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Global Education & IBO - Part 1

From Mathias Graul, Denmark We are currently under attack from various evils. Without wanting to succumb to a certain form of hyper-fundamentalist dualist superstition leading to a naive form of paranoia, I cannot help thinking that this is among other things related to my writing a letter to the Danish ministry of education concerning occult influences in state schools in Denmark. I have also published that letter in the Danish section of my internet church (see URL below, but this is in Danish, of course). Anyway, prayer is needed for that at any rate.
On Wednesday my little daughter was attacked by a 10-12 year old girl when driving home from school in the public bus. That girl would press our Olivia holding her neck tight and she came home with a bluish color in her face and crying. Police and school leadership are of the opinion that this was "just" some kind of unusual rough behavior of kids doing stupid things among themselves - and they are maybe right, however, no matter how one is going to perceive this incident, this has caused quite an amount of distress for us including this weekend and Olivia is still more nervous than usual. 
Please pray for that minister of education (a woman) that my letter will come to cause her to think and also act, so occult stuff in Danish schools will be stopped or at least more carefully scrutinized before being distributed. I had written in particular about one stupid thing which they call "write dance" hatched out by some new age folks in Holland where the claim to prepare for smoother writing movements is put up as a pretender in order to come sneaking in the back door as it were with some preparative stuff for yoga and the like. I just hope that minister isn't among the many Europeans practicing yoga herself! 
  God bless you all


Denise, I'm not sure I understand what you mean in your second and third sentences. Could you explain it to me? Thanks.


Denise, I agree this is serious. I knew this was happening in some parts of the country, but what you describe sounds terrible. I agree that this is wrong. Did you see my article on Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance? You may want to read it. Could tell me one or two specific illustrations -- something that happened to a boy or girl in your school? 

From Michael Richard Murphy Jr., Age 22:   You are revealing the facts about the Globalists agenda and I am grateful. I am particularly impressed by your book, Brave New Schools.

I have a friend that is 18 years old. She is part of a program called the Bachaloreians program, a program for gifted students. She has about a 140 IQ, sheís in an English program, and has had marathon classes in mythology, philosophy and literature as well as the basics. Supposed Christian parents raised her in a Presbyterian home.

I met her about 3months ago and was immediately drawn to her kindness and wit. I was born of the Spirit about 4 months ago and have been trying to share the truth with anyone that will listen. M was one of the first people I met after the new birth and she was open to discussions about philosophy and religion. She offered me a book she had recently read called the Sirens of Titan (Kurt Vonnegut). I read it and wrote her a 20-page refutation of Vonnegut's incorrect assumptions of Christian doctrine. I also blasted his trite philosophy and his lack of scientific knowledge.

It was not well received. Absolutism is the Sword of  Truth. I have run the spiritual gauntlet from Catholicism to Agnosticism, Bhudism/Atheism, finally to settle on the ultimate truth of God by Christís advent, and the Holy Spirit at age 22. I identified with her, as I had believed the same things, read the same type of books, and attended the same kind of spiritually (Holy Spirit) dead churches. Not to mention that public High School education contributed only a very small part to my knowledge of the real world in regards to history politics and SCIENCE (we where taught evolutionary THEORY as if it were LAW!!)

She is a pantheist/monist/agnostic and I tried to show her that the Bibleís God was the ONLY one. She accepts that Christ was on this planet but thinks there are many ways to God. She has her own ideas. Pantheism is the shiniest of apples on the tree of knowledge. It satisfies all of the UN-Godly. It offends no one. Itís PC. By the time a young pantheist meets a Bible believing Christian, he or she has been so turned of to ďChristianityĒ (because of apostate religions and the paradigm shift supported in popular culture) that there is an even subconscious rejection of any absolutes.

In Mís case I can guess that she has been influenced greatly by her Educators. She has a VERY heavy workload. She has had taken marathon classes under some of the top teachers in the nation from what I understand. She told me that her philosophy/literature teachers were the coolest people she had met. Her mom works for the school system in Florida in some capacity but I doubt she knows about the things in your book. I have never sat in on Mís classes but I imagine that Biblical views are discouraged and positive reinforcements are directed at ideas that conform to the PC values of the teachers. Without convincing support from her family and Church she hasnít had the Holy Spiritís help in guiding her to the truth.

