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From Stacey Fox: Hello.  I am merely 17 years old, and I know I've not much experience with being a Christian or with life in general.  However, I cannot help but sit here at my computer, my heart beating wildly in my chest, palms sweating, mind racing-- all after reading your articles.   

I have been raised in a Christian home my entire life and have been one myself since I was eight years old.  I watch Pokemon often and have read all three Harry Potter books.  I LOVED them!  I can't help but wonder, do you realize what you are doing?  Perhaps I will be throwing myself into your realm when I say these next few things, so forgive my hypocrisy, but these are points that need to be made. 

You have offended me to my core.  Perhaps you do not mean to, but you suggest in your articles that you are following God's way and the rest of us Pokemon/Potter pagans are not.  God and I will decide what his will is for me, so kindly take back that patronizing tone. 

Secondly, last time I checked God and his son were still in heaven, so kindly stop trying to play him by passing judgments on the creators of Pokemon, Miss Rowling, and those of us who find both enjoyable and harmless.  I'll beg you to remember "...there before the grace of God go I." 

Thirdly, I can find parallels in both quite toward the opposites of your preachings.  I dare say you have read C.S. Lewis and Tolkien?  These stories contained much the same magic and mystery, and both author's were keenly drawing parallels to the Bible themselves.  If you ask me, you should repent, not I.  You are tearing down the name of a woman, a company, and the brilliant imaginations of children everywhere. 

This is why we have parents, to train us up in the way we should go.  I know how to distinguish right from wrong, and I can tell you that everything would have been fine if people like you hadn't started putting wrong, unfounded ideas into people's heads.  I'll leave you with this: My three-year old cousin was a devoted fan of the Teletubbies.  Everyday she watched them, laughing contentedly at Po, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Tinky-Winky.  Then It came out that many felt they were terrible, because Tinky-Winky's magic bag was a purse, and he was a gay role model.  Ever since that night it hit the news, that poor little girl insists that her once favorite television show is bad.  Thanks for stripping a little kid of her imagination.  Wouldn't want children having fun, using their minds, and being educated, now would we.  Brains are of the devil.

Stacy’s second note: I would love for you to post my comments.  I am glad you are not offended, and I have respect for you because of your fairness,  Please keep showing both sides, as it is important to give readers something to think about and see both points of view. Sincerely… 

From Dennis Monroe: I just want you to know that every time I visit your web site I am instantly refreshed to see the truth spoken there.  The day will come when your web site will be no more.  That will be very sad, but I know this will come to pass. 

Things are beginning to get a little scary, aren't they?  Yes, I know that as long as we remain focused on the Lord, we will be alright, but in my human weakness, what I see coming in the not too distant future is scary. It is like Peter, when he walked on the water toward the Lord, but when he focused on the raging storm, and not the Lord, he sank.  Sometimes it is very hard to not sink like Peter did in that moment.  Of course, we cry out for the Lord, just like Peter did, and the Lord picks us up out of the storm.  The storm does not necessarily go away, but He gets us over the next wave. 

I often pray that I not falter when the things that are coming really begin to happen in a serious way here in the United States.  No one knows the time, just like Jesus said, but He also gave us things to look for, so that we could "discern the times."  Based on that, I think things are about to get worse, a lot worse.  My church is a Bible teaching church (one of the few around), but I often wonder how many of the people there actually realize what is about to happen.  It is not openly discussed. 

Please pray for my wife Elaine.  She is sick with Multiple Sclerosis…. I thank you very much for being a voice of truth in the middle of the lies the world has been sucked into.

From James Cummings:  Our God is an awesome God! He has given us the knowledge and skills to do incredible things, like the way we are communicating now. He has created a wondrous universe to live in, and an airtight Bible to live by. 

When I was a young child I had acute asthma and spent many of my early years in the hospital. I came to know the Lord at this time. I grew to lean on his strength love and wisdom as much as I did my parents. 

Now, as an adult with children of my own the world can be a scary place. I wonder how can I protect my precious daughter from the dark forces that seem to spring up around us daily. I turned to the bible for wisdom and comfort. Through-out the life of Jesus, we see a courageous man, confident in the power of his Father, determined to complete his mission on Earth. What I did not see in the life of Jesus was a man who feared night and day for the wellfare of the human race. 

The Bible teaches us to "Be still and know that I am God". It warns against paranoia and fear, saying "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil."

I have read many of your articles and responses from readers. It seems to me that this site tends to freighten more reader than it comforts. Even your responses from christian readers seem to have an air of intimidation from the articles you have written. The Bible teaches that we are to "encourage one another, and build each other up". Remember that our God is the Creator of all things, and he will protect his people from the slings and arrows of Satan.

 Berit’s response: To help you understand my mission and purpose for writing the warnings that we post, may I suggest you read the introduction to our home page and “Answers to Pokemon Mail.”  Remember, following Jesus is not simply a “feel-good” fellowship of patting one another on the back and affirming each other with nice promises of love and peace. It means encouraging each other to remain true to the Lord we love. That include choosing to turn away from those things that are incompatible with His goodness and love.

 My last point involves you and your community of occult watch dogs. You have written continually that Pokemon, Magic-The Gathering, ect. corrupt the minds of both adult and children alike, making them rely on their own strength and power, not the Lord's . I would seem to me that from your articles you have spent a great deal of time researching these games. I am curious to know what spiritual impact this exposure has had on you? The Bible teaches us that in ancient times only those who had an incredibly strong faith in the Lord were allowed to exercise demons. The reason being that as the exorcist was exposed to the dark forces in the individual, his faith was sorely tested. It would seem that the study of the occult would have a similar affect. Though these words seem to have a worldly ring, these have an air of truth to me "If you gaze into the pit, the pit also gazes into you". The Lord did not intent for his children to dwell on the works of the devil.

You are right. He didn’t. I believe we need to spend more time in His Word than in researching cultural changes. Then, even when He asks us to look into an issue that someone has questioned, we can look at it from His heavenly perspective and see it through His heart and will. That’s my prayer. In order to have this balance, I spend time studying the Bible, writing Bible studies, memorizing and meditating on His Word, memorizing and singing His hymns to myself.  Perhaps if you read the first chapter in the Bible study on the Armor of God you would understand what I mean.

I encourage you instead to evangelize. Reach out in your community and tell others the good news. Bring people to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus, not by inspiring fear, but by preaching love, grace and humility.

 I agree with that, James. Please read two chapters I have posted: 1 and 4 in A Twist of Faith . I believe He calls all of us to demonstrate and share His live wherever we go -- which means understanding and spreading the full gospel -- those things which help us be accountable as well as the truths that make comfortable. And when we love and follow Him, we will do both. But since He has made us different members of the same body in Christ, He may lead us to emphasize slightly different spiritual gifts and truths.

 Your brother in Christ.

Anonymous  [Subject: Too bad]:   That's all I can say about your life. 

From the -The Raikou- Fan of Macross, Mononoke, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Anime...etc. etc. etc.   Subject: What is with you people?

 Why can't you guys just leave popular things alone? It seems that every fad that's out you guys MUST attack because you want to stay in the spotlight. JUST LEAVE THE STUFF ALONE. It's a game that was created because of a boy's interest in bugs! No other reason! It doesn't teach us to become evil.

You're constantly attacking Pokemon because you don't understand Japanese culture! And, yes, I am also a Christian. My parents disagree greatly with your claims. For one, the people's children who are too obsessed with Pokemon should realize that it's their fault for not setting limits in their household. Then, you're attacking Magic and Dungeons and Dragons. Haven't you ever read the Lord of the Rings series?!? All this stuff is a Utopian like game! So what if they have scary looking pictures and use magic? It's a game! Not meant to be anything else! You should not constantly attack anything that had become popular!  

On another note, you're constantly attacking Teletubbies. You guys make me sick everytime I read another article you make. Once again, this is something popular that you attack. Just leave it alone. You guys could be doing something good instead of sitting here and constantly attacking everything. Do something else with your time other than attacking popular games/shows from a Christians point of view! That's all I have to say about this subject! You guys are freaks!  

Berit's comment: Raikou, if reading our articles make you sick, please don’t read them. We are not forcing you. You are free to do what you prefer. Please grant us the freedom to share this information with the parents and children who ask for it.  But if you persist in reading our information, please also read "Answers to Pokemon mail" so that you can understand our mission. Notice that it is to help others follow Jesus in a world that neither knows or loves Him. It is not to condemn everything you love.  

Since you say you are a Christian, you should be familiar with the Bible. Review Ephesians 5,  Romans 12:2, and the last part of Romans 1. God tells us not to "approve" (tolerate) those things that clash with His ways nor to "be conformed" to the world's values. Instead we must renew our minds with His truths so we can see reality from His perspective. If we don't, we will be deceived and face the consequences of those who "did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thessalonians 2:12  

From Sara, a concerned mother: Thank you for forwarding the information on Dragon Tales. I had an uneasy feeling about the show. I had a real uneasy feeling about Quetza. He seems to be the dragon that cast most of the spells and makes magic remedies for the other dragons. Please forward my appreciation's to Dave Mosher for his research.

"But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness how great is that darkness." Matthew 6:23

"But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15  Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

From Kenshin Himura: I passed your site while surfing for an out of print fantasy book series, and I must say I have no idea why it showed up in my search criteria because I said nothing about hate sites in my search.  Well I read through your site and found that it was fairly useless and intelligent people will just completely pass you up as a cry baby who can't understand why people enjoy using their imaginations. 

 1.) Dungeons & Dragons is a "Fantasy Game" as in not real and is suggested for ages 10 and above.  The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition main Monster Manual called the Monstrous Manual makes absolutely no reference to Demons or Devils, if you don't believe me just walk down to a Walden Books or whatever and look closely at the table of contents. 

 Berit’s response: Remember, I am writing from a Christian perspective. My standard for right and wrong, good and evil, is based on God’s Word as revealed in the Bible. If a game idealizes spiritual forces other than God’s, they would fit into the realm of the demonic -- whether or not the game uses words such as demons or devils. If you would take time to read the Bible, you would and understand.

 2.) AD&D shouldn't be played by people who have mental problems, it is just a bad idea, and leads to people like yourself bad mouthing all the good people who just use it as an escape rather than sitting in front of the TV watching sit coms or whatever else they may watch.  Role-playing allows people to utilize their minds and reach back to their childhood memories of the classic adventures light the Three Musketeers, King Arthur and his noble Knights of the Round Table, or perhaps the Daring Robin Hood.  Again I will stress that these games should be played by people who don't have a problem distinguishing Fantasy from Reality.

 How would you suggest children be segregated into two groups – those who are mentally healthy and understand the difference between fantasy and reality and their counterparts? Even adults have a hard time understanding the difference. Psychologists have explained that people react emotionally basically the same way to a well-told fictional story as they do to reality. Often the fantasy makes a deeper impression, because it is written to influence or manipulate the hearer. Therein lies the power of multibillion dollar advertisement industry. I remember reading, some years ago, that after a popular and heart-breaking movie, a large number of adults wrote the studio trying to get in touch with a film character as if the person was real, not fictional. I will try to find that article and post it.

 3.) AD&D stresses playing heroic characters like the ones I mentioned above and not cruel and heartless people.  But the Golden Rule of all RPGs is having fun not summoning Demons or Devils or any other such thing.   

4.) Magic in role-playing Games, okay let me get this straight, if I read the Players Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons I instantly know about the occult.  And the Necronomicon was actually penned in human blood and written on human flesh, oh does that make me an occultist because I know that?  I would doubt it because the Necronomicon was the product of H.P. Lovecraft's (a horror writer from the 20s and 30s for your reference) imagination and was never a real book, so that thing you see in the New Age Section isn't real it is Fiction, just like the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook and other such books.

 Please read Answers to Pokemon mail. It explains the problem. 

5.) Star Wars, I have heard lots of different interpretations on Star Wars from references to Akira Kurosawa films to a reversed interpretation of King Arthur.  I would like to make something clear, Anakin becomes Darth Vader, you know the guy in black with the red sword.  Most people when creating a villain utilize the concept of making him a good guy in the beginning, believing that nothing is born evil but everything can be corrupted.  The Star Wars series is about a man's coming to terms with himself and falling from grace only to be redeemed in the end.  What is so bad about that?  Just because his name sounds like the race of giants out of the bible does that make them all evil?  Correct me if I am wrong but didn't a madman in the 1930s-1940s say the same thing about the Jews.  I feel that he was wrong and allot of people paid the price for his racism.  So why assume everything is evil because we all know at least I hope you know this that there is no race on this Earth that is entirely evil, and to admit such a thing would a sign of no intelligence or common sense.  Now for my backup to the bible comment you are about to make.  So if a person writes it down does that make it true?  I can write down anything that does not make it true it just states my opinions.

