of shifting student lending from private banks to the federal government." See Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope

January 2010

Abortion Raises Questions for Health Care Reform: "...who should make the choice. The answer, they say, is: the patient and her doctor.... That stands in rather sharp tension with Democrats' communitarian approach to health care reform generally -- much of which involves directing individual choices to make things (ostensibly) better for society as a whole. As President Obama put it... Americans are 'going to have to give up paying for things that don't make them healthier.'" See Communitarianism: A Third Way to a Good Society

May 2009

Democrats Bury ‘Community Transformation’ Plans in Health Care Bill: "In the bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act, community transformation plans would be carried out using federal money and be overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC would distribute the money as well as coordinate the various state, local, and 'community' entities responsible for carrying out the plans.

    "...both state and local governments are eligible for the grants, as are 'national networks of community-based organizations'.... The transformation plans must include 'activities' for all ages, beginning in public schools, which focus on eating healthy food, adequate amounts of physical activity....'

     “Every time our friends on the other side start talking about community organizations, we usually think ACORN, and they do to..." See "Agenda 21: The U.N. Plan for Your "Sustainable" Community" It begins with this quote:

"...current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable. A shift is necessary. which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations..." Maurice Strong , opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development

April 2009

Communism… Alive and Well? "These ideas incorporate all inclusive social engineering, whereby all ideas, lifestyles, moral or immoral behaviors have equal merit, equal status, and all doctrines of individualism are set aside in favor of a supposed collective interest. Like in the workplace, this concept requires a central power for collection and distribution of resources. A power to determine what is fair for all, collect the resources necessary to provide that equality, and distribute it accordingly.

     "In the case of Communism, that central power is the government. Anyone who has ever worked in a union job can tell you, the result of this form of equality is the unlimited reduction in productivity and resources. People with low ambition and poor work habits are elevated to equal status with those who carry the lion’s share of the load. ... No communist country has ever been able to feed itself long term, ultimately collapsing under the weight of its own lack of productivity." See Current Communist Goals

These two Communist goals -- "11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind" and "28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools..." -- are already replacing Biblical hope with hope in human effort and a world government.

Goal 41-- "Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents...." -- have replaced Biblical morality with amoral education that devalues life. Here is one of the results:

Join the "Quiet Revolution": "The official federal Office of Community Oriented Policng Services (COPS) was established in 1994, authorized under the Violent Crime Act. Clinton gave it the big 'push.' Over the next several years 100,000 COPS were hired in cities and towns across America. At the same time, Community Policing was introduced in the UK, South Africa, and across the globe. (A year later the Domestic Violence Act was introduced across the world in much the same pattern, in GB and the US on the same day, and expanded on the POP philosophy). The political ideology behind community policing is called The Third Way. The Third Way is a synthesis of the right and the left that originated from Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Lynn Forrester (later de Rothschild), Michael Steinheart and Al From. ... When Clinton and Blair won, the New Democratic Movement transcended the right v left conflict and reinvented the world." See Community Oriented Policing

March 2009

Regulating the pursuit of self: [Amitai Etzioni, Communitarian guru to presidents] "In general, the social market reflects this notion of the necessity for some kind of a balance between capitalism, individualism, pursuit of self and some kind of social regulation.... Communitarianism is actually associated with.... communism in East Asia.... But we just couldn't come up with another term that would speak for community and common good. ... It's a particularly key point at the moment, because there is no philosophy that better describes Obama's position than communitarianism." See What the Communitarians Stand For

Obama's Ideological Father: "Gramsci... organized the Italian Communist party in 1921.... Since this was four years after the Russian Revolution, Gramsci assumed Italians would welcome a Bolshevik convulsion of their own. But it didn’t happen.... He found three explanations: Christianity, nationalism and charity. ...the way to set the stage for a Marxist revolution was in coming to grips with these three conditions....

     "The first stratagem was the assault on Christianity by arguing religion should not inform or be employed in public discourse. Gramsci realized that if religion were confined to private worship, its hold on Italians would dissipate.... Second... Gramsci contended Italians were part of a grand global mission.... [Last], Gramsci engaged in efforts to persuade Italians that the way, the only way, to express humanitarian concern for the poor or those left behind as the detritus of capitalism is through a government that can be benevolent....

     "Obama through...has suggested overtly and tacitly that religion should be a matter relegated to private worship outside the confines of public life.... [T]hrough his proposal to deny tax deductions for charitable gifts, government is being converted into the only public charity. Moreover, the transfer of wealth in the stimulus package and the increased tax burden on the most productive element of society will inevitably decrease incentives and expand the size and influence of government....

     "The progeny of Gramsci are alive and well and now reside in the White House. They believe in big government, one worldism, distrust of religion.... Our leaders may not identify themselves as Gramscians and may even mock the designation, but make no mistake: Gramsci’s DNA is in their bloodstream." See From Marx to Lenin, Gramsci, Alinsky & Obama

February 2009

The New Global Civility, Part 2: Manifestos, Declarations and Covenants: "Be prepared for an onslaught of global 'common ground' and global 'civility' documents in the days to come. These carefully-worded manifestos always cite pressing crises....

     "These are well-funded groups that cover the entire political spectrum from Left to Right, and play out a well-orchestrated dialectic dance. The ideology behind this, however, is unified – at its core this is raw, unadulterated Communitarianism with all of its corresponding beliefs." See Reinventing the World

Obama's Faith-Based Partnerships Ban Truth & Freedom: "Obama's 'faith-based partnerships' are not based on faith in our God! The phrase is designed to deceive Americans, eradicate 'divisive' truths, replace Christian ministries with secular community service, and silence the gospel among those who most need it." Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny

January 2009

The New Global Civility: "...the old polarizing political debates are destined to subside when the new era of global civility takes over. Existentially one will be permitted to hold their own beliefs, but beliefs are not to become manifest in the public square unless they fit the prefabricated criteria of 'tolerance,' 'justice' and 'responsibility.' And it must all be done under the banner of a mushy feel-good 'love,' accompanied by the prerequisite community service." See Glossary of Communitarian Words and the first two links HERE

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