The Shepherd’s Love - Lesson 47

Nehemiah - Rebuilding the Wall

Nehemiah 1 - 8


Nehemiah 4:14b or 8:10b



Nehemiah shared Ezra's moment in history and his determination to bring healing and restoration to the beloved Jerusalem. With a heart filled with faith in God and love for His people,  this faithful cup-bearer organized the people into an invincible work-force for their Lord.

   Father, as we, too, stand together as one body in Christ, teach us to fight Your battles and finish Your work. Train us to faithfully intercede for one another and to encourage each other to triumph, knowing that "our God will fight for us" as we follow You. Thank you, precious King..

1.    Read Nehemiah 1. 

A.    1. Summarize the report given to Nehemiah concerning Jerusalem and its people.


2. From Nehemiah's response to the news, what do you learn about his character?

B.     A beautiful example of intercessory prayer is given in Nehemiah 1:5-11. What was Nehemiah communicating to God in each set of verses below?

verse 5


verses 6-7


verses 8-10


verse 11


2.     Read Nehemiah 2:1-10.  Notice how God answers Nehemiah's request. (stated in 1:11)

A. Describe Nehemiah's relationship with King Artaxerxes. 



B. What does verse 4b tell you about Nehemiah's relationship with God?


C. Nehemiah's prayer was short; he had only a moment to answer the king and make known his request. But God, who had chosen Nehemiah for His purpose, led both the humble cup-bearer and the king according to His own plan. What request did God inspire Nehemiah to make?



D. In addition to the permission to leave, what did the king promise him?


E. (Personal) What did you learn from Nehemiah's attitude before the king as he "waited on God" to open the doors?


How are you applying this to your life this week?


3.    Read Nehemiah 2:11-20.  

A. After inspecting the crumbling wall, Nehemiah challenged the people to rebuild, so "that we may no longer be a reproach." With what words and action did the people respond?



B. How did Nehemiah answer his adversaries?


4.    Read Nehemiah 3:1-4, 20-22 and 4:1-8. 

A. Describe Sanballat and Tobiah's attempts to discourage the builders.



B. (Personal) As God's fellow-worker, have you faced similar types of opposition? What is your attitude when faced with such conflict? (See 1 Peter 4:12-16, 19 and Luke 6:22-23)



5.   Read Nehemiah 4:9-23. 

A.  According to verse 9, what action did God's people take against their adversaries?


B.     1. What did their enemies decide to do next?


2.  Compare the above strategy with that of your enemy described in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15.


C. God showed Nehemiah the plan which allowed the people to continue to build the wall while also guarding against the attacks of the enemy. Describe the steps of action which led to victory.



D.    1. Review Ephesians 6:10-18. As soldier s of Christ we are continually involved in spiritual warfare. Only as we "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 13:14) can we stand firm against attack. Summarize the victorious steps of action we are told to take in our battles against the forces of Satan.


2. In Ephesians 6:18, we are reminded of how much we need each other. As in the days of Nehemiah, we must work and fight and pray together, so that God's purposes be fulfilled. Practically speaking, how is this principle realized among us? 


(Personal) What is your part in building (edifying) the body of Christ?

6.    Read Nehemiah 6:1-16.  Again notice the deceit of the enemy and the importance of spiritual alertness. What effect did the triumphant completion of the wall have on the enemy?



7.    Read Nehemiah 8.  

A.  As Ezra read God's word, how did the people respond?


B.  (Personal) in verse 10, we read the familiar words, "The joy of the Lord is your strength."  In what ways have you found this to be true. Illustrate form your own life.



C. What reason is given in Verse 1 for the joy and celebration which took place?


D. In this week's study, how well have you "understood the words which have been made known" to you? What has been affirmed to you concerning covenant-relationship with your sovereign omnipotent King?



What difference does this understanding of God make in your life?


SUGGESTED HYMN:  Am I a soldier of the cross

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