The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 11

Moses: God's Workmanship

Exodus 1 - 3


 2 Corinthians 12:9  




God's little covenant family, which began with Abraham, has grown into a populous nation in exile.  Our Lord's wise and loving plan provided the needed protection and isolation from the contaminating practices of Canaan, and now the time is ripe to prepare to go "home."

Lord, our God, cause us to see how right and good Your ways are even as You lead us through dark valleys.  Let us see Jesus, our Redeemer, as we look at Moses, Your messenger of deliverance.  Thank You.

I.    Read Exodus 1   

A.     How large was Jacob's family when God moved them to Egypt?  Approximately how many are they now? (See Ex. 12:37 and Numbers 1:46-49)



B.     1. Review Gen. 15:13-16.  What did God prophecy concerning their time in Egypt?



2. How long did they actually live in Egypt? (See also Ex. 12:41)

 C. In the middle of very difficult circumstances, how did God show His love and care to His people?



2.    Read Exodus 2:1-10.

A.     See how beautifully God ordered the circumstances of Moses' life!  In spite of an "impossible situation," who became "the nurse" for little Moses?  


B.     (Personal) God may not remove the difficult circumstances of your life, but He will always provide the grace and strength needed, if you have commit­ted your life to Him and His care.  Where did you especially experience His grace and strength in your life this week? (See II Cor. 12:9-10)


3.      Read Exodus 2:11-24 and Acts 7:20-30

A.     Describe Moses as you see him at the courts of Egypt.



B.     1. Read Hebrews 11:23-27.  What choice did Moses make?  


2. Why did he choose as he did? (Consider also how and why you choose as you do.)


C.     Why did Moses have to flee from Egypt?



D.     (Personal) Try to put yourself in Moses' place.  How would 40 years of seclusion and exile affect your dreams, expectations and identity.



E.       1. (Challenge) What purpose of God was accomplished in Moses by sending him to Midian for 40 years? (See II Cor. 1:8-9 and 3:4-5)



2. (Personal) What is God accomplishing in your life through your difficulties? (As you consider this, remember also who you are in Christ according to Eph. 2:4-10.)


F.      1. (Challenge) In Acts 7:25 we see that Moses, like Joseph, had a "vision" of a high calling.  In both cases there was a period when the vision seemed lost in the face of "hopeless" circumstances.  Briefly compare the "loss of the vision" in Moses' life with that of Joseph.  Then consider the "death of a vision" the disciples of Jesus faced on the day of crucifixion.



        2. What word or phrase could describe the outcome in each case?


3. (Personal) When have you experienced such a process in your own life?


4.    Read Exodus 3


A.      1. Why did God ask Moses to remove his sandals?



2. (Personal) When are you especially aware of being in the presence of a Holy God?  How does your heart want to respond to Him?


B.     How does God identify Himself?



C.     In v. 11, what radical change do you see in Moses' attitude toward himself?



D.     What does God promise Moses in v. 12?



E.     (Challenge) What do God's words, "I Am Who I Am" tell you about God and His sufficiency in your life?



F.     God, who is the Maker of all and knows all things, has the situation well under control.  How do you see the sovereignty of God in vs. 19-22?


V.    Read Psalm 102

A.     After the psalmist has "poured out" his heart to God, he begins to affirm who God is.  How do you see God here?



B.     (Personal) As you look at God in this Psalm and consider His "appointed times" (v. 13) in your life, how is your faith strengthened?



C. According to vs. 21-22, give Him thanks and praise for His works in your life.


SUGGESTED HYMN:   Jesus, I come

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