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From Simon:  i can't help by notice all the beliefs you have against just about everything?  i'm really shocked that you don't have anything against "modern day conveniences" such as electricity and computers.  nowhere i have seen anywhere in the bible that electricity and computers have been blessed by god. i also like the fact that you lack faith in people to separate the imaginary from the real (in reference to your beliefs on harry potter and/or d&d and/or "magic cards").  when kids are reading the bible (as instructed by the oh-so-caring-parents who are NOT trying to impose their beliefs onto their kids (please note the liberal use of sarcasm)) are they not supposed to picture/imagine scenes from it in their minds?  it sounds like you are condemning those who have an imagination.  last time i checked, it's good to have an imagination things.

I did "note the liberal use of sarcasm," Simon. I doubt that it helps your argument.

Where did you go to check on the moral value of imagining things? What is your credible source of wisdom?  Mine is the Bible. Please click on this link Judges 17-6 and 21-25 and see what God tells us about the imagination. Remember, when you use your imagination to delight in spells and sorcery or other forbidden thrills, your mind stores those images. They alter your values, desensitize you to what God calls evil and become part of your memory bank. They also stir your desire for more of the same.   

as for witchcraft and sorcery and your dislike for harry potter, didn't jesus turn water into wine.  that sounds an awful look like a transformation spell to me.  i guess as he is the son of god, he can do whatever he wants.
i was baptized angelican, went to an angelican school, even served as the chapel warden for last grade12 year, but i do not consider myself christian at all (i'm sure you're glad to hear that).  my parents were smart in that they didn't try and force their views onto me.  

That's your loss, Simon. Not your gain. 

the school was wise in that too.  in my grade9 religion class, we didn't just sit there and memorize passages from the bible (an old book that should be revamped).  we instead learnt about all kinds of other religions and beliefs.  personally, christianity sounds like the evil one among the bunch.  the whole: "there is no other god but me" thing.  god sounds just like a little bully kid with that.

i'm sure that's you'll just come back with some glib responses to this email.  i'm sure you have fun reading these going: "this guy is going to hell".   i tell you this: i'll see you there!
atlantys (apprently my namesake is a myth that should be destroyed too.  ahhh.. christians and their destruction of knowledge that is contrary to their own)
ps: in the bible it says that slavery is good (something about the descendants of canaanites being drawers of water).  since i assume you're devout christians, you would have a slave in your house then, eh?

I thought you said you didn't learn the Bible, Simon. But if you really want an answer, please find the Scripture you are referring to. I can respond to what God says, not to your impression of it.  

From Amanda:  I'm not going to be rude, I just wanted to state my opinion of your site, I believe some of the things on your site are somewhat wrong. Yes, I know that in the wrong hands a 'Harry Potter' book can lure a child to do wrong, but that doesn't mean you have to say that they are going to lure almost every child to do wrong. I've read each current 'Harry Potter' book thoroughly and anticipate the debut of the fifth book. I know that some of the words in the books are questionable. The books in the hands of a child that was brought up to respect themselves, everyone else, and the Lord are not going to be persuaded that easily. Just put faith into the hands of the children. 

Children have to have some fantasies in their life, wether they believe they are real or not. I even have to admitt that I have had fantasies before, I still have them sometimes. Fantasies can sometimes help cope with hard times, along with praying for guidance from the Lord. If you bring the children up right then you shouldn't have any trouble with them. Every once in a while they may become mischievous, but what child doesn't?

 That's one of the points to life, learn from your mistakes. I wish to ask you a question, how old do you think I am? Well, to answer your question, I just recently turned 13 years of age. I just wish that more kids from my generation wouldn't be so ignorant to their future. They believe that they will never grow old and die (which due to modren science could be a possiblity, but to my opinion, I think they should leave matters about death to God, but I guess the ability to leave longer could be a great success), they'll never have a job, or have any use for their knowledge. I almost feel as if I don't belong in this time because of the cultural nature, I would belong in a time of classical music, where everyone lived in almost perfect harmony. I hope that you will be able to reply this letter.

Thank you for your thoughtful letter, Amanda. I do want to respond to several of your points. I will try to do it later today.  

From Mike Mayers: First things first, I maintain the magic attributed to Harry and his friends is impossible to perform. I would like to know where you recieved your evidence that the Twist of Faith stories come from. As for, Edgar Cayce mentioned in the Story Number Three, James Randi has disproved his assertions of faith healings, prophesy and clarivayant powers. If one looks up Caycee, Edgar in Randi's Encyclopidea of the paranomal they find: "Con-man, trickster. Cayce's first venture into the paranomal was diagnosing illnesses for people he had never met, performing the taks after merely being given the name and location of a patient who had written to him. In the more than thirty-thousand cases he treated not one was cured beyond what can be expected of the placebo effect.

In common whith most supposively divinly inspired mystics, Cayce also dabbled in prophecy. In 1934 he declared that Poseidia (which he said was a portion of Atlantis) would be the first part of the fabled continent to rise again from the Atlantic. "Expect it in 1968 or 1969," he told his fans. Poseidia, his imaginary creation, did not rise nor have any of his other prophecies been fulfilled."

Caycee was a false prophet -- and occultist. Therefore many of his predictions never came true. God warns us not to listen to false prophets in Deuteronomy 18. (I will add the Scripture later today). When in his typical trance state of consciousness, he did contact demonic personalities who provided some of the information he needed to "diagnose" and "heal" distant patients. Most of his paranormal or occult feats have been documented and many are obviously miraculous, demonstrating that the demonic world of occult spirits does have access to some information not usually available to people. It has been given a measure of power -- but its powers are not omnipotent by any means. See Atlantis.

Just about all claimed paranormal is of this nature, not very impressive once a skeptic arrives. If all you have is ancedotal second hand evidence, this can all be explained away by a combination of holucinations, missinterpitation of unfamiliar mental states and out right lying on the part of the person relaying the information. Pat's experience is similar to mine with alien abduction, any trained skeptic would recognize it as a false memory or helucination. 

Pat has become a friend of mine. What I wrote in Chapter 3 of A Twist of Faith is truly her experience whether you believe it or not.  And the experience I described at the end of the Symbols and their meaning page did happen to me. When I have time, I will list more on a separate page.

Speeking of James Randi, my offer still holds, if you have information that occult practices do yield scientifically inexplicable result, plese get in touch with Mr. Randi directly or through myself. No one would be overjoyed more if what you claim is true; however extrodinary claims require extordinary evidence.

I appreciate your offer and your generosity, Mike. 

As for fantasy coloring the way a person sees reality, yes they do open up a person to new ideas. "Nothing is too wonderful to be true," to quote Michael Faraday. However, skeptisism opperates as the perfect saftey.

"Insight, untested and unsupported, is an insufficient guarentee of the truth," Betrand Russell. And as for desensitizing oneself, a person should be exposed to as many viewpoints as possible before making a decision.

