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Question: I have just learned that the Yugi oh card game is based on demonology. Do you have any more links that help point this out? I am preparing a paper for our Church youth group.

Answer: I assume you read my article on Yugioh. Here are two websites that support the view that the Yugi myth is grounded in demonology:

1. History of Yu-Gi-Oh at http://www.upperdeckentertainment.com/yugioh/bios.asp

Yugi: “Yugi loves to play and solve games. Yugi lives with his grandfather, who manages a gaming shop. His grandfather introduces him to the ancient Egyptian "Millennium Puzzle". After Yugi unlocks the puzzle's secret, his life changes. He becomes Yami Yugi, a powerful spirit and starts to duel with many rivals. He'll fight with opponents, sometimes even while playing by their rules, and, of course, beats them at their own game. Since Yugi is shy and kind in his normal state, he is lucky to have some strong friends like Joey, who is possibly his best friend, Tristan, and Téa.

Yami Yugi: “The alter ego of Yugi. Using the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi is filled with magical energy, which makes him more powerful and a master duelist.
2. Yu-Gi-Oh: Evil Spirit of the Ring at http://shopping.yahoo.com/shop?d=v&id=1808453911#synopsis
"In the title episode Yugi must battle fellow student Bakura during a game in which they actually become the cards. In 'Panik Attack' Yugi must battle the mercenary Panik and his darkly invisible monsters. 'Winning Through Intimidation' the Yugi-Panik duel continues with Yugi boasting he can beat his opponent in only three turns. Now, he has to back it up.”

Dragonball Z

Question from Frank Meadows: Can you tell me anything about "Dragon Ball Z," another thing like PokeMan that my kids are into? Is their anything occult about about it? Can you direct me to any information about it? Thanks.

Answer: Click on DragonBall

Sailor Moon

Question: I am concerned about Sailor Moon. My daughter likes to watch that cartoon. I understand that there is a Sailor Moon role-playing game out. I would like to know if Sailor Moon leads to the occult as well. Would you write an article on Sailor Moon?

Answer:  Click on Sailor Moon


Question: Do you by any chance know anything about DigiMon? I'm thinking we'll not go there, but my son asked if I would help him investigate it. Any suggestions? [This is both a cartoon and a toy]

Answer: Though I haven't had time to research it yet, I have visited some revealing websites. According to the DigiMon Virtual Pet Page, " DigiMon was originally called by several other names including: Digital Demon, Digi Demon, Digital Monster, and Tama-Hawk. Among the first interactive pets, Digimon is a linkable fighting pet by Bandai. Like many pets, Digimon was initially made for sale in Japan and was later revised and packaged for sale in the U.S."

"The pet is similar to other keychain virtual pets, except these are raised to fight and kill. It is obviously much more 'boy' oriented than the earlier pets. You can hook your pet to a friend's pet and fight to the death or be seriously wounded. The toy has hit Japan in August 1997 and began to show up the U.S. in early 1998."

This observation, copied from the "Comments" page, gives additional insight:

From Derek Wilson: This is a comment about a comment, there was a comment posted by a guy named Mark Seely in which he recalls watching a previous episode of pokemon, but he was obviously a little confused. That was an episode of Digimon, a blasphemous show that displays many anti-Christian beliefs. I don't regularly watch digimon but I did watch that portion once & it WAS Digimon, NOT pokemon. Also, on a side-note, I saw a Digimon wrap-up (where they say all that happened in that episode) and it was talking about how a digimon named Angle-Mon defeated another digimon named Deva-Mon, I personally thought it was pretty strange, maybe even offending.

 You may want to do an Internet search for other websites that show DigiMon's character from a marketing perspective.

Television ads: Have you seen or are you acquainted with the two commercials on TV that I have seen lately?  In the first one, an apparent shoplifter is going through a grocery store "collecting" his groceries while other customers watch with concern. The commercial concludes with the man exiting the store. As he walks out the "gate" he is approached by a security guard of some kind and reminded that he has forgotten his receipt. The guard pulls the "receipt" from a computerized reader and hands it to the man. I don’t believe any comment is made as to the nature of the advertisement. I only saw it once in the wee hours of the morning.

The other commercial was also early in the morning. I was up reading articles on your site about the government’s plans to educate our kids. It shows a baby on a bed fussing and then an adult hand appears and the child grasps it, on the screen it says "teach me" then comments are made to the effect that a child's first 3 years are crucial for learning and it gives phone numbers for you to call and the name of an org. which regrettably I did not see.

The interesting part to me is that I am seeking the Lords guidance about the info I have been reading and want to make sure I am not being over fearful or imagining things and there it was just at the moment that I was researching those very subjects! The first time I was at another site and was reading about the chip!  I also wonder how soon some of these things will begin to become more obvious in our society and the system, it can't be far if they are introducing advertisements, albeit at three in the morning.

Answer from Mrs Terry Barkhaus: I would like to comment on that television ad about the gentleman that is shoplifting.  I wasn't too sure either what it was all about.  Then I thought that there may come a time when our bodies are scanned throughout the store and there is no need for a checkout line (the chip?).  All you get is a receipt as you walk out the door and the total is probably automatically taken out of your account.

Speaking of the chip....I am on this email listing of this radio talk-show host who frequently sends his recipients emails.  Sometime last year he wrote that he was working at this one company that was involved with the making of charge cards (Visa).  He said he ended up quitting after working there just two months because he saw some things concerning "the chip" that he didn't want to be a part of.  Interesting, huh?  Btw, he is a Christian.

The PC magazine also (within these past 4 months or so) had some articles about the chip and people's comments on it.  They already have a chip for animals/pets that identifies and tracks them if they are lost.  One gentleman wrote in about wanting to put a chip inside his 18-month old son in case he is ever kidnapped or lost.

Then of course you hear about the possibility of a "cashless society" which would eliminate the need to carry cash around, therefore decrease robberies. What about the chip that has your whole life on it?  What if it was to be implanted on your body?  How could anyone steal your identity then? (charge card theft)  Mark of the beast?

Just last week I saw a commercial on tv about a chip on an American Express credit card.  And how the chip will hold all your personal information on it.  Is it not obvious that the next step would be to have it permanently affixed to your being?  How close are we really to all of this?

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