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December 2002

Russia offers mothers a free home if they promise to bear three babies: "The babies-for-houses scheme... is a desperate attempt to reverse the falling birthrate.... Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Aids, alcoholism and poverty have pushed the country's population into decline." But the corruption and hopelessness nurtured by socialism is fast spreading to the rest of the world -- fulfilling the diabolical visions of Lenin and Stalin. See Gorbachev's Plan for a United World and Brainwashing and "Education Reform"

Intrigue surrounds Gore trip to China: "Al Gore recently made a visit to China, where he is believed to have been paid to speak at a communist government-linked think-tank and attended a lunch hosted by former ENRON director Ronnie Chan Chi-chung. ...The news of his visit, which was said to have been personal, is expected to raise questions about whether he was engaged in fundraising activities following his role in an Asian campaign donation controversy in 1996. ...'You can't be the leading Democrat candidate for the upcoming elections and come to a communist country, take money from a communist think-tank and declare it a private event,' said Mark Simon...." Al Gore's Vision of Global Salvation

China accused of jailing net users: " least 33 people have been detained for internet subversion and two prisoners had subsequently died after apparent torture or ill-treatment.... 'Anyone surfing the internet could potentially be at risk of arbitrary detention and imprisonment.'"

China blocks news, not porn online: "Chinese internet surfers have almost unfettered access to pornography, but news, health and education sites are routinely blocked...." Matt 6:13


Joint Declaration on a Multipolar World: "We have the honour to transmit herewith the text of the Russian-Chinese Joint Declaration on a Multipolar World and the Establishment of a New International Order, adopted in Moscow on 23 April 1997....

      "Mankind is on the threshold of a new era. The peoples of all countries are faced with the increasingly urgent question of the kind of international order they will live under in the next century. The Parties call on all countries to engage in an active dialogue on the establishment of a peaceful, stable, just and rational new international order...." See The U.N. Plan For Global Control


EU could run from Moscow to Morocco: "The massive expansion is viewed by the EU president as the logical step of the current enlargement programme which will see ten candidate countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, join the union in 2004. 'My idea is to have a ring of friends from Russia to Morocco, including Mediterranean countries such as Israel and Egypt...'"


China's new breed of authoritarian rulers: "Unlike their predecessors, leaders such as Mao and Deng Xiaoping, they're not hardened revolutionaries.... They earned their credentials in peacetime, as Communist party bosses in affluent cities like Shanghai, a thriving metropolis of 14 million that has become the showpiece of China's adventures in capitalism....

      "Despite record economic growth rates in recent years, China's financial system is rampant with corruption and its state-owned banks are plagued by non-performing loans, some dating back more than a decade." Corruption is rising around the world as people seek pleasure and power rather than God and truth. 2 Timothy 3:1-14


Psychiatric body to probe abuse allegations in China: "The world's leading psychiatric association voted Monday to send a delegation of experts to China to look into charges that Chinese psychiatric hospitals are being used to silence political and religious dissidents. ...But the resolution fell far short of steps proposed by human rights advocates and some other psychiatrists, who insist that systematic psychiatric abuses in China are rampant, perhaps even more severe and widespread than they were in the former Soviet Union." Yet the whole world is following UN guidelines for politically correct "mental health." See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health


China holds rebels in Soviet-style asylums: "Beiging’s use of psychiatric detention is now on a par with the treatment of dissidents in the mental asylums of the Soviet Union.... China has charged many of its most outspoken critics with 'political monomania' and detained them in psychiatric hospitals, according to Human Rights Watch, which has extensive contacts in China. As many as 15 per cent of Chinese psychiatric inmates may be in custody for political reasons...." America's alliance with China may be practical from a secular perspective but unwise from a Christian perspective. Lam 1:2

