Are you being "Led away with the Error of the Wicked" to the New Age Ark of Oneness? Part 3

One Universal Faith in God and in Humanity

by Tamara Hartzell




“The functioning of the Law of Loving Understanding … will eventuate later in the development of a worldwide international spirit, in the recognition of one universal faith in God and in humanity also as the major expression of divinity upon the planet.…

"Today there are many thousands coming under the influence of this Law of Loving Understanding.
Many in every nation are responding to the broader synthetic brotherly note …”

As a child growing up in Fresno, my favorite attraction was Roeding Park with its Zoo and Storyland. As its name implies, Storyland is a play area for kids featuring explorative displays and audio recordings of different children’s stories, such as The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, and various others. A Noah’s Ark display has also been included that featured a walk-through Ark made into a Christian Chapel, complete with stained glass windows and pews.

This past spring I had the opportunity to revisit Roeding Park. At first, the Noah’s Ark display appeared unchanged. It still seemed to be the same Christian Chapel. However, as I entered the Ark/Chapel I stood stunned and in disbelief. Neatly painted on the back of the pews were messages from different religions. As I stood there in dismay, I knew that I should not be surprised at the change. Yet despite having watched and warned about the New Spirituality’s relativism sweeping through the world and churches, I still found myself taken aback by the transformation to this attraction for young kids. With polished subtilty, the deceptive interfaith messages on the pews consisted of the following:

“The world rests on truth and peace ~ Hebrew”

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts – For in Him, we live and move and have our being ~ Christian”

“Show me Thy way, O Lord: teach me Thy path of truth and lead me ~ Hebrew”

“All people are brothers and sisters, and all things are my companions ~ Confucianist”

“For this is the message heard from the beginning: love one another ~ Christian”

“He is happy, who makes others happy ~ Zoroastrian”

“No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself ~ Mohammedan”

“The Lord is one, but He is called by a thousand names ~ Christian”

“Be kind to all creatures that have life – Do not speak harshly to anyone ~ Buddhist”

“Our Father has commanded you to share everything with your friends ~ Muslim”

These changes to the Ark exemplify what is happening in Christianity today. The universal faith of the Emerging One Church is becoming so dominant in our sleeping churches and world that many people will look at the above messages and wonder what, if anything, is wrong with them. Even worse, many people won’t even care, little realizing that not understanding the answer could end up costing them their very soul.

As is happening in today’s Christianity, this Christian Ark has been successfully transformed into a New Age Ark of Oneness, yet many people would look at it and believe that it is still completely Christian. After all, aren’t the messages just positive goodwill messages about truth, peace, love, and brotherhood? How could this possibly cost anyone their soul?

The god of this world, who deceitfully transforms himself into “an angel of light,” craftily mixes truth with error to make things seem right. And his unsuspecting, unwatchful prey can often overlook his dangerous lies when they feel good.

There are several issues with the  messages above, but one dangerous lie in particular permeates the New Spirituality faith of this Emerging One Church. When religions are grouped together as equals, this automatically groups the gods of those religions as equals. Consequently, the inclusion of Christianity automatically reduces the only true and living God to nothing more than an equal of the false gods of the world.

In fact, this is the meaning behind the lie falsely claiming to be a “Christian” message: “The Lord is one, but He is called by a thousand names.” This statement actually stems from the false belief that all the gods in all the religions are only different names for one God, so people in all religions pray to and worship “the same God.” This New Age relativism in itself makes all religions Christianity’s equal and all their false gods the true God’s equal. Yet this is precisely the purpose in the new faith, or New Spirituality, of the Emerging One Church (new world religion):

“[T]he key to truth lies in the unifying power of Comparative Religion. Only those principles and truths which are universally recognized and which find their place in every religion are truly necessary to salvation.” (Bold added)20

 “That new world religion must be based upon those truths which have stood the test of ages and which have brought assurance and comfort to men everywhere.…

"First and foremost, there must be recognition of the fact of God. That central Reality can be called by any name that man may choose … for it cannot be defined or conditioned by names.” (Bold added)21

“The ‘New Spirituality’ is a way of honoring our natural impulse toward the Divine without making others wrong for the way in which they are doing it.”22

“Humanity is recognizing the need for a more vital approach to God and one more intelligently presented; men are tired of doctrinal and dogmatic differences and quarrels; the study of Comparative Religion has demonstrated that the foundational truths in every faith are identical.”23

“[R]eligious differences are largely the result of man made quarrels over human interpretations of truth. Thus gradually, our quarrels and differences will be offset and the idea of the One Humanity will take their place.”24

This “universal faith in God and in humanity” is emerging as the new faith for many, and, from the Emerging Church movement to “conservative” evangelicalism, today’s Christianity is no exception.

“A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” (Galatians 5:9)

Whether aware of it or not, today’s Christianity, along with the world, is being absorbed into the Emerging One Church. The new world and its One Humanity are well on the way to full emergence.

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