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Performance Standards or "Scorecards"

Using continual assessments to hold members accountable to the worlds standards for human resource management

See Reinventing the World Part 3: Global Standards, Dreams and Assessments and Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things..."  2 Timothy 4:2-5

Comprehensive Health Plan To lead a healthy church takes more than technique (Rick Warren): "Health is the result of balance. Balance occurs when you have a strategy and a structure to fulfill every one of what I believe are the five New Testament purposes for the church—worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, and ministry....

      We've got a scorecard to evaluate progress. Just like when you go to a doctor and he checks all kinds of vital signs, the health of a church is quantifiable. For example, I can measure how many more people are involved in ministry this month than last month. ... How you accomplish those four objectives doesn't matter." It doesn't?


Performance Standards or 'Scorecards': "Church scorecards currently reflect member values: how many show up, pay up, and participate in club member activities. There are the numbers used to compare one church with another.... These numbers establish the pecking order among clergy.... A missionary church culture will need to begin keeping score on things different from what we measure now. These may include how many ministry initiatives we are establishing in the streets, how many conversations we are having with pre-Christians...." See Marketing 'Christianity'


An "essential" part of the world's management systems!


EXAMINING THE ENDURANCE OF THE BALANCED SCORECARD: "The balanced scorecard has been around for nearly a decade and has been used by organizations worldwide to gauge the effectiveness of their strategy implementation efforts. Both corporate management and Wall Street are placing increased emphasis on the development, and monitoring of, nonfinancial and intangible measures of performance.

    "The balanced scorecard articulates the future-oriented organizational principles developed by Peter F. Drucker and Abraham H. Maslow....

    "Drucker suggests that mission-related assumptions 'define what an organization considers to be meaningful results. In other words, the mission-related assumptions point to how an organization envisions itself making a difference in the economy and in society at large....

    "The balanced scorecard serves as a mechanism for translating an organization's mission into actionable measures, allowing all organizational stakeholders to understand their roles in achieving success. ... What separates the balanced scorecard from most performance measurement systems is the concept of cause and effect....

     "This article examines Drucker's theory of the business' and demonstrates its close relationship to key tenets of the balanced scorecard and the ideas of another well-respected thinker, Abraham H. Maslow. Considered the father of humanistic psychology, Maslow enlightened people the world over with his thoughts on myriad subjects, including creativity, human motivation, self-actualization, and enlightened management.

     "If the balanced scorecard can evolve to match the changing environment of nonfinancial performance measurement and management, it will do so by adapting to the principles of Drucker and Maslow."
      Seeing the devastating results of teaching schools and other organization to trade traditional respect for authority for for self-actualization, Maslow regretted his mission at the end of his life. But he couldn't reverse the damage.

Top Ten Reasons for a Performance Measurement System: "A performance measurement system such as the Balanced Scorecard allows an agency to align its strategic activities to the strategic plan.... With it, an agency can get feedback needed to guide the planning efforts. Without it, an agency is 'flying blind'.... 

    "If you are in a US Federal agency, it's the law. The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 requires a strategic plan, and a method of measuring the performance of strategic initiatives."



An "essential" part of successful "Christian" ministry?


TRANSFORMING DISCIPLESHIP -- Reviews & Endorsements: "...why is the church still keeping score of its institutional successes rather than tracking the development of disciples? Greg Ogden's insightful suggestions can help a church redesign its scorecard to celebrate transformed lives." [How can man's standards track what the Holy Spirit is doing in hearts?] Reggie McNeal, Director of Leadership Development, South Carolina Baptist Convention.

    "Greg Ogden presents a model for discipleship that really works. [Works for man or for God?] We have also discovered [not in the Bible] the life-changing dynamic found in groups of three. I enthusiastically recommend that you prayerfully apply the principles shared from the crucible of experience. Transformation awaits!" Dr. Bob Logan, CoachNet International Ministries.

    "...in Transforming Discipleship, Ogden describes the next stage in American Christianity, the change of emphasis from proclamation to demonstration, with great force and clarity. This is a truly important book." Bob Buford, Founder and Chairman, Leadership Network...

    "...transformation happens not through programs but through highly accountable, mutually encouraging, Spirit-formed relationships..." Leighton Ford.


Adopting a Missionary Mentality (Reggie McNeal): "Adopting a missionary approach will require changing the scorecard. Church scorecards currently reflect member values: how many show up, pay up, and participate in club member activities. There are the numbers used to compare one church with another--the numbers that denominations ask for in their reports. These numbers establish the pecking order among clergy....

    "A missionary church culture will need to begin keeping score on things different from what we measure now. These may include how many ministry initiatives we are establishing in the streets, how many conversations we are having with pre-Christians [How do you know who is a pre-Christian?], how many volunteers we are releasing into local and global mission projects aimed at community transformation [?]... how many church activities target people who aren't here yet....

    "Until we start making heroes of people who decide to be and act like missionaries, we will fail to turn club members into missionaries.... Until we start adopting school and hosting community food banks and teaching parenting seminars for people who come to us for food, we will keep fostering club member mentality." [What is the source of these standards? Not God's Word!]


Leading Change with The Balanced Scorecard: "A successful Balanced Scorecard (BSC) program should be a change project, not a 'metrics' project. Initially the focus is on mobilization and creating momentum to get the process launched. Executives use the BSC to communicate a vision for performance that is dramatically better than the present. The focus then shifts to governance, with emphasis on team-based approaches to deal with the transition to a new performance model....

     "Strategy-focused organizations use a new kind of reporting and feedback process. The BSC focuses the management meeting agenda on strategic issues, teamwork and learning."

Valuebased Management: The Balanced Scorecard: "The BSC method is a strategic approach and performance management system that enables organizations to translate a company's vision and strategy into implementation." See the interesting chart on this page.

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