 You also say that "If what you read turns a person away from God and His truth, the child is better off not reading so much. Better to read a little that is good than lots of books that are bad." As I recall, humans have free will; therefore, it is the person turning from God. A book can't make you do anything, a person can chose to either accept or reject whatever they read.

And our "free will" leads us all into trouble from time to time. The simplest illustration is our appetite for unhealthy food. A person determined to lose weight goes on a diet. But when he or she is offered a chocolate covered donut, her mind responds to the temptation and her "free will" follows. After eating the donut, the person regrets the choice he or she freely made. Has that ever happened to you. Some people may face the same kind of struggle when faced with sexual or occult temptations. Why set yourself up for desires, cravings and failures that lead to problems and emotional bondage -- but can easily be avoided?  

Finally, you claim that the Bible is the Truth, I would like to again point out the contradictions such as claiming pi is precisly 3.0 in 1 Kings 7:23 and 2 Chron. 4:2 and the differing geneologies of Jesus in Matthew 1:6-16 and Luke 3:23-31. Please explain these to me before you back up any of your arguments with the Bible again.

Yes, the circumference of the "sea" or large basin of water was cited as 3 rather than 3.1 times the distance across from brim to brim. Perhaps the early Hebrew language didn't include fractional numbers, decimal points or the metric system. Maybe in translations, the number was rounded off as we often do today. Might you not be a little picky here? 

The two genealogies differ because the list in Matthew traces Joseph's bloodline and the list in Luke traces Mary's and Jesus' bloodline. The latter includes David's royal line which promised the King who would reign forever -- the awaited Messiah. Since God Himself was the Father, not Joseph, the list in Matthew may be less important. But Joseph was the head of the household, so his place in Israel's history and in the Jewish community had special significance.

Another difference between the two timelines: Matthew's list (Joseph) moves forward through history, while Luke's list (Mary) traces the bloodline back from Jesus to Adam.     

So to recap, Magic does not exist, you are what you decide not what you read, skeptisism keeps you from making mistakes and the Harry Potter Series is still great.

Mike, when skepticism becomes a virtue and hinders a person from seeing and accepting the truth, it produces spiritual blindness rather than wisdom.

From j.c seltsopa: "i have been a reader for quite some time now, and i must say these crusades are becoming a little ridiculous. first it was pokemon, then dragonball, and now a site about a silly little video game called splatterhouse. before i begin, let me just say that i have been a devout christian since i was old enough to know what that entails, and i am now 45 years old.

that being said, i can't believe you would embark on such a foolish crusade over such an insignificant website. i have been told that i am a bit old for this, but i have had some video game experience in my lifetime. my latter years in college were spent with little else to do, and cannot understand how a simple video game can be the source of so much evil. 

 i have actually played a few of said games, and i have yet to be corrupted. i just seems extremely petty to me to pick on the webmaster of a site that probably had no argument with you whatsoever. he's probably just a kid with nothing better to do than make a site for a video game, and you're going to condone denying him his god given freedom of thought and expression. something about this just seems wrong to me.

I don't deny anyone their freedom. All I do is respond with my own observations. Andy and I have no power or authority to change anyone's behavior or habits.

in all my years as a practicing christian, the most important thing that i have learned is that god wanted us to think for ourselves, and to take responsibility for our own actions. i have not seen anyone publicly take responsibilty for their own actions in many, many years. and this is a prime example of parents not taking responsibility for our children, and blaming it all on the media of this country.

this is something that has bothered me for a long time, we don't want to admit to our own shortcomings (and no matter how great we think we are, we do have them) so we blame something else, something intangible an idea perhaps. why? do you really expect to exterminate all of the so-called " bad " elements of society.  i can tell you now, we as men are not capable of such a grand feat, only the almighty himself could accomplish this miracle. but i digress, my point is that we blame all genre of media for our shortcomings, our failure to do the " right thing ", where does it end? shall we eliminate everything until there is nothing left to blame? shall we be so pompous as to say that one video game has that capability to destroy our faith? no!

i believe that this video game, along with it's many counterparts, is just what it says - "a game". it is made for entertainment, and remember we are individuals, the concept of entertainment is different for everyone. if you don't understand it, that doesn't make it wrong, it means that someone else has a differnet opinion than you, and that's o.k. 

Of course, it is okay. And it works both ways. Why, then, are you so frustrated by the fact that my opinion differs from yours? 

gos made us all that way, if not he would have destined us to a long and tiring existance.  i just needed to remind you how foolish this quest against the entertainment industry is, it would be much more beneficial to all of if we concentrated on taking more personal control instead of interfering in god's business with others.

if you keep this crusade going i will start questioning my own belief in your integrity. after all, who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?

your brother in christ,

You say that "god wanted us to think for ourselves." He actually wants us to learn to think as He does:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.

Do not be wise in your own eyes;

Fear the Lord and depart from evil...."  

Proverbs 3:5-7

If any of us choose to follow our own way rather than His, we are responsible for the problems that follow. See Proverbs 12:15

You ask, "do you really expect to exterminate all of the so-called " bad " elements of society?" No, of course I don't. I just help parents understand the influences that weaken our faith, then leave the choice up to them. 

From Corey:  I happened to find your site, and I must say it's very interesting.  Never seen anything quite like it before, and from first glance, I recognized it as a dedicated "Christian" website.  Oh, almost forgot, to put your mind at ease, I am also a Christian, so you won't think I've got some bone to pick with you.... I must say, (my wife agrees) that this site is one of the better ones, its open-minded, and not at all judgmental, it's fair.  It gives those who may or may not oppose your views a chance to express their own thoughts on them.  Kudos!!  

Its so refreshing to see Christians take an active stance in the war for our children, and their safe, and holy upbringing.  So many of us take the easy route, and cower, and bow to the seductive, and erotic dance of the Devil.  They throw caution to the wind, shouting: "Kids will be kids!!", and other such idiotic phrases.  I'm sure you've encountered some of these people, those who sit idly by, watching the chaos, but not seeing, smelling the flames but not shouting, knowing the threat, but not, acting.  

These people are not far from those who would gladly burn the cross rather than bow to it, judge, and comment, and post websites, against video games, and role-playing games, and movies, and music, and anything, especially things that they have no experience with what-so-ever.  The same people who would happily, and willingly sell their soul, to get into heaven, for in heaven, there are no Pokemon, or Eminems, or Marilyn Mansons.... 

Those same hands, are typing these words, and inventing the technology that allows me to send this to you, without a postage stamp, those same hands gave you the option of using the Internet to increase your sphere of influence, (and sell your books), and those same hands are what can save, and take a life in an instant...Wow...can the hands of man do all that you ask?  REALLY?!?  Why yes my son, they can, we all can, we all have this power, and even more than we are not even capable of realizing because our minds are too closed, and are currently stuck in the past, (2000 years ago to be exact) to evolve, and grow, and mature.  "DOWN WITH GOD!!!"  