The philosophy of today is so masterfully constructed that it makes a very comforting substitute for Biblical Christianity....

From Mona M.: Here in Britain schools used to be free of politics as an accepted principle. Now this government is using schools to be a tool to brainwash us while still young. Baroness Blackstone sent a package (paid by taxes) to every school, pro-"Europe". Politicians now try to out-do each other in who will spend most on education, when getting it right would cut the cost! And of course,  T.Bliar said his first three priorities were "Education! Education! Education!"

The improvement from the national curriculum (which does now include phonics) could well lead to complacency, with achievement still FAR below potential - in reading, on which all else rests. The teaching of reading is still well under the control of the Establishment who were mistrained during the last 50 years. Environment? Health? "Social studies" PSE (Personal, and social education)? Abortion? Family? History? You can have politics here without "education", but there's not much education here without politics. Not any more.

From Alison Burrow: I am a 33 year old mother of two children, ages 6 and 8.  My husband Keith and I decided long ago to send our children to a Christian school in order to help set the proper spiritual foundations we KNOW they will need desperately in their future.  

Several weeks ago it was brought to our attention that a set of Harry Potter books were donated to our school library by one of our own board members.  As you can imagine, we were horrified.  In my deepest heart I sensed a dangerous evil in this material even before I discovered what I know now to be true.  But it is very hard to quantify that, so we decided that before we objected, we better get our facts straight and do some serious research.  We were devastated that we couldn't just stand on scripture alone on this subject (Deuteronomy 18-10-12 is more then extremely CLEAR), and so the research began.  

We read countless articles, from Christian and secular viewpoints, and were very saddened by the popular Christian response (ie. Chuck Colsen).  As you can imagine, many Christian threw that in our faces and said that if these people think the books are ok, then they are ok!  This did not go over well with us, the last time I checked, God is the only God, and His Word is the only truth and other people's opinions are not automatically so.  

We then decided to read the material for ourselves, because you cannot make a stand on this kind of thing if you haven't read it (which is, we believe, the greatest error in the Christian many parents have not read the material for themselves and have instead listened to someone else's point of view as a guideline rather then listening to the ONLY guideline which is God's Word). We went on to the Scholastic's website and read sample chapters from each book.  That was it for us, such scary, evil and gruesome material had no place in our lives, our home, a Christian school or in the minds of so many innocent children.  We then took on the task of preparing to submit our findings to the Education Committee, Library Committee and the Board of Directors.  

I would respectfully ask for your prayers as we begin our battle with our school (isn't that sad that we have to do battle with our Christian school over something that seems so obvious to us?).  I would like to e-mail you in the future to let you know how it all turns out.  God bless you as you continue to speak out, may He continue to give you HIS amazing wisdom and insight and may you continue to pass it on to the rest of us! 

From Betty:  I checked out some websites and links.  Noted that IBO has activity in Escambia Co in Pensacola, which is not too far from us.  Also noted that the link for N. America and Caribbean is 475 Riverside Dr, 16th Fl, NY NY 10115.  Also at 475 Riverside are:  I*Earn, at room 540 (This is George Soros Open Society folks, pro-abortion, drugs and euthanasia and big in URI and supported Hillary and MMM; United Church Board for World Ministry, Carmen Alicia Nibot, on 16th Floor, ph 212 870-2833; Nat'l Council of Churches  in Room 850/ ph 212 870-2227.  There seem to be many liberal groups located at 475 Riverside and I think I have seen the address for other groups besides these.   Here's one more:  Global Education Assoc in Suite 1848, tel 121 870-3290 (; pres are Gerald & Patricia Mische, big liberals with all the regular UN & global educ groups, new-agey for sure.  I can't help but think 475 Riverside is something important.

From Ullrich Sussek, Germany: I have read Your books and I can see much of these things in the schools of my children. TQM is in planning in school and kindergarten. It is marketed with nice labels.

I have started lectures with the title "Education in New Age" and to distribute the Bible in schools with "The Gideons". I think we are the power to detain (2.Thess. 2:7) by the holy spirit. 