Hutchison Whampoa Snags Global Crossing: "Hutchison Whampoa, the mammoth company that runs the Panama Canal and has close ties to the Chinese army, has a new rhinestone in its crown: Global Crossing. Along with another Asian company, Singapore Technologies, it paid $250 million today for the bankrupt fiber-optic network company...." Its sophisticated high tech communication system now falls into Chinese hands. Ps 46:10

China's one-child policy fines rise: (Beijing) "A Chinese province that angered President George W Bush by carrying out forced abortions under the draconian one-child policy, has raised fines for second children to eight times an offending couple's annual income. Rising incomes in Guangdong, one of the country's richest provinces, have allowed more couples to have unauthorised pregnancies and legitimise the births by paying a fine to register the child. Reforms that will take effect in September give officials new powers in the fight against pregnancy."


Castro's Cuba: Asymmetric Threat to the U.S.? "Evidence of strange activities in Cuba indicate that Fidel Castro has been toying with the idea of a nuclear holocaust and is preparing himself for the event. Newsweek reported in early 1992 that Castro has been building a massive network of underground tunnels and concrete shelters, allegedly to protect the Cuban people from U.S. bombs. Later inquiries brought out that, at least since 1981, more than 10,000 Cuban troops were working 24 hours a day digging an intricate network of concrete-reinforced tunnels and bunkers beneath Havana and other parts of the Island. It is believed that some of these tunnels could house an entire division of troops, plus tanks and equipment....

      "Castro's Cuba also has the technology to weaponize anthrax, and has been experimenting with it for many long years.... Cuba has several cooperation agreements with Iran. One of them refers to the area of scientific investigation and vaccine production technology a common cover for the secret production of bacteriological agents in a high-technology laboratory now nearing completion in Iran." Psalm 32:7


Reality to clash with idealism when communism collapses: "Regardless of when the United States eases its embargo on Cuba, the country's communist days are numbered....

     "The effects of communism on the mentality of the population were immense. Decades of stifling bureaucracy, incessant propaganda and an extreme nanny state destroyed people's will to work. Entitlements became a way of life. No one expected to get fired, and the government was viewed as the solution to all problems....

     "Communism was a system of patent lies. Corruption, bribery and cronyism were deeply embedded in the system.... Once the lid of repression was off, these forces of privilege emerged with an uncontrollable vengeance, so that freedom initially aggravated corruption and crime. As the communist system collapsed, an oligarchy of former communist managers thrived on the transitional chaos to amass enormous wealth. The easiest fortunes were made on privileged trading between low state-controlled prices and high market prices. The cost was borne by the older generation and pensioners, too old to adapt to the rough and tumble of the market." Elian's Future in a Totalitarian State


Why many baby girls never arrive: "In greater numbers than ever China's villagers are using inexpensive prenatal scans then abortion to prevent the birth of unwanted daughters and to ensure they will bear a son, recent studies and census data show. Over the past decade, a time of rapid economic growth, the gap between male and female births only widened, giving China the largest gender disparity among newborns of any country in the world. In parts of the countryside the imbalance is staggering, with births of as many as 144 boys recorded for every 100 girls."


Scandal of the £300 Chinese girl slaves: "The one child rule has fuelled a slave trade, with female children as young as eight snatched for sale....

    "Two ramshackle sheds the size of aircraft hangars are crammed with young women, many with crude signs at their feet advertising their skills. The girls are cooks, maids and seamstresses but many of the buyers are after a human commodity: a wife and servant who will satisfy their every need.  ... an estimated 50,000 girls and young women, some as young as eight, have been sold or abducted into human slavery in China." Rom 1:22-32


China-trained Taliban: "China's military provided training for Afghanistan's Taliban militia and its al Qaeda supporters, according to a U.S. intelligence report.... The report, and others like it, was unwelcome news for some of the pro-China analysts within the U.S. government." Lam 1:2


U.S., Russia leave a host of loopholes: "The agreement allows Russia and the United States to store as many warheads as they want. It does not require them to destroy bombers, missiles and submarines removed from nuclear service, and it permits them to re-arm those systems with stored warheads by withdrawing from the treaty with a three-month notice.... Finally, neither side will have to meet the ceiling of 1,700 to 2,200 deployed warheads, a two-thirds reduction, until the last day of the treaty, Dec. 31, 2012....