I don't think so, the God I praise wants me to pay my rent, and pay my electric bills this month, not give to a church, so they can have a new roof, or a better electrically system.  The God I believe in, wants me to be open-minded, and caring to all, and yet, as ruthless as to murder my own fellow man, in self-defense, and self-preservation.  The God I believe in, wants me to push past the limit of a 10% capacity of my own mind, and try to express myself as colorful as He has.  To make sure the painting which is my life has just as much black as white, (with a little bit of Oriental for added affect) as He has, when he created the Earth, and it's inhabitants.  The God I believe in wants me to praise him in Church, but not quit when circumstances beyond my control burn the same Church.  

The God I believe in thinks a closet, dark, and quiet, with ONLY you, and Him works just fine.  The God I believe in believes that a game, or movie, nor song can ever quiet his role in my life, can ever deter my attention, or sway my belief in His grace, for He hath created me bigger than that, stronger than that.  He also believes that I can do anything I set my heart to, anything, that is just, and right, anything that is too difficult, or impossible.  (That involves actually understanding why a person watches these movies, or plays these games, or why a person sings these songs, instead of judging him for doing such actions.)  

The God I believe in wants me to rewrite the Bible itself, with these very hands, and tell of today's miracles, and wonders.  I am not as weak to let some children's game, that I won't even try, defeat me!!  I am one of God's children!  I sing his song, and rap his verses in everything I do!!  Besides, if I was truly Christian, I would actually stand behind Pokemon.  Just like the entire belief of Christianity, and what the hand of man has done to it, we won't be happy until we have "caught them all".

Thank you, Corey, for sharing your understanding. We obviously don't believe in the same God, but you are as free to worship your personal deity as I am to worship my God. If you want to understand what Andy and I believe, please see What it means to be a Christian

Anonymous:  so what? has it ever crossed your mind, that MAYBE children and teenagers have their own BRAINS? maybe they think for themselves?

They do and they can. But their brains need to be instructed and led by good values, not the capricious feelings that are natural our human nature. And their thoughts need -- according to age -- the wise guidance of facts and truth. Otherwise children and teenagers never learn true wisdom. See Proverbs 12-15.

and, most importantly, MAYBE THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING THEY'RE TOLD! cripes, you make me sick.

if you hate fantasy, harry potter, who cares? just hate it! and i love it! go on hating it, who cares? you know, i hate for example, hypocrites. but i just let them be and try to love them, as Jesus has told us to love our enemies. (yeah, you guessed it: the hypocrites are you people, for example!) and...yet, everyone knows, that even The Old Testament is fake. it didn't happen. it's made up. so IT'S FANTASY!!!

Have you ever considered the evidence for its validity?  Or are you just speaking out of your own feelings and ignorance? If you haven't studied the Bible and its validity, please see Evidence for the existence of God.

From John: The views that you express on your website are a refreshing breeze in the storms of ecumenism, liberalism, evil, compromise, and several other sinful things.   Most of the responses from people, whether they state that they're Christian, pagan, 50/50, or whatever is amazing yet not surprising.  Today, we live in a world of compromise, liberalism, and worldly views.  Our churches these days are buying into the world so that they can increase their membership to get more money.  This includes passing off "contemporary Christian" music as inspired from God.  All they've done is to take worldly, secular pagan music and try to pass it off as christian.  It's like polishing a turd because no matter how much is shines, it still stinks

After having personally played D&D for almost 20 years, I can say first hand, with a lot of experience, that it is not just a "game".  It's just another form of idolatry that is warned about in the Bible.  In regards to the people who comment to complain about your "intolerance", "steadfastness", and "non-compromising" ways, I applaud you.  It says in the first chapters in Psalms about how the world rages against God all the time.  In addition, in the New Testament, is says to speak out about those who preach a different doctrine.  This includes not only those who preach a false gospel, i.e. Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. but also those who try to outright bash you because you point out the error of their ways. 

Nobody wants to hear about their own faults or wants anyone to disagree with their ways, no matter how pagan or evil they may be.  What they don't realize, is that God knows every thought, every spoken, non-spoken or written word that everyone says or writes.  Today's' counterfeit religions, the one world church, illuminists, and others are moving closer to all out war on Christianity.  Obviously, to me, these are definite signs that we live in the end times, when the Lord states in the book of Revelation that in the end times, that he will start to pull back the restraining power of the Holy Spirit.  This is very evident today as we see the sodomite (homosexual) agenda being pushed in our schools and in our society as a whole.
As a last comment, I would like to point out to all those who read this that the United States is probably the WORST nation on earth.  If you did any research into world history, the US is always involved and is behind the scenes all of the time.  All you have to do is to start reading about the illuminati and how they've shaped the world into what it is today, with the US being their base of operations.
What we need today, more than ever, is to be faithful to God, to read his word (King James Version), to practice discernment, and to continue to expose the subtle and not so subtle ways that the world is trying to shape our values, our views, and ultimately lead us away from God.  Those who cannot see that this is all satan inspired are just hiding their heads in the sand.  There are no atheists.  You're either on Gods' side or satans' side. 
I pray that all who read this can see the true way of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But hey, don't take my word for it, I'm just a beggar trying to show other beggars where to find bread.  Read the bible and find out the truth for yourself.  Everything you want to know, or have a question about is answered in the word of God, our merciful and long-suffering Saviour. God Bless.

    Thank you, John.

Anonymous: Geuss what?  I have proven the bible WRONG!  Twice.  I have a simple question, where in their does it say god created dinosaurs?  Also, how can Noah's Ark hold creatures from artic, temperate, and tropical zones?  And why do you think that you can insult Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling like that? Oh, wait, I forgot that this long e-mail message is to much for your brain washed minds to comprehend. $:^)

 It's interesting to hear you say you have proof for something that countless well-educated men and women have unsuccessfully attempted to prove -- or rather disprove. Lawyers, doctors, scientists and other professionals have sought to undermine Christianity only to discover -- to their amazement  -- that all the evidence is on the other side. 

For example the exile in Egypt and the reality of Jesus correlate with known history. The droughts which led to famines and wars are verified both by climatology and the biological record of tree-rings which show when when trees were deprived of water.   

Archeological finds have substantiated the reality of many cities mentioned both in Old and New Testament. And as for Noah's Ark and dinosaurs, please read these reports:

Dinosaur Bones: Just how old are they really?

Dinosaurs. Read the other linked articles on this page. 

Were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?

How did all the animals fit on Noah's Ark?

Fuzzy feathers and walking whales (Reasons to be skeptical of the sceptics)

‘How can we know there’s a God?’

More general but interesting: What is intelligent design?

I suggest you visit and study similar sites such as the Institute for Creation Research at>. Using its search engine, you should be able to find plenty of information.