I pray each evening for all the teachers of my children and God blesses the classes. The teachers told me repeatedly that the children are unusual quiet, no violence. 

On the other hand I have little support from the other parents. At this time I'm fighting against Harry Potter in German lessons. But I think it's not a struggle by my own, the Lord will prevent it. For the new year I wish You a firm stand in the Lord and thank You for the extensive information on Your home page.

Thank you, Ullrich, for affirming that today's changes in education are worldwide. Your insight and testimony will surely help others understand the depth of the problem and the link between education and TQM

From Sibenca - Simone Bilman, Switzerland: I just heard that ed-reformers have a new idea called "Conseil d'Etablissement" in french. This is a group to be formed in each school to reinforce partnership with parents. Members will be: parents, teachers, students, community members, local authority members, professionnals etc. I don't have many details about the project but I strongly feel "Delphi for concensus" behind this idea. Could you tell me what this new group is called in english and your thoughts about its real aims? Thank you.

Different states have different names for such program, but every state and local community must find creative ways of "engaging parents" or inducing their "participation" in the consensus process.  This is part of UNESCO's Lifelong Learning program, and many parents are already being assessed and receiving report cards with grades showing their compliance with the evolving government agenda for parenting children.

From Joan Masters: "We have something here in the US called COMMUNITY EDUCATION. It is a philosophy to allow the "use" of the schools by all social agencies operating in a given community. For example, pre-school and after-school day care (babysitting) for working parents, medical and dental services for children who are eligable for Medicaid (federal and state medical assistance for the poor or low-income families), employment agencies, etc., etc. In other words, all "human" service agencies would be consolidated and put in a school, especially schools in impoverished areas, although that is not necessarily so. 

These are also called School Clinics, which are a part of the CE philosophy, where the children could get all these services within the school itself. 

Included in the medical services are reference to abortion clinics and family planning services (contraceptives) for young girls and boys. There has been a lot of controversy here over School Clinics. In one elementary Pennsylvania school the young girls were forced to have genital examinations given by a doctor who came into the school. There was a law suit over this as some parents said they did not get nor sign parental permission slips for such examinations.

One of the reasons these Community Education (all inclusive) schools are not more extensive is that individual agencies do not like giving up their "turfs" to consolidate into the schools, but some Tax-exempt Foundations give seed monies to school districts to help open the Clinics. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is big into this. Once the Clinic is established and the seed money is gone the local school district has to pick up the tab for continuence - either that, or get federal grants. The target schools are usually in large urban areas with a high minority population that have children on free or reduced (federal) lunch programs, which is the criteria for impoverishment.

My take on all of this is that the bad guys know most kids are ashamed to go to outside clinics like Planned Parenthood, so the proponents of the Death Culture think they will be more "comfortable" going to a school clinic to get birth control or advice on "unwanted" pregnancies. That way their peers don't know whether they are getting their teeth or eyes examined or whether they are looking for abortion "advice." I think the whole scheme is just a cover to give boys condoms and girls a heads up to free abortions without parental knowledge. Never under-estimate the lengths the Death Culture will go to to achieve its objectives. 

Now your Councils may be something entirely different than what I'm talking about but it all sounds mighty familiar, starting with all those agency people coming into the school for a "conference." Another possibility is, if businessmen are involved, is that they're setting up School-to-Work/Career programs.

From Dorene McShea: (Re: Community Schools for Excellence) I have been livid about these ads but have had no time to respond.

Community based schools are an abomination! Children can be dropped off at 6:00AM, receive medical and dental care during the school day, and at 7PM when Mom and Dad pick them up, parents can then receive training on how to raise their children! The first time I read about them was in EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP magazine (March 2000), an Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development publication. Of course, they are an offshoot of the NEA. The entire issue deals with this concept, but there is an article that literally riveted me. It is entitled "A Community School" by Sue Maguire. A quote in boldface from that article is as follows: "Parents love their children but sometimes lack skills and knowledge to ensure their healthy development." !!!!!

What's worse is where and when I've heard and seen this ad. I have seen it numerous times on MSNBC in the morning. However, it blows me away when I hear it on commercial breaks on the Dr. Laura radio show! I also heard it at other times of the day on the same talk radio station.