      "Bush is seeking a 'new strategic relationship' with Russia, while Putin needs political stability and Western trade and economic aid to lift his people's sagging living standards.... U.S. officials believe that Russia's nuclear modernization plans include fitting three warheads on its new intercontinental ballistic missile, known as the SS-27 or Topal M. The missile, of which about 30 have been deployed, currently carries one warhead." Interesting network when you consider that Russia's partnership with China which supports Iran and other nations involved in terrorism:

 (link obsolete) After 30 years, Russia to hold drills with China: "Sino-Russian military interaction, previously limited to arms purchases and mutual expressions of support on international issues, has since progressed to strategic cooperation." Psalm 56:11

China's military starts war games near Taiwan: "Chinese military forces opposite Taiwan have been placed on the highest state of alert as Beijing begins large-scale annual war games, according to U.S. intelligence officials."

Russia in from cold as Nato partner: "Britain hailed 'the funeral of the Cold War' yesterday after Nato elevated Russia to the role of equal partner in setting policy from counter-terrorism to arms proliferation and peacekeeping....'This is . . . the funeral of the Cold War. It marks a profound, historical change,' said Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary. 'With this, Russia comes out of the cold as a partner, ally and friend of Nato.' The accord came a day after America confirmed that it had reached agreement with Russia on a treaty to reduce nuclear arsenals by two thirds, and marks a further stage in the transformation of Russia's relationship with the West." 

U.S. Says Russia Is Preparing Nuclear Tests: "Administration officials have briefed Congress on what they described as disturbing intelligence indicating that Russia is preparing to resume nuclear tests, even as President Bush is scheduled to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to discuss arms control later this month, government officials said." Lam 1:2

Carter Addresses Cubans on State TV: "Bush said of Carter's trip: 'It doesn't complicate my foreign policy because I haven't changed my foreign policy — and that is Fidel Castro is a dictator and he is oppressive and he ought to have free elections and he ought to have a free press and he ought to free his prisoners and he ought to encourage free enterprise.'..

    'We hope that someday soon, you can reach across the great divide that separates our two countries and say, 'We are ready to join the community of democracies,' Carter said. 'And I hope that Americans will soon open our arms to you and say, 'We welcome you as our friends.'" Elian's Future in a Totalitarian State


Iran Developing Missile Capable of Reaching U.S. Allies in Europe: "Russia's role in assisting Iran seems at odds with the strong expressions of friendship and confidence Washington and Moscow have been demonstrating toward each other lately. The mutual regard was evident last week during the visit to Washington of Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and is expected to be on display when President Bush travels to Moscow on May 23 for a summit meeting with President Vladimir Putin." Lam 1:2


Israel: Captured documents show EU aid subsidizing war: "Over the last year, the EU has provided more than $70 million to the PA to pay salaries of members of the more than 100,000 Palestinian civil servants.... The result is that the PA earns $2.5 million a month from the EU aid, which it then uses to fund insurgents, the report said."


EU goes towards the Soviet Union': "Polish EU accession menaces fundamental values like democracy, free market and Christianity....  A new European deal ... aims, in fact, to take over control in the whole Europe by the Soviet socialist system, says a declaration by participants of the conference. It also says that a key role in European integration is played by secret services which fully control post-communist states, especially economic, financial and state security systems....

      "At the origin of the so called 'Pierestrojka' transformation was an agreement between the management of the Communist Party and the Socialist International, says a declaration by right-wing EU-criticals." Lam 1:2


China & Islam. China Supports Palestinian, Arab Cause: "The Chinese government and people firmly support the just cause of the Palestinian and Arab people, said Chinese President Jiang Zemin."


