The Shepherdís Love - Lesson 35

The Fall of Israel

I Kings 14:8 - 2 Kings 17:24, Amos 4 - 5:6


 Deut. 29 or Amos 5:4b




In this lesson we will be taking an overview of the history of Israel, the northern kingdom. We will examine the reasons for the failure and collapse of the nation, while we look at our sovereign God and His patient love.

Father, please guide us as we look at these 0ld Testament examples of human failure in the light of Your love, law and might.  Purify our hearts and life, precious Lord, as we seek to know You and to follow You with all our heart. Thank You.

I. Fill in the appropriate spaces below. Take note of the chapter heading and the general context of the passages left out. Look for answers to these questions:

A.  Where do you see Godís patience?

B. Where do you see affirmation of the covenant-relationship?


Reference King Years of reign God's evaluation of his reign Approximate Dates God's Prophet

 1 Kings 14:8-20


 1 Kings 15:25-26


 1 Kings 15:27-34


 1 Kings 16:6-9


 1 Kings 16:10-19


 1 Kings 16:23-28


 1 Kings 16:29-33


 1 Kings 22:51 --

    2 Kings 1:6


 2 Kings 3:1-3


 2 Kings 9:1-14,



 2 Kings 13:1-9, 22-23


 2 Kings 13:10-12


 2 Kings 14:23-27


 2 Kings 15:8-10


 2 Kings 15:13


 2 Kings 15:14:22


 2 Kings 15:23-25


 2 Kings 15:27-30


 2 Kings 17:1-6


II. Read 2 Kings 17:6-24.

A. Why did Israel fall and its people face exile to Assyria?


B. How had God warned His people?

III. Read. Deut. 4:23-31.

A. What does this passage tell you about Cod?



C. How is the eternal covenant affirmed?


D. (Personal) As you apply this passage to yourself and your spiritual life in the promised land, what is God saying to you? (Do you hear a warning, assurance, comfort...?)

IV. Read. Isaiah 9:8-21. State the reasons given here for Godís discipline of Israel.


V. Read Isaiah 10:20-22. The nation Israel no longer exists, but God has not forsaken His people. Through His prophets He provided bright lights of hope in the midst of darkness. That does God promise His people here?


VI. Read Isaiah 11:1-10.

A . Look at Jesus in this passage. Take time to delight in Him. How do you see Him here?



B. We also see a glimpse of the kingdom so long awaited by Godís chosen people, the Jews. What does He show you?

VII. Read. Isaiah 9:2-7.

A. Again, look at Jesus and realize what our Father longs to manifest for His beloved bride. What do you see?


B. What names are given to our Lord Jesus here, and what does each one mean to you?


C. (Personal) In light of your personal circumstances, which of His names do you most need to remember today? (Remember, He is our sovereign King of the Universe -- the great, all-powerful and all-seeing "I AM."  He knows His eternal purpose for each of us -- and how He can best fulfill it in us. Nothing is impossible with Him!

SUGGESTED HYMN:  Jesus Thy Boundless Love to me


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