Please read our Star Wars article again, and notice how I answer your question. The problem is not Darth Vader and his evil actions, it is the pantheistic and occult force behind the good as well as the dark side.

 6.) Anime, this is a cultural thing, because if you didn't know Japan is different than we are in a lot of things, including and most importantly their culture.  Their culture accepts nudity far more than our culture does, that does not make it porn.  Pornography is not generally considered an art form the word for that would be Erotica which I am not going into just know.  Artists often draw people in the nude to show beauty and elegance as well as a way to further study the human body.  Why can’t a cartoon portray this?  Is a cartoon not a form of Art?  I say it is because I know how much the Artist labors on their work before it is shown on the air.  I would suggest watching films like the Princess Mononoke, Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, or maybe even Rurouni Kenshin to even begin to get a taste of their incredible storytelling abilities as well as their fantastic animation style.  But you have to watch it as a person who is ready to except other people's beliefs and not like you’re on a witch hunt (remember the inquisition ended a long time ago).  Another thing to keep in mind is that not all cartoons are for kids, the Japanese kind of proved that hardcore.

In closing, do the world a favor before you pass judgment for some nutcase to take as truth examine the object from all sides and take into consideration where the object of your hatred is coming from and who it is aimed at.  Pokemon is not the work of the devil, it is a marketing phenomenon (Microsoft) and will pass (Mighty Morphen Power Rangers).  Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is not a beginners guide to the occult, it is a harmless recreation much like watching TV or reading a book.  Think interactive Storytelling. Harry potter books are fiction, that means not real.  Star Wars is also fiction, see my comment on Harry Potter.  So let’s wake up and accept the fact that trashing things like you have is wrong and is trying to encourage censorship, because if you are really worried about what kids are seeing, doing, or whatever, monitor them while they do it.

 You don’t seem to understand either censorship or hatred. I don’t hate anyone – certainly not Wizards of the Coast, nor the players, nor you. Obviously your definition for hate does not fit the one found in the standard dictionary. It’s because I care about people that I write these warnings.

It sounds to me as if you are turning these words upside down. I’m not trying to censor anything. I’m merely trying to persuade people to exercise their right and freedom to make wise personal choices. You, on the other hand, seem to want to censor my expressions. As long as we still have the First Amendment, you can’t stop me.  

Yet, your side may seem to be winning in the short run. Many liberals and others like you, who do far more to influence cultural trends than I do, seem to have little appreciation for the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, Americans may soon face the kind of censorship you seem to encourage. When that happens, you will be the greater loser. No matter what rights I lose, I will still have my Lord – my best Friend and Helper. My eternal inheritance in laid up for me in heaven with Him.

 If your inheritance and hope is in this corrupting world, and if you don’t consider God’s ways and answer, you will one day discover that I was right and you were wrong. Then you would wish you had looked more closely at the truths and standards you now reject.     

Kenshin Himura's rebuttal to the above: I am not saying censorship is right, and I feel you should have the right to express your thoughts.  I have also read your Bible cover to cover having been forced to by my teachers while attending a Catholic School. 

I feel that a fantasy or fiction should not compromise your beliefs. I feel that ones belief is just that and nothing will change that, so a character worshipping a good god from the fantasy world where your god may not even exist is something for the character and a possible roleplaying point for the player.   

Berit's answer: The more time people spend imagining and delighting in a world where God doesn’t exist, the more quickly their minds accepts and conform to the beliefs and values of their chosen fantasy. At the same time, the real God becomes increasingly unreal and unacceptable to them.

It is not intended to be a real religion and only further explains the fantasy world as a more realistic place for the players to enjoy.  I say more realistic because most religions in earlier times were polytheistic as apposed to monotheistic.  Also a person trying to run a historically accurate game (wow no magic) in the dark ages before the coming of the Christians would not use the god you describe and worship.  They would use ancient celtic gods….

That’s why I advise Christian families to avoid those games. The pagan fantasy teaches beliefs and values that clash with our beliefs.

Now about kids, parents should watch their children who express an interest in roleplaying games, and see if they are emotionally able to handle the game because it can be very involving to some people.  A hockey player I know once told me that people shouldn't take the game of hockey so seriously because it is just that a game played for fun and enjoyment, just like a roleplaying game. 

No, traditional hockey is not just like roleplaying games. Hockey doesn’t immerse children in contrary beliefs and values.

You feel as though you are reporting on the ways a good christian should live, I feel that you need to look deep in your soul and ask yourself, "Does god really care about something that openly claims to be fiction, would god care if I used my imagination (a gift of god right) and create a fictitious fantasy world that wouldn't taint my actual beliefs."

I don’t discover what God cares about by looking “deep in [my] soul” and asking myself….  I find His will and desire for me by reading the Bible where He has revealed His heart and will. It makes it very clear from beginning to end that paganism is out. What counts is persevering in His unchanging truth.

So please examine it from all sides stop claiming all gamers worship satan (a word mentioned only once in the bible and translates to mean the wanderer) or follow satanic views, because it is not true and you are bad mouthing allot of good people.

You are putting words in my mouth. I have never claimed that “all gamers worship satan," nor am I badmouthing those who do. I don't try to censor playing, nor do hate you because of your interest. It's because I care about you and others that I write these warnings. 

Actually, the name “Satan” is used 55 times in the Bible, starting in the Old Testament with 1 Chronicles 21:1 (“Now Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel.”)  That happened long before Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave.  

In the Bible, Satan refers to a created personality granted power by God to test, deceive, and accuse people. His goal is to stir hate toward God and His people (that's why Jesus told us to expect persecution

Satan has many other names (devil, Lucifer, prince of this world, etc), but God is far stronger. His Word assures us that “He [Jesus Christ] who is in you is greater than he [Satan] who is in the world.” (1 John 4:5) We are told to “resist him,” and trust in the victory God offers those who remain faithful to Him. Ephesians 2:1-12 summarizes the spiritual battle Jesus won for us at the cross. (See the section on Polarity under Holistic health)

From Bill Smith [Re: You poor pitiful fools]:   Dear Sir and Madam,

With no disrespect meant, what is the matter with you?!?  You criticize the Harry Potter books for making the readers get involved in them.  That's what makes a book good!  Wake up!!  If you don't feel what the characters do, you can't like the book!  You attack Proffessor Snape for acting like his character!  You say that the evil people are bad role models and that they attract the children towards them!  THEY'RE THE BAD GUYS!!!  NO ONE LIKES THE BAD GUYS!!  NO ONE!!  

Also, you attack Pokemon!  What in the name of God (yeah, God, whatcha gonna do about it?) are you thinking?  As a side note, you also attack Sailor Moon and Star Wars.  While I am not a Sailor  Moon fan (it's one of the weaker animes), Star Wars is a great movie!  Well,  at least the first three.  Now, then, back to Pokemon.  Which reminds me, every so often, you people put a Pokeball-like emblem instead of a bullet  next to points you want to make. Using YOUR OWN logic, that MUST mean that  YOU are involved with Pokemon, Star Wars, Magic, and THE DEVIL (ominous  background music)!!  You say "something about Magic players "possessing" themselves.  I play Magic, and I NEVER do that!  That's ridiculous! 

 MY theory is that the little tikes learned that kind of thing from nowhere but (more ominous music) THE NEW TESTAMENT (yes, I am Jewish)!!!!  Look, I don't know what your problems are with this "becoming someone" thing, but I think you are missing a HUGE genre in that category: 1st-person shoot-'em-ups.  I myself hate these things, and I don't know why you don't start writing about them.  There is NO ROOM WHATSOEVER that these games promote unnecessary violence and (very unlikely, this) occult-like activities.  You go around shooting PEOPLE and DEMONS with completely unrealistic (and badly rendered) weapons that can have a whole array of vulgar and gratuitously violent effects.  Also, in your "What parents can do to help" section, you say that linking the Pokemon to Satan and evil will drive the kids away from it.  I don't know if you were ever a child, but once your into that kind of thing, trying to dislodge someone from it will only spur them on to hating you.   Nice try, though. Now shut up. 

Berit's response: I agree that "shoot-em-ups" and similar forms of violence are not for kids -- and that once a child is "into that kind of thing," stopping the craving for more is almost impossible apart from God. But a child who has learned to love God first, will be uncomfortable with occultism in any form. As for the rest of the comments, may I suggest you read my response to the preceding letter. 

From a concerned parent: I agree with some of what you said, and of course disagree with others.  My boys, (12 and 13) do have the games, cards and even some collector items.  I am involved in their game playing.  I can talk about pokemon, their attacks, who evolves into who, etc.  I see the dangers you point out and consciously work against them in my words and actions.  I do not hide this fact from my boys and they are aware of them as well.  God is the central focus in our home.  We pray for the strength to do His will at every meal, as we thank Him for the food to strengthen our bodies.  

The greatest dangers from the Pokemon craze are the parents who use it and any other 'thing' to entertain their kids, so they don't have to spend "leisure time" with their own kids.  Even Christian parents, myself included, get tired and allow 'things' to entertain their children, but as long as those times are the exception and not the rule and God's Word is spoken and practiced in the home, these games hold no power over our children.  The problem is not the game.  The problem is that Christian's have stood by and allowed the world's views to become the rule in this country and our homes.  The more society pushes the individual's rights issues, the more tolerant it has become of the 'anything goes' thinking of the 60's.  

More and more often I hear Christians defined as being 'intolerant' of other's rights.  Also words like 'narrow-minded', 'ignorant', 'egocentric' and 'feeble-minded' have been used to describe us and our beliefs.  No other minority in society would tolerate this kind of name calling, and the news media would be all over anyone who tried.  But the feeble-minded remark was made by a governor and was used to describe the kind of people who would believe that there is only one God and only one way to heaven.  I don't think I have to tell you what some other minority/religious groups would do if he had made that remark about them. 

I came to find out what this Harry Potter thing was all about, and moved on to the Symbols stuff, which reminded me of a few times I have seen symbols that horrified and repelled me.  Once I stumbled across a witchcraft site and saw the opening image, my soul screamed out in terror in what can best be described as the worst 'anxiety attack' I have ever experienced.  It was almost a reflex action to start praying at the sight of it.  Needless to say, I was pointing and clicking my way out of there FAST.  I must go to bed now, I just wanted to tell you how much I like your site and that I will be back to read it all.

Anonymous: Im not a Christian and i will never be. It angers me greatly that all you do is tell people how to live their lives by saying dont do this or do that or pray more. This is bullshit. Christianity has destroyed countless amounts of cultures, religions, and not to mention people. Let someone find the Bible for themseleves dont try to cram it down their throats. I have tolerence for all people i dont have discriminate. Your book says not to judge people because your mightly faceless god will, yet you find it necssary to judge everyone and or anyone that will listen to your filth. I could go on for a while but i have clamed after reading that trash on card games and role playing games. What is it you cant let anyone have any fun or enjoyment that isnt through the bible. It just makes me sick.

Berit's response: Dear visitor, you don't sound all that tolerant to me. I haven't judged you, but you seem very ready to judge me. May I suggest that  you looked a little more closely at your own words and  attitudes rather than get so angry at me that it makes you "sick." 

Since you seem to have misunderstood both my message and my purpose, please read my responses to the two preceding letters, then read Answers to Pokemon mail. Notice that I am not trying to cram my beliefs down anyone's throat. No one forced you to come to our  Christian website. Our goal is to provide Biblical encouragement to those who want it, not pressure those who don't want it.  At the same time, I would like to give you another  suggestion (after all, you gave me plenty of advice): Jesus can give you the wonderful inner peace that would keep you calm and loving even when you face people you neither like nor agree with. Just ask Him to show you the way. Christianity  is not what you think it is. Jesus said,

 "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:32-33


From Siberio (in response to one of Berit's earlier statements): ...but the last time I checked God didn't "allow" Satan to come and tempt us as the following excerpt seems to suggest: <<In the Bible, Satan refers to a created personality granted power by God to test, deceive, and accuse people. His goal is to stir hate toward God and His people (that's why Jesus told us to expect persecution) >>

Last time I checked in on my Devil/God theology I remember reading about Satan's fall from Grace and his refusal to come together with God. I also remember Satan being an angel who had fallen.

Berit's response: When was the last time you checked? The Bible hasn't changed. It still tells us that God created everything, including the angels. The angelic armies that rebelled against His sovereign rule over heaven and earth are still answerable to God and have only as much power as He permits. Please review these passages: Job 1:8-12; Job 2:1-7; Revelation 12:7-9 and 20:1-2.

From Arnie Fishman: Thanks for posting your emails comments/letters from others, Berit (especially on your current new stuff). I have to say that I am pretty amazed at the comments you get. They fall into either of two camps:

1)    those who are encouraged and who know the Spirit of God witnessing inside of them to the truth as shown. 