 After 30 years, Russia to hold drills with China: "Sino-Russian military interaction, previously limited to arms purchases and mutual expressions of support on international issues, has since progressed to strategic cooperation." Psalm 56:11

Taiwan security concerns prompt US military plan: "The US, worried by China's missile build-up opposite Taiwan, is pushing ahead with plans to boost its forces in the region, according to the Pentagon's top policymaker on East Asia, who restated the George W. Bush administration's commitment to the defense of Taiwan." Matt 24:7

Inside the Ring: "Two Russian strategic nuclear bombers flew within 37 miles of Alaska recently in a rare probe of U.S. air defenses, according to U.S. intelligence officials.... The Russian bomber probe took place as U.S. and Russian officials in Moscow failed to reach the terms of a new accord on strategic arms reduction. It also took place amid recent criticism by officials in Moscow of U.S. intelligence-sharing on terrorism." Lam 1:2

Communism dead? "You say that Communism is dead because it is unpopular. But this is an error. Communism has always been unpopular, at all times and in all places. This unpopular idea took over Russia in 1917. Bitterly opposed, it won the Russian Civil War. Hated throughout the world, Communism nevertheless captured Eastern Europe and conquered China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Angola, Congo, Cuba. This minority is well organized across the planet, and they have successfully imposed their schemes on billions of human beings." Reinventing the World

China assembles missiles near coast facing Taiwan : China's military is deploying more short-range ballistic missiles near the coast opposite Taiwan, as tensions in the region are increasing over growing U.S. support for the island." See next item:

China and EU Enjoying Best Relations Ever in History: Jiang: "The two sides are sharing the same views on more and more international issues...." See European Union and Russia & China


Russia's Help to North Korea Dismays U.S.: "A Russian move to build a nuclear power plant for 'axis of evil' state North Korea after already constructing one in 'co-axis' Iran could threaten Moscow's improving relations with the United States, a senior U.S. official said. "For the Russians to do this is a very, very bad sign and would add one more burden to the relationship on nonproliferation and one more important topic we've got to get straight with them," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity." Matt 24:7


Russia planning to counter US missile shield: defence minister: "Russia is preparing "technical and scientific" measures to counter a planned US missile defence shield, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said. 


China Bars U.S. Ship From Hong Kong: "Apparently angered over U.S. dealings with Taiwan, China has refused permission for a U.S. warship to make a routine port call in Hong Kong."


Dangerous Sino-Russian Treaty Now Has Legal Status: "The mainstream media have failed to inform the American people about a very important point in a recent development in international affairs that has direct links with future U.S. national security. On Feb. 28, Russian officials formally exchanged the treaty for 'friendship and cooperation' with their Chinese counterparts, following ratification by the Duma, Russia's Lower House of Parliament. The treaty prohibits Moscow and Beijing from launching nuclear strikes against each other or targeting each other with nuclear weapons. It also recognizes Communist China's sovereignty over Taiwan and Russian rule over its separatists....

      "Russia and China had been forging a new strategic relationship based largely on mutual opposition to U.S. plans for the development of a national missile defense system, and to America's international involvement in other countries' affairs ...Moscow, backed by Communist China, is currently dramatically increasing Russia's military buildup, defense budget and the development of new weapons systems that were designed for a future war against the U.S. and NATO.