So where is your proof?    

Anonymous:  So what's life like in fantasy land? You know they say the world needs dreamers and you guy's surly fit the bill. Have fun on your rose colored clouds.

No other belief system is verified by archeology, history, climatology and hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. May I suggest your check it out? You might start with these: Evidence for the existence of God and What it means to be a Christian.

R and C: Just wanted to drop you a personal note, (not for posting) to say thanks  for hanging in there and responding to folks with the truth.

I've read your site for a year or so now. I also read the responses  about Pokeman, Digimon, Dragonball, Tellitubbies, and all the rest of  the garbage out there, and I see how lost people are in the entertainment world.

I see people, even in the church, taken over by the entertainment world. My church even canceled evening service to watch the Superbowl on the big screen TV. The men get together on Saturday mornings and stroke each  other about how God wants them to be Godly fathers and spend time with their families but then they spend the rest of the day out on the golf  course! At the same time, their children are trading pokemon cards in  Sunday school, their wives come to service dressed like cheap whores in  miniskirts, their teenage boys come to service dressed like they just crawled out of the dumpster, and their teenage daughters are getting pregnant....without a husband. So disrespectful in the Lord's house.

When confronted with this entertainment mentality, they make responses  that sound just like the responses you get.....nasty!

I'm not sure what's wrong in the church today, but people do not take the relationship they "supposedly" have with the Lord seriously. They seem to be very "liberal" minded, or as I like to say, compromising, when it comes to the secular world. They seem to want God's blessings when they need it, and then the world's acceptance the rest of the time. 

I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, I just wanted to tell you THANKS  and please don't give in like so many others have done. Compromise is  very dangerous!

God is so good!  Only by His strength and grace can we do any of this.  

Sherry Carlstrom:  I wanted to add to the comment about Blue's Clues.  We were watching a video of this program with some friends recently.  In the middle of the program they went into a long segment explaining how to use Native American "dreamcatchers" and promoted this as a good thing to make as a craft and have over your children's beds.  I "debriefed" my children and turned off the video.  I do not think this show, which seems fairly harmless otherwise, can be trusted.  

    As for Winnie the Pooh, the new products and all of the modern cartoons are products of the  Walt Disney Corporation, which does not deserve any of our business.  For more information on the problems with Disney, see the American Family Associations extensive information which can be found at ,or go to their home page at .
 It is worth the time to research this. Thanks for all you work.
P.S.  Go easy on Jabez, I think God is truly using this book in some believers lives to encourage them that God does love them and wants them to accomplish great things in His name.

I agree, Sherry. I will start a new page and include your statement and others who see what God is doing. But don't you think that's because God responds to the prayers of His faithful people, not because there is special power in the prayer of Jabez? 

From Christine Houghten:  I'm a homeschool mom of a 1, 3 and 5 year old, I'm 40, been a Christian since 17. Went to Bible school when I was young in hopes of going to the mission field, Brazil, but my home church, 2000 strong had a very busy budget, pew cushions, choir robes, etc, and with unbelieving parents not to eager to keep me on the dole, well, just went into nursing, and now stuck here in Sodom and Gomorrah watching this once blessed nation go down.  

Well, to cut to the quick, a lot of moms at home with little ones like me are finding time to roam the internet and hopefully coming your way.  WOULD YOU PUT ON YOUR SITE WARNINGS about some or the other toddler videos (junk, lies, etc). Such as WINNIE THE POOH, not your sweet fat honey eating bear anymore, one my mom picked up for the kids, that landed in trash quick, Tigger had a cloud following him around raining on him because of what he did, he spoke to the cloud and beseeched the cloud, as to what he could do to appease it, etc etc, sounds like Native American Indians, Ay-  

Then that Blues Clues theme song drives me crazy - "You can do anything that you wanna do, you can be anything that you wanna be" They sing it over and over and over.  We changed the words, the kids, well 3 and 5, say no no that's wrong "We will do anything that HE wants us to do, We Will Go anywhere God Wants us to go, etc I know your target audience is not the Mommy-Barney crowd but they are brainwashing early.  

And moms, Christian moms included, think it's just great to encourage these little ones learning to tie shoes and potty train, but talk about instilling an early spirit of rebellion from God - good chance!!! moms aren't listening till they read it. Oh please oh please oh please. Mom's don't have time to review this stuff so they buy it hoping it's fine and are reluctant to toss it once they dole out the cash. They will take head if your will review. They know their Shepherd but seeketh desperately a guide with a back bone so as to not feed their young lies. 

I'm spending a lot of time lately with the kids in the Old Testament ( not a lot of mention there regarding tolerance, but a lot mentioned of fearing the Lord and Judgment!!!)  - and when ever someone disobeys the Lord, as I am telling the story the kids get to sing the Blues Clues song, like - Jonah and the Lord, and our dear Lord asked Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell people to repent, and Jonah could of possibly sang the same song that toddlers are singing now, "I can do anything that I wanna do, I will go anywhere that I wanna go." Enter the whale. 

And of course as Moses came down from Mt Sinai with the Ten Commandments this could possibly be have been the song the Israelites were singing as they made their idol and partied: "I can do anything that I wanna do".  

THUS SAYS THE LORD!!! You shall have no other God's before ME! Spiritism, Extreme Environmentalism Worshiping the Creation instead of the Creator and Socialism is in a lot of toddler videos and books.  The question is not whether it is there, But why are some not seeing it!!!! Much love and God Bless you.

Thank you, Christine, for your insights and warnings.  

Second letter from Hailthorns (see first letter below) Probably the reason I "don't seem to know Jesus" in your opinion is because instead of focusing on what He forbade, I focus on what He preached. The things He preached were, first and foremost, loving thy fellow man, being merciful, and being tolerant of other people's differences. 

The first two items are true, Hailthorns, but not the third. God wants us to demonstrate His love and mercy, but He also tells us to turn away from religious paths that contradict His word. We should show His love to those who don't agree with us, but are not to tolerate deceptive teaching that compromise or contradict the Bible. Here are two examples of how the Bible uses the word "tolerance":

"I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants...." Revelation 2:20

"I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false. You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary." Revelation 2:2

Also, in regards to your remarks about reincarnation, it is confirmed in the story of Jesus healing the blind man. When Jesus and His disciples first find the blind man, one of them asks "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" Without reincarnation and a pre-existing soul, it is impossible to sin. To their question, Jesus replies "Neither. He was born blind that the Glory of God may be shown through him" and then he gives the man sight. This implies that, before the man was born, he volunteered to be born blind so Jesus could demonstrate His Power on him.

You are reading your own thoughts and beliefs into the message, Hailthorn. God tells us that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23)  Through Adam's disobedience, everyone has been bound by their natural inclination to sin. But through the cross, Jesus has set believers free.