2)Those who react instantly like throwing a blazing hot piece of metal into a pail of cold water (or matter and anti-matter being thrown together). It is amazing that the latter category of responses (whether Christian or pagan) that they are responding the same way: instant hatred, name calling, an inability to listen, etc.. it is truly amazing to read these salvos!  My hat is off to you to be as loving and kind and patient as you are.

I think it is interesting that even though the whole notion of tolerance of others is being preached at kids left and right, those who blow up at you and your thoughts, are showing no tolerance at all.  In fact they are demonstrating a total lack of ability to handle conflict in even in a conversational way without blowing up. This does not bode well for our culture and kids (more violence and intimidating of the Christian perspective). It is interesting that it seems like tolerance message has not really worked at all for these kids... any comments on this?

From Joe: I was researching some martial arts when I happened across your site.  Chi is not a mystical or cosmic energy. You said,

“Though the women were told to discover "their own truth" and god, their spiritual mentors had already written the guidelines. Naturally, some traits of the re-imagined gods were open to individual preference. The new deities could be personal and loving (like Jesus) or be impersonal but empowering (like the cosmic force or chi energy). But they had to be immanent (everywhere and in all) like the Native American Great Spirit and other pantheistic deities. They could not be transcendent (higher and greater than they) or selective (choosing to save some and not others) like the biblical God. They had to mirror each woman's own self, not some higher revelation. In other words, Jesus Christ was ruled out.”  

I believe the remarks in quotations are yours.  If I am wrong I apologize.

Chi or Ki in the Japanese is an inner energy/strength found in all living things.  Accessing the energy is not evil, demonic, or magical in any way it is very natural and useful.  Chi is a way to center yourself.  Martial Artists use chi in order to defend themselves against an aggressor.  If a person attacked you would you let them kill you if you couldn't run away.  I wouldn't.  By utilizing a chi point on their body I could disrupt their chi. In a more practical term I would utilize a nerve strike.  My opponent would most likely not wish to harm me further.  Certain movements in martial arts allow the artist to utilize his/her own chi better and the chi of the opponent easier.  Calling the points chi points and explaining why they work the way they do helps a student understand the cultural side of the martial art while gaining practical usage of the art in modern times.  Chi is often seen as something mystical but it really isn't it is just an understanding of how your body works and understanding practical application of the martial arts.

Thank you, Joe, for your explanation. It's helpful to hear an explanation from someone who understands these practices as well as you do. In a way, you prove my point. For, as a Christian, I see the same energy as a force that clashes with the teachings of the Bible. My God tells His people to have nothing to do with it.  (See Pokemon Movie)

Meditation in some ways can be seen as prayer.  I do know some people who pray through meditation.  When chi is used in meditation it commonly is interpreted as gathering some sort of magical energy when it really is used as a release of tension.  In meditation it is good to focus on something to help clear your mind of thought so you may reach a state of relaxation, most people utilize breathing as their focus.  A person centers them self in the lotus position because in the beginning it teaches strength and loosens the body becoming more flexible, it also places your pelvis close to the ground, chi flows from just below the navel, this is where balance from the body is derived from.  If a person doesn't have proper balance they are stressing their body.

The major points of balance in the body, I mean this more in the physical sense, are the head and the pelvis. 

When a martial artist speaks of settling it is a form of attack or defense, commonly seen as a chi strike, that is achieved by bringing the pelvis closer to the ground in a stance, helping gain good momentum for an attack.  An attack does not come from the fist or foot it comes from the whole body moving properly.  Now I don't mean the martial artist would immediately drop into the stance at the first sign of danger that is stupid in modern fighting, the position comes quickly and subtly an opponent most likely doesn't know what hit them.

When people speak of chi in religion they often refer to Taoism, Buddhism, etc... But it does not have to have any religious significance what so ever, it is perfectly natural.  Chi points are used in Acupuncture techniques.  

I myself am a martial artist and I feel that by utilizing chi helps me in regular day to day events through normal breathing and walking, I try to understand my body and how it works.  I don't see anything mystical about it, it seems perfectly natural.  I feel that people are told about chi in martial art classes to help show the arts origin and the culture surrounding the art.  I have never talked to any martial artist that claimed chi was mystical in any way.

Tai Chi uses slow movement and breathing to help relax the body.  If Tai Chi was actually used in combat, as it was first designed, it is an extremely deadly martial art.  Once analyzed it utilizes many chi/ nerve strikes.  It has recently lost most of its practical uses and become more of a breathing and relaxation tool.

From Michelle Freeman: I just finished reading the first part of your new article.  Your site is one of my regulars that I check daily and I just wanted to write you and continue to encourage you and let you know that I pray for you both regularly….

It is so amazing to me that 90% of your emails have to do with Pokemon and other things like that.  While those things are of enormous importance to all of us, that we would want to keep the things of Satan away from our children  (especially the things that we have obvious control over), almost no one comments over Clinton, the UN, the fact that our Constitution has essentially been eradicated, that the Anti-Christ's government is being set up right before our very eyes. We sleep while the lion roams and roars, seeking to devour....

But Praise be to our Lord and Savior, He IS COMING SOON, maybe even today!  Thanks again for what you do and my love to you both,

Matt 6:33 - But seek Him first and His Righteousness and all things pertaining to life will be added unto us.


Anonymous: Hi, You may not recognize me as this is my 'incognito' e-mail address... I have a few comments I would like to make on the articles posted on your website.... I am glad you are bringing all the satanic undertones in things such as Teletubbies, Pokemon, Star Wars, and more to light, and carrying on such long drawn out discussions on them. I wish more people in the world would follow your lead and start spending all of there time picking apart these 'harmless seeming' demons...  so my real works (Murder, Drugs, Child Exploitation, Sexual Assault) can grow and flourish in this wasted land your leaders call America! The more people you can get following your cause of bringing down the evil toys, are less people I have to worry about destroying my main goals in the world. I would like to thank you and all of your followers for keeping peoples focus off of my main, most important work, and keeping their focus on these little 'smokescreens' I have brought in to cover up my real work. Thanks again, Satan Head Designer - Magic:The Gathering / Pokemon Director - Star Wars and Teletubbies Editor - Harry Potter Books Head Animator - Disney Animation Studios

From Lisa J. I believe, and this is my own opinion, as a Christian I must love the Lord  and obey his commands.  What I see in your website is not a Christian  witness to others. If anything, you not only judge others/things in the name  of God, but you also terrorise the h… out people with your so called  "opinions/revelations". 

I personally believe that you look way too much into things.  A movie is a movie, a trading card is a trading card, a book is a book.  Nothing more.  I used to collect Basketball trading cards and Star Trek trading cards, but  that hasn't lead into anything else, so the most laughable thing I read in  your site was that collecting Pokemon trading cards would lead into  collecting Magic Trading cards.

Also your attack on Indigenous spirituality, especially Native American spirituality, is just typical of an ignorant Christian who is a member of the dominant society.  I am an Indigenous Australian, and for 40 thousand years or more, my people had their beliefs, beliefs about creation, and how man was created and about God.  When Australia was colonised by these so-called "good" Christian people, we were told our beliefs were un-godly and evil.  In the name of God, my people were assimilated and even subjected to genocide - in a cultural sense and a physical sense.  This was all done, as I said before, In the Name of God by "good" Christian people who thought they were doing Gods will.  God loves my people, God loved my people before colonisation and he loves them now, just like God loves Native American people, now and then.  There is a verse in the Bible that you must have somehow over looked and it goes like this;

 "Nothing shall separate us from the love of God, not height, nor power, nor  principalities..."

 To me this means NOTHING.  Just because people have a different way of worshipping God doesn't mean that they are wrong.  They are expressing their love and their happiness to God in a different way.  Indigenous people from all over the world had their own different ways of worshipping God, and just because they didn't have a Bible or worshipped in a Church like "western" "civilised" people did/do, doesn't mean that they don't love God any less.  So to me this does not make their beliefs anything like "occult" beliefs/practices.

 I read your synopsis of the Pocahontas (sp) movie and was again suprised by your opinions of the movie in relation to the way you characterised the characters.  Yes..white man did come and "invade" these  peoples territory, and did so in the name of God, just like many white  people have done to other Indigenous people throughout the world..this is  not a new concept, so don't be so suprised or offended by it. (It seemed to  me that’s how you felt, offended by the portrayal of white people).  I guess what I’m trying to say is...find out more about someone’s culture before you  start to tell them what’s wrong with their beliefs/culture.  Just because they don't practice the same type of worshipping that you do, doesn't mean that God doesn't love them any less.

One last gripe is about the Star Wars thing.  I love Star Wars, I have loved it since it first came out at the movies.  It was my own choice, and will continue to love it. Why? because its just a movie.  I read all the books, collect mementos, read articles on Star Wars, Why?, because its a hobby,  just like stamp collecting or butterfly collections.  There is nothing wrong with liking something like Star Wars and I think as a Christian and as a person who has been given a brain and thoughts and a mental capacity to know right from wrong, I don't see any conflict between me liking Star Wars and  being a Christian.

After reading this site, what kind of a Christian witness are you?  you talk  about love and peace, but you judge people for not believing what you do. Where is the Christian witness in that?   Yours in Christ

     Lisa, please see Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

From Sharra Mimms: I am saddened to see all of the messages that people have sent you that are dripping with hate and venomous remarks concerning your position on the Harry Potter books and other influences. Thank you....

I am concerned for those who call themselves believers and yet make inflammatory remarks and ridicule you for speaking the truth in boldness.  Believers in Jesus Christ must take heed and examine themselves to see as whether they are in the faith.  Do they have the indwelling Spirit of Christ that seals them and sets them apart from the Lord?  Going to church will not guarantee our salvation, reading the bible will not guarantee our salvation, and good works will not guarantee our salvation.  These are edifying practices for a believer to follow and yet only if the Spirit of  Jesus Christ the one true living God, dwells in us-shall we be redeemed.

If the Bible instructs us that those who practice sorcery, witchcraft or occult WILL NOT inherit the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, then by all means - Let us with all fear and reverence of the Lord God Almighty REFUSE to introduce our children to the occultic themes and fantasies that are found in the Harry Potter books.

Be bold and be strong ...  Continue to speak and declare the Word of the Lord and go forth as Elijah and refuse to accept the modern 'Baals' that our American culture is so eagerly embracing.

Anonymous: You are the kind of people that try to dominate the world with your ideals. I have news for you people, you need to respect others ideals. If you don't like a game, don't let your kids play it but leave the game alone. If you don't like Star Wars, don't watch it and don't let your kids watch it but  leave it alone. If you don't like pornography, don't look at it, but don't ruin it for people who like it. That is their choice. People like you will be the downfall of freedom in the US. 

Guess what. I don't like you, does that mean we should ban you? No. Try to research your topics before you slam them. It is a good idea to know what you are talking about first. Its not the games that are evil. It is the people who blow them out of proportion that are the problem. People like you who take everything out of context. You are so insecure about your own salvation you must blame everything else and you see the devil in EVERYTHING around you. You people need to grow up, get a life, and stay out of everyone elses.

From Heath: I was amused by your selective condemnation of non-Christian forces. I found especially amusing the comdemnation of a Pokemon's pychic ability but a praise of the Jedi's force. Neither come from the Christian God yet one's okey dokey. Seems a trifle contradictory and self serving (especially viewed in the context of the articles in question).

Berit's response: Where did I supposedly praise "the Jedi's force?" I put it in the same category as "Pokemon's psychic ability." Please re-read the Star Wars article. 

On another point George Lucas has sanctioned a roleplaying game called Star Wars. Is this evil too, or because it suits you to say nice things about Lucas et al you'll ignore this aspect as well?   Are all roleplaying games inherently evil/misguided/better served with toast? What about Monopoly? Teaches that gathering money at the expense of other is good. Cowboys and Indians? Violence and racial hatred is good. Most nursury rhymes and tales deal with violence and disease. Christmas, Easter et al are adoptions of previous pagan festivals....   

Your site does an excellent job or perpetrating it's own judgemental view on other things....   I particulary enjoyed the way that you portray all Christians as morons, without the will to think for themselves.   Keep up the good work.

It takes a lot more strength and courage to maintain culturally unpopular convictions than to flow with the politically correct crowd. Committed Christians are forced to know what they believe and why that cannot compromise. It's the moron who rejects reality and takes the easy way out.  

From a concerned mother:  I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how very much I appreciate your boldness....  I have felt strange and uncomfortable towards the things you have exposed, but the world seems to embrace and integrate them into its culture.  Reading your articles brings light and confirmation to my suspicions.   

It has become increasingly difficult to "set ourselves apart" from the world.  Christianity has become so blended with everything else that it, in some cases, can hardly be called Christianity.  In fact, when teaching my son values, I rarely even use the word 'Christian', instead I say 'Godly' or 'Christ-like'.  Christianity has been so watered down, and I believe will continue to be as history proves, that I don't want my son to associate himself with the compromised version of it, but rather the Biblical version of it.    