China plans big rise in army funds: "Military analysts said the significant rise in military spending might cause some concern in governments neighbouring China, and especially in Taiwan, the mainland's arch-rival. However, any sense of alarm may be mitigated by the fact that the rate of increase is not higher than last year." See Changing China: Communist Strategies Enforce Solidarity

Kremlin pulls the plugs on last independent television network: "Russia's last independent television network fell silent yesterday, in the culmination of a campaign orchestrated by the Kremlin to drive critical voices off the air." As we march toward a unified world managed by visionaries with little love for "freedom of information," we will face a flood of restrictions as well. See Mainstream Media

Russia sees red at US forces plan for Georgia: "Russia took sharp issue yesterday with US plans to send special forces units to Georgia – a move that would bring Washington's campaign against terrorism into the very heart of what Moscow considers to be its direct sphere of influence." Lam 1:2

January 2002

Russia-U.S. military partnership sought: "Russia and the United States should form a 'political and military partnership,' declared Sergei Rogov, Dr. Sc., the director of the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies... an internationally known Moscow-based think tank with close connections to the Russian government. 'Russia is not a geopolitical rival of the United States,' Rogov stated, 'therefore it is high time to make meaningful what [U.S.] President George W. Bush describes as a new strategic framework of relations with Russia.'...
       [Yet] "Moscow remains the close friend of every nation the United States has described as a rogue state, supports communist China's right to seize the island of Taiwan by force as well as Beijing's remarkable military build-up, and seeks to establish a pan-European coalition – without the participation of Europe's traditional partner, the United States. Moscow's successful espionage efforts against the U.S. continue...."
See Deliver us from evil

U.S. fears Moscow's sway on Afghans: "Russia may be airlifting spies amid humanitarian aid. ... U.S. intelligence agencies are closely monitoring Russian shipments to Afghanistan and are concerned Moscow may be trying to gain influence over the new government of Hamid Karzai. Russian IL-76 aircraft have been arriving in steady flights to Kabul carrying humanitarian aid for the Afghans. Intelligence officials said they suspect the Russians also are covertly moving in large numbers of intelligence personnel as part of the assistance."  Lam 1:2

"The Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council was created in 1997 as an independent organization consisting of Russian and American experts with the purpose of developing new U.S.-Russian cooperative nuclear security initiatives and ensuring that existing programs become deeply rooted and are implemented expeditiously."  Does this remind you of the US-USSR Education Exchange Agreement signed by President Reagan and Gorbachev? See Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education

Did you know? "The Russians are building tremendous new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems--all with the assistance of US technology transfers. They are deploying on average, 3 new Topol-M 6th generation ballistic missiles per month. We built our last MX over 10 years ago, and are disarming unilaterally. Further, the Russian are building huge underground nuclear bunkers and weapons production facilities in the Ural Mountains, clearly intended to function during a nuclear war. The US intelligence community (under both Republican and Democratic administrations) knows this and are actively covering for the Russians, so the American people won’t become alarmed.
      "Both Republican and Democratic administrations have been supplying the Chinese with high technology weapons systems for years, knowing that they, in turn, are supplying other enemies (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea) as well. ...President Clinton directed our military to absorb a nuclear f
irst strike rather than “launch on warning” (our only true deterrent to a first strike)...." (Joel Skousen¹s World Affairs Brief, 10-6-01) See Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education. You may also want to read " Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stan Monteith.

December 2001

Tide of Russian anti-Americanism coming? The U.S. announcement of its withdrawal from the 1971 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty 'may provoke a rise in anti-American sentiments in Russia,' according to official Russian sources. 'Far from all Russians trust Americans,' because the Russian people 'are only beginning to get used to relations of trust with the United States,' Moscow warned. By terminating its participation in the ABM accord, the United States 'in many respects, is reducing to zero what positive has been achieved in bilateral relations' since the signing of the agreement." Ps 46:10

Communism Thrives, Freedom Fighters Warn: "There are those who talk on and on about the fall of communism. Don’t you believe it!' Those words from Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., set the tone Tuesday night at the Victims of Communism Foundation’s Freedom Awards Dinner."


