Are you being "Led away with the Error of the Wicked"

to the New Age Ark of Oneness?

by Tamara Hartzell

February 2008






1.  Preface

2.  Separating Christ-follower from Christian

3.  One Universal Faith in God and in Humanity

4.  Departing from the Faith, Having Taken Away the Key of Knowledge

5.  “There is no Religion Higher than -- Truth"

6.  Transcending Religious Differences to Become “Truly Human” on the Ark of Oneness

7.  Meditation: The Expressway to the “God” and “Christ” Within You as “Who You Really

8.  The Coming One

9.  Oneness Demands Sacrifices

10. Emerging out of the Sea

11. Humanity’s Ark of Oneness: Waterproof, but not Fireproof

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