It is not easy, though.  All his friends indulge themselves in most things that I do not allow him to participate in.  While he is only 5 now, he trusts me and obeys and even parrots my teachings to his friends, I can only pray that as he grows and becomes more independent that he will adopt the perspectives his father and I have been teaching him.  I make great efforts to explain the why's of it all.  We don't keep him in a bubble, we allow him to catch very brief glimpses of what is out there, just so he is aware and is not so naive that he can easily be deceived.  

Anyway, thank you again.  From a mother who truly and greatly appreciates all you research and efforts to bring TRUTH to those who seek it.

From Joe M: I have been following your page rather closely lately after sending you my previous letters. I was wondering if you feel the pentagram is a satanic symbol. From my understanding it is a symbol of protection against evil and the like. The reversed pentagram is a perverted sign of demonic worship or evil in general and from my understanding quite insulting to the pagan community.  

Berit's response: Please see "pentagram" in the list of Symbols

Now I know that you believe in your faith very highly and it is against your faith to use such symbols in your worship that is fine by me you are entitled to your beliefs, the US preaches religious freedom last time I checked.    

I guess my point is just because your religion preaches it is wrong does not mean it is right. The belief of I am right and you are wrong seems allot like religious intolerance to me, something I find quite distasteful.  The thought of such things reminds me of past horrors committed upon people in the name of faith, country, and whatever else you can think of.   

 I know you preach not to hate and you do not approve of the Spanish Inquisition, most people I hope don't, so there is no need to point that out to me. It just reminds me of this that is all.  I do not think of you in this way.  I try to look for the good in all things while believing in the phrase "If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all." I would prefer not to hurt another’s feelings if it can be avoided. I believe in what I do for my own reasons and nothing anyone can say will change my beliefs as I don't expect to change yours.    Thanks for your time, Joe

I appreciate your comment on religious freedom. Those who have read the previous Pokemon comments, may have noticed that many anime fans have either forgotten or rejected our First Amendment freedoms.  They believe they are "right" and refuse to acknowledge another person's freedom to differ.  You and I may disagree on what is "right" or "wrong", but we recognize that in a free country we are entitled to maintain and follow our convictions. 

 Since you mentioned the Inquisition, may I just point everyone to our chart on  Biblical versus Cultural Christianity.  

From Seth Martin: I  read through some of your articles on Pokemon, Digimon, and Harry Potter and find your views to be very disturbing.  You are finding evil where evil is not meant to be found.    Pokemon, from what I have seen in the past year is simply another craze.  One which is fairly innocent.  The only problem I see is that kids get carried away with collecting.  But this happens with beanie babies, coins, stamps, figurines, etc...  Parents need to encourage some discipline and restraint in their kids and that's it.  

I just will never understand why people search for evil where no evil is intended.   Digimon charaters are more violent looking than Pokemon and that would be the only reason I would have for keeping a child from acquiring them.  They are not intended to be evil, and one has to wonder about the mind of a person who sees them as evil.   Harry Potter books are absolutely wonderful fantasy.  Wonderfully written and great reading for children and adults!  They are your typical good against evil stories and in the three I have read, good has won out!  The bad guys lose every time.  Harry and his friends are good people and good characters and to make these books out to be anything other that good fantasy is the work of a sick mind.

Berit's response: Since you believe that my convictions indicate a "sick mind," would you also agree with UNESCO's view (and that of President Clinton) that people who refuse to conform to politically correct ideology would fall short of the global standard for "Mental Health"? If so, are you willing to toss out the First Amendment in order to force everyone to agree with you? These are important questions, for religious freedom is at stake around the world. Keep in mind, I'm not offended by your personal beliefs, but I am deeply concerned about the number of people who take the position that my views must be silenced -- and that those who share my views should be deprived of their freedom.

If you doubt the last statement, please read the first two of sets of Pokemon comments. Then read Answers to Pokemon mail.

From J. Carney: Sex Education and Evolution in schools? Scandalous!

Every school is teaching students about Sex ed. earlier these days.  It's sad, but it's because kids are experimenting earlier.  The same thought exists behind early drug education.  All of us sinners in Public school started taking Sex ed. in Sixth grade.  It didn't give me the sudden urge to go out and do it.  Drug Education in fifth grade didn't suddenly make me interested in smoking pot.  I don't even smoke.  I guess you could say I'm a textbook case that proves the system does indeed work.

On the topic of Evolution.  My goodness, I thought the Scopes trial sorted this whole thing out years ago.  Learning about Evolution won't automatically destroy whatever belief you've placed in your children about Creationism.  Often times, ideas contrary to your own, when learned about give you a new found understanding of your own belief.  This can lead to a belief stronger than it was before.  If ideas contrary to your belief destroy your belief, than it's rather obvious you really didn't believe in that in the first place.

Education covers a broad view.  By definition, learning should not be provincial in scope.  Limiting all material to things that solely reflect the Christian viewpoint is like teaching children Math all throughout school, while ignoring English.  They come out the best Problem-solvers ever, but they can read or write worth a damn.  You can't teach two-sided issues by only covering one half.  That is probably why your Creationism believing kids learn about Evolution in class.

The last comment Cindy makes about Homosexuality truly shocks me.  Do people still view AIDS as the "gay plague" as it was seen in the eighties? How someone can be so dispassionate and yet claim to follow Jesus is beyond me.  Jesus dealt with the biblical version of AIDS, which was leprosy.  He embraced the lepers.  Forgetting whether, "they brought it upon themselves" or not, does it really matter?  Each time you shunned the lowest of the low, you have shunned me.  Does this passage not apply, for some reason? And besides all that, her words seem to look at Homosexuality as a choice someone makes in life, as if they wake up one day and decide to be homosexual.  I assume that it's genetic.  Of course, now I've lost all the readers who find genetics too liberal, so let me try and put it in different terms.  To the male readers, did you wake up one day and say, "I think I'll be attracted to women today?" And for the females, vice-versa? How can you possibly think that one method of attractions occurs one way and the other is a choice?  Now, there are those who might say, yes it's innate for some people to be gay, but they should merely abstain from those activities.  I have read things such as this happening before in certain gay marriages.  But it is easy for the person who does not have to give up anything to tell other people what they have to give up.

And I won't even get started on people who talk about "truth" who consciously ignore half the world.  

Berit's response: Obviously, you and I disagree on most issues. But since you have mis-represented my articles on education, may I suggest you go back and read Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance- Clinton's Ten Steps Toward Lifelong Behavior Modification and the chapters I have posted from Brave New Schools.

In response to your last sentence, remember that Christian missionaries risked their lives to travel to all parts of the world -- leaving behind the comforts and safety of the West -- in order to bring God's love to the poor. In the process they built schools, hospitals, and churches that brought hope and peace to people whose existence involved all kinds of fears and oppressions,  I don't know any other group of people who have demonstrated such unselfish love. You may want to read Biblical versus Cultural Christianity?  Thank you.

Anonymous: Im not a Christian and i will never be. It angers me greatly that all you do is tell people how to live their lives by saying dont do this or do that or pray more. This is b&*%&.  Christianity has destroyed countless amounts of cultures, religions, and not to mention people. Let someone find the Bible for themseleves dont try to cram it down their throats. I have tolerence for all people i dont have discriminate. Your book says not to judge people because your mightly faceless god will, yet you find it necssary to judge everyone and or anyone that will listen to your filth. I could go on for a while but i have clamed after reading that trash on card games and role playing games. What is it you cant let anyone have any fun or enjoyment that isnt through the bible. It just makes me sick.

Berit's response: Did I hear you say, "I have tolerance for all people. I don't discriminate"? I don't see much tolerance in your message. Perhaps you meant to say that you tolerate all people who agree with you? Or do you simply prefer to believe that you are a perfect model of tolerance so that you won't be troubled by all that anger inside?  Please be honest with yourself. Your denial and intolerance threatens America's peace and freedom far more than the old-fashioned rational debate on the many social issues that divide us.

From Paul:  I am a young man heading into the ministry. I've felt God's call on my life to become a youth pastor, especially to emotionally disturbed youth. I have read some of your articles on this site, and skimmed through others. After this reading time, I have come to one conclusion; you seriously need to get your lives in check with God before you go around putting other people down on a stupid whim of yours. Do some reseach on the topics you are discussing, and then you can wright an effective article without any loop wholes.

I thank you very much for reading this, and hope you take it into consideration. God Bless.

Paul, I use the Bible -- Old and New Testament as guidelines for what pleases God and what He tells us to avoid. You may think that is "stupid", but your comment raises a serious question: As a "young man heading into the ministry," what is your standard for right and wrong? Just your feelings? If so, may I suggest you read Answers to Pokemon mail.

From Mikhael Clark: Ok dudes, you've got some problems here.
1. Star wars is evil and preaches satanic doctrine
ok forst off you had to twist anakins name to get that anak name.
then how do you figuree SW is satanic? i never heard 1 single iota of a reference to satan in it.

2. Pokemon. Please, people, you mentioned all super natural force from satan.  well pokemon cards havent BEEN SHOWN TO give anyone power, so where's the devil involved?

also you stress that the show can illusion chidlren into thinking they have power. anything can illusion people dude, are we to say the bible is bad because some people after reading it think therre samson or jesus or who ever? 
3. about KI.  it started out spiritual but scientists in many countries have confirmed its existece, its Bio-Electricity.  there are many types of electricity, static, etc.  this is one emitted by living forms. The spiritual side of it is what displeases you, do you not know that today's magic is often tomorrow's science.
All natural aspects of nature, lightning, thunder, rain, snow, etc were all considered super natural, and Christians back then ridiculed those who studied them. the church considered galileo demonic for his theories. 
Michael, please re-read the Star Wars article. Notice that I didn't say what you attribute to me. The comment about Anakim came from a visitor, but the word is used in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy and Joshua) nine times. There are several more references to the short form, Anak. 

As far as Galileo is concerned, he was part of the Catholic church so the science came from someone identified with the Church, not from outside it. The established leaders thought him a heretic, but that part of the problem in any culture that has put aside the true teachings of Jesus. Leaders want to perpetuate their own organization and self-generated ideas, and they often feel personally threatened by contrary opinions. Please see the chart Biblical versus Cultural Christianity.


From Janessa Lundy [Re: Your "Christian" site]:  I read parts of your website but I'm sorry but in my opinion you people are fruitier than a bowl of fruit!!!   You thinking shunning the world and everything in it that people like is bad....  I think your the one that God looks down and seeing nothing but contempt for.  A true Christian would not write or make a website out of the things you have.  Frankly people like you scare me...  I feel sorry for you, I really do. 

From BitesAllJerks: funny site =) made my day

From Joe:  The Pagan religions are older than Christianity by far and almost all writings and tales about pagans being connected with sacrificing babies and other such nonsense is penned by one man, Julius Caesar.  When at war it is customary to demoralize ones enemies by turning them into monsters, I think this seems to have worked.  When we were at war with Germany in WWII we did not have hamburgers we had American Steaks. 

The other popular writing dates to a group of monks who forged some documentation of pagan rites and practices.  Many scholars consider it a forgery because there is no further evidence to support this writing the monks had discovered.  The pagan or neo-pagan religion Wicca states in its rede “Do as you will and harm none.” This simple rule prevents the witch from doing any harm to anyone or anything including him or herself through the use of magical or non-magical means of expression.  I have no idea how this would relate to a “Devil figure” it seems quite opposite of Wiccan teachings and quite non-corrupting to the practitioners of said religion.  Wicca and other Neo-pagan religions seem quite beautiful; and peaceful, they teach harmony of the mind, body, and soul through a union with a Trinity element of Gods, the unnamed ruler, the God, and the Goddess which are just embodiments of the unnamed God or ruler figure.  This seems very similar to the teachings of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Trinity of some Christian religions.

The Bible condemns the use and practice of magic in most translations but most Theologians agree that this is a mistranslation of the word poisoner, meaning one who uses herbal poisons and kill ion stealth or one who poisons the mind, and has nothing to do with Wicca or Witchcraft.  I would also like to point out the rules for slavery found in the Bible, which is a practice that is approved of in the Bible, I feel that this practice is rather sickening and should be avoided at all cost for no one has the right to own another no matter what reason but the Bible supports it from Genesis to Revelations.  I think all decent people would agree with this thought.  This thought on slavery and sorcery would lead me to believe that the Bible may have it wrong in other areas as well.  I once heard a saying don’t believe everything you read, does this even adhere to the teachings found in the Holy Bible?  I would say it does.  Some people have asked me why I make these kind of statements or who am I to make these statements, what right do I have. I tell anyone who asks me it is a simple right, the right to live, the right to decide, the right to be human, just like the men and women who first penned the Bible.  I believe no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes even if they don’t see the mistakes they have made or that others take what they have said and twisted it to their own purposes for the good of many or the good of themselves.