Putin says he still practices judo, is proud of his KGB service, and loves Russian classical literature: "Russian President Vladimir Putin, an expert at judo and holder of the equivalent of a black belt, said Thursday he loves 'the sport tremendously' and still practices regularly." See Digimon, then skip to "The Spirit Behind the Force"

Bush, Putin Fail to Reach Agreement: "'We have a difference of opinion,' Bush said at the end of three days of casual summitry in Washington and on Bush's central Texas ranch. But they agreed on a range of other issues. Bush said that he and Putin had pledged to reduce nuclear weapons, discussed cooperation in the war on terrorism and in stopping the spread of weapons, and considered 'ways our economies can grow together.''' See [former President] Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education

Bush Cuts Nuclear Weapons by Two-Thirds: "President Bush on Tuesday slashed the U.S. stockpile of nuclear weapons by two-thirds. Russian President Vladimir Putin merely said he would 'try to respond in kind.' ...
       "The United States wants to develop a defense against missiles, which was not permitted under the 1972 ABM Treaty, signed with the now-defunct Soviet Union.... 'On the issue of missile defense,' Putin said Tuesday, 'the position of Russia remains unchanged.' But he said he expected to continue talking of the subject...."
His exact words (from NYT, 11-14-01) were:

        "We intend to dismantle conclusively the vestiges of the cold war and to develop a new - entirely new - partnership for long term.... [W]e appreciate very much the decision by the president to reduce strategic offensive weapons to the limit indicated by him, and we, for our part, will try to respond in kind.  On the issue of missile defense, the position of Russia remains unchanged, and we agreed to continue a dialogue...."  It looks like a great victory for Putin but an unwise compromise by the USA - considering Russia's continual dishonesty and deceptions. See Russia and Psalm 23

 Bush and Putin Discuss Jesus Cross: "[Putin] basically seemed he was saying there was a higher power," Bush tells Nooonan of his meeting with the Russian leader last summer. ...'Putin said to me, 'The thing I was most worried about was I lost my cross that my mother had given me. And a worker came... put out his hand and opened it up. 'And the cross was there. ... It was as if something meant for me to have the cross." Putin's "cross" sounds more like a magic amulet or good luck icon than the cross of Christ. Gal 1:6-10 and Gal 2:20

Soviet documents reveal insights into hazards of fighting in Afghanistan (They sound familiar): "The counterrevolution masks itself as if they were civilians, they live among the people. The rebels actively use not only terror, but also propaganda, controlling extensive areas and relying on the old age-proven relations of the tribal and feudal society." Shchedrov's letter on Nov. 12, 1981, to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the situation in Afghanistan. 2 Chron 20:6-12 and Deliver us from evil


Gorbachev: Anti-Terror Coalition Should Become Coalition for New World Order: "The U.S.-led international coalition against terror must become a coalition for a new and fair world order if it is to succeed, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said in an interview published Saturday. 'If the fight against terrorism is reduced to force actions, the world will eventually lose,' Gorbachev told Rossiiskaya Gazeta. 'If it becomes part of joint efforts to build a just world order, everybody shall win, including those who today are not supporting the U.S. actions and the coalition."

      "He urged politicians to remember the notions of solidarity....The U.N. Security Council, he added, should take the initiative in developing corresponding programs. Nuclear and chemical disarmament and control over the remaining stockpiles must become a top priority, he said." Interesting message from the former head of the USSR, which continued  arms proliferating unilaterally after signing the treaty forbidding it. Communists are trained to use words as swords and propaganda and give no consideration to Western integrity or contrary facts.    See Gorbachev's Plan For A United World and John 16:33. You may also want to read "Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stan Monteith.  

