The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 3


Genesis 6:8-9 - 9:17  


 Psalm 32:7  






"Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more." Romans 5:20

Jesus, my Lord, cause me to see and remember your constant faithfulness, 
mercy, and saving provision through any circumstance of my life. Thank you!

I.    Read Genesis 6:5-22.

A. Describe the spiritual condition of the world at this time.  


B. What do you learn about Noah?


C. Summarize God's command to Noah.


D. As you read the beautiful promise in v.18, ask God to show you more deeply His eternal covenant and how this promise applies to you.  

 1. What did God promise Noah?


 2. How do you see "the ark" in your own life? (See Psalm 32-.7)


E.      How did Noah respond to God, according to v.22? (See also Gen. 7:5)


F.      (Personal)  How do you respond to Him?


II.    Read Genesis 7-8:19

A.       1. What reason is given in v.1 for God's special provision for Noah and his household?


2. On what basis can you identify with Noah and his righteousness? (See I Pet. 3:20-22)


3. Read Heb. 11:7.  What basic response or action did God see in Noah, which made him "an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith?"


B.   (Challenge) As you read the reference to "clean" and "unclean" animals in v. 7:2, consider that the law had not yet been given to Moses.  What does this tell you about the law and its timelessness? (See Rom. 1:20)


III.    Read Genesis 8:18-22.

A. What did Noah do in response to God's care and provision for him?


B.  How do you know that God was pleased with the offering?


IV.    Read Genesis 9:1-17.

A.     What command is given twice?


B.     Describe the authority here given to man.


C.       1. (Challenge) Despite the fall and its consequences, man retains the awesome quality of having been made "in the image of God." Why is this so significant to the basic worth of a person?



2. (Personal) What difference would it make in your life and relationships if you would say to yourself in every encounter that "this person is loved by God and made in His image?"


D.       1.  What are the terms of the covenant established here between God and every living creature? (vs. 9-11)


2. A beautiful and concrete sign of this covenant was given to us.  How may we remember and show appreciation again and again for His love and faithfulness? (vs. 16)


V.    Read Psalm 40

A.    Describe all the ways this psalm expresses or affirms the truths you have just studied.



B.    Which words did your Lord speak personally to you?

Suggested hymn: He Hideth My Soul

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