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I Found God in Soviet Russia by John Noble - 1959

Chapter 3: Faith in a Flag

 Soviet Depravity and Occupation

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 "...the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." 1 John 5:19

"We ought to have been grateful to God for having spared us yet we were not grateful. We still had our eyes on material possessions, earthly safeguards. Even during those terrible first weeks of the occupation, with the Russians in possession of ruined Dresden, we felt completely confident of our personal safety. Now it was the American flag, made with our hands and raised above our big house on the hill, in which we put our trust. We forgot that the flag, made by human hands, could also meet its destruction at human hands.

After the bombing when I had walked through the ruined downtown streets and seen forced labor crews gathering up the burned, decomposing bodies to be taken to one huge funeral pyre in the central square, I had resolved to be thankful to God all the rest of my life that I was not among those nameless uncounted dead. But already I had forgotten. All that I had learned of prayer and dependence on God alone had now to be learned over at great length and with infinite hardship.

But in certain ways I had begun to discover, during those first two months of Russian occupation, before my father and I were arrested, what man without God can come to. Although I could not then comprehend why the Russians conducted themselves as they did, the dreadful events of Black Sunday in Dresden, May 6, 1945, gave me my first inkling of the moral erosion that had taken place among the Soviet people.

Under cover of darkness, neighbors continued to slip over to our house for refuge. The tales they had to tell made us sick. Several of the women were hysterical. None of us slept that night.

The next day came word of Germany’s surrender and on Tuesday, the war was over. The Russians gave their men three days of liberty to celebrate. Their lust spent in rape, the Red soldiers turned to looting. They were stealing all the cars they could find. After crossing the ignition wires, they would go roaring off down the streets, shouting and sounding the horn. Within a few minutes, with squealing brakes and splintering glass, they would wreck the car at some intersection. Such of them as could still navigate would extricate themselves from the wreckage and.... steal another car....

The terrible truth is that when you remove God from a society, you remove the basis for a moral code; and when men live without a moral code, they live in violence and sin. Sin is never without its penalties. From the standpoint of long-range Soviet policy in Germany, no greater blunder could have been made than to permit the Russian army to behave as it did. Our German neighbors in Dresden did not expect easy treatment at the hands of the Red Army, for the dreadful rumors that had reached them from the East left no doubt that things would go hard with them.

But no one could have expected, or imagined, what actually took place in the form of rape, murder, and drunken barbarity of all kinds.

From the West, people had heard that the Americans were treating conquered German cities in their zone of occupation very differently, and everyone hoped that in the postwar settlement Dresden would be turned over to American or joint Allied occupation. Charity and sympathy toward defeated opponents, shown often by Americans of every rank, were a natural part of Christian morality, but I think even the Kremlin would now agree that such Christian conduct would also have been a show of tactical wisdom.

There had been high anti-American feeling after the great bombing but overnight, after the Russians arrived, that feeling disappeared. The Russians who might have been welcomed as liberators by many who were strongly anti-Nazi, instead made themselves hated and despised....

Close to midnight the next night my father and I returned from a trip to Jena. ... A dim light showed that someone was still up, waiting for us at our home in Dresden.... As we mounted the steps, George stepped out to meet us; he was not alone. A Russian in civilian clothes was at his side....

We went inside and there a Russian officer, flanked by five armed guards and an interpreter, rose to meet us. “You are under investigation,” the interpreter told us.

We were quickly searched and all our documents of identification taken, including our American passports. Argument was useless. The American flag that had been flying over our house had been torn down that day. Dad and I were taken off to prison.

"O our God... we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You." 2 Chronicles 20:12

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