But that's not the point here. When the disciples asked, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" their understanding was limited by the same view that caused Job's "friends" to believe that Job's suffering must have been caused by great sinfulness. Jesus clarifies this confusion by explaining that the blindness was not a direct consequence of either the man's or his parents' sin. Instead, as in the case of the "righteous" Job, God allowed and used the suffering to demonstrate His sovereign power over the forces of Satan. Reincarnation had nothing to do with it.

As for Star Wars, it doesn't try to present a religion in any form, "politically correct" or not! Instead of there being a God that the characters worship, there is a simple energy field that holds our molecules together and is in fact probably a strong magnetic field of some kind. As for what the Jedi do, this is possible in the real world without having to sell your soul! All that is required is patience, concentration, and the mental ability to leave the physical behind. The results are not as dramatic as on Star Wars, but they are there.

It's supernatural power: beyond what is natural. Using your imagination to "create" energy forces that can be manipulate by a source of intelligence comes very close to creating some kind of a deity -- whether impersonal or personified. 

The fact that you talk about it as if it is real -- "and is in fact probably a strong magnetic field of some kind" -- shows how hard it is to separate a plausible vision from an actual fact or scientific probability. In this realm of high tech imagination, fantasy and reality virtually merge. Many choose to believe a lie, because it looks so real and because the imagination has become a more popular basis for beliefs than facts or truths. 

As for D&D and other role-playing games, which do you think God prefers: directing your negative mental energy against imaginary evildoers, an activity which harms nobody, or directing your negative mental energies against other people? D&D may be a bad influence, but it is the lesser of the two evils. As for anime, it's made by the Japanese, so you can hardly expect them not to infuse elements of their own culture in their art!

I don't expect that they would. That's why I don't try to change or censor Anime. I just suggest that Christians focus their minds and hearts on other things more compatible with a true view of reality.

Oh, by the way, when are you going to start on Shakespeare? After all, his plays involve ghosts, fairies, witches, spirit servants...surely the most enduring examples of demonic influence yet!

From Hailthorns:  Okay, first off, I would like to tell you that you are entitled to your opinions, but in my opinion you sound like a complete idiot. The Supreme Being is infinite and so are Its Aspects. 

My God is obviously different from yours. Yes He is infinite, but He has also made Himself known to those who seek Him. (See What it means to be a Christian).  I'm not suprised that our views sound foolish to you, for God told us that they wouldn't make sense to those who reject His truth and ways: 

"...for the word of the cross to those indeed perishing is foolishness, and to us—those being saved—it is the power of God..." 1 Corinthians 1:18

As for some of your articles about how all these "evil influences" cause people to "turn to Satan", it took me ten minutes to stop laughing. Yes, some things in Star Wars are based on Pagan religions, but not all, not by a long shot! There are no parallels between Christianity and Star Wars whatsoever, and there is no connection. Star Wars is simply the work of a man doing something he likes and is good at, and can you really fault that?

The issue for us isn't whether or not George Lucas is at fault. He may be doing the best He know and it will surely fall far short of meeting God's standard. My point is that Star Wars teaches a contrary though politically correct religion. Therefore its suggestions and images -- in the context of entertainment -- will desensitize and attract Christians to its occult philosophy.  

With D&D, okay, I'm willing to admit it may have a negative influence on very young players (between 6 and 9) but, like Star Wars, it is simply a tiny little world sprung from its players' imaginations. While it does involve a lot of fighting and blood, one should remember that it is directed at teens and young adults, most of whom have their heads screwed on straight enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality. I read an article similar to both your Star Wars article and your Harry Potter article and, no offense intended, you people really need to check your sources. If you can give me a verse in the Bible that says "Fictional worlds that contain the supernatural are evil", then I will rescind my arguments, but until then it's just good, entertaining fun. While D&D would be improved if the goal was to imprison or banish or otherwise get rid of the dragon without killing it, but killing it was kept as a last resort, it is not in any way linked to Satanism.

Here are two Bible verses (out of a dozen) that warn us of the danger of imagining things that God calls evil. Since He defines that evil in various passages, including Deut 18-9-12, we know that fictional worlds can guide the imagination to "see" and experience various entertaining forms of "evil."       

"...the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth."  Genesis 8:21

"He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts." Luke 1:51


I'll write back after I've read more of your articles, but seriously I think you guys are jumping at shadows, seeing threats where there are none. By the way, I am a Christian. 


If so, you are held to a higher standard than those who are not, Hailthorn. But why do you believe you are a Christian, when you don't seem to know the Christ who made Himself known to us through the Bible?  In fact, who is Jesus Christ to you?  

From Terri Mulberry: First a comment and then a concern:

1.   Although I don't have tv reception (we do watch videos), I have heard of and looked up the newest game show "Weakest Link".  It goes right along with "Survivor", and  through another avenue of entertainment, is preparing people for the new global mentality--  Hate the neighbor that doesn't fit in and get rid of them.  The moderator and contestants apparently use intimidation and manipulation to get what they strategically design.  It's all in the name of the game.  Scary when you think about its implications, especially when we see our culture soaking up pop culture like a sponge.

2.   Now my concern.  While working at a nearby mall I saw a sign in the popular teenager-targeted store, "Claire's Accessories".  It advertised a product called "Exite pheromone wipes" and read "The one you love will fall in love with you".  Of course a host of little red flags flew up in my spirit.  I went home and did a search on the web and found some things that disturbed me.

Although we are affected by human pheromones, apparently it is not conclusive that artificially placed pheromones are as powerful as their manufacturers claim them to be.  Researcher Joseph J. Falke of the University of Colorado states, "Safeguards will be needed to prevent the manipulation of human behavior. We won't want pheromones showing up in magazine ads, or pumped through ventilation systems at the mall."  Yet already, this is being marketed to teenagers.

I have attached a note that I am using to warn people about the use of this product.  I thought you might be interested in the implications of it.  See his important note here.

Mads, a fellow-Norwegian:  %$#@ you people are stupid. This has to be the stupidest site I have ever read!!   I have read Harry Potter and loads of other Fantasy books and series, I have not become a satanist because of that, and I doubt it anyone will ever.

I doubt that many would become "satanists." That would involve following a new set of legalistic rules -- a condition that few would willingly accept in our pluralistic times. The new multicultural blend of religions is far more tempting -- and just as hostile toward Biblical truth. That's where many 'Christian" youth are headed, not knowing that once they shift their loyalties from God's unchanging truths to a man-made blend, they have turned their backs to God.  

Personally I think this site is a big joke by someone trying to be funny, I can't imagine anyone really being this stupid, but hey I might be wrong. Get a life. Thanks.
And yes, I believe in god.

Not in my God, Mads. If you want to know Him, please read What it means to be a Christian

From Roger Harbert, CAD Operator: What im wondering is do you people actually sit done and read this stuff out loud and think to yourself "Wow im a nut case.". Please dont take offense. Im not a pokemon player. Matter of fact i hate the stuff, but i have played magic, and dungens and dragons. 