In the years to come I wish to look back on my life and all the things I have been, done, and all the words used by others to describe myself to others or to my face in hatred and have people realize the one word that describes me best human.  I wish for my epitaph to read a single short phrase “Seeker of Tolerance”.  This letter is not meant to offend or enrage it is meant to share a view from a non-Christian perspective and ask what is the need to hate, what is the need to be intolerant of others religions because a book tells you they are wrong and evil.  If someone told me the only means of salvation were that I must jump to my death, I would not feel that it is worth it.  I will leave you with a quote I found on from a respected Pagan and practitioner of Wicca.

We are not evil. We don't harm or seduce people. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at T.V. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don't have to be afraid of us. We don't want to convert you. And please don't try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give you--to live in peace. We are much more similar to you than you think." Margot Adler 

Berit’s response: I don’t have much time to answer right now, but your interesting statement about Julius Ceasar prompts me to suggest you review European, Egyptian, American history. Any credible archeologist or anthropologist would tell you that human sacrifice has been part of earth-centered cultures around the world. If you don’t believe it, visit Britannica Encyclopedia on line. Here is one helpful page:,5716,42396+1+41475,00.html

 Aztec and Mayan priests would slash the chest and cut out hearts from living sacrifices. We recently saw the ceremonial knives and bowls for such religious ceremonies in a newly discovered cave in Belize. Nearly a dozen skeletons and skulls were still visible in this cave which is still closed to the general public while being studied by archeologists.   

From "Fivel The Mouse": I feel really sorry for you people. How do you manage to get on with your lives with such evil things as pokemon and harry potter around you?

By the way, these things were invented for kids, and if you haven't noticed kids like fantasy. It stimulates their imaginations. Therefore I am assuming that you want all children every where to be boring, mindless and completely uncreative good christian drones. Pokemon will not cause your son or daughter to be possessed by satan. Kids don't even care about religion. It's a non-issue to them. They would rather be kids.

Berit's response: Of course, they would rather be kids. So would some adults.  But the Bible tells us to grow up, be discerning and train our children to know right from wrong based on His Word. He warns us repeatedly about the power of the imagination to deceive our minds and distort our view of reality. You may want to see the beginning of our article on Guiding the Imagination- A Major Tactic for Social Change. I hope to find time to finish it soon. 

Anonymous: You need to stop looking for demons in popular culture and start looking for them in the mirror. Your closed-minded intolerance of anything that doesn't fit the confines of your adulterated black bible is sickening. You are looking for evil where there is only entertainment. Have the Dungeons and Dragons players of the 80's grown up into a generation of goat-sacrificing Satan worshippers? I didn't think so.

You point at the media, trying to divert attention as you brainwash America's youth, instilling in them an unhealthy hatred of homosexuals, members of other religions, and anything else that doesn't fit your narrow and often arbitrary and contradictory definition of the word "moral."

You may think you're doing good. Your feeble minds may perceive your obsession as "God's work," but rest of us just see a couple of stark-raving lunatics who want everyone to think the way they do.

Our response: I'm afraid you don't understand the Bible -- nor God's love for people around the world -- any better than you think I understand the things you love. To see where we are coming from please read Answers to Pokemon mail.  

From Paul: I am a young man heading into the ministry. I've felt God's call on my life to become a youth pastor, especially to emotionally disturbed youth. I have read some of your articles on this site, and skimmed through others. After this reading time, I have come to one conclusion; you seriously need to get your lives in check with God before you go around putting other people down on a stupid whim of yours. Do some reseach on the topics you are discussing, and then you can wright an effective article without any loop wholes.

I thank you very much for reading this, and hope you take it into consideration. God Bless.

Dear Paul. I have considered your message and am a bit concerned that you are "heading into the ministry."  I hope that you will, in turn, consider what I wrote in Biblical versus Cultural Christianity  and in my response to the comment preceding yours.

From John Shirey:   I'm a Bible believing Christian and I'm sorry to say that I disagree with alot of your fears and views on things like Star Wars, Anime, role playing games, and the list goes on. I played role playing games for a number of years, enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, enjoy comics, enjoy Star Wars, play Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, and I am a fan of Japanese Anime and Manga (comics). I regurlary watch Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing and I am looking foward to seeing Tenchi Miyu on the Cartoon Channel this summer. 

Please do not tar and feather all anime and manga with the same broad brush. The Japanese have used animation and comics to tell all different types of stories from those for children to those that are XXX and every thing in between. They include such styles as action, drama, and comedy and all diffent subject matters no matter how mundane. They have not kept these arts restricted just for the kiddies or as an outlet for adolecent humor. For example the story line in Gundam Wing is very complex and discusses a number of issues including war, peace, suicide, death, and honor much of which is aimed at a teenage and older audience who can understand what being said.

And before you get upset that the story line involves suicide, remember that in Japan suicide is still seen by some as an honorable means of death in order to save face for ones family. This belief is very old and is one of the reasons that Japan has a higher rate of suicide then the US....

Role playing games for the most part are not inherently evil. They tend to be neutral and depend alot on the players playing the game and especially on the person running the game for the direction the game goes. With a person of character running the game and like minded people playing the game, the game can be a great exercise in creative thinking and alot of fun. A gamesmaster of this sort will set up a world that will challenge the players to be truly heroic and to fight for good vs evil like in Tolkien. 

On the other hand there are certain games where this is type of game is nearly impossible as the players are expected to play evil or totally amoral characters. These games I believe are inherently evil for the most part unless highly modified by the gamesmaster. One other important point that the gamesmaster and players must always keep in mind is that its just a game and that the game situations and characters that the players play have no bearing on reality. If this line is crossed its time to stop playing the game.

Here is a little bit of history. Christianity made it to Japan in the 1500's and a many Japanese including a number of their nobility converted especially on the southern island of Kyushu. When Japan invaded Korea in the 1590's one of the generals in charge was a Christian. After Tokugawa succeeded in uniteing Japan under his rule in the early 1600's he proceeded to rid Japan of all foreign influence. This included Christianity. Many Christians were crucified or otherwise killed especially after a revolt in the mid 1600's by a group of Christian peasants and their lord. Christianity all but disappeared from Japan and even today it has made very few inroads into Japan. Animation is very popular in Japan.

When CBN wanted to make some inroads there... they created Super Book over in Japan to tell Bible stories in a way that would reach the Japanese. Super Book is anime, ie anime is Japanese for animation.

Anonymous: who the heck do you think you are...say that gay is bad and that a ying~yang is bad...and that witchcraft is disgust me and you call your self Christens...your saying a peace sign is bad ya right how is it bad if it means peace...and don't say oh it a broken cross ya right in a million do not need to write that on the internet...i am disgusted with you!!!!!

From Smirnoff: The amount of hate on this website is distressing to me. I respect other religions and their beliefs. Christianity has its own problems, just like nature-based religions. I have yet to see a nature-based religion start World War II, the Crusades, or the Spanish Inquisition. I don't see Shintoists wearing white hoods and burning African-Americans to death in front of a large wooden cross. I don't see Confucianists destroying the culture of native peoples by murder, destruction, and fire like the Spanish conquistadors, whose three main goals were bullion, glory, and the spread of Christianity.

Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian, and I love my religion, but I also love other religions too, and refuse to hate or try and change other people because I don't agree with them.

From Berit: I am confused. Could you give me some examples of what you consider hate. Just a couple of quotes. Then, please define hate. I'm not sure what you mean. 

Second letter from Smirnoff: I apologize, perhaps my first letter was a little pointed. However, I still define hate as your chart of nature-based religions, pointing out only the bad parts of each one (I've never, by the way, heard of magic/sorcery in Buddhism, as listed on your chart), overlooking the peacefulness, happiness, and well-being that can be achieved by Buddhist meditations or Native American nature dances. And while you yourself may not hate these religions, you are providing an easy excuse for other people to hate them.

I also am distressed that, while reading the letters from parents, it seems your website has given these people more cause to shield their children from everything the outside world has to offer. I agree that yes, society needs to be drastically changed. But shielding children from the happiness they get in seeing Disney's Pocahontas or reading a great piece of children's literature such as The Giver will not accomplish anything. In my opinion, people need to be exposed to everything possible, making decisions for themselves. Free-will was given by God, was it not? Instead of keeping children from watching the Teletubbies or Japanese anime, it would be helpful for the parents to let their children be exposed to these other cultures, and then having discussions about the content and how it relates to what the family believes.

From Berit: I am not surprised at your anger toward me and my beliefs. God warned us that the world would neither understand nor accept His truth. Yet, it was Christian missionaries who first risked their lives to spread the message of God's love to distant lands, where people worshipped nature and lived in constant dread of its spirits and forces. These faithful people established hospitals and schools. They lived among natives and ministered to their needs -- not because they were filled with hate - but because they they loved their God and His people more than their own lives. 

One of the many Scriptures that help explain the world's hostility toward us is in 1 Corinthians 1:18: "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are saved it is the power of God...."  Jesus had already warned His disciples several times that the "the world would hate" them because they were "not of the world." The same holds true today.

We are fast moving toward a time of persecution in this great nation.  But that matters little to those who have been joined to Christ. In Him, we can rest secure, no matter what happens. My main concern is that nothing hinders His children from knowing and loving the wonderful King of the universe -- and His great love for them. 

From Smirnoff again: I do not hate Christians. I do not hate anybody. I am merely saying that I do not approve of censorship or narrow-mindedness towards other religions. I was disappointed to find out about the parents who would not allow their children to watch the Teletubbies (a valuable sensory experience for young, young children who cannot understand speech) or a Disney movie. They preferred to take the path of myopia, rather than siezing the opportunity to have a valuable discussion with their children.

I also do not feel that there is a time of Christian persecution ahead. Christianity is not only the most popular religion in this country, but also in the world. We are quite capable of defending ourselves. At 15 years old, I realize I perhaps do not have the real world experience to comment on Christian persecution, but I do know that in this country, Freedom of Religion and Speech are upheld to the fullest by the Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights.  Feel free to post this message, but please refute my arguments. Thank you.

Berit: I have already refuted your first argument in my two articles on Harry Potter. Please don't tell me to summarize the evidence in a few simple soundbites. It's too complex a subject. As far as freedom and persecution are concerned, please check our section on Persecution. Also read The UN Plan for Your Mental Health, Mind Control and  Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values. If I try to summarize what I have documented elsewhere, you probably won't believe me. But if you read and ponder the verified facts, I believe you will share my concern. 

From BahamutDraco: I read your comment pages, and was basically appalled! First off, you quote the bible so aloofly, and matter-of-factly that one would believe that the Bible is the only thing that should dictate people's actions and preferences. The Bible is merely a tool of Guidance, as are the opinions and morals of others.

From Berit:  You are wrong. The Bible is the absolute and eternal  Word of God to those who love and follow Him.  It is our moral compass, our solid anchor, and our unchanging guide for life.  As 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."

You can choose your path and live as you please, but you cannot change or reinterpret the truths that God has given to those who seek Him. 

It's up to a person's own free-will to decide whether they will be Christian, or not, watch Anime or not...or is it? I find that many people have been totally jaded by having beliefs crammed into every orifice possible. If you are so weak as to be unable to see the difference between fantasy and reality, or be unable to bring yourself out of these "hideous" fits of fantasy, then you aren't exercising your free will.

Christianity is something that should be based on free-will, and not the angry force of your parents/preachers...these people should be your guides, not your masters.

Have you taken a step back to see what your fanaticisim has done to people? "I saw my kids watching such and such Anime, but told them to stop because it wasn't right -- it wasn't of GOD!" What is this? I mean, if the parent has an objection, they should exercise it because of the plain fact that they are parents, but when they put their beliefs into it, that's really poisoning the kool-aid. 

I doubt that God intended for people to have one belief without deciding on it themselves, but that's not how many of the zealous parents of this country would have it! They would rather destroy everything that is against their beliefs (not against God, but their beliefs) than allow it to influence their children's own beliefs. America has divided itself into three unhappy camps: One is the gung-ho "we'll decide for you, and you'll like it!" group that decides every facet of those around them's beliefs. Another is the ho-hum "we don't care" group that would rather do whatever they're told than do anything else. Baa. The last is the "enlightened" group -- the one that professes to be open-minded. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. It seems to me that, like America, religion has done the exact same thing....

Sounds like  what God tells us in Revelations 3:14-16. He says,  "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth."

*IF* Anime is only Fantasy(In most cases, it is), then why worry? Are your children so impressionable and soulless that they won't know the difference? It's like those commercials where people are presented with the "tasty imitation product"..."Oh, it's not butter? You lie." but, rather, it sounds more along the lines of, "Wow. Look at that. There are talking animals, giant robots and gods of death out there." But, Fantasy is easier to discern than whether or not that rich, creamy taste and texture is really butter....

