Re-Educating Elián at the Aspen Institute

by Berit Kjos - May 2000

  See also Elian's Future in a Totalitarian State


"Please note that [Elián's] teacher has arrived and today, in America, in complicity with our Justice Department and our President, they will begin to transform the personality of little Elián into that of "little Elián, the communist, the marxist, the revolutionary.' He will hate the United States forever and will declare in front of CNN that his mother kidnapped him and that he is ashamed that she was a counter revolutionary. Just wait and see.

     "Take note American families. They are doing this to your children, so that the government can govern via polls, not via votes. Right out of the manual of Mein Kampf."

Letter from Juan A. Granados, Publisher, Cuba Free Press, [2] April 27,2000,

in response to our article, Elián's Future in a Totalitarian State.

Elián's sweet smile on recent magazine covers belies the air of mystery that clouds his future. Last Tuesday, the six-year-old and his controlled family were taken to one of the world’s foremost training centers for global re-learning and collective thinking: The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (AIHS). Founded in Aspen, Colorado, but linked to the British-based Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, it calls itself "a global forum" which "seeks to improve the condition of human well-being by fostering enlightened, responsible leadership and by convening leaders and policy-makers to address the structural changes of the new century."

This training center for a global army of psycho-social change agents works through offices in Germany, Japan, Italy and France as well as the United States. Its manipulative conferences and seminars are based in Aspen or at the beautiful Wye plantation in Maryland. The latter now hides Elián from the watchful eyes of the world and from accountability to American taxpayers who might not approve of the Cuban team of  communist trainers. Housed at the prestigious Carmichael Farm, the six-year-old boy plays in the shadow of a famed former guest, Bill Clinton. 

Elián’s temporary home is less than four minutes from the main part of the conference center where international leaders gather to resolve conflicts and share strategies for global transformation. This proximity made the Carmichael Farm a natural retreat for President Clinton in 1998, when he facilitated dialogues between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat  which culminated in the embattled Wye Accord.  

The AIHS website summarizes its mission and policies in nice-sounding words that few would challenge. For those who look deeper, they reflect the socialist vision of the master-minds behind the world's mass psychology and manipulative consensus process -- well indoctrinated men and women determined to crush all hindrances to their quest for an unthinkable new world order. Ponder this statement on its program page

"The Leading Change seminar is both intellectually challenging and immediately practical. For example, research indicates that as many as 80% of all change initiatives fail. A major factor contributing to the high failure rate of change initiatives is a natural, deep-seated resistance to change within an organization. Throughout this seminar, senior executives consider the nature and sources of resistance to change and how to overcome them. They explore ways of making the organizational environment receptive to ongoing change and ensuring that beneficial changes become embedded in culture and practice."

In 1976, the AIHS published A New Civic Literacy. It offers a glimpse of the philosophy taught and touted at its global conferences -- one that shows alarming sympathies with the manipulative education strategies used by Fidel Castro's team of Communist trainers. The author, Ward Morehouse, writes, 

"We need to shed an inheritance of parochialism which we have been accumulating for the past 200 years... An important part of the problem of adapting education to help Americans cope with global interdependence is the legacy which we have inherited from the past....

"Experimental activities should be undertaken  to see to what degree formal learning experiences can shape the world views of Americans so as to make those views more compatible with (or at least less resistant to) adjustments in behavior and attitudes necessary to cope more effectively with problems of interdependence....  

"The kind of educational transformation for which we have argued in these pages will not come easily. Changing complex social institutions in any fundamental way requires unlimited quantities  of sweat and almost certainly some tears, if not blood."[2]

In light of the above agenda, it's not surprising that the Aspen Institute is funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Ford Foundation. Nor is it surprising that the Wye Plantatin was donated by the Corning Group, while its supporters include the Deutsche Bank AG, NATO, Siemens, [World Bank President] James D. Wolfensohn, Inc., and many other powerful transnational corporations and organizations that seek the demise of the nation state. 

Just as revealing is its Board of Trustees. Among the Honorary Trustees are humanist educator Mortimer J. Adler, Henry A. Kissinger and Former World Bank President Robert S. McNamara. Its Trustees Emeriti include the powerful UN Under-Secretary Maurice Strong, chief of the UN Conference on Environment and Development. The founder of the World Economic Council and Planetary Citizens, Strong has served as director of the World Future Society, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, and a member of The Club of Rome. As head of the Earth Council, he initiated the drafting of the The Earth Charter—a global code of conduct based on global values and radical environmental guidelines. One of his offices is a few blocks away from the White House.

In other words, Elián’s plunge into global politics is far from over. Meanwhile, a cloak of secrecy -- in the name of privacy -- has covered his family. The only signs of “progress” likely to reach the public eye will be carefully selected quotes and photographs certain to win public support for the child’s re-immersion into socialist ideology. Such propaganda is essential to totalitarian regimes. Its sets the stage for using polls -- supposedly representing the "will of the people" -- to excuse strong-armed politics, to persuade the public to comply with politically correct ideology, and to intimidate dissenters into silence.   

Seen from this context, the return of an Americanized Elián to communist Cuba would corrupt Castro's domain.  Remember, The Code of the Child. It forbids a boy who loves America to contaminate Castro's communist domain with any form of capitalism:

"Art 8. Society and the State work for the efficient protection of youth against all influences contrary to their communist formation. "

"Article 9. Educators have a high mission in the development of the communist personality. "

"Article 33. The State grants special attention to the teaching of Marxism Leninism due to its importance in the ideological formation and political culture of the young students. "

Information about the effectiveness of Elián’s imported friends, selected psychologists, and communist educators will be filtered through the powerful propaganda machine of the world’s elite powerbrokers. The trophy in this battle is the heart and future of a Cuban child who hopefully has tasted of more American faith and freedom than his dedicated trainers will be able to “wash” from his alert young mind.[4]


[1]The American partnership between government and media demonstrates this manipulative process. Polls, not law, truth or facts, are guiding the political process. And the publicized result of polls expose how effectively our liberal media "teach" the public through their censorship of contrary information, their vilification of dissenters,  and their promotion of politically correct ideology. 

     The failed attempt to impeach President Clinton illustrates this power of polls over politics and set a dangerous precedent. Since polls indicated public disinterest in holding the Executive Branch of government accountable, many Senators conveniently turned a blind eye to the violations. Today we see the same process. Polls indicate that the masses oppose a congressional inquiry into the federal raid on the home of Elián's relatives. So when  Janet Reno refuses to cooperate -- why should she, when the public doesn't care -- Congress backs off.

     Aspen Institute and its corporate, media and political partners around the world have worked hard for 50 years to prepare the public to prefer suggestions and polls over facts and law-based politics. They have almost succeeded.  Their form of brainwashing and control has been implemented around the world  to combat sovereignty, capitalism and Christianity.  (See Persecution)


[2] Cuba Free Press website:


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[4] See Brainwashing and Education Reform and Communist Psychological Warfare


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