To me, this is about as dangerous as it gets with regard to the government inculcating attitudes, values, and beliefs. I am truly surprised that there hasn't been more public outcry, but as usual, it is being presented in such a positive way with so much to gain by its subscribers. 

From Joan Battey: One of the reasons that people who should know better promote charter schools and vouchers is that they have either not heard or not believed that the educrats were successful in embedding in ALL education legislation (federal, state and local follow-through) that ALL students, ALL parents, AND SOON ALL EMPLOYEES AND PROFESSIONALS EVERYWHERE will be covered by overriding legislation that always includes "ALL WILL" in ANY regulations which people have ERRONEOUSLY ASSUMED applied only to public schools, and NOT eventually to ALL homeschools, charter schools, voucher use, careers, currently-employed persons, future employed persons, parents, health education, etc., etc. The old "beware what you ask for" warning is only just beginning to emerge. Many individuals and groups will be very surprised to find out that things they earlier demanded for their own special interests, are already beginning to come back and begin to nibble at their "victories."

The dividing and conquering technique has worked very well in separating Americans into special interest groups who have seen "victory" as the paramount concern in how they approach everything. Even some of those who have fought some of the most dangerous implications in education legislation (and other issues) have not realized that more is at stake than individual aspects of the whole.

From Charlene  Sanders, Hot Springs, Arkansas:  The Hot Springs Sentinel Record printed my letter to the editor in today's paper. And they printed every word. Too bad the internet version of the paper doesn't print anything but the very first page of the paper. I asked them about this and they said they don't print letters to the editor.

Dear Editor,

At Hot Springs Middle School, the students are doing something that was unheard of when I was in school. They spend time during class writing in 'journals' and 'diaries'. Lest you think this is not unusual, let me tell you what it's for. I had become curious about the purpose of this exercise that is done or can be done in just about any class. But in my daughter's case it is done in her English class. And considering the grading criteria it just becomes odder and odder. It seems that the students are given a seven minute time limit and told to write. It doesn't matter about what.

They are told they must write as fast and as much as they can and are told to write whatever comes into their mind. And it doesn't matter if words are misspelled or grammar is incorrect. Don't worry about punctuation or sentence structure either. And here's the kicker: the teacher tells the student that no one will read what the student writes "except the teacher".

If you are a parent or grandparent, this should bother you very much. At my prompting, my daughter asked her teacher what this exercise was for. She was told it was for supplying ideas for creative writing 'later on'.

Uh-huh. If that's true, then why are they told that no one else will read it? Also the students get a grade for this writing. What I'd like to know is exactly what's being graded? If spelling, grammar and punctuation is not being graded, what is? Also, why don't the students read age and content appropriate material to get ideas for writing?

Are their ideas getting graded? How does the teacher decide what thoughts get and doesn't get an "A"? What does the teacher do with this material? 

And why isn't spelling and grammar and punctuation graded? Why does she tell the students that no one else will read what they have written?

According to Arkansas law, a parent has the right to see any and all instructional materials pertaining to their child, lesson plans and any material that directly affects their child's schooling and grades.

It believe it's time parents starting asking teachers, principals, superintendents and school board members exactly what is going on in the classroom that secrets are kept from the parents. Why would any teacher want to keep anything from that student's parent? Let's start asking questions. 

I think the answers will be very interesting.

Please also see the previous letter (it wasn't properly linked earlier)

From a Durango Area resident: 

Attached please find a copy of a letter I received from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado. No longer will students be allowed to take classes in a buffet-manner, but starting the Fall 2001, beginning with the Freshman Class and continuing with all classes thereafter, "....Students will be exposed to ideas in courses that transcend any one discipline....Our thematic studies courses within the general education program will help students understand the interconnectedness of knowledge."

Of course, these are all the buzzwords for a globalistic, consensus building, politically correct view that will permeate and integrate all courses at the college. Already, in some classes, Christian kids are denigrated for their views, but with this new, all-encompassing educational "system", politically correct group think will be on the menu every day, all day in all classes from chemistry to Spanish.