Like an ad, the message may be fantasy, yet "sell" the beliefs and values it promotes more effectively than reality could. Please read the section on Imagination in Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons.

The Bible shouldn't be taken as a definitive source of all information. That's just leaping head-long in that special group of all-knowing people (which includes the Church of Scientology..."Please turn to Cor 1:14 for the Lord's recipe for toast"). Also, Anime shouldn't be all-out attacked because you find something in it objectionable...if people are able to watch it, and are not your own kids... by all means, let them do it in peace! What if Chibi Shinji told people that "Oh, That Berit person is so wrong, tell your kids not to visit her page! Tell your kids that she can't address so many well-spoken points! Tell your kids that she dodges around issues! Tell your kids that she's an example of what has driven many people away from organized religion!" And there you have it.

You have as much right to warn people to stay away from what you see as dangerous influences as I do. From what anime fans tells us, we have already become a dangerous influence -- dangerous enough to justify shutting our ministry. But if opposition grows and our website is closed, we will still trust and praise Him. Our goal is to fulfill God's purpose for us, not to maintain a great site. As long as He wants us to do this work, He will enable us and those who share our faith will listen.  

From Jacob Case: I was strongly moved by your writings about Pokemon and I felt that I had to write in. I don't expect you to post this to your site or respond to me but please at least take the following to heart. There is nothing wrong with Pokemon. Nothing. It advocates: peace, love, tolerance, and yes even the dreaded conflict resolution. If we were to reject Pokemon and the values it puts forth then it would only be logical to embrace the opposite values: war, hate, racism, and vengeance.

From Berit: Please read my article, Character Training For Global Citizenship.  It would help explain how the meaning of words -- including tolerance and peace -- change when moved from one context (or context or world view) to another.  

You also point out evils of Nintendo's mass marketing campaign. Perhaps you have a point there, but I ask you, what is the alternative? We live in a capitalist society. You would prefer Communism perhaps? That should take the focus off greed and money, right comrade?

You "dislike" Pokemon because it dose not follow with God's teachings? Would you seek to censor everything that does not follow 100% with God's word? If so everyone, and I do mean everyone, in the entertainment industry would be homeless. Unless you wanted to go with that Communism thing but...well you know. Your analysis is flawed and exaggerated.

It's not a matter of disliking, Jacob. Remember, I'm not trying to censor Pokemon or Harry Potter or anything else. I'm just a Mom who started to answer lots of questions for other concerned Christians who came to me for advice. But when we choose to follow Jesus Christ, we also want to make His Word our standard and filter for what is good and what He warns us to avoid. This is a personal issue for each person. I don't tell anyone what they must do. Jesus didn't either. We are all responsible for our own choices. But Christian parents are also responsible to God for guiding and guarding their children in ways that keep their hearts open to God and free from various deceptions. 

Using your kind of logic I could make a convincing case against even Calvin and Hobbes, which you use in your response to Pokemon letters. The strip is against family values as his mom is portrayed as the villain. It promotes violence against women as Calvin forms a club GROSS (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS) It is occult based as at one point he has to fight evil snowmen that are somehow animated and given life. You see what I'm getting at?

Also your reasoning behind your anti-globalist position is misguided. If I am not to far off the mark you believe that through tolerance, common ground, and conflict resolution we lose our individuality, and as far as religion is concerned that is a no no. If history has shown us Christians anything it is that we need to be accepting to others of different faiths. Am I to shun a person just because he is a Muslim or a Buddhist? Would you propose another round of crusades to cleanse the heathens in blood? Tolerance is a good thing, and anything that advocates it is also good.

Thank you for your time.

Jacob, aren't you twisting Calvin and Hobbes a bit? I believe one of its messages was simply to encourage parents to laugh at themselves and hang in there. It's really tough to raise children these days -- especially little livewires like Calvin. The mom may sometimes be perceived as a villain by Calvin, but the reader knows well that Calvin tends to turn reality and fantasy upside down -- and do the same with good and bad.  That's partly because he loves to watch television and imagine scary fantasy worlds, and is smart enough to pick up the cultural cues of our changing society more readily than many adults.  The target of the cartoon was to accentuate today's cultural changes and warn us concerning the new values imposed especially on children especially. 

As for your last point, remember that it was Christian missionaries who cared enough about the poor and sick people around the world to travel to distant lands and start schools and hospitals. True Christians have always been willing to leave the comforts of home and go where God sent them -- no matter how difficult, primitive, or dangerous. They wanted to show that God's love and power could set people free from occult bondage and oppression (which was rampant in all animist cultures) heal their bodies, and help them live in peace with each other. But such Christian love tends to fade when the focus turns from God and His will for us to how can we please ourselves.   Please see Biblical versus Cultural Christianity.

From Technomagus: I must say.  I discovered your site a few days ago and I am disgusted with what I see.    People give you well thought out rebuttals to your biased, close minded ignorance and your responce is simply for them to read a passage of the bible? 

Before you question my faith, I was born and raised in a Christian home and though I have not read the entire Bible, I have read the Book of Revelations several times, and various other Books.  

I wish to enlighten you to two games for the Playstation that were released about 2-3 years ago:  Final Fantasy Tactics and Xenogears. Both games give a startling view on Christianity and religion as a whole. I will start with the earlier of the two:  Final Fantasy Tactics.   In FFT, you assume the role of a young noble named Ramza.  Ramza lived a life of luxury.  His two older half-brothers (they share the same father) were both high ranking military officials, as was his father. Soon, however, Ramza discovers a plot by the Church to collect the twelve Zodiac Stones, items believed to carry the power of God himself.  Ramza begins assembling a group of powerful soldiers and friends and also begins to collect the stones.  For this, he is branded as a Heretic by the church, who is desperately trying to revive the "Zodiac Braves", disciples of St. Ajora, to stop the imminant war that is brewing between the two nations.
What the church does not realize is that the Zodiac Braves, two of which Ramza and crew have already encountered, are possessed by evil demons, transforming them into vicious monsters.  The catalyst to the "Brave Transformation" is the Zodiac Stone itself, the "Power of God".
The stones are not purely evil, as their immense energy can be used for the purposes of good, as evidenced when Rafa, Malak's sister, used to stone to revive him after being shot and when the knight Beowolf used another stone to restore his beloved Reis to her human state after being turned into a White Dragon.

In an amazing twist of fate, Ramza's childhood friend Delita marries the Princess Ovelia, becoming the king of the known world, uniting the two countries.

Meanwhile, Ramza and friends have collected nearly all the Zodiac Stones, save those which were taken into the Death City, Murond, by the Zodiac Braves to revive the Bloody Angel, St. Ajora, Son of God.   Following the Braves into the Death Coty, which shares the same name as a Holy City, the party is trapped by a dying Brave.  After a series of climatic battles, the party confronts the final Brave, holding Ramza's sister Alma hostage, attempting to transform her into the second coming of Ajora.  The Brave sacrifices himself to awaken Ajora, who possesses Alma's body.  Alma's will, however, proves too strong for the Messiah to conquer and the two are split.  Ajora then transforms herself into a blood covered angel and battles the party.  The party defeats her, and enraged, she reveals her true form: A skeletal angel of death.  

When Ajora was finally defeated, the entire death world exploded with the force of her unleashed power.  Only Ramza and Alma were able to survive through reasons unkown and have since disappeared.   As for Delita and Ovelia, Ovelia drives a knive through Delita's chest, hoping to end the wars and meaningless bloodshed.  With his dying breaths, Delita kills Ovelia and thus ends the royal bloodline.

The true kicker to this story is that it was chronicled by the adopted son of the great knight Orlandu, who was immediately tried and burned at the stake as a Heretic and his writings were sealed away in the church's vault.  This story was finally revealed when his descendant discovered and published the chronicles of Olan, the "Zodiac Brave Story", "At last the truth will be told" the game says.

That is the story of Final Fantast Tactics.  The game's setting is akin to the Dark Ages of our own time, with medieval churches, massive castles and enormous libraries.  It truely exemplifies a dark time in Human history, one which the politically correct education system of this country would liek to eliminate entirely from the history curriculum.  Remember, the bible was written by man, not God, therefore we know not what of it is truth and what is lies.

 As for Xenogears, the story is somewhat more farfetched, but none-the-less a believable look at several religions and their interactions.There are two major religions in the game, the Ethos and the Nisan sect.  The Ethos are an almost direct translation of the Christian/Catholic faith.  Nisan, however, is a much more centralized faith, operating out of the country of Ignas, believing that Man and Woman are imperfect and to become perfect they must work together and discover each other and themselves.  Their representation of this is a large pair of statues representing "one winged angels", one male and one female.  They must help each other to fly.

I will not chronicle the entirety of events that occurr in Xenogears, as it is at least three times as much as what I listed for Final Fantasy Tactics, so I will instead reveal important revelations about God and life as told by the game.

The Ethos is a front for mind control. The Ethos were created by the city of Solaris, a city high in the clouds, cloaked from the naked eye by four "Gate" generators.  The true purpose of the Ethos is to send surface dwellers "Lambs" to Solaris to serve as labor or to be mutated into hideous beasts known as Wels Reapers.

 If this is supposed to represent Christianity, don't you think it presents an horrendous distortion? If this where you got your "startling view on Christianity and religion as a whole," I'm afraid you have been dreadfully deceived, Technomagus.  You show exactly why I'm so concerned for children in Christian families who love these mind-twisting myths. 

God is a Machine; Man created God; God is dead. God, or Deus, is a weapon of war, created for conquering planets.  Created on Earth by scientists over 10,000 years ago, Deus malfunctioned during a test run. Unsure what went wrong, Deus was dismantled save it's organic core and power source.  The core was was placed into a Colonization ship to be dumped somewhere.  That is when everything went wrong.  Deus took over the ship and sent it back toward Earth.  The captain, however, caused the ship to self-destruct, sending it to crash on an uninhabited, earth-like planet below.  Knowing it was about to die, Deus began plotting it's resurrection.  

Separating itself from the Zohar Modifier, the source of God's limitless energy, Deus became dormant as the Eldridge crashed into the ocean.  Zohar crashed into the snowy regions of the north.  A third component, carrying the daughter of God, landed elsewhere.  From the third component came Miang, the Watcher of Man and Keeper of Time, and Elly, The Mother, then the two were one and the same.  The single survivor of the crash, a boy named Fei, met with Miang/Elly and Humanity began.  Miang/Elly gave birth to the first thirteen:  Emperor Cain and the Solarian Elders.

Man gave God new Life. Flash Foward 9500 years.  The "Mother", then named Sophia, had recently died, sacrificing herself to stop the attacks of Solaris.  The "Fei" of that time, Lacan, went mad, blaming himself for the death of the "Mother."  He began a mad search for Zohar and the power of God, later becoming the one known as Graf.  The man known as Krelian, while blaming himself for Sophia's death, took a different route.  His last words before disappearing were "I shall create God with mine own hands!"  And create God he did.  Giving Deus new life as a more humanoid creature, reunifying it with the "Mother", the "Watcher" and Zohar.

God unintentionally gave his people Magic but encourages its growth. The Zohar Modifier crashed to the planet, and being a powersource of infinite, some of the power came to God's Children in the form of "Ether" or Magic.  Through the Ethos and Solaris, Deus encouraged the development of Ether Powers, as they too in turn increase the power of Deus.

For now, this is all I will give to you, but I will continue this in another letter at a later time.

Though I don't like to even post these fantasy plots, I do believe parents need to be warned so that they can equip their children to resist deception. These kinds of distortions of God and Christianity beckon all around us these days -- even in some of our homes. God tells us to "be wise as serpents and innocent as doves," and we need to know enough to recognize the incredible alternatives to the God of the Bible -- then study His Word, pray for His purity, and put on His armor daily. 

From  Feldspar: I do not even believe you truly understand the sin you are committing. It is visible in the letters you display upon your website, but you are blind to it.

Again, and again, you persuade decent Christians to abandon their own pursuit of the truth. Oh, I know that you believe your actions are beyond reproach -- you have already divined the correct beliefs Christians should hold, so isn't it right to tell other Christians what they should think on these issues?

But each human's own search for the truth -- their own continuing struggle to more fully comprehend the will of the Lord -- is their own shining light. You would have them put it under the bushel basket you supply, saying "Oh, do not wrestle with the question of whether Pokemon/Harry Potter/Neon Genesis Evangelion teaches good lessons or bad.  

Don't make your own decision; follow mine instead." How can people say that they lived a good Christian life when they did not listen for the small, still voice in their hearts, but instead followed the advice of someone who said all the answers were on his webpage? 