Anyways have you no respect for young people or do you think that they should follow gods path so righteously that they cant play a simple childs game. 

I  read some of you "fan mail" and they all seem like good people (well most of them). I mean is really that bad to let a kid have a childhood playing childrens games without having someone take that away and force them to live a life that might not even suit them. 

Not that im knocking the christian lifestyle you live how you want all im sayin is where do you have the right to tell your children they cant play a harmless game. Although i do see how you would want to raise a child to fit in society but a harmless game is not going to make  much difference. 

Roger, how do you know that this "harmless game  is not going to make much difference"?  Studies done on the power of suggestions and a guided imagination indicate the oppostite.

All that does is takes a piece of their childhood away. I've played these "satanic" games and have thosen a life as an athiest and ive fit into society just fine. Well thats my two cents. Sorry if ive offended you in anyway but im just quite opinionated. Have a nice day.

You haven't offended me, Roger. 

I can see why some of these games would seem okay to you. But the fact that you have chosen "life as an atheist" may bring little comfort to parents who want their children to know the joy and strength that comes from trusting Jesus Christ and walking with Him.  


From Annie: I am 16 years old, i will not diguise my age. I came across your website quite accidentally while trying to locate a good place to download some wallpaper for my computer. I saw a link about Pokemon and Magic Cards and decided to see what you had to say.

Excuse me for saying so, but you are taking a simple game far too seriously. Pokemon is a Japanese anime show that was originally aired in Japan but shipped over to American durring that whole, "Anime is cool" phase of our little kid's life. It is meant for entertainment only. The fact that some little kid thinks that he has psychic abilities is not brainwashing, but a simple misunderstanding that the parents have to unwravel and discuss.

Baring America's youth from playing games and watching things on TV that their friends do will only cause more harm than the actual show will. If a parent wont let a kid watch a tv show, then that kid's childhood is being corrupted by that parent's narrowmindedness and paranoia.

If you are saying that Pokemon is brainwashing, and that little kids shouldnt think of "monsters" as their friends, then who are we to let them watch Seaseme Street. As for the whole Teletubbies thing, the fact that that one alien is purple and has a triangle on his head is nothing more than a coinsidence, and how does a small child know that he is looking at something "sinful and wrong". (I have no qualms with gay lifestyles, my Aunt is gay and i love her very much) Harry Potter does not promote witchcraft. If you say that it does, then so does The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. (From the website and what i have read, they most likely are linked)

Your argument will be that you are just simply trying to warn other zealots like yourself about the "dangers" of "corrupt" America, but the more you supress your children, the more their minds are going to wonder and think and they will find a way outside of parental guidance to see what they want to see and learn what they want to learn. And then your children wont turn to you any more, they will have friends who tell them much more than their parents ever have. Or they will grow up scared, and totally isolated from real life. They will live with these preconceived notions that their parents have drilled into their head and they wont think for themselves and formulate their own beliefs.

 Do you understand what i am trying to get across? Of course not... why would one 16 year old girl change anyone's mind. I am a sixteen year old girl who has experienced many of the things that arent prudent at my age. And i have made my own conclusions about these things. I dont do drugs, thats just stupid. I stopped drinking at parties when i say it come back out of me. I dont smoke, thats just stupid. And after having sex four times, i realized that i just dont need that right now. I have made the right decisions after experiencing the wrong ones. Its the Socratic way of learning...

If you expose children to this at an early age, they will not feel the need to do it later on in life when they're out of your jurisdiction. Dont keep your children prisoners...

Dear Annie, many children who are caught up in the practices you mentioned above are virtually prisoners of those habits and addictions. Others are driven by their cravings for occult power and obsessions with violence. God offers a way for us to be free from those kinds of prisons which the Bible refers to as "bondage" to sin and our own human nature.

May I ask you to read  Answers to Pokemon mail? This was written especially for Christians who took their faith seriously. It shows the choice God gives us -- a choice to seek His highest and best -- or to settle for all the shallow and trivial things that popular entertainment offers us. Those who have seen the love and strength that God offers His precious friends wouldn't want anything less than His wonderful gifts and ways. 

From ZxNinjaxZ: Well, I've come to a few conclusions. First:  You said this at the end of your comments for Robert's second letter in the Digimon section.:

Remember, our God loves His people. He wants us to be free to receive all that He wants to give us: strength, joy, peace... He warns us to shun the counterfeits, because they get in the way and blind us to His riches. I write these messages because I, too, care about people and want to bring His blessings to those who recognize their need for Him.

Why was this needed to be plugged in?  You said also, in that section, that Perception is the Key to Understanding.  Well, through MY perception, the first sentence there, seems to imply that other God's hate the people they worship.  My Understanding through this Perception is that you believe Shinto gods, and any Gods that are not Christian, do not love the people they worship.  Now you will probably say "That was not my intention."   But really, intention or not, you said it, and that could seem insulting to people.

You misunderstood, ZxNinjax. I put the "our" in front of God to make sure my reference to Him wouldn't be perceived as a reference to a universal deity. When discussing God these days, we often need to clarify which of the world's many gods we are talking about. While Jesus, my Lord, is personal and loves His people, most other gods are perceived as impersonal -- a Force, Source, Cosmic Wisdom, pantheistic goddess....  neither loving nor hating. 

Yet, I believe there are occult and hateful spirits behind these impersonal forces which lie and deceive people. That would come as no surprise to people in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South & Central America who still offer sacrifices to "good" spirits in order to overcome the perceived powers of all the "evil" forces. 

What exactly is wrong with learning Japanese culture?  I find that your ignorance to really Insult the Japanese culture by not giving anything from the country a chance insults me and anyone who admires the Japanese culture. But again "That was not your intention."

Nothing is wrong with learning Japanese culture -- or the culture of other nations. We need to understand the differences. But Christians need to understand or see everything from God's perspective. The problem with multicultural education in government schools is that the curriculum or programs used to teach children about the world's diverse cultures are produced from an anti-Christian perspective.  

The problem is today's intense focus on personal feelings and group approval which is at the heart of the new national-international education system. (Please see From the Littleton Crisis to Government Control) This strategy was used both in Soviet and Nazi education to build anger toward anyone who dared criticize politically correct ideology. In other words, group pressure was used to silence any dissent and to squeeze everyone into compliance with the new approved values and perceptions.

The solution is: don't be insulted. Choose not to be offended by those who don't agree with you. Don't let yourself react emotionally when other people's perceptions don't agree with yours. Emotional reactions hinder rational thinking. Instead, choose to engage in a rational discussion. None of us have the right to tell others not to say things that might offend us. Our differences should sharpen, not undermine, our thinking.  If I demanded such a right -- or was bothered by all the hostile and insulting comments people send me -- I certainly wouldn't continue to read and answer all the letters I get.    