Russia slams U.S. over war effort - Says Americans 'cynically' killing 'peaceful Afghans': "In a scathing attack upon its supposed ally, Moscow characterized U.S. food aid as 'cynically reassuring the Afghans they won't let them starve to death,' while dropping 'hundreds of cluster bombs, killing the very same Afghans the Americans pretend to care so much about.' …Moscow cited new, high-tech weaponry developed by the United States, including stealth helicopters and microwave beams, and described Afghanistan as a 'testing ground' for the U.S. At the same time, Moscow strongly implied intentional U.S. carelessness – and ineffectiveness – in the use of its weapons."
...As a result "… civilian casualties grow each day," Moscow stated.
       "Although recent Russian commitments to the anti-terrorist coalition have muted criticism of Moscow's tactics in Chechnya, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights condemned Russia in April 2001 for 'disproportionate and indiscriminate force … including attacks against civilians.' Moscow found the U.N.'s resolution 'unacceptable.'"
Backstabbing "friend"? See Lam 1:2 and Russia and Gorbachev

Moscow: U.S. 'blitzkrieg' has failed - Russia wants U.N. to 'act as a unifying body' in war on terror: "Moscow is also declaring that 'the United Nations must act as a unifying body in the anti-terror crusade' for a global effort to succeed, and warns against 'an even more threatening dimension' if the war against terror expands to include other nations. ... Despite the alleged failure of the American military operation, 'the Pentagon generals,' Moscow asserts, now 'demand that military action be extended beyond Afghanistan.' According to Moscow, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has 'demanded that the chiefs of staff should draw up plans for attacks on other countries.' ...Putin also said, 'The world's governments must create legal instruments to enable a response to terrorism.'" Lamentations 1:2

Gorbachev Says Sept 11 Victims Didn't Die in Vain: "Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said on Thursday the victims of the September 11 attacks in the United States will not have died in vain if world leaders use the crisis to create a new world order. ...'If we act as we did (after September 11), uniting efforts of fighting against terrorism, if we maintain the coalition, we will not only prevent a new Cold War, but we could get a new world order that is so desirable for all of us.'''  See The State of the World according to Gorbachev  A large step toward this end is the current pressure -- accelerated by the biochemical threats -- to shift all banking and other correspondence from the Post Office to the Internet where it can be monitored for government fees as well as for "terrorist" activity. See Clinton's War on Hate Bans Christian Values


Bipartisan Task Force on Nonproliferation: "Congressman Markey and Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CT) welcome Mikhail Gorbachev...." See Gorbachev's Plan For A United World


Bipartisan Task Force on Nonproliferation Briefing: "Dr. Alibek served as First Deputy Chief of the civilian branch of the Former Soviet Union’s offensive biological weapons program.... Dr. Alibek defected to the United States from Russia in 1992 and has subsequently served as a consultant to numerous U.S. government agencies in the areas of biological weapons defense, and biological weapons nonproliferation."

Moscow: U.S. 'blitzkrieg' has failed - Russia wants U.N. to 'act as a unifying body' in war on terror: "Moscow is also declaring that 'the United Nations must act as a unifying body in the anti-terror crusade' for a global effort to succeed, and warns against 'an even more threatening dimension' if the war against terror expands to include other nations. ... Despite the alleged failure of the American military operation, 'the Pentagon generals,' Moscow asserts, now 'demand that military action be extended beyond Afghanistan.' According to Moscow, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has 'demanded that the chiefs of staff should draw up plans for attacks on other countries.' ...Putin also said, 'The world's governments must create legal instruments to enable a response to terrorism.'" Lamentations 1:2

Gorbachev: Anti-Terror Coalition Should Become Coalition for New World Order: "The U.S.-led international coalition against terror must become a coalition for a new and fair world order if it is to succeed, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said in an interview published Saturday. 'If the fight against terrorism is reduced to force actions, the world will eventually lose,' Gorbachev told Rossiiskaya Gazeta. 'If it becomes part of joint efforts to build a just world order, everybody shall win, including those who today are not supporting the U.S. actions and the coalition.'"  This makes my heart sink, through it's no surprise. See Gorbachev's Plan For A United World and John 16:33. You may also want to read "Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stan Monteith.  