Jesus warned of those who would try to pass off their cultural values as His commandments; it saddens me to see you among their number.

From Berit: I don't "persuade decent Christians to abandon their own pursuit of the truth." Quite the opposite. The real danger for Christians is to lose interest in truth all together, become mentally lazy and Biblically illiterate, then just flow with the cultural trends. To avoid such compromise, we do well to encourage each other in our personal pursuits of truth. 

When people ask, I try to encourage them to find answers in God's Word.  (I don't force this counsel on anyone.) Truth is like an  anchor that keeps us from a mindless drifting with whatever seems to feel good at the moment. It's also like a rudder that steers us in the direction of our goal and gives meaning to our lives and actions. Both are based in a faith that not only believes God's Word is true but is also willing follow it no matter what. Such a pursuit will bring us to our goal, not to endless searching, dead ends, and frustration:

"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.  But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind...." (James 1:1-7)

From Sean: Yes, true that you primarily preach to the "true" christians and do not mean for your views to squander outside of your website, but they do. Some of the stuff you talk about is utterly insane and ridiculous. Your kind has not changed since the 50's.

Back then, it was deemed "evil" to like anything the the church opposed. Rock music, the newest fad, was condemned by many churches, and then in turn called morally wrong and evil. And those rhythmns and lyrics were harmless, and made people feel good. Now look how that generation turned out. We're all still alive, aren't we?

In the 70's, people attacked Dungeons and Dragons because it was also "evil". D&D was just a game, played by every young boy during recess, put down on paper. It fueled people's imagination, got them to turn off the TV and play an intellectual game. It involves logical thinking, mathematics, and promotes creativity and the ability to take initiative. D&D got it's bad name because of 2 incidents in which the assailants have played D&D. What people don't know is that those assailants were also drug addicts before they began playing and mentally disturbed to begin with.

The media, including religion, tries to find a scapegoat in which to blame detrimental behavior on. Such as in the more recent Colombine shooting incident, The Matrix and Doom were blamed for the kids going psycho and killing everyone. I won't deny that those had influenced those kids decisions, but they weren't the main problem. The kids came from broken homes, and were disturbed to begin with. The movie and game have Parental Advisory warnings on them, and were not meant for young kids. From time to time, some people (including kids) will snap mentally and go on a rampage like I described before. But that's because of their situations at home, and at school or work, everything piling up untill they can't take it anymore. 

From Berit: I don't have time to check on the details, but I do remember reading the sad comments by the father of one of the boys. The father said his son had been his "best friend". Doesn't sound like a broken home to me. 

And, like in the Colombine incident, the Matrix was the new action movie out, so naturally, the media blamed the ordeal on it. Some people are just plain crazy.

Now in the new millenium, Pokemon is the new butt of the religious attacks. Sure, the fuzzy litte pikachu is annoying as _____, but I wouldn't deem it "evil". The show teaches kids to work together to accomplish the greater good. It teaches that fighting is not always the best way to win, and that friendships are important. And as for the "occult" part, every culture has different manifestos of the dead. For example, the Mexican culture has a day, Dia de los Muerte, I think, where they celebrate the dead. They cook a big feast for the dead, in hopes that they will come and eat the food "essence".

In Pokemon, they're saying that the dead is to be taken lightly. They're saying that you shouldn't fear spooks or ghosts. They also give the show a "fear factor" for little kids to keep them on edge, as would any action movie.

Yes, Pokemon has become an obsession with kids everywhere, setting up a new code of standards and morals to believe in (Gotta catch 'em all!), but kids need something to believe in, and god, no offence, isn't that interesting.

They don't need Pokemon as the object of their faith!

I have a Mormon friend who's sister is crazy about pokemon, buying everything from pokemon cards and plush toys to shoes and hats. Yeah, this obsession is kinda nuts, but it's something for her to do. When I was a kid, I used to play with G.I. Joes, heroic action figures that not only told me to "fight the bad guy" but also to support my country, the good 'ol US of A.

The point is that these new toys aren't swaying kids away from Jesus and the other guys, but more so reinforcing the values set by god so that kids now can understand them. God doesn't want us to spend our lives being perfect human beings, but he does want us to obey the basic rules of life, to not kill, to not steal, to make friends, and to love one another. 

Religion shouldn't be about forcing it's disciples to follow a strict code of ethics, it should be about giving people something to believe in and trust, and also tell how not to commit crimes and love one another. I'll now leave you with some famous words: "Religion is good...taken in moderation."

God's Word tells us the opposite: 

"I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth."  (Revelation 3:15-16)

Jesus... turned to the woman and said to Simon, "Do you see this woman? I entered your house; you gave Me no water for My feet, but she has washed My feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head. You gave Me no kiss, but this woman has not ceased to kiss My feet since the time I came in. You did not anoint My head with oil, but this woman has anointed My feet with fragrant oil. Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little." (Luke 7:44-47)

From King BuFu:  What a bizarre site, you really are wrapped up in a cosy little trumped-up world. Wake up to reality. May the Creator  help you to face up to our insignificance in the cold emptiness of the Universe.

From Ames: Um hi I was reading your site because a very angry friend of mine gave me the link. He (ChibiShinji) was mad because you people are completely insulting and degrading everything most of the people we know like. I must admit some of the things people have posted is true, although not all of it is. 

1. Harry Potter books do not lead children into witchcraft... I have read books about Wiccanism and I practiced it for a while also...real "witches" don't fly on brooms, or go to schools for witchcraft, or anything like that... 

2. Just because you watch anime or Star Wars movies doesn't mean you believe in the views that the characters do...I mean my friends and I (me being and ex. Christian and my other friend being Catholic) just watch those shows because they're funny and interesting (hey relate them to those soaps stay at home moms watch). Religion doesn't come to play with how much we like it or not. And seriously...if someone does believe anything in those shows they are messed up because that's like believing everything on Jerry Springer is real.

And parents, yeah sure I have no problem when you guys teach your children to hate people like me, but when their older I think you people should rent a few anime tapes and let your child watch them and let them read up on other religions so they can make an informed choice on what they want to believe in and watch. Even Jesus saw things that were "ungodly" or whatever and you know, people tend to listen better if you are better informed. Not to say anything bad about these articles, but yeah if that is all you ever have heard about a subject (i.e., Harry Potter) you should go out and read the books before you buy into the bs everyone is saying about them.

And The Prince of Egypt movie. It's a bible story and yeah it is a little unlike the written words but it's a movie people, movies don't stay true to the books. The people had to make it easier for younger children understand. 

I personally liked it because it made Moses seem real. I had never thought about how he must have been feeling when he had to kill his people and break his brothers heart. And yes I know it was just his adopted family but still, this were people he grew up loving.

"Then, an older boy, maybe 5 years old, started trying to give our daughter a kiss, just like the one in the movie. We are talking a passionate kiss.....need I say more? I was pretty upset." And then this lady. Okay these are little kids we're talking about, they don't know any better. And did you ever notice most little girls attach themselves to an older male (an older cousin, brothers friend, mom's best friends son) and treat them like they were her boyfriend? Come on and give me a break... children just see the need to mimic adults because it makes them feel bigger.

And oh yes Tarzan wears a loincloth people and it's only a cartoon. "But, if a man (un) dressed like a male erotic dancer were to come to my door and ask permission to entertain my 7 y/o daughter by jumping, crouching, and running in front of her for an hour and a half, does anyone think I would say yes?" Okay, it's only a cartoon and you don't see anything or else it would be labeled "porno".

""They are without excuse," the Bible tells us, referring to those who trade truth for myths and worship creatures rather than the Creator." One thing about your religion and beliefs has really been bugging me though. Your god, the merciful one, would send a Buddhist monk, who had never heard of Christianity and lived on a hill his whole life only doing good, to the depths of hell. Now doesn't that seem a bit harsh? 

Thanks for taking time to read all those articles, Ames. You ask some good questions. Let's starting with the last one.

1. A problem with your question is that it presumes that God is a cruel dictator who sends nice people to hell. Actually, people choose to go their own way in spite of His warnings. We, His created people, cannot hold Him responsible for our human choices.  He is not obligated to save or preserve any part of His creation. Yet, He shows mercy to anyone -- good or bad from our perspective -- who asks, in faith, to be joined to Him and come under His protection. In other words, His mercy means reaching out to rescue even those who don't deserve His help. 

Keep in mind, no one is truly "good" apart from Him. Without His Spirit we cannot meet His standard for goodness. But when we come to Him in humility, recognizing His majesty and choosing to trust and follow God's Way -- which is Jesus Christ -- then He saves us. We don't have to be smart, do great feats, live perfect lives, pass a nearly impossible test or standard. Other religions place such demands on their followers. But Jesus Christ who died for us, fulfilled all those conditions. Now, all God asks is that we trust Him. Then He shows us the way and equips us for His triumph. 

The means that the worlds worst sinners can be saved if they will humble themselves and come to Him. Even the convicted killer Dahmer, who murdered, raped and ate young men because of his addiction to certain sexual thrills, chose to trust Jesus and accept His mercy and salvation before he himself was killed by another inmate. The playing field is equal for all -- eastern or western, rich or poor, kind or addicted to violence: "Nothing in my hands I bring; only to the cross I cling...."  The only obstacle is our own arrogant or prideful rebellion against God -- the myth that we can be good enough apart from Him.

2. We don't "teach our children to hate" people like you. Its because I care about people like you that I read and post your letters. While I can't agree with your perspective or conform to your views, I want to understand where you are. 

3. You suggest that we "rent a few anime tapes and let your child watch them and let them read up on other religions so they can make an informed choice on what they want to believe in and watch."  But the key isn't to watch more anime. It is to have a clear mental filter that helps us evaluate what we do see from God's perspective. If we don't, we can become so accustomed to ideas and images that clash with the Bible that we learn to love what He would have us shun. (See Ephesians 5). Instead we need to remember His warning:   

"Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ." Colossians 2:8

From -OmniEVA: I think you people are some of the biggest hypocrites and sinners I have ever witnessed. You degrade any form of entertainment, find any way you can to insult it, and act like you are God himself! It's really none of your business what I or anyone else watches, and you have no right to use this slander against it. I am a christian, and i attend church every sunday, and I am quite offended by the comments you and your cult have made on this site.

In fact, just yesterday the sermon in church was talking against exactly what you are doing - worrying and complaining about the small sins of humans and not looking at the good it is doing. THAT IS A SIN! Which makes you the biggest sinners of all. 

RPG's and anime are my favorite form of entertainment. While some might be pornographic and whatnot, that doesn't mean all are. That's another sin on your part - stereotyping and prejudging.

Wow, you people must be satanic with all these sins!

The fact is, RPG's and anime are ENTERTAINMENT. Nobody said they were trying to preach to people. And as for it effecting children, most anime, like Neon Genesis Evangelion, aren't even made for children. They are adult shows, and they have deep, thought provoking stories. If the world was run to your liking, we would have no entertainment. We would live boring lives, for it seems that you want to burn anything that you don't like.

I think it is sad that people like you are using God and religion as your reasoning. You are just using religion to make others agree with your twisted beliefs. And yes, I know that you are just going to say to me that i'm a bad person that has been twisted by anime and RPGs, and then feed me some bible verse. Well, go ahead. You aren't God, and you aren't better than the rest of us, so stop acting like it. Whether you admit it or not, that is how you're acting, and it is a sin, and it is sickening.

From Berit: I'm not angry or labeling you for choosing to express or live by a different set of values, OmniEva. We didn't judge or accuse you of "sins." Why are you so angry at us for sharing our beliefs and values?  Remember, we initially wrote the articles because Christian parents asked us for Biblical guidelines.  

Second letter from OmniEVA: I would like to followup my e-mail from yesterday, and apologize. Not for what I said, because I still disagree with you, but for how I said it and the fact that I didn't back up my opinions.

To start off, I would like to point out contradictions that you have made. You say that themes present in anime, rpgs, books, and movies are satanic and evil, yet you deny calling anime evil. Secondly, in a particular letter on your site, someone mentioned that your statements are biased against anime, and your reply stated that you didn't know much about anime, but you had read the bible numerous times. While I don't have a problem with the bible (I am christian), by saying that you admitted to being biased. You admitted to knowing more about one side than the other, therefore you can't make a fair judgement. Also, you make rash generalizations and stereotypes. 

From Berit: It would help if you would quote the statements where I supposedly call anime, books, or movies "satanic" or evil. I personally don't use the word "satanic" as a description unless we are looking at specific satanic symbols and messages. Thus, in the chapter from Your Child and the New Age which dealt with rock music I used it -- and appropriately so -- to describe some of the heavy metal symbolism and lyrics.  

Since I get new letters every day and have been posting my responses to specific questions or comments for a couple of years, I know that some answers might sound contradictory. Again, I need to see the context for my answer in order to respond to your concern.

