The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 24

Give Us A King

I Samuel 8 - 16


 I Sam. 12:23 or 15:22b




       "So He gave them their request, but sent leanness into their souls." 


This warning in Psalm 106:15 is a solemn reminder that -- when we fail to seek for His very best, that which alone will fully satisfy us and glorify Him -- our Father may give us the “good" or second best we ask for.  But there is a loss....

Precious Lord, our God and our King, it is in Your Kingdom alone that we find true peace and joy. Keep our hearts continually seeking only You and Your ways. Thank You.

I. Read I Samuel 8.
A. 1. Why did Israel demand a king? (Notice that two reasons are given in vs. 1-5, and only one reason is repeated in vs. 19-20)

2. Read Rom. 12:2. As you read this exhortation together with the example of the Israelites, what is God saying to you?
B. What was Samuel's reaction to this demand?
C. In v. 7, what did God show Samuel? (See also John 15:19-20. Have you needed such a reminder recently?)
II. Describe Saul
as you see him in the following passages in I Samuel.
A. 9:1-10
B. 9:15-21

C. 10:1
D. 10:17-27

E. 11
III. Read I Samuel 12:1 and 12-25.
Saul is confirmed as king at Gilgal. At this event, Samuel addresses the people and offers us a beautiful example of godly leadership. Where do you see each of the following? Which one did you need to remember today?
A. Warning against apathy and disobedience.
B. Encouragement that God can use even our sins and failures for good if we now choose to follow Him with all our heart.
C. Affirmation of the covenant relationship.
D. Personal commitment to pray for God's people.
IV. Read I Samuel 13:5-14. There came a turning point in Saul's life where he chose to go his own way. Consider your own life as you read this passage.
A. Describe Saul's sin and the process which led to his failure.
B. What were the consequences?

V. Read I Samuel 15:1-29.
Again Saul was tested and again he failed.
A. What was Saul's sin?
B. What is God showing you about Himself and the relationship He desires to have with you in I Samuel 15:22-23.

C. Read Psalm 40:6-8. (Personal) Does your heart pray with David the words of v. 8? Why or why not? (Remember - The only place of true peace and joy is in the center of God's will.)

VI. Read I Samuel 16:1-13

A. 1. On what basis does God choose the people He will use for His purpose? (See also I Corinthians 1:27-29)
2. How do you select a person for a particular purpose? Are His ways your ways?*
B. 1. According to v. 13, what significant event took place in David's life, and what was the immediate result?
2. Read II Corinthians. 1:21-22. What corresponding event has taken place in your own life?

3. (Challenge) What is the basic difference between David's anointing and the anointing you received when you were born into God's Kingdom? (Matt. 11:11, Col. 1:13, Rom. 6:4-6, II Cor. 5:17, 21 and Gal. 2:20)

God gave Israel the king they desired, and the reign of Saul is a foretaste of the eventual failure of monarchy in Israel. Yet, through the royal line of David, "a man after God's own heart," would come the ultimate triumph of God's redemptive plan -- the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, our King. (Isaiah 9:6-7 and 11:1-5)

C. God foreknew the people's choice of a king, the consequences of their choice and how His perfect plan would be carried out, even through weakness and failure.
1. (Personal) Where do you see the message of Rom 8:28-29 as a reality in your life?
2. From the above verses in Romans, who are you, and what is God's purpose for you? (Remember also I Pet. 2:9)
VII. Read Psalm 63. What are the desires of your heart? How are they expressed through this psalm of David?
"In sanctification the regenerated soul deliberately gives up his right of himself to Jesus Christ, and identifies himself entirely with God's interests in other men."

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