What about Greek and Roman gods like Mike Crawley mentioned?  You said they were legends with a madman behind the scenes.  Last time I mentioned this, you asked me to find where it was you said this, here it is: Mike Crawley's Comments: "What about Greece and Rome?  Let's see.. it was Zues, the King of the Gods,  who came down to Earth and seduced Alcmene, and then impregnated her.  From  her came one who was almost Godly, persued a life of doing good deeds, even  redeemed himself, but was persecuted by many people. Why does this seem so similar to Jesus' birth and
life of good deeds and  persecution?  Oh i know you'll answer that with how Greek is only myths, has  no connection to Christianity and is not real, but you've no proof.  It has only been laughed off now by Christianity's popularity, and the Roman's  persecution of Christians.   

Yours:  The Greek and Roman myths were designed by men, with inspiration from the evil mastermind behind the scenes. 1 John 1:19 tells us that the whole world is under the sway of the evil one." He has always suggested counterfeits of God good gifts and promises, then tempted gullible people who want those "gifts" without accountability to our God.

      You know this how?  How do you KNOW that Jesus is the true son of God, that "Hercules" did not exist?  Just because a book says something, does not mean it is true.  For all you know, the Bible could be Historical FICTION.  I
do not doubt that Jesus existed, but I do doubt that he was the son of God. Just like with Hercules.  He more likely than not, existed.  Was he the son of a Greek God though?  I doubt it. Why is it that you always refer to the Bible whenever someone has a point?  You don't KNOW if it's true.  But you say it's the only trustworthy standard.  How is it?

First, read  Is He risen?  It provides a summary showing the evidence for the actual resurrection of Jesus.

I want to write a longer answer than I want to post here. I have started a page giving some evidence. I will continue to work on this page, but I may not have time to finish it until next month. Among other things, I plan to list  prophecies that have been fulfilled along with historical and archeological validation for Old Testament events in the Bible. Here is the link: Questions and Answers- Evidence for the existence of God

I understand that your religion is your life style, but I don't get involved with stuff like this unless you insult me.  But again "That was not your intention."  Answer these questions for me, and you should finish up your closing comments on my last letter.

Thanks for reminding me. 

Last part of Falconcunning's letter:  [He asked that we clarify earlier comments]

>From Berit: In contrast to popular opinions, the Bible has always been far ahead of secular history in describing science. For example, over three thousand years ago, it recorded that our planet was suspended in space -- and that the shores of its continents provided barriers for the oceans.

It also describes the spiritual world and the evil forces behind sorcery and every other kind of magic. So when a Christian reads fantasies that describe actions natural to the world of the occult, they are likely to match those actions to their understanding of reality. 

Me: I don't get this.

Here is a simple illustration. A child learns about angels from Christian parents. If, in an anime or fantasy story, he hears word "angel," the child's minds would quickly do two things: (1) use what he already knows to interpret the new information and (2) use the new information to "upgrade" or broaden his understanding of the old information. In this case, that means associating the new image of an angel with the old understanding from the Bible, then distorting his original view of angels by blending the new and old together. Does that make sense.

From Berit: This vast consciousness fits into the new paradigm--thefast-spreading world view or mental framework that sees the world from a global perspective. In this mystical system of evolving truths and values, perception counts more than proof - which today's polls and politics heartily confirm. The public is more easily led by impressions and feelings than by facts and logic. 

Me: This makes me think. Proof. What is Proof? What is truth? I ask you this, and hope you will think about it. I watched that movie, Contact. It didn't change my views on extraterrestrials. I believe that aliens are out there for the simple fact that the universe is HUGE. It was designed to make you think about life, and reality. Stuff we're never going to comprehend. It was designed to make you question what you believe in, which I believe is a good thing, because if you don't, you might as well not believe in it. You may be believing something that isn't logical, doesn't have a base in reason, something that you don't want to believe in. For example, you think the Christians who watch certain anime are on the wrong path. If they don't question if they're following the right path, what do they have?

If the this HUGE universe "was designed to make you think about life," WHO designed it?  Where did you discover the purpose of this Designer, Falconcunning?  How do you know it "was designed to make you question what you believe in? 

Finally, why does HUGEness prove the existence of extraterrestrials? I have seen some of the mathematical odds against the conditions needed for intelligent life -- or spontaneously generation of life -- anywhere outside this miraculous plant, those odds are so great that I couldn't even try to write down the endless string of that zeros.  

As a conclusion I tip my hat off to you. You're smarter, wiser, and more perceptive than I gave you credit for. You see things in different ways than the people you're responding to, usually.

However, I noticed that you quickly tie games/anime, the stuff you're dealing with you think is occult very quickly into contrasting God's powers, and having to do with the super-natural. You do it right off the bat, before learning the full circumstances; "nuances" I quote of the things you believe are occult. People then correct you about what you are saying, and then you say they things they point out to you are not important. If you do pay more attention to what you're dealing with, you will have an easier dealing with hate mail, and help parents who want to get accurate information.

Each of us has a world view, Falconcunning -- a perspective or mental filter through which we see and understand both reality and fantasies. Non-Christians may look at various psychic or spiritual forces from a variety of perspectives or through many different mental filters. They may use diverse standards to evaluate whether a particular religion or power is good or bad, helpful or dangerous. And they would probably expect me to evaluate each religion or anime using the same standards. 

But I have a different standard. Christians (those who know and follow God) will use His Word as their guide. It provides a clear and absolute filter for determining what is pleasing to Him -- and therefore, what is good for us. 

As I have said before, it doesn't take long to see whether an anime or book is written from a pantheistic, pagan or earth-centered perspective. If so, it cannot represent the power of my Lord. It would therefore clash with our faith. He doesn't compromise. Nor will He allow His truth or power to mingle with other religions or forces. That's why He tells us,

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? ... For you are the temple of the living God. 


As God has said: I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people." Therefore 'Come out from among them and be separate,' says the Lord. "Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you...."  2 Corinthians 6:14-18

I know this is very politically incorrect. You may accuse me of being intolerant. But remember, God tells us to share His love wherever we go. We may have different standards and a different God than most people today, but that doesn't keep us from caring for the person -- even as we say "no" to their religion.  

Part 3 of Falconcunning's letter: 

>From Richard (Otaku): If we do that then we lose our ability to see what is right and wrong and we see what other's tell us is right and wrong (and God supposedly gave us our free-will, why don't we use it and judge for ourselves what is right and wrong?). That is not a good thing, because a person who blindly follows anything often is headed for disaster.

Me: You didn't argue with this one, but that's because it's true, right? You have to carefully examine, and slowly question whatever you are getting yourself in to simply because you might not get out. 

I didn't argue because some letters are so full of questions or challenges that I just don't have time to deal with each point. I try to answer what I see as the most important points. 