I don't remember where I said anime itself is evil. Please find that statement for me. I know I point out that some of the images, suggestions, practices, influences, etc. in anime can be evil. 

My own knowledge of anime is limited to the episodes I have been able to watch in our area: Pokemon, Digimon, DragonBall Z and Sailor Moon (only two episodes before it was discontinued last year). Therefore I can only evaluate some of the other popular shows by what our visitors tell us. Obviously those who love these programs know the stories, themes and images far better than I do. But as I read their descriptions of these programs, its obvious where their messages and suggestions clash with Scriptures.

We all have biases -- all except those who have abandoned all convictions and beliefs to the consensus process. The very fact that we take opposite positions on this issue means that you and I both have biases.   

There is pornography and other immoral things on television (albeit censored), but that doesn't make all television immoral. Very little anime (i'm going to focus on that right now, since I like it) is pornographic and immoral, yet you seem to label all anime that way.

This last sunday, our pastor gave a well made sermon. It had to do with Jesus' diciples not washing their hands before eating, and how the hypocrites of the time were disgusted by this. Jesus told them not to worry so much on human tradition, and to look past that and see the good in what the disciples were doing. I implore you to do the same. 

Anime and other fictional mediums can send a very important moral message. A great example of this is Gundam Wing, which advocates peace, or Evangelion, in which they are trying desperately to save humankind. You seem to focus solely on the negative aspects of these things, and look past the positive moral. The violence displayed in these shows is only human nature. You said yourself that the Bible shows only true human nature, good and bad. No matter what happens in this world, there will always be good people and bad people. There is killing in the Bible, so why do you denounce this and other immoral behavior in anime? It isn't glorified, and it is actually overcome in the end. Anime, at its core, is the story of human nature, and overcoming evil. Why is this bad? 

As contemporary educators, behavioral psychologists and other "change agents"  know well, context is the all important element. In the context of today's popular entertainment, immoral behavior is acceptable, excused, and a source of entertainment. In the Bible, immoral behavior is exposed as wrong -- or as sin. Yes, the Bible is honest about potential evils in human nature, but that honesty reminds us that we need God. Only when we have come to Him in humility, confessed our sin and need, and received His life through the Holy Spirit, can we manifest His nature rather than our own. 

Some anime does have magic and other supernatural things, which, while I agree with you, you consider satanic and evil. But, even the ones that do have this (which Gundam and Evangelion do not), the sorcery is used by the enemies, who in the end are overcome by good.

    Please see Gundam Wing and Neon Genesis Evangelion

You also are under the opinion that anime and these other mediums are being "worshipped".  [I don't believe I ever suggested that.]  Just because someone likes something does not mean they are replacing God and the Bible. Anime does not preach to people, nor does it tell them to denounce their religion. It is innocent entertainment. It isn't real, and doesn't pretend to be. You are also worried about children, when this has nothing to do with children. Most anime isn't even made for children, and even the things that are made for children are just for entertainment. I've never seen a child praying to their television, so I think you are overreacting.

I'm a writer, and most of my novels include magic and other fantasy elements. What you are doing is damaging to me as a writer, and it also insults and offends a culture and the interests of thousands of people. I respect your opinion, but what you are spreading is lies. You don't know anything about what you are speaking out against, which makes you biased. You are lying and misconstruing the facts so that they appear to make you right.

You claim to be working for God, yet you are slandering to and offending thousands of people, which is wrong and is a sin. Also, you cut out parts of people's letters and only show what you want to show. You say you respect others' opinions, yet every letter I've read that disagrees with you or tries to politely point out a mistake you've made gets an arrogant response stating that they are wrong and you are right. You don't listen to both sides, and you won't even try to be fair. And the manner in which you approach this  makes you out to think you are better than the rest of us, and that you know what God wants. You are not God, and you are not better than me or anyone else. I know this will all go in one ear and out the other, but I can't stand to see these lies spread farther and farther. If you were more fair and unbiased, I would have more respect for you, but I find your tactics immoral and plain sick, and if you can't respect others and tell the truth, I think your site should be shut down immediately.

Respectfully, OmniEva.

From Alicia:  God is good! I am a home schooling mother of 3 gifts from the Lord so I don't have a lot of time to really delve into all the stuff out there. Your articles bring me up to date in a jiffy. God is so good to protect me from all the miry clay out there. He puts a check in my spirit whenever I am to refrain from something. He checked my heart clearly on Harry Potter, Tele-tubbies, Pokeman, and Star Wars. Although I didn't have the information you so wonderfully explain, God and God alone kept me from these things. Thank you again for your ministry to the Lord. It truly is a blessing.

From A: Your constant tirades against everything have brightened my evening. It's always refreshing to see two old people firmly entrenched in the past, trying their hardest to drag everyone else back with them.

Yes, I have been brought up in an open and accepting environment. Call it thought control if you so desire- I don't particularly care about your opinion, and I'm sure you don't care about mine(except in the bleeding-heart, oh-I-have-to-save-this-lost-soul sense that you're no doubt oozing as you read this). At any rate, I feel that an open and accepting environment, and all the alleged thought control it represents, is immeasurably preferable to the rigid intolerance and blatant discrimination that the Christian Church has put forth over the last two millenia.

If this is truly Satan's work, then maybe somebody went wrong when they came up with the truths he was distorting(not that I believe that, mind you-- I'm not really going to be a party to your lame attempt to justify your archconservative viewpoints, but for the sake of argument, let's just consider it as such). What, pray tell, is so dreadfully contrary to God's Word in the concepts of love, peace, and acceptance? I do believe that is exactly what Jesus preached about, not the course that the church followed after his death.

I wonder if converting people by sword, an inquisition, the gratuitous granting of papal indulgences, church politics, the various injustices inflicted upon the peasantry for several centuries, or any other number of things you can attribute to the church were really particularly Christlike either? 

These injustices were not from the God I know. You are describing the confusion I tried to clarify in Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

No, most of that is the fault of people, stupid people, uneducated people, greedy people, people involved in the church who happened to be able to spread their ideologies because they were literate. Because of this, a lot of their ideas ended up in church doctrine. Just because they say it’s right, however, doesn’t mean God thinks it is, and that’s where blithe acceptance of scripture fails so miserably.

The word of God takes many forms, not the least of which is scripture. This word of God is accepted as fact, not because of Jesus, but because first a group of Jewish priests and later a group of Christian monks, said so. This document, carried down over numerous generations, no doubt survived untouched, not garbled at ALL by this procession of knowledge from one set of hands into the other (oops.. sarcasm is bad.. Paul said so, remember? 

I believe it was part of that claptrap you offered as a lame justification for bashing Neon Genesis Evangelion, a series which is possibly the least anti-Christian I have ever seen. Paul knows best, though, since he even got to MEET Christ. Makes him the perfect candidate to go around, writing letters full of what one should and should not do.) and certainly would never have been tainted by self interest, be it political or emotional. That particular viewpoint, unfortunately, is every bit as ideological and mystical as the witchcraft you’re trying to avoid.

Oh, that's right... probably Satan's fault. Gotta hate that devil character.. he's such a convenient cure all whenever somebody in the church does something less than saintly. Only God may perform miracles, so don’t even BOTHER depicting them, even in a purely fictional sense. It’s just bad, right? Well, not exactly. Nobody really expects people to take movies or television seriously unless the movie is actually meant to be meaningful.

Delving through mass-media in search of witchcraft and satanic messages is just ridiculous; I highly doubt Roald Dahl had a devilish subtext when he came up with Matilda; rather, he knew how little kids think. 

Kids are evil. It’s pretty much plain and simple, and it’s even accounted for in the Bible by the concept of original sin, so rejoice! Kids are petty, vindictive, selfish little creatures, and even after indoctrinating them against this, they remain at heart exactly that. This is why Pokemon is so successful- it preaches acquisitiveness. This is certainly against Christian viewpoints, but then again, massive tithing doesn’t exactly aid monks in remaining poor, now does it? The point is, hypocrisy abounds in religion. 

People can’t be greedy, but the church can? People can’t perform magic, but priests can because other priests said so because other priests said so, because some people who met Jesus said so? It’s ludicrous to expect that things basic in the dreams of any person should not be represented in mass media- it sells things. It’s not bad, and certainly not to the extreme, so really there’s no need to rail against it.

Speaking of extremes, extreme goodness is pretty much impossible (to avoid offending your doctrinal beliefs, I'll lay off on totally impossible for the time being), so there IS the possibility, however remote, that Christianity isn't the source of all the answers to the questions of the universe. That is what people such as yourselves, caught in the past, fail to realize; in order to properly communicate with people of other nations, it is imperative to understand them. There is nothing quite so silly as to claim that education is thought control; it is merely building critical thinking skills, the ability to QUESTION things and rationally come to a conclusion as to their nature. If you taught children common sense before you taught them religion, how many would choose religion afterwards? Fortunately for the church, there is doubtless no other form of mind control quite so complete as religion. It is bizarre and ironic to see you rail against thought control in one sentence and then in the next demand that young children be indoctrinated in Biblical lore. Is this not an incongruous message to be portraying? One sort of thought control isn't better than another just because a God believed in exclusively by its purveyors SAYS so... It's merely a different form of thought control.

Then again, that's more or less what you're dealing in with this site, so I don't expect any of this will be news to you. I'll leave you now to your proselytization and moaning about the pervasive will of Satan- just remember that nowhere is it in greater evidence than in the claptrap you're spouting here.

I held off on the full name thing… wouldn't want the evil government to track me down and enlist me in the New World Order or something. Enjoy your insulated existence, at any rate.. the world will leave you behind quite happily. Oh, and don’t bother praying for my soul or suggesting irrelevant verse for guidance- I don’t care to sort through your addled interpretation of the Bible and I can pray for my own soul quite well enough. Thank you.

I wish I had time to respond to all your points, but I don't. Instead, I suggest you read Chapter 3 of Brave New Schools (it's posted here), Mind Control and Brainwashing and Education Reform. Imparting beliefs and values to a child through traditional instruction can hardly be compared with the brainwashing process developed by behavioral psychologists during this last century.  Brainwashing is primarily a process which has far more to do with manipulating feelings and the imagination than with facts and knowledge.  

Anonymous: I am shocked by your articles that you've included in your website on cartoons, anime, and movies. Even the responses from "caring parents" appall me. I do not see how believers in your faith can find every little nit picky thing wrong with these harmless films. Do you honestly believe that this helps protect your children? Do you really believe that changing them and making them throw things away of things they have admired so long is good?

Would you rather have your child loving Pokemon or staying after school and doing things that are really dangerous? It may seem a little far fetched, but hey, when you censor EVERYTHING away from these children, what else is there left for them to do? 

I have seen Star Wars, I watch Pokemon and I love Sailor Moon. I believe these shows are inspiring to little children. They show that being good always prospers, and Sailor Moon even gives encouragement to young girls to be strong for themselves.

As for Pokemon I believe this show teaches love and friendship not evil occult related things. It is a child's show, how can people think such awful things about these innocent cartoons?

Star Wars is also HARMLESS. I know very productive girls that are smart, and active religious attendants that love Star Wars. They are perfectly fine. They are not possessed or anything.

I may sound angry, (which I am) and you have the right to delete this if you wish. But when your site crawls all over the web to a sixteen year old girl, (which is me) then that is saying a lot. You are making a big awful mess of nothing. Haven't you got anything better to do than beat up these shows? If you want your kid to be powerful and loving and holy, and to not  let them know of these horrors, then do you think they'll NOT know if you say this: "Honey, don't watch Pokemon, it's evil and talks about the occult and things that are sins!"

You want your child not to know of these things...  But they already DO.

From Berit: That's right. Most children do know about the violence, beliefs and values communicated through anime and Star Wars. But not all. Some choose not to watch these shows.  But whether they know they contain or not, what matters most is whether they learn about these clashing values from the world's perspective or from God's perspective.  If they learn it from the world before Christian parents teach them, they will love all these shows like you do. If they learn God's point of view first, they can choose to do other things. I don't tell them what to do. I just provide information.  

From Dennis Monroe:  I thank the Lord that He is providing His truth through people like you. I also stand in awe and wonderment before a Holy God that He has chosen this wretch to share in His truth. What am I talking about? It is that I am still in amazement that only 2 years ago I was saved (at age 51, which is even more remarkable), and since then I have been lead to people like you and also to such things as the writings of men like Charles Hadden Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards. 

Why is it so remarkable? Because I could easily have fallen into the lunacy that is going on right now and is seriously beginning to heat up. God chose to show me the error of what I was doing and the depravity of my life and then He chose to put His truth into my heart that there is only One Way, Truth, and Life, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, and that any human is saved only by the Grace of God, and then a God given faith in what Jesus did on the Cross. Nothing, and I mean nothing, that I did contributed to God's gift to me.

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