Martial Law Implemented in the US.  Russia isn't exactly known for honesty, and its Pravda may be less than credible, yet this is an interesting announcement or piece of disinformation:  "The cities are divided into responsibility zones; in business districts, check points are being created, which can be crossed only with a special permit. Parking is being redirected near administrative buildings. Planes are patrolling the air space...." Joshua 1:9


The Grand Deception: "People here in America look around and wonder why the environmentalists are so strong, why business is under assault and rural property rights are no longer secure. They wonder why so many are teaching Marxist propaganda in schools and universities. Some of us cannot understand why our political leaders keep insisting on further military cutbacks as they continue to do business with the gangsters in Beijing and Moscow.

       "The short answer is: We've been subverted, infiltrated, duped and manipulated by communists and leftists. We have been too busy shopping and having fun to notice their 'long march' through our institutions. We have been too absorbed in our careers and personal satisfactions." Rev 3:15


Keep An Eye On Gorbachev: "In 1989 Gorbachev was quoted speaking to the Politburo saying the following 'In October 1917 we parted with the old world rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.'" See The State of the World according to Gorbachev

Chinese region 'must conduct 20,000 abortions  "and sterilisations before the end of the year after communist family planning chiefs found that the official one-child policy was being routinely flouted.... Sven Burmester, the United Nations Population Fund representative in Beijing, said: 'For all the bad press, China has achieved the impossible. The country has solved its population problem.' That 'bad press' has included reports of babies drowned in paddy fields by officials...."  See Bush, Gorbachev, Shultz and Soviet Education and "find" the words "population crisis."


China: US Statements 'Unacceptable': "The United States should apologize and respond appropriately. If they don't it's going to make things difficult," threatened foreign ministry official Zhu Bangzao. Why is an apology or confession so important to Communist? The submission implied by confession is a major part of Communist brainwashing. See Brainwashing and 'Education Reform'. Matt 24:7

New Russia-Europe alliance developing. Matt 24:7

The Fidel Castro School of Medicine: "Take advantage of the young minds of people who, for economic reasons, feel a bit abandoned by their society. Their vulnerability gives them the tendency to feel resentment toward their own culture and thus open to accepting all sorts of help, influence and new ideas. Young people in this state of mind are easily captured by the propaganda and have the mind-set for political indoctrination." This summary illustrates a major strategy for social and global change outlined in UN literature and by President's (Clinton) Council on Sustainable Development. See The U.N. Plan For Global Control, especially the section called "Implementing the plan." Rev 13

Timeline to Global Governance. Rev 13

Gorbachev gathers pals for a new world order: " structures were needed to govern globalisation."  To understand his vision of global control and New Age spirituality, see The State of the World according to Gorbachev and Gorbachev's Plan For A United World Revelation 13

Gorbachev Reborn. "An 'Economic Council' with the power to regulate capital is designed to 'insure stability'.... Speaker after speaker reiterated the theme: Global government under a re-invigorated (and thoroughly Marxist) U.N....Allied with the likes of George Soros and the international green movement, and lavishly financed, he plows forward toward his dream of a Marxist utopia."  To see some of the details of his plan -- his view of religion, education... read Gorbachev's Plan For A United World and The State of the World according to Gorbachev.

Gorbachev Calls For "Central Soviet" To Run Global Economy: "Former Soviet Communist Party boss Mikhail Gorbachev, founder of the State of the World Forum six years ago, used a $5,000 per person gathering of the world's political and business elite to plea for the United Nations to adopt a Soviet-style 'central authority' to manage the world's business and environmental concerns....

       Gorbachev's well-received speech represents the coming of age for the United Nations, and a culmination of the Soviet Union's patient efforts (and faith in long-term planning) over the past 65 years, ever since Stalin proposed a three-stage process for achieving world government.... [1] socialize the world's governments, [2] bring about regional unions.... [3] amalgamate these regional groupings, [such as the European Union and Organization of American States?] into a final worldwide union of socialist states." See also Gorbachev's Plan For A United World and The State of the World according to Gorbachev.


New Russia-Europe alliance developing. Matt 24:7

Timeline to Global Governance. Rev 13