I thought you would like to know of a publically funded institution of higher learning where what you've been writing about for years is aggressively being promulgated full force as a "mandatory" requirement for all students from this point forward.

May God forgive our poor country and return soon!

Click here to read the letter: New General Education Program prepares students to understand interconnectedness of knowledge

From a Concerned Parent from Fairfax County, Virginia: 

My daughter recently discovered your website when doing a search on International Baccalaureate, a curriculum being forced down the throats of high schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.  I have attached a file that lists IB schools in the U.S. by state.  I got the schools from the alphabetic list on   

The main page of your website does not list International Baccalaureate and there is no link in "articles" to  This is a great webpage about IB and more parents need to be aware of it.
My own research has made me aware that IB is a result of the International Schools Association (ISA) and UNESCO.  The IB North America office, headquartered in NYC, is a slick marketing organization that is not only promoting IB to school systems around the nation, it is also promoting itself as the national testing standard.  Some IB exams may now be used as a substitute for NY Regents exams and Virginia Standards of Learning exams. Go to and also to see the marketing effort.

IBNA is actively marketing the "benefits" of the IB Diploma to American universities and colleges so that it will be recognized and accepted.  Currently, most colleges recognize the Advanced Placement (AP) program.  The AP program is usually eliminated in any high school that implements IB.  School officials usually implement IB through the "consensus" process.

One of the main problems with the IB agenda is the selection of books used as required reading in the IB English courses.  There are already objectionable books in the Fairfax County Virginia schools, but IB is being used as the vehicle to introduce more of them as required reading under the guise of "internationalism."  Some of these books are The House of the Spirits (Allende), The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea (Mishima), and Chronicles of a Death Foretold (Marquez).  

The author Isabelle Allende is the niece of the socialist/Marxist Isabelle Allende.  Marquez is also a Marxist and a  friend of Castro.  These are the most offensive of the books.  All of the reading material has an agenda: capitalism is bad, the wealthy are evil, moral values are relevant. To get an idea of the kinds of books that are required reading and/or on the summer reading lists in Fairfax County Virginia, go to  I had just come to realize the emphasis that IB places on paganism just before I discovered your website.  Do a web search on "Illuminati" to see what I mean.

Please make a more visible link to your webpage that discusses the International Baccalaureate Organization.  Parents need to know what is actually being promoted under the guise of "internationalism," "education for life," and "lifelong learning."  Parents are being told that their children cannot possibly learn "critical thinking and writing skills" without the IB program.  But that is not its real agenda.  

The IB has three different programs: primary years, middle years, and the diploma.  Fairfax County has also implemented the middle years program in three schools (grades 7 & 8).  All students are exposed to this curriculum in all classes.  The basic framework of this program has children analyze all material by filtering it through five categories (see - MYP).  I went to an IB informational meeting at the middle school and a teacher talked about watching a war movie and filtering the information through the five categories.  

She explained to the class that there wouldn't be any notes in the category "community service."  I thought of my father who served in WWII fighting to defeat Hitler.  Isn't that a form of community service I thought?  The teacher went on to actually say "We teach them how to think."  I looked around the room. People were nodding like sheep.  IB is a form of outcome based education.  It uses the Socratic/dialectic method of teaching in all of its classes, even math and science.  Supposedly all IB classes are the same around the world because all teachers receive the same training and grade using the same "standards."   This program is a wolf in sheep's clothing that must be stopped.

From Cary: I have been pursuing the idea that something drastic has changed in our society for the past 2 years. I have poured over untold volumes of material keeping several books going everyday as well as my searches on the net with news sources from around the world. You pull it together rather nicely. Here is a comment that will support your work. 

I returned to teaching in January as a sub for our local schools. I have been absent from education for 20 years and was shocked. What baffled me most was the ability of so many students to completely tune me out. This went beyond just ignoring me as a display of bad behavior. I truly was not there as far as they were concerned. 

Today I pulled it together based on readings from your site. They truly believe I have nothing to say of any worth. My position is always based on my faith and belief in the God of the patriarchs and His Son Jesus. Even though I am prohibited from teaching about my beliefs, everything I say springs from that position. My fears for this nation are justified. These children have been changed dramatically during my absence from public education. keep up the good work.

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