Yes, God gave us free will, but He didn't set us adrift on a cultural sea of confusion. He set a standard and provided laws -- both natural and moral. Our free choice involves choosing whether to follow God's safe and loving standards -- or to go our own way. Wise are those who choose to follow the One who created us and the universe we live in. Who would better know what will bring peace and lasting contentment?

>From Berit: That's true. Most young people today have learned -- through the consensus process in schools, through self esteem curricula and through popular entertainment that mocks adult authority -- to believe they know best. What feels good has to be right -- whether they know the facts or not. Does that mean that we should place their counsel above God's?

Me: No way. Those kids who would think that they know best are in one word, jerks. They don't know best. Maybe it's because they weren't able to make their own decisions, and were forced by their parents to do some things, and didn't learn what would happen otherwise. They didn't learn how inept they were.

Thanks for saying that, Falconcunning.

>From Berit: The problem with anime is that it turns the meaning of good and evil upside down. Those who base their values on the world's view of good and evil will naturally be offended by God's standards.

Me: How exactly does it turn good and evil upside down?

Again and again, the world chooses what God calls evil -- then calls it good.  Even His own people who are called by His name delight in Harry Potter and are fascinated by all kinds of pagan practices and occult mysteries. The kinds of sensual pictures once reserved for Playboy calendars are now used by the media to sell all kinds of products, including sex.  Its not surprising that today's youth seem to prefer promiscuity above committed sex within a loving marriage. But this is nothing new. Thousands of years ago, God summarizes this phenomenon in an Old Testament  Scripture which is as relevant today as ever: 

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,

And prudent in their own sight!" Isaiah 5:20-21


From Doreen Ross: Thank you so much for the research that you have done on Harry Potter , Pokemon and all the other things.  I am a mother of 6 and my children are not allowed to read, participate or watch any of these thing. 
I am appalled and upset by the Christian community and their support and participation in these things. I can not believe that warning bells and things do not go off in these parents heads. What is happening to us as Christians.  I  feel that God wants me to begin to speak out about the Harry Potter books but I am not sure where to begin.
I have had comments that I am a Jesus Freak from my our Christian community of friends.  Yes, Jesus was put to death for me and I will accept this as part of it all.  How do I get started with all of this ?  My children get a little frustrated with me but are learning that God rules our home and we will not participate in the world of darkness.  My children go to public school because we can not afford a Christian education and I do not feel I am cut out for home schooling.  I play a big part in what they read and study but I am more upset of the acceptance of these books in our churches. 
I do believe that Satan (Praise the Lord he is defeated) is on an effort to destroy our children one way or another.  I hope that I am making sense to you and that you can help me know where to start.  I have so much information going in my head and I am not good at putting it all on paper. 
Can you give me email addresses or information about how James Dobson feels about this stuff? 


Readers Digest wrote a big article on J.K. Rowlings praising her and making her out to be some great person for what she has done. She need a Savior and not the one she is presently serving. Does Christianity Today, praise the books as I heard?  


Thank you, Doreen, for your courage and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. Taking a stand these days can cost us friends and acceptance -- even within churches. Sometimes especially in the churches. For  few non-Christians get as upset as compromising "Christians" when you and I choose to separate ourselves from what they love. 

A church person who loves Harry Potter's world would not want you or me to tell them it is wrong. We have become an embarrassment and a reproof to them, and that makes many of them angry. They would like to define what a Christian is by what they "feel" and like, not by the Bible. That means excluding and mocking those who follow God's guidelines. But God's Word warned us it would happed:

"Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service." John 16:2

"If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you.... for they do not know the One who sent me." John 15:20-21  

I mentioned Focus on the Family in Harry Potter Lures Kids to Witchcraft - with praise from Christian leaders.   Did you read the children's story, The Invisible War It might help some of your children and their friends understand spiritual warfare and how to put on God's armor. Since your children are in public schools, I suggest you read Brave New Schools. It's really important to understand the psycho-social process used to conform children to the new global ideology.   

From ZxNinjaxZ: Well now, it would seem that you still don't even listen to the opinions of the people.  You HEAR them, or read them, since it's only in -mail, but you don't listen to them.  You said how God gave us free will, to go by his way or our own way.  I go by my way, because I do things my way. So this is my way.

You see, I have learned now that Christians are paranoid to change.  One new show comes up, one new book series, one new movie, and you immediately write something about it as soon as it gets popular. You know
what I call that?  A troll.  A troll to a topic.  You Troll Dragon Ball, that Akira Toriyama worked hard to make. You troll everything that doesn't agree to YOU.  Why do you think people have been reacting hostile towards you?

Because you and others want to win approval for your choices. It bothers you when I choose to disagree with your rather than affirm you. And since you can't logically accept the fact that I walk a different path than you do, you accuse me of not listening.

I do listen to you, Ninjax. But I don't want to follow your way. Like you, I have a choice. I don't hinder you from going your way. Please give me the same freedom.  Try to understand that we who love God truly want to follow Him. We are not afraid of change. Most of us have already changed -- from trying to please people to pleasing God. And He has become our strength, our wisdom, our peace and our joy -- forever. Why would I ever want to go back to where I was?  

Do you honestly believe that everything should be your way or the highway?  

Of course not, Ninjax!

I'm gonna tell you one thing, you're going to live a boring life if everything agreed to your standards.  Get off your high horse, where you decide what is right and wrong.  Your only one of the millions of Christians out there. 

Please see Biblical versus Cultural Christianity

I have my own morals, their similar to Christian morals, but I am not Christian, I have no religion.  You don't get Morals from religion.  My Parents let me determine what is right or wrong, and they helped me along the way. They thought making me go to Sunday school would help, I hated every minute I was in there for.  It was so boring.  Read this do that, you try and train your kids to be so religious at a young age, your crushing them, your killing their true self.  

Then when they reach the age of 18 and go to college, maybe a State University or something, they're gonna have this huge cultural smack in the face.  They're going to be clueless in the real world, thinking that God is going to help them every step of the way, that as long as they pray to God, they'll do well in college.  Prayer doesn't make you smart.  Studying makes you smart.  When they hit college, some are going to finally find themselves, and go out and do their own thing.

Since I wasn't raised with a religion to be by, I already know who I am, I'm not reading a book to tell myself how to live.  I'm gonna learn from my mistakes, I'm gonna do things my way, live my life my way.  If I end up homeless, I know I did because it's MY decision, not God's.  If I end up being the richest guy on Earth, I'm gonna know that it was myself that got me there, not God.

Now, I'm gonna part with some lyrics from the Limp Bizkit song, "My Way" that I feel best describe the Christian religion: 
"This time I'm gonna let it all come out,
this time I'm gonna stand up and shout,
'Gonna do things my way,
it's my way,
my way or the highway..."

That sounds like your song, not mine. As for your other closing comments, I look forward to responding tomorrow. It's almost midnight again.... 

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