Lesson 8


Blessed are the pure in heart


Matthew 5:8




"...  for they shall see God."  Matthew 5:8

This promise, more than any other beatitude, shows us the heart of God Himself. He longs to find in us, His beloved bride, undivided love for Himself -- not because He needs our attention, but because He knows He alone can fulfill our deepest needs.


The pure heart, so precious to Jesus, is free from any form of stain or defilement; it has been cleansed, renewed and conformed to the heart of God. Its mind, will and emotions are in full harmony with Jesus, its King.

This purity parallels “singleness” of heart — its focus is first and always God Himself. Loving, desiring and seeking Him above all else, allowing nothing to distract from Him, His truths and His purpose, it is filled with God. For “if your eye is single, your whole body shall be filled with light.” (Matt. 6:22)


The sequence of the beatitudes reminds us that each promise builds upon the other. The first three dealt with awareness of our need. The next one showed us the answer to our need: God's righteousness. And the following three show us the fruit of the transformed life — mercy, purity and peace.


Only the poor in spirit can be pure in heart; for purity requires emptiness of all but God Himself.. Only those who mourn all impurity can be made pure in heart, for they alone will consistently take the steps toward purity: putting off all of the old, putting on the new, and pressing on toward complete harmony with the heart of God.

Beloved King, I love you, but my love falls so far short of what I want to give you.  Search my heart, dear King, and cleanse me of all that would keep you from being my “first love” always and in all things. Like David, “I seek your face” and pray that you “hide not your face from me.” (Ps. 27:8—9) For you are everything to me!

FIRST DAY: Read Matthew 5:7.

1. Define pure.


2. What do you learn about your heart from the following passages? (Notice that some describe the heart ruled by the flesh, others show us the heart in which Christ reigns.)

Jeremiah 17:9-l0



Ezekiel 36:26-27



Mark 7:20-23


3.  Describe the “pure in heart”?



4.  What does God promise the pure in heart?




SECOND DAY: Again look at Jesus your model and your life.

 1.  In these passages, how did He manifest purity of heart? 


      John 5:19, 30



       John 10:30


       Luke 4:1-8


       Luke 5:16 and 6:12



2. How are you helped by His example? (Tell Him)



THIRD DAY: What do you learn about purity of heart in each of the following? (Tell Him your response to each.)


2 Cor. 11:2-3



Col. 3:8-10, 12-17



Heb. 10:19-23



1 Pet. 1:22



FOURTH DAY: David prayed, “Create in me a clean heart, 0 God...” When we seek purity of heart and are willing to co­operate with His process, he will accomplish it. (Phil. 1:6) In the following verses, what is God’s part and what is your part in making you pure in heart?


Josh. 24:15


Matt. 26:41


 John 10:3-4



Phil. 2:12—13



FIFTH DAY: Read Revelation 2:1-5. Purity of heart may be both instant and progressive. A new believer who chooses to let Jesus be Lord and King, may have greater purity of heart than more “mature” believers who “have lost their first love”.


1.  In vs. 1-3, God compliments the Ephesians with an impressive list of “good works”. What were they doing for His name’s sake? (Are you willing to do as much for Him?)



2.   How is “first love” renewed and restored? (What steps can you take to fan the flame of love in your own heart? For example, see Luke 10:38-42 and Col. 3:16)




3.   How does this passage help you understand what it means to be pure in heart?



SIXTH DAY:  Read 1 John 3:1-3. The pure in heart shall see God. Those who put Him first, listen to Him and follow Him are seeing Him ever more clearly. Looking to Him, the impurities fade and you are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. (2 Car. 3:18) Yet, only when we are freed from time, space and the bandages of this life will we see and know Him fully, “face to face”, in all His beauty and glory. (1 Car. 13:12)


1.    Knowing who you are in Christ is basic to faith and joy in the relationship you share with Him. Who does John know he is? (Notice how he repeats this fact. Do you see his excitement?)



2.    What will happen to you when He appears?



3.    Something takes place inside you when you look forward to that day when you will see Him face to face. What is it?



4.    Which statements in Ps. 27:4-9 express “first love”?




5.    Write your response to these truths. Tell Him your hopes and desires, how He has encouraged you, how much you love Him... Share your heart with Him.



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