The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 13

God's Plan for Deliverance

Exodus 7:1 - 12:15


John 1:29 




Moses was God's instrument for the deliverance of His people; the blood of the Passover lamb was God's provision for protection and safety from the terror of judgment and death.  Today, we find our deliverance and protection in Christ Jesus,  our Savior and Lord, the "Lamb which was slain" so that we would find Life. " I Cor. 2:3-4  

Thank You, precious Lord, for Your wonderful provision for our deliverance. Thank You for setting us free to follow You -- and to delight in You forever!

I.    Read Ex. 6:29-7:14.

           A.  1. In v. 7:1, in what sense would God make Moses “as God" to Pharaoh? (See Mal. 2:7)



                2. How do we also represent God to others? (See II Cor. 2:14-16, 3:2-3; 5:20)



          B. For what two reasons given in vs. 3-5 did God harden Pharaoh's heart?



          C. Although Moses was still troubled by his inadequacy (v. 6:30). how did he respond to God's commands? (v. 6)



          D. How old were Moses and Aaron at this time?



          E.   1.  Describe the miracles or signs performed in vs. 10-12.


                 2. What do these tell you about the power of "the ruler of this world" (John 12:31) versus the power of God? (See also I John 4:4) 

         F.    1. How does v. 14 describe Pharaoh's heart?


             2. (Challenge) How would you reconcile this fact with v. 7:3? (Consider the balance between God's sovereignty and the God-given free will of man.  See Rom. 9:17-18.)



 II.    Read the following passages and fill in the information concerning each plague. 





Pharaoh’s Heart

1. 7:15-25




2. 8:1-15




3. 8:16-20




4. 8:21-32




5. 9:1-7




6. 9:8-17




7. 9:18-35




8. 10:1-2




9. 10:21-29




10. 11:1-7




and 12:29-32




III.  Read Exodus 12:1-15

           A. Describe the Passover lamb. (Verse 5)

           B. Look at Jesus, our Lord, the promised Messiah.  How do You see Him in these verses?


                1. Isaiah 53:7



                2. John 1:29



                3. I Pet. 1:18-19



                4. Rev. 5:8-14



                 5. Rev. 12:11



                6. Rev. 22:1-4



          C.  According to vs. 8-11, how was the lamb to be eaten? 


          D.   1. What beautiful promise do you see in v. 13? 



                2. Explain why this promise is also for you. (For example, see Ephesians 2)



          E. We no longer celebrate the Passover as a memorial, in spite of God command in v. 14. Instead we celebrate another "memorial." What is it?  (See I Cor. 11:23-26)




  IV.    Read Psalm 22.  Consider His life and death for you, and write a statement of thanks to Him who loves You so much.


SUGGESTED HYMN:   When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 

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